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I had just finished college with my degree and did’nt expect to be waitressing but this was a 4 star restaurant and the money was great.After a few months I noticed many regular customers were wealthy and were requesting me.I’m 5’8″,nice blonde hair and a great body I’ve been told.We wear tight blouses with long,slitted skirts that show lots of leg.One table on this night was 2 older women,I’d say 40ish,both cute and friendly.As I placed aplate down on the table,the dark haired cutey touched my hand and told me that she enjoyed my service and thought Iwas a doll.I laughed a little and said thanks,you’re attractive also and have left some generous tips,Iappreciate them.She said her name was Nora and lived uptown.I thought that was it but I was wrong!I walked to the bar area to fill a drink order and there sat Nora.Either accidentally or with a purpose her hand brushed my ass.I looked at her,said oh excuse me.She smiled back and said it was an accident but it felt like a nice tight butt.I told her I run a lot,she said my body was great and asked me to join her for a cocktail after.I can’t drink at the bar since I work here.She said how about stopping over to my place then,I said ok,I get off at 1200.She gave simple directions and left,with a wink and devilish grin I might add.I arrived after a short but antsy ride,wondering why this pretty woman wanted to share a drink.Maybe she needed a friend or someone to talk to.I rang her bell and was totally surprised as she answered the door dressed in a silky gown with heels.I was excited but nervous and getting hot due to the unknown.We got comfy on the leather couch,sharing wine and talking about each other.She was widowed 4 years ago and was single and lonely but well off money wise.I noticed her nice tits seem to be coming out of her robe,she was pretty tight for a 40-something.I was getting tired and stretched my neck when this party was about to start.Nora began to massage my neck and head.Icould feel her breath on my ear, smell her so close to me,I was getting terribly hot and suddenly she slid her hand down my top.We looked into each other’s and knew we wanted passion.She had my tits free and was sucking and biting them in no time.I slid her gown and we kissed and fondled wildly until we were both nude except for our skimpy panties.She was a pro as she knelt between my legs and ate my hot box out,nibbling my thighs and ass as I turned and bucked to an explosive orgasm,my best in a long time.We both stood up and I rubbed her back and mashed my tits agaist her back,pinching and pulling her nipples as she cried out.I began to finger her wildly and as she came in my hand she cried out,”oh baby be mine,I’ll show you more”.We fell into each other on the couch and locked into a sexy kiss,both tired but wanting more of each other.I’ll stay here tonight since it so late but you must take me again.Nora said great,frenched me as she walked by and we showered and made love in the bath.She said I will give you the ultimate orgasm in the morning as she pulled out a strap on from a drawer.I can’t wait until we awaken from this wonderful sleep………(to be continued)

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