The Boy is a Woman

His name was Seth, and I met him when he was only 20. Two months out of business school and trying to find a place to live near his job at the plant. I was also 20, 2 years out of high school looking to find a way to cut my rent when we met at work. We became friends right away and not just because we worked on the same line either. We went searching for an apartment and wound up renting an old two-bedroom house. It was in a perfect place, five miles from the plant nestled in a wooded 800-acre area of an old maids land. She was nearly fifty-eighty and rich and decided she wanted to rent off the old house she had just replaced. It was partly furnished and had a new heating and cooling system and best of all it was cheap. We moved in within a week of finding it and soon after two more months we had fixed it up just for two young bachelors.
Now Seth was nearly 5’11” and about 175 pounds, shear muscle no fat. His dark black hair fit nicely on his native skin and his brown eyes were sparkling. He was fit as a fiddle except he and I shared the same curse, his pecker was small only 4 inches. That’s why he had never been able to find a woman he told me. Mine was a ½ shorter and since I am only 5’6″ 125 pounds wet, I appear thin and less than average to most. Some say I am good looking but no girl ever really liked me. I dated one girl a few months in school but she grew taller than I did and we soon split up.
Sometimes things happen that can’t be explained and what happened the week before Christmas was one of those things. It started at the plant the day before we were get our two week break. The afternoon was cold and brisk from the wintry mix falling and as we took our fifteen-minute break outside so we could smoke, another joined us. His name was Randy. He was big, 6’4″, 200 pounds. Strong and muscular and I can admit it now, sexy. His blonde hair and blue eyes were set on face that Apollo would envy. His body was more like Hercules and his actions were so defined and fluid that he made us both green wishing we could be him. Not to mention that his tight pants showed a penis that was huge.
We stood there as the cold icy mix danced on our faces smoking. The foreman was watching us freeze and tried to coax us in but we were determined to finish our smoke. That’s when Randy stunned us both, “You know I could get a bad rep being out here with you two.”
“How’s that?” Seth snapped in a laughing way.
“The scoop is that you two are gay lovers,” Randy said as he inhaled his last puff and tossed his butt to the ground smiling.
“Say’s who?” I busted in with.
“Everyone in shipping says you two are queers,” Randy popped back with.
“Virgin’s maybe. Queers no,” Seth returned in kind.
“Virgin’s?” Randy said with smirk then added, “So you haven’t got the guts to fuck him Seth. You need some courage.”
With that he walked inside and we dropped our smokes and followed. The plant was too noisy to continue the talk now so we waited until the shift ended at 4 and then went to find Randy. He was standing with two older men in their early 40’s and they were smiling as we approached tried to coax him alone.
Norman and Bart were their names. Both twenty year vets of this place and marriage. Both were known to be pranksters and I quickly tried to get Seth to see that this was a joke. Instead he jumped them and berated them and after they laughed us out of their he got even madder.
We went home just after that and Seth fumed the entire way. Then shortly after we got there something happened. He went in changed his clothes and come out with pair of old worn short pants on. He was still mad as he went to make him a sandwich, so I shot into the bathroom to shower and change. I was only in there for ten minutes when he came to the door and knocked.
“Hey Drew hurry up get out here,” Seth cried out.
“I’m busy man. Let me get finished and I’ll be right there,” I quipped back.
“No time. Get out here now,” he yelled.
So I shut off the water and tossed on the towel around me and walked out. He was standing there with this wild look in his eyes as he scanned me up and down. Then he said, “We need to settle this now. Do you want me to fuck you?”
I stumbled back a bit and as I did the towel came down halfway. I turned and as I dropped it, Seth took it as a yes and pounced on me. “Wait Seth! Wait! No! No!” I screamed as he pulled me over and yanked the towel from my hand. Then grunting as he forced me over the arm of the chair I yelped out, “No I don’t want you to fuck me like this.”
He stopped. Releasing me from his grip he stepped back and as I turned to see he was truly embarrassed, I asked him, “Why did you think that?”
“Because you always walk around naked in front of me. Maybe you do want it and just don’t know it. I know you aren’t into girls, so you have to be queer and I guess I am. I just don’t know,” he said, as he seemed to be freaking out in front of me.
I moved over to my towel and re-wrapped myself, then I said, “Look Seth you and I are friends. Been that way for a while now. I may not realize that I go naked sometimes. I just feel comfortable around you. I don’t think I am queer either, but like you I just don’t know. Maybe I don’t like girls and maybe I do find you attractive, but this is not the way to find out. We should at least talk first.”
