Sue's 1st time

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Jim was over helping my hubby build a deck. I was in the kitchen cleaning and heard him talking to my hubby. Man Chuck I just don’t know what’s up with my wife Sue. She has been acting weird for the past 2 weeks.What do you mean Jim? She is more horny the normal. We fuck 2 or 3 times a day but there’s something missing. It like she not satisfied. I’ve tried talking to her but she says she fine.

I start thinking about what Jim is saying. I know she has too be satisfied with Jim cock because I’ve had it many of times and it huge and he knows how to fuck. I’m still thinking of Jim and Sue when my friend Jenna calls and I tell her about what I heard. Beth you remember 2 weeks ago when Sue walked into your bathroom when I was shaving your pussy for you and she was shocked and started to back up and you told her to come in and sit and chat with us. I think we turned her on.She keep watching and wiggling against the toilet seat. I could tell she was getting turned on. I keep catching her watching you all night long. I know you said Jim said she was straight but I think maybe she very curious. I hung up the phone and I went outside to see if the guys need anything.Beth could you run over to my house and get my saw .Here’s my keys Sue should be sleeping her flight didn’t get in till late last night.

I let myself in Jim and Sue’s house to get what I came for, As I get ready to leave and I hear Sue moaning.Oh my god………Sue’s having a affair was my first thought. I couldn’t believe she’d bring someone into the house with Jim just a couple miles away. I had to find out..I walk to the back of the house where I know there bedroom is. The moaning is turning me on….the door is half open and I peak inside….there lays Sue masturbating… she is fingering her pussy .and pinching her gorgeous nipples… breath catches and I just stand there and watch her….feeling myself get wetter…..I wait till she gets off and I move back…..I return to the kitchen.

I hear Sue coming out the bathroom and I yell to her…hey Sue Jim sent me over for the saw.She walks into the kitchen in her silk short robe.And we chat for a bit I can tell she nervous… I get ready to leave and I get a ideal………..

Hey Sue Jim said he had a extra straight razor blades I could have. Oh sure let me get it. She brings it back and says Chuck using these to shave with too. No I say I use them too shave my pussy.. I could see Sue blush..What kind do you use to shave your pussy Sue I ask. I don’t know how to shave it. I’ve never tried. Oh wow you don’t know what your missing . Why don’t you let me show you how to use it..a few minutes pass and she finally says yes..I tell her to go take a hott shower and I’d be in there in a few minutes.

I hear the watering running and I call Jim. Jim I think I know what’s Sue problem is! WHAT Jim ask. I think she bi curious. WHAT? I tell Jim what I think Beth I know it’s a lot to ask but can you help her explore. Can you wait for me to bring the saw? Take your time doll and I’ll owe you one…and I’ll make sure you pay too…….

The water shuts off and I give her a minute to dry off. I walk into the bedroom and Sue’s wrapped in a towel. I go in the bathroom and get Jim’s shaver and put the new blade in. I tell sue to lie on the bed with the towel under her. I put the warm shaving gel in my left hand. I walk over to Sue and spread the warm gel and her pubic hair and gently rub her pussy. I go wash my hand and get a bowel of hott water. Sue you want me to completely shave you or do you want a landing strip..what ever you think… about a landing strip them. You’ll have a nice red strip…..I can tell Sues nervous I tell her to relax….I start shaving her I can feel her watching finger rubs up against her puffy lips…..her breath catches as her nipples harden…I tell her spread her legs a little more……..a few more strokes and I’m done…I get a warm wash rag and start to clean Sue up. My finger slips between Sue pussy and she closes her eyes. I ask her if she wants me to stop.She shakes her head no….you have to look at me and tell me…..Sue opens her eyes and says please. please what I say……I don’t know………I slip 2 fingers in her she is soooo wet… like this..yes…….tell me what you want…..she leans up and tells me to kiss her…..I slip another finger in her as I thrust my tongue deep in her throat fucking her mouth as I finger fuck her pussy……I can feel her tighten around my fingers as I thrust them in faster and deeper as I kiss her sweet mouth. She explodes in my hand her juices gushing out….

I’m sorry I don’t know came over me Beth….don’t be I enjoyed it. I go wash my hands and bring another washrag to clean Sue up.When I get back Sue starts telling me about the feelings she has been having since she walked in on me and Jenna. And she afraid of what Jim will think. I tell her everything will be fine and she needs it tells Jim about her feelings. I will tonight she says.

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