Spaced Out and Changed

Did you ever feel like you had an out of body experience? Ever feel like someone had taken you prisoner and your life is not your real life? Did you ever think that you had seen a UFO or been taken by one? Until a few years ago, I never did feel like any of those things. Then one night my life changed forever.
I had gone hiking to relax after a stress filled week of work and family. My hectic daily grind was wearing me down, and when I took long walks in the mountains it calmed me enough to face more challenges. My wife had stopped sharing these adventures with and was more interested in any other than me. So I was alone as I had been for the last 5 years. Now about to turn 44, I resigned myself to working and little more.
I thought if I had made better and wiser choices we could have a great life together, one of them would to have never let her had a certain operation. It changed her mind, soul and our life forever. It took her ability to have children and when the doctor who performed hers and countless others killed himself, she knew he lied to her. I knew that he caused our major problem, her longing for kids.
Clouds hid the sun that entire Saturday afternoon, and since I was in dense section of pine trees, I could not see the darkening threat from above. When I was on my return leg of the ten-mile hike I began to hear distant thunder. Still an hour from the trailhead, I tried to quicken my pace to escape Mother Nature’s wrath. I went barely down the trail as fast as my legs could carry me when I saw and heard the claps grow closer. I knew I had to find shelter fast as the rain began to pour. On the distant path ahead I saw a torrent of water cascade form the side of the mountain blocking my way and as I tried to stop in time I slipped and skidded on my side into the water. That’s when I saw a bright beam of pure white light breaking through the trees ahead. I thought it was lightening at first. I used all my strength to stay afloat of the rapid moving water, and could not steer my course. The stream now swollen into a raging flood swept directly into the beam. When I touched it a shock wave effect tore into me and then I felt nothing.
I seem to be in a totally dark area, I think I was knocked out before that but it may not have been that way. I was on my back on a hard cold floor. Flat, smooth, black and cold was all I could tell about it. Wherever I wound up it was pitch black and I could not see myself, so I started to feel and I found that I was naked. I had nothing on my body at all including my wedding ring or high school ring. I tried to stand up but I couldn’t see if I actually could have. Something I could not see or feel held me in place. I was trying to speak but nothing came out that I could hear or feel and as I could move my arms I could not move my legs. Then something struck me in mind and a set of three colored lights appeared in the darkness above me. Each one struck me in a different way, red made me warm, yellow made me feel at ease and blue made me feel well horny. The red light stayed on for just a few seconds but it made me more comfortable. Then the yellow light came on brightly for almost a minute I think and I relaxed and was not afraid. When the blue light came on I felt my cock harden and my desires grow. It stayed on for almost an hour. During that time I felt myself being stroked and I could see my flesh and only my body showed but I saw my dick as it looked as if something held it and was jerking me off. I came every ten minutes until I had two sore balls from all the erections. I had never been able to do that much when I was younger but something made this happen. When the light went out I feel asleep. I have no true of way of knowing how long I slept but all I do know is that when I awoke I was changed completely. I found myself on a table made of metal. Held in place by silver colored bracelets on my wrist and ankles. A voice spoke in my mind at that point, “Do not be afraid we mean you no harm.”
I tried to reply to it but I could not speak, and that’s when it touched me deep inside, “You were hurt when you feel into our transporter beam. We did not intend to take you but we could not let you drown either. Some here have decided to offer you a choice. You may return to your life in an earlier point or be transported to another vehicle in this time.”
I was trying to reply when the blue beam of light struck me again. I felt myself getting horny and as it stayed own I felt myself being used like a sexual plaything. The voice spoke once more, “We can sense by your reactions that you are not in the prescribed vehicle. Your existence could be much more pleasurable if you would allow us to show you. All you need to do is think yes or no.”
Now being seduced into doing something is hardly the way to get an objective response, so I thought yes.
Suddenly a bold wave of orange light rolled over me and bright flash of white light and felt myself floating along. In my mind I heard, “You will be different but much more desirable to you. You will exchange your mental energy with another, your mate. You will then be one in the same.”
Now what was I to make of that statement? It confused me entirely but soon I understood it all to well. I kind of felt weak and almost faint as I found myself looking up at a ceiling. It seemed familiar yet different and as I tried to raise up I heard the voice one last time, “This is as permanent as you wish it to be. If in your soul you are not happy and wish to try again, go back to where you were taken and think of us to come back for you.”