“Man I feel stupid, but ever since I met you I felt attracted to you, and I really wanted to tell you sooner. I should have kept my mouth shut instead of saying anything to Bart about you,” Seth confessed.
“Do what?” I replied in a stunned manner, then added, “You mean you did say something to him about me. I do know what it is to be attracted to you, cause I always thought you were a sexy devil. I admit it now and that I have had wet dreams about you.”
With that Seth slid his hand on my shoulder and confessed it all, “I was in the bathroom one day at lunch. You were outside with the others eating and Bart came in and caught me jerking myself off. He pushed the stall door open before I could block it and then laughed at me,” Seth said as he lowered his head and shrank into the stiff wooden chair beside him. Then continued with, “He asked me if I would like him to do it for me and I said no. Then he asked me if I would like to play with his cock. I mean he just come out and asked me that right there and I heard myself say, no but I would love to play with Drews’ cock. He looked at me and just shoved me further back into the stall and grabbed hold on my dick and said that I should be glad if anyone wanted something so small. With that he sucked my dick and I wanted him to stop but that’s when Randy came in and stopped by hollering for him. He made me swear not to tell anyone or he would tell you what I wanted. That scared me and I panicked, because I really do care for you and I really do think that I am in love with you.”
With those words I knelled beside his chair and looked him in the eye and said, “Do you think that you might really want me?”
He answered by just taking me into his arms and kissing me on my mouth and then as we French kissed longer and deeper with more desire, he slipped his hands to my ass. He caressed it and then he squeezed it and that’s when I noticed the towel was gone and I was being drawn into his lap. His pants were still off as he slipped me onto his lap. His hard cock was on the side of my leg and as he cuddled me. His mouth made its way to my right nipple and then he started to lick it and kiss it and finally he sucked it.
“Yes I want you now,” I moaned as his sucking of my nipple sent waves of pleasure through my body. He had seen me touching my nipples a few times and I think he knew how sensitive they were. When his other hand slipped to touch my tiny hard cock, I shuttered in joy.
He easily lifted me and carried me into his bedroom and placed me gently on his bed as he inverted himself so that we were head to toe. Then as he slipped himself down towards my mo
uth his hands began to caress my nipples slowly and easi
ly once more. His hard cock was now less than an inch from my lips as he kissed my dick. My tongue came out and licked the head of his and as he twisted gently on mine with his teeth, I sucked his into my mouth. Soon after that we were on our sides dick to mouth and hands to nipples. His actions on my body made me wild with passion and desire and when I had worked myself into a frenzy I bobbed up and down on his cock. He came first and then I followed. It was perfect timing and sex. It was magical to both of us.
When we both had drawn our lover’s seed fully we then met to kiss passionately swirling it together in our mouths before we each drank it. His hands went directly to my tits and as he worked them over, I became a willing slave to his touch and love. We kissed and fondled each other until he was fully erect and hard again, and then he pressed me onto my back and lifted my legs wide open.
Sweetly he spoke to me; “I do not want to miss seeing your face the first time I make love to you, my woman.”
“Oh yes, I am your woman, I want to be your woman,” I cried out just as he slipped his cock into my tight virgin ass. I took his mouth to mine and gave the deepest kiss ever to him as he thrust wildly into my hole. I let him hump me until he was almost exhausted and then as he burst into me, I kissed his mouth and asked to be his for as long as he wanted me.
Panting and sighing he exclaimed, “I want you baby, and I will want to do this more and often and always.”
With that we collapsed and kissed wildly for at least twenty minutes before he asked me, “Would you like to fuck me now?”
“No, I would rather you jerk me off and feed it to me with your cock lover,” I said as Seth smiled and played with my rock hard dick.
With that he pulled me to his arms and began to suck my nipples while toyed with my dick. His touch and kisses were sending me into a new level of enjoyment and after ten minutes I came and as promised he used his cock to feed it to me. I lapped his dick until it was clean and then we went into the bathroom and showered together.
When we finished it was almost nine and the snow was coming down harder. We stood naked in the solace of the screened in back porch and watch it fall as we fondled and kissed. Then as if to say I need you again now, he slid a finger along my nipple and teased it and at the same time he slipped another into my ass and fingered it. I panted, as I knew he would soon make love to me again. Then as I was placed over the arms of a wooden chair he fucked me then and there. Somehow he managed to get both hands on my nipples and my feet off the floor. He had me so hot that when we started to feel the cold air whistling through the cracks it felt good. He hunched me madly for an hour and a half before he came and then he took me into his arms and placed me so that I could clean his while he cleaned mine. Upside down on the chair was an odd feeling but his mouth sucking my cock was wonderful.
