Sharing a Bed with Brent

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I love thinking about this experience.  When I was living at home for the summer while in college, a guy my age stopped by my house after spending an evening at his sister’s wedding reception.  He’d already had a lot to drink but I managed to catch up with him.  We spent the evening parked on a country road drinking beer out of a cooler.  I’d already experimented sexually with several guys growing up but hadn’t done anything with another guy since starting college and never considered messing around with Brent. After becoming fairly intoxicated, Brent decided to stay over and we both went to sleep in a queen-sized bed in my bedroom.  Maybe near four in the morning, I awoke to realize Brent had shifted in the bed and had rolled over onto his stomach and my outstretched hand was pressed against his crotch.  My brain was still a little fuzzy from the beer but being 19 or so, I was instantly horny feeling the contours of his thick crotch beneath his slacks.  Normally I would never make a pass at a guy, but I could resist gently squeezing his crotch a bit to find out what he was packing.  I think the taboo of acting on my impulse with a guy I didn’t know all that well made me incredibly horny.  Since he was obviously sleeping, it never occurred to me that he might wake up.

That night in the dark when Brent had awoken to find himself hard and pressed against my hand, he began to press his pelvis and therefore his sizable bulge against the open palm of my hand.  Since he had attended his sister’s wedding that evening, he was wearing cotton dress slacks instead of jeans so I could easily feel that he was fully erect, not to mention larger than me.  Once Brent spent several minutes rubbing himself against my hand, I could hear the rustle of the sheets that signaled he was moving around in the bed.  The moment he had rolled off my hand I pulled it away, feigning sleep in case I had gone too far, which indeed I believed that I had.  In my mind, I thought that Brent had woken up and was shocked to find that he had gotten hard in his drunken stupor and had found himself rubbing against his buddies outstretched limp hand.  However, I was completely blindsided by what Brent did next.  There was absolutely no light in the bedroom so I had no idea what Brent was doing.  He had pulled off his slacks and was now dressed only in just his briefs.  He next rolled on top of me and positioned his hard bulge directly against my lips.  Keep in mind, my relationship with Brent had been strictly confined to drinking beers and indulging in a few recreational drugs.  This was the only thing we had in common.  Brent had connected with me through a mutual friend when I had come back to my community to work for my father during summer break.  Brent was a big time redneck as far as I was concerned.  When he wasn’t farming, he was driving a semi and transporting grain to the local elevators.  Brent and I had very similar physiques, including broad shoulders and smooth chests; he was just taller and thicker than me (I’m barely 5’8″ where as Brent is 6′).  Honest to god, it never occurred to me that I would find myself in bed with Brent’s crotch pressed against my face, silently demanding that I suck his cock.  His erection was still encased in the soft fabric of his briefs as it rubbed against my lips.  Amazingly, I remember that Brent’s erection felt hard as steel and it felt hot as it brushed against my nose, cheeks, and forehead.  Never having been in this position before and being psychologically unprepared, I think I just froze as the familiar feeling of arousal quickly grew into that of fear as I felt Brent’s full weight trapping me in an extremely vulnerable position.  Don’t get me wrong, there was a part of me that was becoming very excited but I was I was intuitively aware that I was playing with fire.  Brent was nothing like those nice, polite, trusting boys that I had seduced in the past.   Brent was an extremely rugged 19 year old who I assume probably had his share of pussy by that age.   However, it was obvious that Brent was prepared to use me as a cocksucker and I surmised that he intended brutally fuck my face, much as I had done to Gino those many years before.  However, there was a big difference in talking a kid into letting you fuck his mouth as opposed to doing it by force and I felt at this point I was about to be forced by a much stronger guy in a pitch black bedroom.  I knew then that if I even as much as parted my lips it would be over, that Brent would quickly free his erection that was straining at the waistband of his briefs and plunge it down my throat. Given my position in the community, I just knew I couldn’t let this happen, even though a large part of me was getting off on the prospect of being used by this bigger, stronger guy.  I had never just taken what I wanted from any guy and to find myself in this predicament was none the less very thrilling.

I’m not certain how much time went by as Brent through his movements desperately begged me to open my mouth but I was determined to keep it clamped shut.  I often wonder what he would have done had we been in a more private place without the possibility of discovery.  I sometimes wonder if Brent would have raped me or at least raped my throat since I had awoken that side of him that was determined to get off.  Finally, I sensed that Brent understood that I wasn’t going to willingly suck his cock.  Brent surprised me again by slowly shifting his heavy frame on top of my own and proceeded to press his erection against mine and slowly hump me.  Now I could relax a bit as I pulled him into me, hopefully signaling to Brent that this position was cool with me.  Brent and I spent the next 30 minutes or so just humping and mashing one another’s cocks in our briefs.  I did manage to get my hand under his waist band so that I could feel the size and texture of his fat bone.  Eventually Brent reached the point of no return as he shuddered and came on top of me.  When he finished, he basically rolled off of me and somewhat comically, quickly fell back to sleep

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