Surprises part 2

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Part 2:
A couple of weeks later, remembering that night you and I had with Ronnie made me horny again.. and the more I thought about it the more I wanted something similar to happen again. I called Veronica and planned a trip to the beach, I didn’t mention anything about sex or what had happened that other night, nor did she. She asked me if she could bring along a friend and I said it was fine. A little disappointed though, as I thought this meant that sex was definitely out of the question. Boy was I wrong.. When we had the day all planned I called you and told you about our day trip idea and you thought it was great, which was good as you had to play taxi for us :P
This time we met Veronica at her place, she lives in Beenleigh so we decided to just head to the GoldCoast for the day. When I knocked on her front door she answered, and behind her was her friend. I found out then that her name was Rachel. She was gorgeous, not super model gorgeous because that would be intimidating .. but gorgeous enough to make both you and I stare for a second. Ronnie saw our reactions and laughed. They were both already wearing their bikini over long shirts and looked ready to hit the beach when Ronnie suggested that we just chill at her place as her parents were away for the weekend and she didn’t have any siblings that lived at home. She has a pool outside and a spa inside the house. We thought that was a great idea, meant we didn’t have to drive any further and, as it turned out, the extra privacy was well needed.
Stripping down to just our bikinis, us girls dived into the pool. The cool water washed over me and made my skin extra sensitive. You stood there for a second, grabbed our towels and put them far enough away from the pool to not get wet, then took your shirt off and dived in with us. We were having fun just laughing and splashing water at each other, Rachael was really nice and fun too.. a lot like Ronnie. After an hour or so we started to get hungry, so we hopped out of the pool and went inside to grab some snacks. On the way in Ronnie went first, then you and then me, then Rach. While walking inside Rach grabbed my butt and squeezed it slightly, similar to what you do to me all the time. Needless to say I was really surprised, I paused for a second and she leant closer to me and whispered that she knew all about what happened with us and Ronnie the other week and that it turned her on. I started to get excited.
We walked ahead and found the two of you already in the kitchen getting the snacks and drinks out. We were starving. After eating we figured we would go for the spa before hitting the pool again, to let our stomachs settle. The spa room was huge, it had a large plasma in there, a huge glass encased shower which was big enough for at least 5 people, and then the spa which would comfortably fit at least 10. I had never been to Ronnie’s house before so my jaw dropped when I saw this. We flicked the tv on and went to scout for a dvd to put on. We found some porn in one of the cupboards and as a joke, picked one of those and put that on. It was one with 1 guy and 3 girls, coincidence?? I have a feeling Ronnie had planned this with Rach before you and I got there..
After settling down into the spa watching this porno I could tell that you were getting turned on by the situation .. your huge cock was showing quite a bulge in your board shorts. I giggled to myself and sat myself on your lap, making sure you knew I knew ;) I looked over to the Ronnie and Rach to find that they were taking each other’s bikini tops off and taking turn sucking each other’s breasts in between making out with each other. It was hot, I was really turned on by now. Rach told me to get naked, it was a spa and we should have some fun. I did as I was told, and asked what you were supposed to do. Both Ronnie and Rach, at the same time said you had to watch for a bit before you could have your go. I laughed, looked at you and could see how badly you wanted to have some fun too.. but you know how much I like to tease ;)
Us girls got up, walked to the glass encased shower and got in. We were all completely naked. Ronnie turned on the shower which shot out water from the top of the shower so the only way to avoid the water was to stand in the corners. We stood in the shower, Rach came over to me and began making out with me, she didn’t waste any time using tongue either. I didn’t mind, I was loving this. My eyes were closed so I didn’t realize what was about to happen until it did, Ronnie had kneeled down in beneath me and started licking my clit. Fuck was I horny now. I reached down and began playing with Rachael’s pussy, feeling her warm, moist cunt. I slowly pushed one finger in, and then two.. pulling them in and out I finger fucked her while she made out with me, while Ronnie was still licking me out and finger fucking me. Both Rach and I were moaning really loud by this time, getting closer and closer to cumming.