We went to bed shortly afterwards and almost over slept the next morning. We raced to get ready and yet we took time for me to suck his cock and eat it and he too jerk me off and feed it to both of us. Then we hustled outside to find six inches of snow and hard drive to work. What usually took ten minutes took thirty and we arrived almost ten minutes late. However we were one of the very few who made it all. Bart and Randy also were there with Norman. No one else in our department made it in and after we finished most of our work the foreman gave us a surprise dinner in the break room. We all ate and then he said since we were brave enough to make it in that we could have an extra half-hour for lunch on the company. Seth and I headed to the back to the isolated and dark storage bins. We knew a place that was just right to be alone for a few minutes and once there, I stripped myself naked for him. Not a stitch of clothing did I have on, as Seth took me and played with my nipples and then my ass before he placed me on the wooden crates. Lifting my legs he drove deep inside of me and did not stop until he had come. That’s when we heard clapping and turned to spy Bart and Norman standing there with their eight inch cocks hanging out. Bart quickly took Seth by his hair and whirled him around and using his big body face fucked him. Seth was not so receptive but as his attacker was larger he soon submitted. Norman was big and bulky and as he sat on my chest and slapped his cock on my lips, his hands moved to tweak and touch my tits. Bart came first and as he filled Seth full, he made sure he could see that even though I resisted, Norman had now gained entry to my mouth using his hands. As Seth watched Norman face fucked me almost choking me twice. Then as his massive dong exploded into my mouth, I tried to spew it from me. Seth was struggling to Bart off him, as Norman pulled up and off me. The two of them told us, we have to get back to work and for your sake shut your mouths or I will have to let everyone else know you were screwing each other when we came along.
Seth was angry but he quickly calmed down and helped to dress me then himself. As we made our way back to the line, he told me that we would just have to either be more careful or get a different shift. I opted for the safe way, as did he.
The next two and half-hours flew by and we were done for the day before the final hour was there so once more we were free to go play. Seth and I were still hot and though we wanted to be alone, we had to be careful. So we went to the back of the shipping department and found an empty bay and after we made some adjustments we made a nest inside of the pallets and then began to play around again. Somehow Bart found us and jumped in and sat down right between us and as he did he told me, “I want that boyfriend of yours to let me fuck him. If he will let me fuck him, I won’t fuck you. Otherwise I am going to rip your ass up.”
Seth tried to reason with him and get his mind off of it, but the fact that his clothes as were mine were off and we were there made it difficult to do. Finally Bart told Seth, “Give some ass and I will leave you alone.”
I tried to volunteer to spare Seth, but he wouldn’t have any part of it. So as Bart moved his pants down and took his big cock out Seth stood up, and that’s when I had a great ideal. I flipped over on my stomach over the small pallet and told Seth to fuck me and then let Bart take him, at least he could still fuck me while he did it. Bart plunged deep inside Seth as Seth entered me. Soon Bart was the engine and Seth was in the middle getting fucked and fucking at the same time. When Bart came in his ass, he pulled Seth to him and started to kiss him and play with him, and when I watched him shove him down and Seth took Bart’s massive dick into his mouth I knew it was willingly. Bart liked it and loved Seth and I could see that Bart was about to make Seth his slave. Seth sucked him dry and then hard again and in the space of ten minutes, Then as I lay there playing with Seth’s cock and my own, Seth sucked him off. Bart laughed aloud as he told Seth, “Now bitch, tell me whose pussy boy you are?”
“Yours. I am yours,” Seth confessed as Bart made him scream it out loud.
“Is this one still your woman?” Bart asked looking at me as Seth knelled and licked his cock more.
“Yes, but if you want him, you can have him too,” Seth said without asking me.
Bart reached over and grabbed my head and yanked me to him as he told me, “No I don’t want your woman, but Randy does. He wants to make her his woman. Now what do you say to that bitch.”
“No I am Seth’s,” I said.
“Not anymore Drew, I am his woman now, and I knew I needed a cock up me. You’ll have to find another,” Seth said as he cuddled up to Bart and kissed him and played with.
