The Beach…Part 3

Mark, Terry, Tina and I fell into a deep coma like sleep…aided by several drinks and the best sex we had ever had. All of us were naked and intertwined on the huge bed.
About two hours later, I awoke with a raging piss hard-on. I stumbled to the bathroom and took a long satisfying piss. I stopped by the closet to get a quilt to cover the mass of bodies on the bed. When I got back to the bed, the women were not there…just Mark sleeping and hugging a pillow.
I pulled on a pair of loose gym shorts and started downstairs in search of the women…trying to be quiet in case they were “busy”. When I got almost down the first flight of stairs, I heard unfamiliar voices. Not knowing what was going on, I redoubled my efforts at stealth. I slowly descended the stairs and peered around the landing until I had a full view of the living room. It was then that I discovered what the unfamiliar voices were. Tina and Terry sitting on the floor, leaning on the couch watching the huge plasma TV. Tina had gone to her condo and brought back an XXX DVD. Both of these beautiful women were mutually masturbating to the video. Terry had Tina’s dildo plunged as far inside her as she could get it and was gently undulating while watching the video with an intense level of concentration like I had never seen from her. Apparently Tina had gotten herself another dildo because both women were lost in the video and self- induced sexual stimulation. My wife had turned into a sex tiger. Before this night, Terry refused to watch porn with me because she said it made her feel self-conscious because she didn’t have a “hard body” (never mind that I thought she was a stone fox).
As I was watching this incredible scene, I was getting aroused again. I reached into my shorts and started to stroke my member. Just as I was getting warmed up, Mark appeared on the landing next to me also with just gym shorts on. He sat down next to me, grinned and started stroking his own cock.
I guess Mark and I thought we were being sly…watching a “live peep show” and acting like a couple of teenagers. Much to our surprise, Terry said, “Y’all come join us”. I guess we weren’t as quiet as we thought!
Mark and I went down and moved the girls over so that we could sit between them. Here we were, middle-aged parents, sitting on the floor, masturbating ourselves to an adult video. What a sight!
Up to this point, my excitement had come from watching the girls pleasure themselves. I wasn’t watching what was on the screen. What I saw on the TV was VERY exciting. On the screen were two couples making love like I had never even fantasized about. One of the guys was sucking the other guy’s cock while he was fucking one of the women, the other female was being eaten and fucked with a dildo by the guy that was getting his cock sucked.
Now, I’m not a prude. I have never had the thoughts/fantasy of having sex with another man but watching this was turning me on something fierce. I was having visions that I had never had before. Apparently, so was my wife.
Terry reached over to me, still fucking her self, and took my hand. She looked me dead in the eye and moved my hand over to Mark’s hard cock. If I had not been drunk on sex, I may have been repulsed. Instead, I started to stroke Mark’s cock. It felt good. His vein on the bottom of his rock hard dick was pulsating. Tina followed Terry’s lead and took Mark’s hand a placed in on my dick. As he started to stroke me, both of the girls started to fuck themselves harder. Mark’s rough hand felt good on my manhood. I never would have imagined that another man’s hand on my most private of parts would feel this good.
Then, just as I was feeling pretty close to orgasm, Terry pulled Mark’s hand off of me. She took the dildo out of herself, licked all of her juices off of it and put it down. She pushed me down on the floor and climbed on top of me…pushing my rock hard cock deep inside of her. She leaned down and whispered in my ear and said “you have always wanted me to be fucked by another while you watched, and tonight you got both of your fantasies to come true. My turn for a fantasy now”.
She then proceeded to take Mark by the hand and lead him around in front of me. My lovely wife, mother of my children, monogamous (up to this point) partner, helped this man kneel and straddle my chest with his back to Terry. I would have never imagined that she or I would ever think about this, much less act on it! She said in a (almost) demanding voice…”suck it”.
I was astounded! I had never wanted another man, was even turned off by the thoughts but I wanted to suck this man’s cock and drink his jism. RIGHT NOW!
Terry was watching intently over Mark’s shoulder as I started to lick the tip of Mark’s cock. As I started to lick the underside of this huge dick, Terry started to pump up and down on my cock…fucking me with all that she had. Tina came up behind Terry and started to run her tongue down her back towards her ass crack. I licked back to the top of Mark’s dick and, in one swift motion, took all of him in my mouth. It was salty and his pubic hair smelled musty. Mark started a soft moan as I started to take him in and out of my mouth. As I was pumping Mark, I felt Tina’s hand come around the front of Terry and start to rub her clit in rhythm with her fucking me. I could feel Mark start to pulsate in my mouth as my wife was starting to bounce up and down on me. We could hear the slurping of my mouth on Mark at the same time as the suction of Terry’s pussy on my rock hard dick and Tina’s pussy on her dildo. All of a sudden, I could feel Mark and Terry shudder at the same time. Mark came in my mouth, exploding what seemed like a gallon of cum, while Terry came on me, I came inside of Terry and Tina let out an obvious orgasmic scream. I drank Mark’s cum while my wife milked me dry. While I licked the little dribbles of cum off of Mark, Tina stuck her face into the junction of my manhood and my wife’s dripping pussy and sucked the love juices from us like she was a starving animal.
We all collapsed on the floor exhausted. None of us had ever had our muscles tense up like we had just experienced.
What a wonderful exhaustion!

To be continued…

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