Swingers Surprise

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My wife Lyndsey and I had often discussed swinging and had a night planned with two Friends Jack and Kiera. I fancied Kiera like mad and cound not wait to fuck her.

We arrived and Kiera got us all drinks, we all sat around onthe couches. Kiera sat next to Lyndsey and I sat with Jack. The reason for this soon became clear as Kiera began to stroke Lyndseys legs and removed her shoes. She continued to massage and kiss Lyndseys sheer pantyhosed feet. “Get aquainted” she said to Jack and myself.

Jack then started to touch my bulge and smiled and said “The girls turning you on donald?” I said “Yes, I love legs and feet” Jack stroked my cock through my pants for a while and then undid my belt and fly and freed my erect cock. Jack knelt between my knees and took my hard cock into his mouth. I had never had a blow job fom guy before and had no complaints and Jack tongued and bobbed on my cock.

I said “You too” and freed his cock too. We assumed a ’69’position and began to suck each others hard cocks. I wasn’t sure about being bi-sexual before but I now knew as as wanted Jack’s cum in my mouth. Jack and I both started to come together, Jack’s cock spurting wads of his hot cum into my mouth. As I shot my load into jack’s mouth too. Jast to taste jacks cumb as I reached a climax was so wonderful.

As we came Kiera took my cock into her mouth too and swallowed my cum. She licked and cleaned the cum from my cock. As I could see Lyndsey cleaning Jack’s Cock too.

After this we all had a meal and returned home. But I’m sure I’ll get to fuck Kiera soon.

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  1. MasterHank

    You hope to fuck Kiera but I have a feeling that she and Lyndsey plan to watch you fuck Jack. Ormaybe their plan is to watch Jack fuck you.

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