Sweet Seduction Part 1

Angie was never much of a drinker, therefore the six glasses of champagne she had on this particular night were much more than she could handle. Her demeanor was becoming very loose and flirtatious. She was stumbling around, giggling almost uncontrollably and chatting with anyone who would stand still long enough. The straps on her dress were constantly falling off her shoulders, though she seemed not to mind. For that matter neither did most of the guys at the party. If it wasn’t for her friend Debbie constantly pulling them up for her she’d probably have been naked by this time, and probably in a lot of trouble judging from the stares of some of the men in the room.

Finally Debbie decided that enough was enough. She was going to have to get Angie home to her husband where she could sleep this off. By now Angie was in no shape to argue with her or to put of much of a fight. So without much trouble Debbie was able to get her to her car and pour her in. One thing was for certain, that even in the state Angie was in she was still a very sexy woman.

Angie was a tall, thin brunette, who was blessed with amazing tits and a wonderful ass. Debbie had always been jealous of her natural good looks, and most especially her large firm breasts. Debbie’s own breasts were much smaller, only a B cup. While they were still nice and firm they just didn’t seem as lovely as her friends. Debbie also unlike Angie is rather short, and very thin. She has long red hair and bright green eyes. Not unattractive by any means. Just not as voluptuous as her friend.

Now driving home with Angie passed out drunk in the seat next to her, she couldn’t help but to glance over to where she had a perfect view of her drunken friends 36D breasts now pounding up from her sinking dress. “Damn Bill is a lucky man,” she thought to herself. Her dress had also rode up her legs exposing her nicely shaped, tanned legs all the way up to her panties. Her pretty little pink panties.

“Oh my”, Debbie sighed to herself. She was getting very hot, and realized that her breathing was becoming heavy. She had always found Angie to be very attractive, but she had never been with a woman before. She secretly had always wondered what it would be like and would often fantasize to herself, but never before had she any real urge to make her fantasy’s a reality. But, now with her sexy friend in the seat next to her passed out and still looking so wonderfully inviting she could hardly control the urge to pull the car off the side of the road and take full advantage of her friend in her drunken state.

She continued to drive, but she now hiked up her own short skirt and began to massage her now swollen clit. By the time she pulled into her friends driveway she had given herself two orgasms, but they only seemed to intensify her needs. She parked the car in the driveway and shut it off. It appeared as if Angie’s husband Bill had already gone to bed for the night as there were no lights on inside. She gazed out the window trying to decide if she should go and try to wake Bill to help get his drunk wife into the house, or if she should try and get her into the house on her own.

However, just then she felt a hand on her leg. She looked over at her friend who was now looking up at her, while she gently caressed her leg. “Your nipples are all hard Deb, and you look quite flushed, what have you been thinking about?”, Angie giggled. “N-nothing”, Debbie stammered back. “You weren’t thinking about me now were you? You find me sexy don’t you Deb? You want to fuck me don’t you.” “No, no of course not that’s just silly,” was Debbie’s reply.

Just then Angie’s hand slid up under her friends skirt. “Now Debbie your all wet, very wet, did you make yourself cum while you drove us home?” “Of course not, don’t be silly,” Debbie was by now quite embarrassed, and turning a deep shade of red. “Aw come on now Deb you don’t have to be embarrassed, your just acting on your desires. There’s nothing wrong with that now is there?” Before Debbie had a chance to respond she felt her friends long fingers slide inside of her hot wet pussy. She trembled in disbelief as Angie began slowly fingering her wanting cunt. After a few seconds a sigh of pleasure escaped her as she slid down in her seat and began to give in to the pleasures.

Angie now moved in very close to her until they were face to face. She paused to look into her friends eyes long enough to feel the passion between them burning deep. With two of her fingers still buried deep inside her best friends hot cunt she closed in and pressed her lips against her friends. The kiss that followed was one she would never forget.