Then I regained my strength and rose and looked around the room. The furniture was not mine but very familiar. I struggled to find myself and where I was and as I walked through this small tiny apartment I noticed something, I found myself naked on the bed asleep. That scared the hell out of me. I turned to look in the mirror and I saw my wife staring back at me. I struggled to get a grip on this but as I did that I fell back on the bed and awoke the other me. He came up, as I would do happy and smiling and started fondling my wives breast, which just happen to be mine now. His hands caressed them as I had done her many times when we were fist married got her very horny with just a slight caress. That also worked on this body I was now in. I felt a shock wave of passion and I turned towards myself and gasped. Suddenly it was all too clear what they were telling me. I had a clear picture that they had imprinted into my mind. I could not go back as myself but I could be joined in mind with one that I knew. I started to recall all her thoughts at that point just as my real body was beginning to place me into the right position and as I began to understand, I felt a hard cock slip into my now soaked cunt. That’s when I lost myself to myself if you will. I started kissing and hugging and letting my young self fuck me like a dog. I played with my nipples and breast as I watched myself fuck me. Then I stopped thinking of him as me and started thinking of me as her, confused yet. I know I was.
The passionate love making took a really twisted turn as he pulled out of my wet cunt and spun around placing his cock at my lips and his mouth on my wet pussy. As he ate me for what was my first time, I sucked his cock for what was a true first for me. I knew how I loved to have my ass played with and how I liked my balls stroked so I did that to please him but also so he would eat me until I came fully on his lips. Did I ever cum on him, I think I flooded our bed-sheets fully with my explosion of lustful love.
I got up and went into the bathroom as I now had total recall of what day, time and place we were in. It was the second day of our young marriage and we were in our first apartment. I began to bathe and as I did he walked in. He had to pee and seeing that I was naked and in the tub, he asked me if I would like a golden shower. Now I remembered when I did that and the fact she said no, but I wanted to know what
it was like, so I said, yes. He came to me and drenched me from head to toe and then for good measure I sucked his cock until he became hard. Then I slipped a finger up his ass and licked his balls as I sucked and jerked him off onto my chest and tits and knowing what he liked, I made him lick it off. That was something I had always wanted to try and it was fun. My original self loved it and went crazy showering me with kisses and hugs and love. I pulled him into the tub and changed the water and after I bathed him, I let him do some more of the things I knew he wanted to do to me that she would never go for.
He led me to the kitchen table and placed me on it then began to suck and bite my nipples while he used a frozen hot dog in my cunt. When it thawed and was limp, he fed it to us both. Then I made him shave me bald all over including the sides of my newly petted cunt. He then was allowed to spank my pussy with a wooden spoon while I was tied to the table legs and my nipples were being tortured with clothespins.
After that it was my turn. I made him dress me in a sexy outfit and then take me for a long ride in the country. I was wearing a shirt that only tied that made access to my tits easy and flashing me even easier. My skirt barely covered my sweet little ass and I had nothing under it.
He was 5’11” 170 pounds dark brown hair and light blue eyes and well built. I was 5’4″ 100 pounds and a 36-24-36 figure. My dark black wavy hair and semi blue eyes were set on a natural tanned soft silky frame. We had driven out of our town and we going down the roadway when he reach over and pulled out my right tit and started to play with it. I let him take my other one out and then lift my skirt up and finger me as he drove us down the road. Then as we rounded a corner and pulled up to gravel road, he stopped and pulled me form the car and placed me on the trunk. He ate me as I played with my tits until an old woman beeped her horn at us. He wasn’t embarrassed nor was I, as we strolled back into the car and pulled down off the road so she could go around us.
She pulled up to our window and yelled that we should be ashamed of what we had done, so I flashed her my naked body and invited her for a ride on it. He almost came right then and there. She drove off in a haste angry and we went back outside and I let him eat me until I came fully on his face, then he screwed me like a dog, as he bent me over the rear of the car. I also let him butt fuck me that time. Which made him super horny. After he finished me we drove out until we found a nice quiet place and got out and tossed a blanket on the ground and kissed and cuddled and of course we made love.
He stripped me naked as he covered me with kisses while I just let him do, as he wanted. He rolled me into a ball on my side and fucked me while he kissed my ears and played with my tits. Sometime after that we went back to our apartment.
