The Apprentice Window Cleaner – gets a real treat.

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The Apprentice Window Cleaner – gets a real treat.


Beth is a very horny sexy young woman who lives next door, you will find out more about how We all get to know her in my next tale.

Frank is our window cleaner, he and his wife Angela (Angel) are friends from the Naturists club and swingers, she own and works in our local café. Frank is what he calls an accidental Voyeur this is a perk of his job he says.

Paul is Frank’s new Apprentice; this is his first day on the job. Franks starting him off easy today this is one of his smallest rounds he has in this area, just 4 or 5 good customers, all good friend of ours and Franks, Friends from the Naturist Club and Swingers.

What a treat he’s in for today on his first day of work getting to know some of their more select little group of customers.

One customer of these 5 customers is Paul’s Parents – George and Sally (If you have been following my other tales you will have met these Briefly already).


Its early morning a warm humid day; I’m in the bedroom with my wife we are both naked, I’m standing at the bottom of the bed Admiring her beautiful body laid on the bed in front of me, having just had sex we were both sweaty and sticky with our love juices “fancy a shower to freshen up babe’s” I ask “Yes why not?” she answers.


We hear a clatter of what sounds like a metal ladder being placed up against the wall and then a minute or so after the doorbell rings. “I think its Frank” says June “Be a love go fill his bucket for him and tell him to come in for a coffee and get his wages when he’s finish as usual”.

“Ok Babe”   “go run the shower I’ll join you in a couple of minutes”


Thinking it was just Frank at the door I never bothered covering up, before pressing the button to open the door and let him in I check the viewing screen on the doorbell he is not , “Hi Frank” I say “Come on in I’ll be in the kitchen, who’s your friend”

“Ok mate” he replies “I have a young friend with my 18yr old apprentice – Paul – is it ok if I bring him in with me? He asks, “as long as he’s not shy I’m in the buff June and I was about to have a shower”.

They meet me in the kitchen, I fill both there buckets with hot water and hand them over to Paul “He’s definitely not shy is he? In fact just the opposite” I say looking at the bulge in Pauls pants.

Frank laughs “Umm He’s not is he, his first day on the job and I caught the randy little bugger hand cracking one off at our First customer – he was watching her exercise naked, through the window that he was supposed to be cleaning!!  It was Beth Next Door by the way – now that was a treat he was not expecting”

“Omg she has such a great body with such Perfect tits and sweeeetest of pussies, Umm! it tastes so sweet as well !!

“Don’t Blush kiddo” I say “she has the same effect on me also, Umm that sweet body is enough to get any man cracking one off  in his pants”  “So he’s accidental Voyeur like you is he I see you are teaching him well” I laugh.

Frank replies “a perk of the job ha-ha,  just one perk of the Job”, “just like all the tips we get from all those horny customers especially around Xmas”;  “I haven’t ’t told you about the tips yet have I Boy? ”, “OH Yes watch out for this horny little devil he’ll have you and your wife given a chance he’s bisexual and by the looks of that bulge I think he’s taken quiet a fancy to that cock of yours, look he’s getting bigger ”; he winks at Paul  “You’ll be ok! Here kiddo Everyone who live here are good tippers Hahaha”.

“Frank you dirty bugger you’re embarrassing him, you 2 better get on with doing the windows, I have my dear wife waiting for me in the shower she’ll be done without me If I stand here gassing any longer” I laugh and wink at Frank nodding towards Paul as I do so. “June says to come in for a coffee when you’ve done and I give you your wages, I hope it’s not costing anymore now there are 2 of you” I laugh.

Frank takes the hint – “Ok mate! – No but the tip has just doubled Ha-ha” then looking at Paul says “come on you horny fucker, you can do the back I’ll do the front” (just so you know our bathroom is at the back of the house). “Tips doubled – Umm maybe at Xmas” I laugh.

I quickly joined June in the bedroom “what took you so long? I was going to shower without you if you had taken any longer” she said.

I explain to about Paul “umm been jacking off to Beth exercising naked has he?”, “You go have a shower babes – I’m going to make a quick phone call – that young man is in for a real treat”.


It seems she was phoning Beth, by the time I’ve finished in the shower she is sat on the bed next to June both were naked, both were smiling as they enter the bathroom; Beth gives my semi hard cock a quick squeeze as she brushes past me, I instantly get a full erection “Hello big boy – I see you are glad to see me” “always glad to see you honey especially naked Ha-ha!” I see June open the slats on the blind in the bathroom Umm that should give him a good view she says

“Let us know when the new boy gets his ladder up sweetie Beth and me are just going to get ready”

I hear Paul place his ladder up to the bathroom window; I sneak a peek out of the bedroom window “He’s just finishing off a smoke girls so get ready”, the doorbell rings I rush down stairs checking the viewer – its Frank “hurry up in we are all upstairs meet us up there your new apprentice is about to get a really good treat”

“What’s going on?” Frank asked as he joins me in the bedroom.

Your apprentice is about to clean the bathroom window, Beth has just popped over she and June are in the shower together – this should be fun”

I’ll I never did replace the frosted glass in that window you broke – I just put plain in it was cheaper anyway who was going to see us through that window”

“Just a horny window cleaner on his ladder getting an eyeful of the ladies of the house getting fuck by her husbands” Frank laughed

“Oh yes – good job we’re not shy about showing our bodies off in this house hold then isn’t it”  “And by the way you never did pay me for the replacement”  “knock it off the Bill” Frank laughed.