Feeling Angie’s lips against her own seemed to wake Debbie from her trance like state. She felt her desires boil over and could no longer control her lust for her best friend. She wrapped her arms around Angie and began to kiss her soft lips with a passion she had never know before in her life. Angie’s lips were so full and so very soft, it was wonderful. Nothing like kissing a man, something which she enjoyed very much. Never would she have imagined that kissing a woman could be so much more. The excitement was almost overwhelming, as was the desire to devour her friend whole.

She continued to pull Angie ever closer to herself, as their tongues and lips intertwined. At the same time Angie was fingering her pussy with growing urgency. She began to gyrate her hips, as she could feel her climax build. Her breathing became very heavy, to the point where she could barely catch a breath, in between the moans of pleasure that were now beyond her control. She began to tremble uncontrollably as her body was rocked with the most intense orgasm of her life. For what seemed like an eternity it ravaged her, leaving her in a state of bliss.

Angie pulled her dripping fingers from her friends hot pussy and slowly licked them clean, savoring the sweet taste of her best friend. “Mmmmmm that is so wonderful, would you like a taste of your sweet juices baby?” Debbie still trying to catch her breath looked at her friend and nodded her head, yes. Angie placed one of her fingers out for her as Debbie wrapped her lips around it. “oh baby, that makes me so hot, do you like the taste of your pussy on my finger?”, “Oh yes,” Debbie managed to pant.

“I want to taste more of you sweetie. I want to eat your sweet pussy until you explode in my mouth. Would you like that?” A groan of pleasure escaped Debbie as she whispered, “Yes, yes baby eat my pussy.” She spun herself around in the seat and leaned against the door, spreading her legs open as an invitation to her friend. Angie leaned forward and kissed her softly on the lips. “I want to suck on your little tits first baby.” Debbie let out a sigh of pleasure, but was too hot to speak her approval out loud.

Angie pulled Debbie’s shirt off and quickly undid her black satin bra exposing a small, yet very perky set of tits. Leaning forward she began to suck on the little breasts, pausing to give attention to each erect nipple. Debbie writhed and moaned beneath her as the passion overwhelmed her. Slowly Angie began to kiss her way down her tight little belly, pausing for a moment to kiss her cute little belly button. She took her time kissing and licking just above the line of her panties, until she felt that her friend could stand the prolonging no more. She gently removed her panties and began kissing down the inside of her thigh until she reached the sweet little mound.

Debbie was clean shaven and Angie couldn’t help but admire how sweet her little slit looked. She just loved how small and dainty everything about her friend was. She took in the sweet aroma of her friends wetness and slowly spread her lips apart. She began to kiss and lick her pussy, slowly at first enjoying the taste and the soft feel against her lips and tongue. Soon she reached her little clit with her
tongue and began to massage it slowly.

As Debbie
‘s moans grew in intensity so did her friends attentions to her pussy and clit. Angie seemed to know exactly what to do and when. It was like she was perfectly in tune with her. The world around her was temporarily forgotten, the only thing on her mind at this moment was the wonderful feeling she had through her whole body, and the wonderful things her sexy friend was doing to her between her legs. Her orgasm boiled up within her almost taking her by surprise. She was shaking and writing, her body was on fire. Angie buried her tongue deep inside her pussy at the moment she felt her begin to climax, she did not want to miss a drop of her friends hot, sweet cum.

“Oh Debbie sweetie, that tasted so wonderful.”, Angie cooed to her now exhausted friend. “Oh Angie, I never imagined I could orgasm like that.”, Debbie replied in a weak voice. “I’m glad you liked it baby, I hope that we can do it again very soon.”

“Oh yes, I want that badly. I want to be able to pleasure you like you’ve done for me as well.”
“Yes baby I would like that, in fact I have an idea… Something I think you’d find very hot.”, she said with a devilish grin.
“Mmm I’m intrigued,” Debbie replied
“Well You’ve told me that you’ve always found my husband Bill attractive right?”
“Yes… I have,” Debbie said with a bit of reluctance. Only beginning to understand what her friend might be suggesting.

…To be continued

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