“Don’t worry pussy girl, I will get you some manly company and when you two get home tonight. Don’t go to sleep. Me and a mystery guest or two will be by,” Bart said as he stood up and dressed himself.
Seth tried to apol
ogize but I was crushed. I thought it was
my size again that made him fall for Bart. I was so hurt that on the way home I cried. That evening I bathed in the tub and then went to my room and sulked alone. Each time Seth tried to talk to me, I refused to let him in. When I heard him in the shower I went to make supper for myself and then returned to my room to be alone. You see, I really felt like I was never going to be enough for anyone or anything.
Seven came and passed and then eight and nine and that’s when I remembered Bart’s words. That’s also when we head the sound of truck plowing through the icy snow outside. A few seconds later and the truck doors slammed and then footsteps fell upon or front porch. A heavy pounding followed and as I sprang from my room, a half-naked Seth opened the door.
I stood at the back of the living room peeping around the corner as Bart made his way in. He pushed Seth to the wall and started kissing him from the first second he arrived. Then in walked Randy and a very older woman.
Bart quickly looked around the room as his hands covered Seth’s ass. Then as he spied me, he yelped out, “Come here pussy boy meet your new husband and wife.”
As I slowly crept in Seth sighed as he exclaimed, “He’s pissed because you took me.”
Bart snarled at him and said, “We can fix that, you just suck my cock right now bitch.”
With that Seth shrunk to the floor pulled down Bart’s clothes and started to suck his massive cock. I slowly made my way near Randy who said, “Hey Drew, this is Liz, she is Bart’s wife and my lover. Isn’t that right Miss Liz?”
The older lady was 5′ even, thin and her overcoat that fell to the ground revealed a woman who was aged and naked. Her breast were saggy and wrinkled as were belly and arms, she still had a 38C-30-40 figure and a shaven gnarled pussy. Her nipples were larger than any woman I ever saw before. They pointed straight down and were almost two full inches erect and half an inch round. Like two small fingers they hung from her shriveled boobs.
Randy opened his coat and he too was naked except for his snow boots. His massive ten inch cock was swinging as he called me too him with, “Now come here sexy and let me shove this thing down your throat.”
I was watching Seth being face fucked as I wandered too close to Liz, and her hands. She stripped me of my shorts and then as I turned my attention to her, she knelt and took my small cock into her hands and began to kiss it. Randy moved to caress my nipples. Then he slowly said, “This is the key to your body isn’t it?”
I nodded my head up and down as he gently stroked me and as I sighed aloud, Liz started to slide my prick deeper into her mouth. Then came a hand to my head and as I was guided to bend over, Randy worked his way to insert his prick to my lips. I licked and sucked it as I had done Seth, but it was only after Liz had slipped a finger up my ass when I got to flying on it.
Soon Bart was making a howling sound as I heard Seth yelping for his cum. Then I felt my cock begin to leak as Liz reamed me faster and sucked me harder. My cum flowed as I sucked Randy even harder and faster. When Liz was sure that I was drained she moved around to my ass and began to kiss it and lick my hole. Then I felt her stick her tongue up inside me as it whirled around in me. Randy turned from arousing me to holding my head and fucking it as he made us go faster. When he splattered my mouth I almost choked to death from the volume.
Randy lifted me into his arms and dragged me towards my bedroom. Liz followed slowly behind him as he made his way to the bed and tossed me on it. She closed the door and then from the pockets of her coat she produced five small black candles and two red ones. Lighting them first she then turned off the lights and closed the door. I was placed in the center of bed as Randy pulled his boots off and Liz began to place the candles around the room. She placed the last ones and then joined us on the bed. They both licked my nipples and then took turns kissing me and sucking on my dick. Randy then offered me a nipple from Liz as my chew toy telling me, “Gnaw on this for me.”
I sucked her nipple, which felt like a small dick. I sucked it so good that she started to cum loudly as I did it. Using my hand as a dildo she fucked her pussy with it. Randy began to toy with my cock and as he did he picked up a candle started dripping wax on the head of it. With Liz still caressing my nipples, I was so hot that the pain from the wax was replaced by pleasure. Soon Randy had covered my cock completely with the wax of the red candle. Then as he moved back up my body he covered my left nipple with it. I was shuttering from it as he slipped down between my legs and lifted them and widened his entry point. His cock rocked into my hole as he replaced the finger of Liz with the wax of the candle on my right nipple. Liz then took the candle from Randy so that he could hump me faster and harder until he was bursting at the seams to come in my ass. Liz was still breast feeding me, and still dripping wax on my chest and stomach as blasted me full of his hot sperm.
