Sorority Sweethearts – Part 1

Everyone who knew me was shocked when I pledged a sorority. I had always been more of a wild child than my friends – the girl who “went all the way” because I loved having sex and not because I wanted someone’s class ring on my finger. “Sorority girls are stuck up” I was warned. “There are rules about getting drunk and flashing your boobs at guys,” my best friend advised solemnly. Still, nothing was going to deter me from my goal. I wanted that secret life in a house full of girls. I craved the late night giggling over guys, the shopping trips to the mall and yes, I admit it, the wardrobe and accessories all emblazoned with Greek letters that would tell the world that I belonged.
Within a month, I realized it had all been temporary insanity. The girls in my pledge class were either wealthy, sheltered brats or goody-goodies who pledged in order to being “networking”. I overheard two of the good girls debating whether French kissing on the second date was appropriate and I snickered. The thought of interrupting with “I prefer my guy’s tongue in my ass by the second date” was enough to keep me smiling for hours as I endured another History of Kappa Chi Sorority lecture.
What kept me coming back, so to speak, was the unbearably cool and funny chick who was assigned to be my Big Sister. In sorority speak, that made her my guide through the world of all things Greek. If I had problems, scholastic or frat boy related, my “Big” would be there. Need a Dairy Queen fix or French toast at 3am? Call your Big. When the magical Initiation night finally happened, it would be my Big who would lead me by the hand through all of the rituals and eventually, pin the crest of Kappa Chi above my left breast. Magical stuff.
Lucky for me, Lauren (my Big) was also my guide to all things party-related. Like me, she loved sex and music and shopping – and like me, she favored Victoria’s Secret or Fredericks over the Gap. We hit it off our first night in her Kappa Chi-emblazoned room, drinking tequila and swapping stories of our sexual exploits. At one point, it became very obvious that she was as aroused as I was – her nipples poked through her sheer Kappa Chi tank top. When she saw me looking, she just laughed and said “That happens all the time…I swear, I’m horny 24 hours a day.” She loved hearing about the night I fucked my boyfriend and then, still dripping and hot, texted my ex to meet me after the current guy dropped me off. I climbed into the ex’s truck less than 3 minutes after my guy pulled away and without so much as saying hello, proceeded to hike my skirt and rub my wet pussy . He watched, stunned as I lay on the front seat, my legs spread, the smell of semen permeating the air – and he gasped as I grabbed the back of his head and forced his mouth down on my swollen clit. “Finish me off, baby” I moaned. “Lick me…lick my clit…” The guy had been a total jerk when we dated but he had the most gifted tongue I ever felt in my life. He put that skill to work as I spread my lips for him,his tongue hungrily darting around my clit and moaning. Whether it was the excitement of being used or pain from me yanking his hair, I didn’t know – or care. All I wanted was to have my pussy licked clean and to come all over his slightly sweet, mostly stupid face. As I told Lauren the story, I felt myself getting wetter and wetter. I fought the urge to slide two fingers down to my throbbing clit as I finished the story…
“So he’s tonguing me and I’m grinding all over him,” I continued “And then I came SO freakin’ hard that I think I lost consciousness!” Lauren smiled in a way that made it clear she knew exactly what I was talking about. “So I pull his head up from my lap like this,” demonstrating “lean in and whisper ‘See ya’ before I jumped out and ran up the driveway.” Lauren’s mouth dropped open in shock.
“Wasn’t he…didn’t he….I mean, he had to be SOOOOOOOOOOOO hard…”she stammered.
“Oh yeah – he had a hard on like a rock but hey…” I shrugged “I had a curfew.”
We both laughed, thinking of this poor kid driving home with a 7 inch erection and pussy on his breath. “I don’t think he ever figured out that he licked another guy’s come out of me,” I said and Lauren spilled her tequila. Now there was a dark wet spot of liquor on her shirt and for a moment, I was seized with the desire to bend over and suck it out of the cloth. I bet her tits would feel so good, I thought. That was a first for me – I had never been sexually attracted to a woman before. Not that I didn’t think women were beautiful or sexy – just that I never felt that physical urge to touch a woman’s breasts other than my own.
There was a moment of silence before the door opened. Lauren’s roommate Jess bounced in. She saw the tequila and remnants of pizza on the bed between us and laughed. “Way to set an example, Lauren.”
“Oh fuck off,” Lauren shot back good-naturedly. “Your last Little wound up with the crabs because YOU took her to a Sigma Chi party and didn’t warn her about Shane.”
I stumbled to my feet and said “I’ve gotta get back – I have a lab at 9 and I need some sleep.” I felt a pang of disappointment when Lauren said “Okay – see you tomorrow” followed by a stab of jealousy towards Jess.
What the fuck? I thought as I made my way back to the dorms. I love men – I totally love cock – what am I doing thinking about her tits?
An hour later, I was on my second orgasm, masturbating and thinking of Lauren. Her long blonde hair, her full lips that always seemed slightly wet, her tan flat stomach…and those tits. She was a C-cup – I had seen them encased in pushup bras and a black lace bustier once and the thought of those firm round breasts in my hands made me moan aloud and rub my clit harder. My roommate was at her boyfriend’s as usual so I could get as dirty as I wanted. And I wanted.
For my third go-round, I dug out my rabbit vibrator and licked it, tasting myself on it. I pictured spreading Lauren’s long tanned legs and after running my tongue up and down her sweet pussy lips, slowly sliding the vibrator into her cunt. I imagined her clit swelling and in my mind, I licked it exactly the way I liked to be licked as I turned the vibe on.
My own pussy was spasming as I imagined Lauren thrashing on the bed, moaning, the rabbit working her clit and making her come. Out loud, I moaned “Oh God I want to fuck you….I want to fuck your twat Lauren….I want to watch you come….” which only pushed me over the edge. I came harder than I ever had before – even harder than the night in the truck – just from imagining fucking that hot body with my big vibrator. I ached to be on top of her, to feel her long lean body under mine as I kissed her deeply. I wanted her smooth legs around me…I wanted those stiff nipples in my mouth, those big breasts in my hands. I thought of rubbing my twat against hers and shuddered with desire…those wet lips, the heat of her pink little pussy against mine, the smoothness of her shaved-bare mound rubbing against my own waxed cunt…”Fuck it” I moaned and began pumping myself harder and harder with the dildo, picturing Lauren fucking me with a strop-on, her tits bouncing, her nipples rock hard, her cunt so wet I could smell it….I came again and again, each fantasy more graphic than the last until finally I passed out from sheer exhaustion.

