The Beach…part 2

This was the most erotic sight I have ever witnessed! The mother of my children being made love to by another woman…and LOVING IT! Never in my wildest imagination did I ever think that Terry would even think about lesbian sex much less participate AND enjoy it!
By this time, Tina was nearing her first (of many) orgasms. Terry was in a non-stop rhythm of licking Tina’s wet pussy while Tina was moving the dildo in and out so fast you could hear the suction of it. They both came in a noisy explosion of orgasm and shrieks.
Tina fell off of Terry and collapsed on the bed next to her. Both of these sexy middle-aged women, laying next to each other, eyes closed, legs spread wide, each stroking the other’s dripping wet pussy, quivering from sexual excitement was the most erotic sight that you can imagine.
I thought that I would explode (again). I was as rock hard as I had ever been. I quietly opened the closet door and made my way over to the bed. Terry had her eyes closed as if in a trance. Tina opened her eyes to see me looming over them and gave me a wry smile and a wink as if to say…come on in.
As I started to kneel on the bed, my wife opened her eyes and gave me the most contented smile. It was as if Tina had unlocked a door that Terry didn’t even know existed. I kissed her lovingly, stroked her pussy and proceeded to go down on her. Tina took her dildo, inserted it into herself and started to masturbate herself while watching me pleasure my wife. Terry’s pussy was so wet that I literally drank her pussy juices. The harder I licked her, the more she moaned. All at once, Terry tensed her legs, squeezing me between her thighs as she came, gushing even more pussy juice on my face. Just as Terry came, Tina was obviously cumming too.
All of a sudden, Terry became the aggressor. She pushed me off of her, rolled me over to get to my now pulsating hard on. Instead of my wife climbing on top of me, she reached over to Tina and led her over on top of me. As Tina lowered her beautiful pussy onto my shaft, Terry lay down next to us and took Tina’s dildo all the way inside of herself. Tina started to thrust her hips up and down on my dick while my wife watched us and thrust HER hips up and down on the dildo. Just when I thought I would cum, Terry motioned for Tina to get off of me. I was puzzled at this until it became clear why. Terry pushed Tina down on the bed, motioned for me to move (up to now, not a single word had been spoken) and proceeded to fuck Tina with the dildo.
I watched this incredible sight until I couldn’t take it any more. I pushed my wife down next to Tina, all the while she is fucking this stranger with a passion like I had never witnessed before. I spread my wife’s legs and pushed my dick a far inside of her as I have ever done. She immediately let out an orgasmic scream like I had never heard from her before. Tina joined her in orgasm, writhing like a snake on the dildo and screaming in unison with my wife. I came in such a rush that I thought my jism would come out of my wife’s ears!
All three of us collapsed next to each other, stroking each other’s sex organs, Terry stroking me, Tina stroking Terry, me stroking Tina.
Just as I thought this incredible experience would come to and end, I heard the sliding glass door from the balcony open. Confused, I looked at the women next to me and saw Tina with a gleam in her eye. Unknown to me, Tina had told her husband Mark what she had planned for us and had told him to watch from the balcony. Mark was outside on the balcony witnessing the entire episode!
Mark is younger than me, 36 years old, 6 foot 2 inches, about 200 pounds. I thought he was a good-looking man, slim, full head of hair with a full beard. I wasn’t sure what was going on but at this point, I wasn’t really worried about it.
Terry looked at me with a wanton look that I had seen before when she was horny and I immediately knew what would have to happen…I love this woman more than anything in the world and I want to please her in any way that I can (and SHE wants).
Tina got out of the bed to go to the bathroom to freshen up .I got up and followed her in to the bathroom…leaving my wife…who up to this point in our marriage had NEVER been with anyone but me. There was no jealousness or insecurity in my mind. I only wanted to please my wife. When Tina and I were alone, I asked her what was happening. She put her finger on my lips and said,”watch”.
When we returned to the bedroom, Terry was undressing this total stranger! I thought I couldn’t get anymore turned on than I had already been. Boy was I wrong! Terry slowly took Mark’s shorts off of him (he had already taken his shirt off while we were in the bathroom), revealing the thickest 10inch cock that I had ever seen. Terry’s eyes got wide like an excited kid on Christmas Day. She took Mark’s cock into her mouth and started as slow caress from the bottom of his shaft to the top. She licked the tip and then down the bottom side to take his balls into her mouth. The sight of this was such a turn-on…I started to get hard again.
Tina saw my raging hard dick and pushed me down on the bed next to my wife. Terry pushed Mark down on the bed next to me and mounted him like a horse. Tina than mounted me like my wife was doing to her husband. Side by side, we were fucking each other’s wives like there was no tomorrow. Tina leaned over and kissed Terry in a long slow kiss while both of them were lost in a sexual passion like I didn’t know existed. Tina knew that was about to explode. She gently got off of me and went around to the side of the bed and crawled over and placed her dripping wet, hot pussy on my wife’s face. Terry moaned and started to lick Tina in the same motion as she was fucking Tina’s husband, soon all were moaning in unison. All I could do was watch and stroke my own member. As if on cue, all four of us came. I shot hot cum all over myself, Terry tensed up and screamed, and Tina let out a shriek and Mark a grunt that rattled the walls. The four of us untangled and collapsed on the bed in a pile.

To be continued…

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  1. Zephyr

    I only dream of a day when I can experience this.

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