Then he pulled out of me and took me off her breast and asked me, “Do you still like that tiny dick bitch Seth more?”
I tried to ignore his words but I heard my heart confess, “No.”
“Then you should be happy to be my woman now. Say you want me to make you my woman and stay here with you,” Randy said in an angry way.
Suddenly I felt a rush of emotion; the natural attraction I had for Randy already was now coming out as I screamed out, “Please let me be your woman. Please let me be your slave. Please don’t ever leave me!”
He sighed heavily as he pulled me around and into his arms and then said, “Liz clean his body now. Then take your new sex toy and bathe him and fix him to be our woman.”
Liz slowly removed the wax from me then she led me from the room to the bathroom. Once we were in the bathe full of hot bubbles and water, she sat behind me and began to wash my body as she told me; “Bart has taken Seth home with him for the night, maybe even the week. You and I must mate and then you become my lover in order for me to stay with you. Your little dick will be mine and your ass will belong to Randy. Both of us will own your mouth and my breast will be yours to suck. Now do you understand?”
I looked at her and asked, “If I don’t fuck you, then Randy won’t keep me?”
“Correct,” she said firmly.
“If you don’t like how I fuck you, then Randy won’t fuck me anymore. Is that correct?” I asked whimpering.
“Yes, but don’t worry, I love small cocks. I love small tiny little baby dicks like yours. I hate big cocks. I love to suck them but I don’t like to fuck them,” she sweetly said as she continued, “I have a tiny pussy. The doctor said that anyone over four inches could hurt me. When Randy gets mad at me he screws me to make me hurt, when Bart was mad at me he screws me to make hurt. Now stop worrying and turn around and shove that tiny prick into my tiny little hole.”
I turned around as the she let the water drain down half way. Then I mounted her and began to fuck her pussy. It felt really good and I wondered if I should have tried women more often for a few moments, until she rubbed my nipples. Then I knew I wanted a cock to suck. I fucked her until she was feeding me her nipples and begging me to bit them. I fucked her so hard the water splashed all over the floor and walls. Suddenly a large gush of cum rushed from cock into her pussy. The force caused me to groan and Liz to howl like a wild animal. Her shuttering ever-wrinkling body shivered in the water as I kept up until of my energy was expended. Then she pulled me into her arms caressed my head and softly kissed me as she told me, “You will do wonderful. I hope you even get to like it as much as I did.”
E sank back into the tub while she finished bathing me and allowing me to examine and play with her body as she stood to get out of the tub. She was the first woman I ever saw naked in real l
ife. I took a lot of time just touching her pussy
and tits and as I did she came from my examination. When I got out of the tub we took turns caressing one another until I found myself placing her on the heap of wet towels in the floor and fucking her once more. She was looking into my eyes as I humped her and she knew that I was overactive if only my nipples were played with. When I came in her she did not have to ask for me to eat her out. I quickly went down on her and when I finished she was clean. I helped her to her feet and she made me let her bathe my cock and wash it once more. When she finished, she was so happy that she glowed. Then she led me out and back to the candle lit bedroom.
Randy quickly asked her, “Did he please you woman?”
“Yes in all ways. I take him as my lover,” she cried as she said.
Randy then took me by the hand and pulled me to his cock and as he did he said, “Now what do you want to be?”
“Your woman!” I screamed aloud.
“Then suck me while your woman sucks you,” Randy commanded.
I did and Liz did and Randy watched us until he came in my mouth. Then he made Liz tie me to the bed rails and ride my cock that she had sucked hard until I came in her pussy. Then Randy sucked my spent cock dry while Liz fingered her pussy and fed it to me. They kept me tied up until I was so tired I couldn’t stay awake.
When I awoke later on that night, I found myself bound to the kitchen table with my legs tied up and wide to supports that Randy had installed in the ceiling. My hands were bound to the legs and Liz was mounted the door that led to the back porch. Randy had placed U-bolts to tie her to. Her legs were wide and her arms stretched wider and her nipples had three clothespins each on them on two on her pussy lips with weights attached to them making them sag madly down.
Randy walked in with his naked body looking like a glistening god, as he waltzed over to me and started to tease my nipples until my cock popped up. Then he made me so horny by doing this that I started to ooze cum. He saw this and as he did he dabbled it on his finger and fed it to Liz. Then he told me that if I were to be his woman, I had to make him money. I blinked when he said it not understanding what he was meaning until he went into the next room and came back with a digital camera.