Frank and I are stood by the bedroom window, Frank opens it and leans out – “Hurry up lad” he shouts out to Paul “There’s a coffee waiting inside for you when you’ve done”.

“Just this one Boss and the one you are leaning out of” He replies “good lad” frank shuts the window and we stand back slightly dropping the open blind so he can’t see us watching him and also to see what the girls are doing.


The girls are all soaped up, Paul’s up his ladder he gets out his leather; his jaw drops, with wide open mouth he slowly cleans the window very slowly in fact, when he’s done he drops down the ladder a couple of steps then stops. The girls are in full swing now playing with each other’s tits, fingering fucking and licking each other’s pussy and making enough noise to wake the dead as they cum over and over again, OMG it’s so horny both Frank and myself have dicks in hand and cranking one off as we watch.

I’m not sure if they hear him as the girls are both really busy together – Frank and I sneak a look at Paul – “He’s got his cock in his hand jacking off, he going at it like man possessed”  Frank laughs as he tell the girls what’s happening .

“I think He’s just shot his load he nearly fell off the ladder” he said to me; Laughing again he says “That’s how your window got broke by the way I nearly fell of the ladder while watching You, June, Jane and Steve going at it that day I nearly fell of my ladder peeking through that tiny gap you’d only left open”.

“Bloody Hell Look at the size of the Meat on that horny young fucker” I say sneaking another quick look before we both turn back to the girls and then starts pounding own tool twice as hard and fast  and we both shoot our loads.


The girls have finished and are coming out of the bathroom.

June come over to me and says “Your turn now lover”  “Beth’s take Frank down stairs to make the coffee”  “Ok sweetie I’ll give him his tip while I’m at it because he missed out when I paid him he was in such a rush which is not like him” she laughs “Come on You – I’m really Thirsty and I don’t just want that Coffee – that’s for after your tip.

Paul is now doing the last of the windows our bedroom; he’s watching June and I she is now dressed in a thong and very sexy matching see through bra, she is on her knees facing the window I’m standing in front of her getting one of best ever blow jobs she’s ever given me.

She quickly finishes me off taking all my cum in her mouth, she then stands – walks over to the window with my cum running down her chin – she pulls up the blind – opens the window wiping the last bit of cum off her chin and sucking it off her fingers as she does so – then speaking to Paul says “If you hurry up and finish then come inside you can have that coffee maybe there might be a tip waiting for you too”.

Well that last window was done in a flash the ladder removed and taken to the van it was not too long before Paul was in the kitchen drinking his coffee, “Well young man” says June “You better come over here and sit between Beth and I and get those pants undone so we can check out that Monster Cock the boys have been telling me all about”

Paul does as he is told he sit on the middle of 3 tall stool between Beth and June having undone his pants before he sat down, both girls sit admiring the bulge in his boxer shorts.

Beth put her hand on his bulge rubbing it up and down following the shape up and down its complete length. ”Wow it definitely does feel like a monster let’s see shall we”, she slips her hand into the waist band of his boxer pulling them down over his rampant weapon, Beth puts one hand under his ball sack lifting them up over the waist band. Both girls turn on their stool then lower their head so as to get a really good look, then together they put their lips to the boys ball sack and start licking and sucking each taking one ball completely into their mouth, his large 10” cock give a twitch –“Umm looks like he’s about ready to Cum dear” June says to Beth.

“You first sweetie it was your window he cleaned Ha-ha” Beth smiles, June licks her way up the full 10” right to the tip pulls back his foreskin, licks around the head so as to taste the pre-cum from it then takes a good 5” into her mouth, massaging his cock with her lips her head bobs up and down a couple of times she now has the full 10” engulfed by her mouth.

As June pulls back her head you could see the veins of Pauls cock grow thicker as the blood rushes through them, his cock starts to quiver and by the look on Junes face he shoots his load, a slight slurping noise and June swallow the first mouth full then a second. Lifting her head from his cock she turn to Beth and say all yours dear, by the feel of that sack I think there should be plenty left, Beth quickly Replaces Junes mouth with hers just in time to get the third and fourth mouth full. Sucking the last few drops from the now softening member she stands facing June and with open mouth showing she still had come inside she Kisses her they share the last offering from this you lad who was sat on the stool looking so satisfied and physical wasted by the whole ordeal.


We all sat around finishing our coffees and chatting as Paul came back down to earth and pulled his pants up. Frank turns to Paul and says not a dad first day at work Aye boy? And you still got 3 jobs to go You got more treats than I did on my first day so far I had to wait a whole week before I got a tip – that was from our last customer of the day and you know who that is don’t you ?

Paul looks at Frank with wide open eyes and say “NO…. not … MY MUM .the horny bitch …. OMG I better watch out I’m sure she is after Me – she keeps rubbing up against my cock, by accident … so she says and commenting things I don’t think I should repeat !! – No Not Mum !!

Frank Laughed    “Yep !! – She’s one of my best tippers Ha-ha”.

Paul looked shocked then laughed and said as he looked at all of us said Thanks for such a great first day at work ladies and gentlemen that was such a treat, if this was a normal day at work” he pauses look along the line, Beth naked under an open dressing gown, June in thong and tine see through Bra and myself still fully naked sporting a semi hard, giving me a quick smile and a wink before turning back to everyone he continues “I Can’t Wait till…. XMAS” I laugh and say plenty more pay days before Xmas boy”.

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