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Part 1:
I hadn’t seen Veronica for quite some time, so we were talking and decided that it was a great idea to have a sleepover. You didn’t know about it just yet.. She got to my place at 4pm on Friday and we just hung out and caught up, it was a lot of fun. I had completely forgotten that I had organized with you to stay over that night to, so at 6pm I was surprised to see you walk into my room. That’s when you found out that Ronnie was staying the night too. I asked you if you minded going and getting us some drinks if you were going to be staying too we could make a mini party out of it. You were a little annoyed but decided to anyway.
During the time you were gone, which was only about 20 minutes Ronnie and I talked about some things. We had a plan ;)
Not long after you got back we started drinking. Soon enough we were all well on our way to being tipsy. We had a few movies on but weren’t really watching them at all. I slid over to you and sat backwards on your lap so I was facing you, then I started making out with you.. I was a little horny. Ronnie just laughed at us and said it wasn’t fair that she was being left out. I stopped kissing you and told her fine, come on over. This was our plan all along ;P
Didn’t take long for you to guess what was happening.. I was still sitting on you, grinding my pussy in your lap causing your cock to become hard, all the while I was making out with Ronnie. You were wearing your rippy shirt, so I quickly undid that and soon enough it was on the floor. I stopped kissing Ronnie for a bit and said that maybe we should get changed. We got off the bed (where we were drinking, talking and watching the movies) and went into the other little room. When we came out you were still in your jeans, but I was wearing my pink and black cat costume, while Ronnie was wearing my vampiress one, in each of our hands we help the bondage rope.
We walked over to you, ordered you to undress completely or you would be in trouble. You jokingly complained a bit but did what we asked. We then proceeded to tie your hands above your head, attached to the bed posts. Ronnie and I then climbed on top of you, began making out with each other while both of our hands roamed your naked body, playing with your cock making you harder and harder. We were all really turned on.
Still making out with Ronnie I positioned my pussy just above your big, hard cock, then with one quick movement, slid down until you filled me up completely. I heard you gasp, just as I did with how good it felt. I whispered something in Veronica’s ear to which she responded with a giggle and a nod. She moved until her pussy was positioned over your mouth and ordered you lick her until she came. You did that, as I was fucking your cock with my tight, wet pussy you were licking Ronnie’s sweet cunt, she bent down, moaning with how good you are at it and started licking the base of your cock and my clit, changing between the two. It felt so amazing.
Ronnie and I both came really quickly, moaning with pleasure. I got off your cock while Ronnie moved too, she placed her mouth over your cock and began sucking it hard and deep, I wanted to taste Ronnie, but wanted you first so I kissed you deeply, making out with you while your breathing quickened as she brought you closer to orgasm. Neither of us wanted you to cum yet, so she stopped. We figured we would give you a bit of a break, so both Ronnie and I moved to the end of the bed, positioned ourselves in 69 and started licking and finger fucking each other. We were both so turned on and horny that it didn’t take long for us to cum again and again.
I could tell you wanted to join in again, so I untied your hands and then I moved back to being on top of Ronnie in the 69 position, while you moved in behind me and fucked my doggy style was Ronnie was still licking me and I was licking her. It felt so good!
I told you both to stop for a moment, and then I thought for a few seconds… I moved, told Ronnie to stay where she was, I then got behind you and pushed you closer to her. I wanted to see you fuck Ronnie for a few minutes. You didn’t ask any questions, you just did it. I got my vibrator quickly, moved until my pussy was over Ronnie’s mouth and ordered her to lick me while you were fucking her and started using my vibrator on my clit. I was really horny, watching you fuck while I was getting licked and the vibrator on my pussy was getting me really hot.
I wanted you to lick me though, so you both stopped fucking and you moved over to me, we were in the 69 position. I was sucking you hard, making you moan so deep while you were licking me. Ronnie positioned herself in front of me and as I still had the vibrator I started fucking her with it while sucking you, while you were licking me. We were all getting really close to cumming again.
I wanted you to cum while fucking me so I stopped sucking you, but made you lick me for a few minutes more. I love the feeling of your tongue, lips, mouth over my pussy getting me closer and closer to orgasm. When I was really close I stopped you, told you to get on your back and I hopped on top of you again. Ronnie told me that she would happily finish herself off while she watched us fuck. Ronnie and I made out while I was fucking you hard, getting you closer and closer, playing with my own clit to get me to orgasm too. Ronnie had my vibrator and was using that on herself while this was going on. After 5 minutes or so I heard you groan and I knew you were about to cum so I played with my clit faster and harder so I could come at the same time. In a few seconds we all came together, including Ronnie. I leant over and licked her juices up, while I got off you and she licked off your cum that was seeping out of my wet pussy, mixed with my own cum. We then kissed each other and then both kissed you.
Laughing and exhausted we laid down on the bed, the movie was just finishing and the credits were rolling. We fell asleep, all cuddling with each other. I think we will plan another night similar to this again sometime ;)

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