Steaming Up the Sauna

I had just finished cleaning the Health Club where I was employed as a janitor. There were some fringe benefits to working there, as I often worked out after everyone had left, and I had finished cleaning of an evening. The doors were locked, and I was able to exercise without being disturbed, and the music up loud.

It was just such an occasion, and I had finished cleaning. I decided to head for the sauna, and just relax instead of overexert myself tonight. As my hand reached for the door, I stopped. Inside, I thought I heard a female voice. I peered through the small window in the thick door, and the sight of two naked women getting it on arrested my attention.

At first I was angry that these people were still here after hours, but only momentarily, as my male member began to think for me. Dressed only in a towel around my waist, I watched the lesbian peep show.

There was no denying the stunning sexuality of the two women. Cyndy was a fitness instructor I recognised from the club – young, thin (but not skinny), shoulder length wavy brunette hair, well-toned muscles, and with perfectly tanned, pert, C cup breasts and dark nipples. Her legs went all the way to heaven, where her pussy was shaved Brazilian style – totally smooth. Cyndy was leaning back on her hands, her legs splayed open for the other women, who was sucking hard, and apparently enjoying the taste.

The other woman was a member I had spoken to once before. Her name was Heather, I think. Heather was not a short woman, but was very busty, probably with DD cup tits that still formed cleavage when she was on her back, as I bet she often was. She had perfect facial features, and long blond hair. She was on her knees still licking the instructor, exposing her generous, pear shaped butt to the window. I enjoyed a great view of her pussy, which had been shaved around the lips, but left neatly trimmed blond hair above her clitoris.

The women sat up and started pashing, their hands wildly exploring and caressing each other’s body. Then they moved to their backs on the floor, and with legs entwined, they positioned themselves so that their cunts rubbed against each other’s. They started moaning quietly, enjoying the clitoral stimulation, and steadily grew to small screams as they ground together.

My hand was now pleasing my cock, and doing a pretty good job too, as I watched the sauna getting steamier. I wondered if they’d care for a cock to help get them off, and decided to find out. I entered the sauna, and closed the door behind me. The girls looked at me, and practically ignored my presence. Cyndy positioned herself so as to begin licking Heather, whose heaving bosom and erect nipples just begged for attention. I walked over to her, leaving my towel at the door.

There was plenty of lube on my cock, and I began to fuck her tits, straddling Heather’s flat stomach. My head slipped between her soft boobs, which she obligingly pushed together for me. It felt awesome pumping up and down between her slippery cleavage. On the strokes that approached Heather’s chin, she leaned forward and began sucking me. I moved from pleasing myself with her fuckable tits, to allowing her to stimulate me with her soft, warm, moist tongue and mouth. Her lips massaged the head, and her throat took my whole long shaft. She sucked me and stroked me with her tongue, while Cyndy tongue dived her cunt. I was in heaven.

“Hey Mark,” the instructor moaned, coming up for air from Heather’s musty crotch, “Why don’t you come behind me here, and give me a good hard fucking like I know you’ve been wanting to for months?” I had indeed fantasised about sex with Cyndy, and was more than happy to oblige her athletic looking nakedness. Kneeling behind her, my swollen cock slipped easily inside her wet, wet, wet love tunnel. Fantasy fulfilled. I started moving in and out of her, and felt the oh so pleasant feeling of my head running up and down the walls of her vagina. She started bucking against me, and moved her hands to my butt to pull me deeper and harder inside her. She really wanted me badly, and I was not going to disappoint. I fucked and fucked her harder and harder.
“You like me fucking you hard, bitch?”
“Yessss! Fuck me harder Mark! Fuck me deeper! I want all of your big, long cock inside me – fuck my hungry cunt as hard as you can! OHHH! It’s so big!”

Heather now moved herself under Cyndy and into the 69 position. While Cyndy resumed munching Heather’s muffin, Heather was licking my balls and sucking the fuck I was giving Cyndy! She would suck my cock and Cyndy’s clitoris as I fucked Cyndy’s cunt. I slowed down to long, slow strokes, occasionally pulling right out so Heather could suck my head for a few seconds. The time I was out built anticipation in Cyndy for when I slammed that cock right back up her smooth pussy again. On one of those forceful entries, she exploded in orgasm, her juices flowing down my cock and into Heather’s mouth, which was still sucking our fuck.

The instructor got up, and told us what was next, “Mark, you lie on your back. Heather, honey, do you want his cock fucking your yummy cunt or your virgin arse?” Heather demonstrated her answer. She straddled me, and taking my huge, throbbing cock in her hand, guided me to her anus. She rubbed it around for a little while, with the occasional visit to her “yummy cunt” for lubrication, and slowly began to lower her weight on me, still gripping me and guiding me into her anal entrance. After about a minute, during which she commanded my absolute stillness, I was all the way up her arse. It was my first anal sex experience as well, so I was happy to let her take charge. She started to bounce a little, and got more and more excited. Cyndy moved behind us, and having already had her climax, helped me climax by licking my balls and sticking her middle finger up my anus to her second joint, which she wriggled around inside me.

Heather was bucking and bouncing wildly on my cock now, and I pumped in and out of her anal passage with unrestrained ecstasy. It was tight, and gripped my cock like a vice. I heaved my groin up as she bore down, and the thrusting got deeper and faster, and she screamed louder and louder, and electricity shot through my body and every muscle tensed as unprecedented pleasure flowed from my cock to the rest of my body and hers. I spurted sperm and semen inside her for what seemed like an endless orgasm. She collapsed forward on top of me, thrusting her very erect nipples in my face, and sighed deeply, “That was the best fucking orgasm I’ve ever had.” I gently sucked her nipples, quietly enjoyed slow movements still in her, as she contentedly stroked my hair, and Cyndy softly licked my testicles.

“Maybe next time you can fuck me while Heather sucks our fuck, Mark,” the brunette instructor purred as I wrapped the towel around me and headed off to the showers.
“See you tomorrow,” I promised, and closed the door behind me. I looked through the window again, and Heather was on her back, pinching her nipples and rubbing her clitoris – Cyndy had already straddled Heather’s tongue, and her head was thrown back in pleasure. As I walked away, I heard a lady starting to scream again.

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