Four weeks of mad passionate kinky sex passed by rather quickly. Then one hot summer day when he was off from work we went to a place in the mountains for fun. It was almost a hundred and very humid. I wore my two piece bathing suit only and he a pair of cut-off-blue-jean shorts. His cock was hard as soon as we got into the woods but when he saw the big blonde that I met in the bathroom he got really excited. She made a pass at me a few miles back, and being naughty as I was I led her on not thinking she was serious. When she came walking up the trail to find me on a flat small boulder with my top untied and bottoms on the ground she started getting hot. We could see it in her gorgeous face. She was 5’9″ 170 pounds and her 38D-30-40 body still looked good for a woman of 35. Her dark tanned thighs and legs were driving me crazy and when she asked if she could join, he of course said yes. She moved to kiss me on the lips while he was kissing my mouth. Her tongue penetrated me deeply and as it did I began to tingle all over. When she lifted my legs and thrust it in deeper I quivered and shivered in pleasure. He then moved to take her candy cane strip shorts and hot pink panties to the ground as I let her devour me. His seven-inch cock went into her tight pussy easily and after a few seconds he began to buck her like a horse. I admit it was erotic watching him hump her and I loved her mouth and when he came in her, I loved her twat too. She straddled my face until I had eaten her to an orgasm and all of his cum, as he took her top off and sucked her big nipples. After we finished she told us her name was Ellen and that she was divorced and alone since she moved here. She liked women as much or more than men and asked my husband if he would be willing to share me on a long-term basis with her as our new girlfriend. He of course said yes as long as I get you both. Then we dressed and walked down to our cars and drove off to lead her to a new spot. We found and old path that was void of others so we went up into the woods. This time she stripped my husband and made him lay on his back while she rode his mouth and I rode his cock. When he made us both cum, we let him jack his cock off so we could eat it as he watched. Then the two of us got in the 69 position and let him watch us eat each other until he was hard enough to butt fuck me first and then her. Before we let him cum in her ass, I got to finger her while I sucked her nipples.
She kept her word and we shared her with each other several days a week for the next two years. Then one night we went to a new bar in the city. It was suppose to be a new wave bar with dancing and erotic people. It was in fact a gay bar. She met another woman her age that she fell in love with and well I met a woman whom I knew in school and that I had a crush on. She was crazy about my new female body and after some seven months of teasing me, she finally came over to spend the night with me. He had to go out of town on business, and she was still worried that he would want her so she kept her distance from me until that night. Had Connie known I in fact was him, she would have died.
It was just past sunset when she arrived wearing a short fur coat and a pair of paten leather thigh high boots. Hers skimpy silk blouse was shimmering as she removed the coat and her leather skirt was almost to her cheek as she turned to place it on the sofa arm. Connie slipped herself into the left side of the couch as we began to talk.
“So Connie, what do you think of our new home?” I asked.
“Nice dear. Looks like you have good taste, and I wonder how good you taste or how could your taste is?” Connie said in a devilish way.
“Well it would seem you like women more than men. I mean I offered you free use of my husband and you wanted me instead,” I said joking around.
Connie looked over at me as her hands slowly opened her top two buttons and then the next two and finally the last one as she seductively responded with, “I enjoy the touch and scent of a gentle soul of any sex. It just happens that women are more appealing that way. I do enjoy making new women more of a slave than partner.”
I was wearing a smock top and a skirt only, and as I lifted my left leg up and turned to the right arm of the sofa, my exposed bald pussy shown. She was slowly slipping across the sofa ever nearer to me, as she slunk over to allow me to view her breast. She was 5’3″ 100 pounds all in the top. 40-24-34 with long wavy blonde hair that fell past her shoulders and down to the middle of her back, and I was in heaven. Her blue eyes sparkled as she slipped a hand within an inch of my sweet ass and said, “Now did you really want me to stay the night or just a few minutes? If you’re not the least bit interested in just me then I may have to leave.” With those words her index finger of her right hand touched the place between my asshole and pussy and stroked it ever so lightly. Her left hand moved to pull away her blouse from her body as she did, I lifted my smock so she could see what I wanted her too.
Not a word was spoken after that for nearly half an hour. Her finger s
lipped into the crack of my lips and danced slowly on it as she leaned over and kissed me on the lips gently. Our eyes danced as we sat peering into each other, and then with a heated passionate long French kiss, I allowed her to strip me. I was now naked and had been drawn down on the sofa while she stood and removed her clothes. In seconds she was brushing her nipples to mine while we kissed. Our fingers began the exploration of each other’s body. When she began to devour my flesh in her mouth I tingled all over. She feasted between my legs and then offered me hers to have and I took it. I licked her in every way possible even draining pee from her at one point. Then she took her turn in my hole again. This time she it was like she had become lost inside of me as her hands and fingers and tongue played with my clit and asshole. I began to squirt for the first time in a long time, not little drops but a long sustained flood. The shuddering effects of my orgasm had made their impact on her and as she looked at my body I knew. Without a single word spoken I knew she wanted more than sex. She led me to the doorway to the garage where she parked and then out into her big custom van we went. Inside it she secured me with cuffs to a bed in the back and then my ankles were shackled and drawn by chains to the roof. I was spread completely wide open as she finally told me, “I will make you my slave and if I desire maybe, I will let you come home soon.”