A week passed before I was alone with Lauren again. Just to prove I wasn’t a lesbian, I picked up a guy at the Delt house and fucked him for a good three hours. One of the bonuses of the Greek life were the weekly parties with another house – parties complete with trashcan punch and dancing, frat house bedrooms conveniently located upstairs. Lauren and I were drinking with 4 of the brothers, matching them drink for drink and flirting outrageously with all of them. At one point, she leaned in and whispered “I think I want Dylan.”
“I thought there were two Dylans” I whispered back.
She giggled. “Okay – I want both Dylans then.”
A mental image rose before my eyes – Lau
ren on all fours, one Dylan behind her,
pumping furiously with the other Dylan forcing a huge cock into her mouth. Her breasts were hanging down, bouncing as the two filled her….I shifted in my seat and hoped no one could smell the excitement coming off me.
A few hours later, Lauren had settled on one Dylan and left me with the other. We made our way drunkenly to his room, laughing as he tripped over shoes and textbooks and somebody’s electric keyboard. Once inside his room, the door locked (after ceremoniously hanging a tie over the doorknob as a signal to “Keep Out”), we were on the unmade bed, making out and undressing each other.
Lauren wanted to fuck him, I thought, and now I’m going to do it….I reached down and wrapped my hand around his thick hard cock.
“Oh good – it’s big” I moaned. “I love fucking big cocks” and as he basked in the momentary glow of that announcement, I swung a leg over him and began rubbing his swollen head against my soaking wet pussy. In my mind, I saw Lauren straddling her Dylan and I wished wildly that they were on the bed beside us so I could watch her fuck. That thought in mind, I slid down the length of Dylan’s dick and began riding him, eyes closed, imagining Lauren’s firm ass as she screwed her Dylan. Her breasts bouncing, his tongue on her nipples, her fingers rubbing her pretty little clit…I could feel myself getting ready to come all over this guy’s cock as I fantasized about cupping those breasts from behind, helping her fuck the guy beneath her. My fingers found my clit and as Dylan watched in pornographic amazement, I fingered myself as I rode him, moaning “Oh yes, fuck me….fuck me…I’m your bad girl….I want you soooooo bad.”
Silly boy thought I meant him.

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  1. Anonymous

    Wow! That is so hot! And it’s really well written. Well done. Can’t wait for Part 2!

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  2. Anonymous

    Wow! That is so hot! And it’s really well written. Well done. Can’t wait for Part 2!

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