submitting to master

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It was time. It was time for me to suck it all in and do what I wanted no… no… what I needed to do. I finally had a man who wanted me. Who wanted me to be his slave? Sure I would have to suck and fuck all of his friends but that was a good thing. It was something I enjoyed. Jim who told me to call him master from now on was fairly well off. In the past he was robbed sort to speak. He took a woman as his slave and after he fucked her she left him claiming he was to rough with her and then sued him for lots of money.
So this meant he would want lots of sex but no women and that meant me! He offered two things, to buy me what he wants me to wear at all times and lots of anal sex, both are large pluses in my book. Now master and I talked many times over the phone and internet and now we are to meet face to face. This is scary to me because he insisted I dress as a woman to show my loyalty to him. I went to a professional makeup person and had my makeup done, the clothing I already had. So I sat quietly in the coffee shop waiting for master. I saw him pull in and walked up to the car as directed. He rolled down his window as I stood there in my sexy school girl outfit. I lead into the car just like a real slut on the streets would.
‘Hi’ I said
‘Hello slut’ he said showing me his cock out of his zipper
“Want me to take care of that master? I asked licking my lips. He motioned me to get into the car beside him. As we drove he had me play with his cock and it became hard quickly. We pulled into a park and got out and walked into a heavily treed area. Once inside he pushed me to my knees and had me service him right there and then and when he was about to cum he told me to hold his load in my mouth and not to swallow and not to spill any out of my mouth. He came and came filling my mouth and I had to swallow some but not much. He made me get back into the car and we drove to his place, once we were in his apartment he told me I could swallow it and I did.
Master grew hard and ordered me to assume the position of all four on the coffee table with my skirt up on my back and panties pulled to aside and my hands pulling my ass cheeks apart for easy entry for him. My head was on the end of the table as I could feel him pushing his large cock into my willing hole. He wasted no time and started fucking my ass like the piece of meat he was looking for. ‘You fucking whore what a great ass’ he said
‘Thank you master’ I replied enjoying every one of his hard thrusts. I love the feel of his hands holding my waist as he pulled on me so he could get his cock deeper inside. Master did tell me to prepare for this so I was clean inside and out. Master now pulled his rock hard cock out of my man pussy and had me lie on my back on the coffee table with my head over the edge. He moved around and put his cock into my mouth.
‘Take it bitch’ he demanded and I willingly opened my mouth and took his cock in. He pushed it in slowly then began to rock faster until he was satisfied I was willing to take him fully, then he pushed his hard cock deep into my throat. I was ready and did not gag but took it deep as he began fucking my throat at a rapid pace. I could feel his cock twitching as his balls hit my nose, then he pulled out and shot his large load all over my face, some of his load went into my mouth some up into my nose but most fell upon my cheeks and dripped precariously off my chin.
‘What a good fuck you are’ he said wiping off the bit of cum from the top of his cock onto my forehead. He ordered me not to move and went and got a camera and took pictures of me from head to toe. ‘Now that you are mine I have taken picture so if you change your mind these go to anyone and everyone you know’ he said looking at me.
‘Yes master’ I replied happily. Master had bought a lot of clothing for me and I modeled it for the camera, lingerie, dresses, skirts, butt plugs dildos, gags, the whore works. He now owned me and I was ready to accept that.
‘I am going to test you slut’ he started. ‘My brother is at his place, you are to go to him and fuck his brains out. I want him to tell you no more. Got it?’ he said.
“Yes sir’ I said with a smile.
I showed up at master’s brother’s place to find him in bed naked. Lucky for me he was on top of the sheets. I could see his cock was just as big as masters. I crawled on to the bed and gently took his cock in my hand and began moving it up and down making it hard. Then I started to lick it and take it in to my mouth and sucked on it getting it very hard. I carefully moved up to the top of the bed and lowered myself onto his hard cock. It slid in after being fucked by master with ease. As I mounted him he woke up and automatically began fucking me. I could feel the pure strength of his cock as he pushed his hips up making his cock go deeper in to my hole. His hands held on to my hips as he fucked me from below. He grabbed my top and tore it open exposing my bra which he pulled down and grabbed hold of my nipples and pulled gently on them making them sticking out and hard. Never before did my nipples give me any pleasure until now. He rolled me over and began slamming his hard cock into me as I wrapped my legs around his waist, then he shot his load deep inside my ass. I could feel the muscles of his hard cock forcing his sperm to go deep inside me ass.
‘Ok you fucking whore clean my cock’ he ordered. He slipped it out of my ass and moved it up to my face where I sucked and cleaned his cock. He then ordered me to lick his ass. It was smooth shaved as my tongue flickered over his hole. This excited him and he was once again hard and now made me suck on his balls that I could actually feel filling with sperm!
He had me stand and strip everything off but my panties and garter and stockings. He cupped my breasts and sucked on my nipples as my hands rested on his head as he was doing so, then he lifted my left leg and moved his hard cock under my balls and gently pushed into my hole once again. It felt great! ‘Wrap your arms around my neck’ he said to me and after I did as told he lifted my other legs up and put both legs over his elbows as his hard long cock sank even deeper into my ass. I could not control the depth he was about to explore as he began fucking me all over again. As he fucked me we moved to a wall and he pushed me against it still fucking me. He now held me against the wall by pushing the back of my knees up and his cock moved in and out of my holes, taking me to new heights in ecstasy. He leaned in and took my nipple into his mouth and sucked on it still teasing my ass as he continued to move in and out of it.
He let me down off the wall and moved me to the bed once again and picked up the phone. ‘Get over here now’ he said on the phone then hung up. He flipped me over and tied my hands together behind my back and moved me to the kitchen. I could see the ceiling fan had been removed and a bar was mounted where it use to be. He tied a rope to the bar and then to my hands pulling it tight so I bent over and my arms were hurting from being pulled so tight. He moved to my face and slapped it with his cock a few time until a knock came at the door. He left and I was in a little bit of pain from my shoulders. I could hear a few guys had arrived. They all walked into the kitchen. ‘She has a great ass’ masters brother said to the others who I could not see as they had entered the kitchen behind me. I could feel their hands touching my ass and then slapping it giving me a spank. I could see a shirt then some pants fall to the floor.
‘Think she can take this?’ one asked
‘That’s why I called you over to find out’ masters brother said. I could feel the cock on my back just above my ass. He slowly rubbed it over my crack, teasing my ass with the large cock.
‘You ready for this bitch?’ he stated and started to push the soft cock into my ass. My ass had a mind of its own and opened up to take in the large soft cock. It did not hurt but the sheer length of it went very deep and I felt it was pushing at my upper stomach and he continued to push it deeper. All the guys were in aw with the amount he was getting in to me. ‘Oh ya! She’s a fucking slut alright. Look at her take it and not even flinch’ finally I could feel his balls touch my thighs. He began slowly fucking my ass, using the full length of his cock. I could see he could not go fast just because of the length. As he fucked my ass another man pushed his cock into my willing mouth and started fucking my mouth. Without my hands I was unable to guild his cock down my throat, so he would make me gag every now and then. As they enjoyed themselves the guy who was in my ass pulled out and spewed his load all over my back, as I could feel his sperm running down my ass cheeks and wondering down my legs. This made the guy who I was giving a blow job too get over excited and he grabbed the back of my head and forced me to take his load in the back of my throat. He then pulled away and the two left. I could hear masters brother on the phone.
‘you have a great fuck here don’t loose her!’

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