With that she went back into my house as I dangled in my bounds. She came back wearing her boots and coat and carrying my house keys and door opener. She got in the side and opened up a small chest by the bed and pulled out a pair of clips. Placing them on my nipples, she then chained them to the roof drawing them up and out. My eyes were then blindfolded and as she did it her fingers caressed my hair. Then something went up my ass hard, and it began to vibrate. Another went in my pussy and I began to moan, and as my mouth opened in joy a gag was inserted.
Then we drove off into the night in great haste. I was bouncing around the back being tormented and pleased at the same time. The vans rough ride was also making me horny as it caused the two objects in my bottom to grind and go deeper. After a long ride we stopped and I heard Connie say, “Open the gate bitch.”
Then slowly we went forward and when we stopped again I was left to hang for a few minutes before I heard her again. “Now my newest acquisition, I will introduce you to my secret life.”
With that I was released from darkness as my blindfold was removed. My gag was next then came my bounds. The toys inside me did not come out. Connie wearing her coat led me out of the van into the cold night air and snow. I walked through the frigid ice towards and old building that I didn’t recognize. She pushed me face first into it twice and then wound up shoving me into bank of snow, before we made it to the door. Two very big women then ushered me in. One on each arm held me from the floor and carried me across the large dark open cold room. The snow on my body began to melt and I shivered as it did it and I also came a fifth time from the two vibrating devices inside my body. When we crossed the floor to the far side of the building they took me into a small dark room with only a tiny night light to halfway illuminate it. There was a big flat platform and several big posts at all corners awaiting me there. I was tossed onto it as Connie removed her coat. The two women made use of the locking clamps to secure me to the bed. Then as they with drew, Connie stepped up and over me dangling a tasseled whip made of leather. She smiled at me and as she did I came once more. Just then a familiar face came from the shadows. My dear younger sister came from the shadows naked and sporting several large bit marks on her breast and belly. She stood over me, and that’s when I remembered her thoughts, my wife that is, that she had enjoyed this type of treatment before we met. Connie had her foot planted firmly on my cunt as she twisted it harshly. Then my little sister, Tammy dropped her chubby fat pussy onto my mouth.
Tammy was a year younger, 5’7″ 200 pounds and with thinning brown straight hair, not very attractive. She had a sloppy figure 38D-32-42 with only one redeeming quality, she had giant nipples. They were almost two and half inches erect. The really incredible thing about them was they were almost that width too.
She ground her pussy onto my face and it was the way she had done when they were kids. You see when my wife was younger her two younger sisters and a friend raped her. They stripped her naked abused her and made her suck them and eat them. Then they left her for her older brothers to screw. She never told me that and until I recalled her memory I didn’t know. The reason her sister had such big nipples is that she had my wife and their best friend to suck them almost every single night for three years. They even hooked her sister to a vacuum pump and let it suck them up until they began to stay that way. I lapped her so good that she started to cum within seconds. Connie now began to use the tip of her boot to add pressure to the butt plug in my ass made a cooing remark. “You bitch re now my property. To show you that when you husband comes home I will have my gay slave rape him.”
That sent me into orbit as I had wanted it done to me when I was still a man and I knew that would send him into a blissful state of being. So I came again and then as I ate my sister a little longer I came right behind it.
Connie then pulled her off my mouth and had her to take the vibrator she strapped inside my pussy out and lick it clean and then eat my pussy. Tammy did as she demanded and I watched as Connie knelt and asked me, “Now whose slut are you bitch?”
“I am yours mistress,” I said smiling as she twisted my nipples like a control knob.
They released me and took me into another dark room and bound me over a round object. My ass was spread and my legs secured so that I could not touch the floor as my butt plug was removed. Tammy then breast fed me her nipple dicks as Connie strapped on a big huge 15 inch black dick. She fucked me with it until I screamed to be her slave and begged to be kept as her own property.
Before she returned me to my home, she had my sister to take a branding iron and using a blowtorch to heat the iron, she tattooed my ass with her name.