He took all kinds of photos of us. Then he put it on the tripod and set it for auto shoot every 45 seconds.
Moving between my legs he fucked me while it snapped shot after shot. When he came in me I was shaking from the pleasure. He released me and then took the camera and turned it to Liz. Pointing at me, he told me to eat her pussy and suck her tits while he watched. When I had finished and she was hot he released her and I was placed on the table while she rode me, making sure to get photos of her cunt and my tiny prick.
Then he had Liz photograph me sucking his cock. When I began to suck it like crazy she actually got great close-ups that were crystal clear. In all there were 4 strips and 128 photographs on each one. While Randy downloaded those he had Liz and I to get some rest and then when we awoke we repeated the process.
Two weeks went by like a blur. By the time it was Monday and we had to go back to work, Randy was living with me. Liz had to go home once in a while to make a good showing, but she wound up with us more often then not. Seth moved in with Bart and Norman who were brothers and shared him.
Then when spring came and Randy had full control over Liz and I his web page began to sell. Many people wanted to see what he would do to us and where and what we would do that’s when we retired to home and the great outdoors.
Randy also began to sell sex encounters with me to men and women. His price was $200 night and all the men had to suck his cock before or during the time they screwed me. Any women who wanted Liz had to let me fuck them after they paid him $100 a night.
One last chapter to my story was one early April morning, the second time he sold me to a guy. The deal was that he would be allowed to rape me for $500. It also had to be in the woods and that he would be allowed to bring some friends to help and that after he had fucked me he would suck Randy. Randy didn’t tell him that he would have Liz shot the entire encounter. I only knew that I was to wear a pair of black silk shorts and nothing else and walk up a trail to the far end of the woods and wait for Randy to come for me.
I went walking slowly up the trail and about halfway a man about 40 sort big and well built like randy stepped out of the bushes. He had a set of black Doberman dogs with him. As he came out he jumped in front of me, and yelled; “Stop there or I will let my dogs rip you up.”
I stood completely still as I was afraid of dogs then. He slowly tied a leash to one tree then the other to another one closer to me. He walked over and took me by the arm and told me, “I want that sweet little ass of yours.”
I struggled to get free as I told him, “Look I have someone special and I don’t think…”
With that he slapped me across the face spun me around and pushed me over the fallen tree just off the path. Yanking my shorts down he smacked my ass a couple of good whacks before he got his prick into my hole. I yelped out as he stuck his seen inch hot rod up me, and when he had it in place he used his weight to hold me down. Then he found a way to my nipples and started to fondle me like I need. It took him only five minutes to cum in my ass, but that wasn’t the end of it. He knew he had gotten to me as my dick was hard and getting sore sticking into the bark, so he told me not move as he unleashed the dogs on me. I froze and freaked at the same time crying for mercy, but it wasn’t blood they wanted. The first one hoped up on my ass and he helped guide it in and it went crazy mad on me. I felt its hot breath on my neck and its wet slobber drooling down my back and neck as it inserted a cock almost six inches into me and then proceeded to fuck me harder than Randy could.
I wanted to get away from it, as I was till afraid until it started lapping at my cheeks and lips as it humped me, I turned and it licked my open mouth. Somehow the force of its hot raw sex in my hole allowed me to forget my fears and let my tongue touch its and soon it was French kissing my tongue.
When it was almost ten minutes into the sex the man led the other dog to my face and helped it in my open panting mouth. I sucked it gladly and through three large blasts. I think the one on my ass did it four times but I didn’t really get to feel anything after that. It was out of steam and stuck inside my ass and it took the man and a canteen of water to loosen us up to get him out. Then he turned my naked body over and let them lick me all over while he poured a gravy looking liquid on my nipples and dick and then on my face. As they lapped me he lifted my legs and fucked me again. I was slightly sore and swollen from the beast but he used some cream that made it hot and easier for him and when he came a second time I had a dog lapping my cum off my dick while the other lapped my nipples. Three hours later, a dirty worn out young man left two tired dogs and one old spent horny man and wobbled back down the trail.
Randy loved the scene so much that he made me do it three more times with the guy over the next two mouths and recorded it on film. He made a ton of money on that one I would tell you.
Now we live in the same place, we just foxed it up nicer. We have sex all the time and make money selling pictures of it and we also own three Dobermans and a pony that I have been aching to suck, who knows if I will stick around and see.

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