Teasing Their girl

“Lay down across the bed girl,”

“On my back or tummy, Mr?”

*Mistress approaces from behind and slides her hands across her shoulders whispering*

“On your back sweet desiree. We want it so your pussy and your head hang off the bed sweetie.”

“Yes, Mistress, anything for You and Mr.”

*girl scoots lentghwise across the bed on her back just as Mistress has instructed.*

*Mistress runs Her fingers though desiree’s hair*

“That’s My sweet desiree. You make Us proud.”

“Thank You Mistress.”

*Mr. slides between His girl and strokes her thighs to her soft mound*

“girl, you just shaved today. Very nice. Master is very happy with this sweet pink pussy.”

*He begins tapping on her clit as it moistens*

“Very nice girl. You are so wet.”

“i am, Mr. For You and Mistress.”

*girl begins to wiggle under His touch.*

“We haven’t even done anything to you yet and you are ready?”

*He asks surprised*

*whimpering she moves a bit*

“Yes, Mr.”

*Mistress bends down to whisper in her ear*

“sweet desiree, stop moving or We won’t allow you the pleasure of cumming tonight.”

“Oh, Mistress why would You do that?”

“Because you have been pushing your Master and He doesn’t like that. We want to be proud of you.”

*suddenly she stops moving about.*

“Yes, Mistress, i will make You Both proud.”

“Good girl.”

*Master says firmly as he slides His cock to her clit teasing it.*

*moaning softly girl leans her head back further off the bed. Mistress steps over her placing Her own sweet pussy over girl’s awaiting mouth.*

“Mistress, may i have the pleasure of tasting You?”

*Mistress looks up to Mr while playing with her
sweet’s hair*

“Has she been a good girl?”

“We can grant her a reprive so she may please You, my dear.”

*He says as He strokes Mistress’ cheek*

*Mistress glides Her hand over desiree’s breasts as the nipples grow hard.*

“sweet desiree, you may have permission to taste your Mistress.”

“oh, thank You Mistress.”

*leaning up just a bit, desiree slides her tongue out slightly to touch Mistress’ opening. Then along the sides of the labia. Upon doing this desiree hears her Mistress moan*

*slipping her tongue into Mistress’ pussy, she felt Mistress shudder above her.*

*Mr, now unable to help Himself upon watching his girl be so good in pleasing Mistress slides His cock into girl, but only the head.*

“Oh, Mr. please may i have more?”

“girl, you should be paying attention to your tonugue on Mistress’ pussy, not the cock in yours.”

*He says as He pulled it out of the girl as she

“yes Mr., but why have You pulled it out of girl?”

“sweet desiree, don’t question Master or you won’t get anything from Him tonight. We will leave you laying on this bed dripping wet longing for Us all night until We feel you deserve Us.”

*biting her lower lip, desiree stops talking and looks up to see the beautiful bud of her Mistress.*

“yes Mistress. i understand.”

*Taking a long stroke of her tongue across her
Mistress box, girl felt Mistress’s hand stroke her
breasts again, tweaking her nipples till they became ever so hard.*

*Mr slides the tip of His cock to girl’s lips again.
Moving it back and forth to hear her stifled little
whimpers coming from Mistress’ box.*

“Oh, yes, that’s it my sweet. You are doing so

*Moans Mistress as desiree glided her tongue deep into Mistress curling it up so she could flick Mistress’ spot to make Her cum. Just then Mistress began to quiver and cum glided into desiree’s face. girl covered Mistress’ mound and began sucking on Mistress’ clit to get it all out.*

“We have a surprise for you, girl. Come out here, sarah.”

*crawling in from the other room was desiree’s sis sarah.*

“Crawl on up here sarah and lay on your sis.”

*sarah climbs up on girl and lays on her to kiss her. girl feels Mr pull His cock out and hears sarah moan softly. Knowing full well now that He has given it to her, she kisses her sis again.*

“Isn’t He wonderful, sis?”

“Oh, sis, yes He is.”

“sarah, you didn’t give your Mistress a kiss hello.”

*sarah looks up to see her Mistress’ pussy and licks it.*

“Hello Mistress.”

“Hello, sarah. Now we want to make sure you
understand that desiree is not cumming tonight. Not right away.”

*sarah giggles at girl, bites her neck and whispers in her ear*

“sis, i am going to have fun with you tonight.”

*Mr removes His cock from Sarah and slips it into girl with long slow strokes. Sarah climbs off of her to begin licking her pussy and Mr’s cock at the same time. Mistress begins to lovingly suckle on desiree’s nipples.*

*as they are doing this for hours girl begs
relentlesly to cum. Each time Mr and Mistress both say NO. Finally girl arches her back as she is about to cum and not tell them. Mr notices this and pulls out quickly and slaps her mound causing girl to squeal*

“Girl, you were about to cum and weren’t even going to ask. Weren’t you? ”

*girl casts her eyes downward and she doesn’t answer.*

*Mistress looks down to her and pulls her hair.*

“Your charms may get past your Master, but they won’t get past me, desiree. There is no cumming tonight. You are to stay here in your room like a bad girl and wait for us to return. Is that understood?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

*As desiree whimpers T/they all leave her there laying on the bed naked, whimpering and wet needing so badly to release her orgasm.*

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  1. SenSuousBob

    Mmmmm. I love that part of her laying across the bed, and having to slowly be fed her Mistress’s pussy, to lap and eat. That is soooo hot! Thank you for the great writing to evoke such mental feelings.

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