Not more than an hour after I was dropped off naked in my garage with my keys did she wait until she called me. It was almost two in the morning. She told me to leave the doors unlocked and sleep in the nude with the doors open and the lights on. The last part was on the sofa. I did just as she asked and somewhere around five in the morning I was awaken by a young boy no more than 15 who was standing over me drooling on my body. He asked me if he could touch me and I said okay. The next thing I know he has me on the floor screwing my brains out. He fucked me so hard I had carpet burns on my shoulders. Then he left and I returned to the sofa but I wasn’t able to sleep. Then about six she returned and when I told what the boy did, she beat me with a wooden board across my ass and over my pussy. She took me upstairs and put me to bed at seven and I slept until way past noon. Then when I woke up I saw a note on my dresser.
“Taken the liberty of borrowing your keys. Stay home and wait for my return. I locked up behind me. Do not open the door for anyone. After you bathe and get yourself fixed up, please stay naked. I will return this evening with a present for you. Mistress Connie.”
I sat upstairs naked after I cleaned up and waited. Shortly after six I heard the door open and I popped up to my feet. The heavy footsteps were not hers but sounded like him. So pranced naked down the stairs. He was carrying his suitcase and when he saw me he dropped it and ran towards me. I made him stop and then as I turned around at the bottom of the steps I said, “Notice anything new?”
I bent
my ass and her brand mark up to his eyes as he stepped back and smiled. Then he quickly asked, “Did she do that to you?”
“Yes, after she seduced me, kidnapped me, raped me, beat me and then screwed me.” I said smiling.
“Oh come on. There’s no way that happened in one night,” he said in disbelief as he stripped out of his suit in a flash.
I led him up the stairs to our bedroom, and added, “She’s coming back for me and she might bring you a present as well.”
As he swept me into his arms his hot naked body was forcing me on the bed and with it his cock into my cunt as he said, “What is it?”
I smiled and giggled as he started to ride me in fierce manner. As he punched his cock deeper I exclaimed, “A man, to screw you like you want.”
I was caressing his chest the way he likes and the best way to get him really hot, as he spewed back, “Oh yeah sure. Like you would want that.”
I smiled and said, “I would love that, I would love that more than you know. I would love to see you get fucked and suck a dick at the same time. Just as much as you like seeing and watching girls eat me.”
He really started going wild in me at hat point as he yelped out, “Would you really get off watching that?”
When I flipped him off me and then started sucking his cock, I managed to say, “I would suck you anytime anywhere and give it to you anyway you wanted if you would have sex with two men at the same time.”
I jerked his cum into my mouth and swallowed every drop of it and then I fondled it with my lips and hands as we chatted.
“Okay baby, if that’s what you want. Do it to me. Just as long as you want me more afterwards,” he said with a joy in his words.
I warned him that she had the key to the house and would be by soon and that we should wait for her naked. So the two of us cuddled in bed and waited for Connie to get back.
Just after nine the front door unlocked and opened. Several sets of footsteps could be heard marching up the stairs. We reclined on the bed naked as they fast approached us. Connie led Tammy and another set of women; all wearing exotic outfits made of leather. Then came two young men, one of them was the boy from last night. My husband stood up to greet her, but the two big women slapped him in handcuffs faster than you could say hello. The two boys then took him and bent him over the footstool and began to pound his ass and mouth without much resistance. Connie came over and took me to her crotch and as she opened her coat her naked body was ready for me. I began to lick her and eat her right away. I kept view of him getting double fucked in my side view at all times. Then when I heard them groan and growl and seen them splattering cum on his face and ass, I came. Tammy then went and licked his ass clean and then his face and then she pulled him on her and let him fuck her with his hands tied behind his back. Connie then told us as I began to cum that he would be Tammy’s man for a few weeks while I would be in training with her.
He kissed me by and then he took Tammy to our bed and began to suck her nipples. The two boys also stayed with them, Connie said it was so they could fuck him up a lot and maybe turn him gay so she could have me all the time.
Fifteen years passed in a flash, for me after that. I was naked almost always and used by many women and some men for a sex toy often. Connie kept her word and me for almost eight years as a sole prisoner. Then she sent me back to him. He didn’t really want me as he and Tammy had been married in Mexico when he divorced me. However she took me as their sex toy and used me to satisfy his needs when she was tired and her needs when he was tired.
Then came the day I dreaded. I knew that morning that things might change, and as I dressed to go to the mountains I wore very little clothing. I did take some spare things in case. I went to the same place had so long ago and waited for the storm to start. I came down the hill and I slid back into the pool of raging water as before, but this time when I awoke afterwards, I was naked in bed and with a man. The only difference was, I also a man. The date had erased me and turned me into a man loving man and as I watched her every evening after that I wanted to be her again.
Instead, I now had two men who over the years came to own me. A chubby fat woman whom I married, that was my sister in law and an ex wife who allows me to screw her when we can.

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