I glanced over at you to see you playing with yourself, looking really excited wanting to join in. I mentioned that it was about time you got some attention yourself. We told you to come on in, the moment you did I knelt down and started sucking you, Rach then got below me and started licking me while Ronnie was making out with you and I was playing with her pussy. You were loving this, so was I and from the sounds the other two girls were making they were enjoying themselves quite a bit too.
All of a sudden Ronnie walked out of the door, Rach didn’t seem fazed by it, I think she knew what she was up to. I didn’t care, I just kept on sucking you hard while using my hands. She walked back in with a medium sized bag, Rach squealed in delight.. I had a feeling I was going to like what was to come next. Ronnie pulled out a double ended dildo which she then brought into the shower, inserted on end in herself and the other in Rach’s pussy. While Rach was still licking me and me sucking you, Ronnie began fucking herself and Rach with this dildo. I giggled and asked Ronnie what else she had in the bag. She told me to go check it out myself.. so, I did just that. You couldn’t wait for me to come back to please him more so you began licking Rach’s clit with your tongue, while rubbing Ronni’s with your hand. I quite enjoyed seeing the three of you having fun.
I found a waterproof vibrator in the bag, along with some other things I’ll get to later. I took the vibrator, which was very similar to my old blue one and I brought it in with me. I know from previous conversations with Ronnie that she sometimes likes anal .. I whispered to her would she like some now. She just nodded profusely. I then went behind her, I didn’t have to worry about the vibrator being wet enough to slip in, the shower was doing that all for me. I put it in place and slowly pushed it into her ass. She cried out in pleasure, telling me to push it in further. I said I wanted some fun too, and told you to come over here and fucking me while I was fucking her. You came over to me and started fucking me doggy style while I was ass fucking Ronnie, while she was double dildoing Rach.
Rachael said she wanted something in her ass too, I turned to you and asked if you wanted to do it. You were slightly hesitant but seeing Rach’s firm, tight ass in the air you couldn’t say no for long. Rach and Ronnie stopped fucking, Ronnie walked to the bag again and got out a strap on, put it on and then walked back to me. She asked me if I would like her to fuck me. I wasn’t about to say no! I lay down in the shower, water flowing all over my body and face, told Rach to get her pussy over my mouth while you were fucking her ass while Ronnie slipped the dildo she was wearing into my pussy. It started vibrating and I was getting more and more turned on by it all. Licking Rachael’s pussy while you were fucking her was so good, and damn was Ronnie good at using that strap on. I learned later that Rach and Ronnie had a lot of experience with it ;)
After a bit I told you to stop fucking Rach.. I wanted Ronnie to fuck her with the strap on instead. You washed your cock in the water to make sure it was completely clean before diving your cock into my hot, tight waiting pussy. I gasped with how good you felt.. The strap on doesn’t even come close to how good you feel inside me. As you were fucking my hard and deep, Ronnie lay down on the floor where I was, Rach got on top of her and started bouncing up and down enjoying the strap on. I started licking Ronnie while you were inside me, sliding your huge cock in and out of my pussy.
Rach got off Ronnie to go back to the bag and she pulled out small anal beads, they both learned earlier that I don’t really like anal but Rach asked me if I would like to try those. They were small and didn’t hurt, and would feel amazing as you were fucking me. I agreed to it, fuck I was too horny to care anyway. She slipped one ball in, then another.. and she was right, it felt great! I came quickly, again and again while you were fucking me.
You were close to cumming, and I was okay with that.. Ronnie and Rach had finished, they were both done and were busy either licking my clit, making out with me and/or you, or using the vibrator on my clit. As I was close to cumming too, Rach pulled the anal beads out of me slowly, it felt great and I came really hard. You wanted to lick me while I was cumming so you stopped fucking me, laid me down quickly and dove your head into my pussy, licking and sucking my hot, sticky cum from my cunt. You hadn’t cum yet so we did 69, I sucked you until you came as well. As you did I didn’t stop sucking, I licked it all up. We were exhausted again, but we had so much fun. We cleaned ourselves off and were hungry again so we ate some more snacks. Then we hit the pool, not bothering to wait for our stomachs to settle. The rest of the day we spent making out, sometimes playing a bit with each other while swimming or watching movies. Ronnie offered for us to stay the night, maybe there will be more fun later??

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