The Continuing Adventures of Brandon

When I arrived at home, I was so tired that I fell right back to sleep and took the phone off the hook after a telemarketer and my bum roommate called. I slept from about 930AM to 6 at night.

When I awoke, I decided to shower and go back after I got a bite to eat. The party was an all weekend deal. People were there all times of the day. No sooner did I put the phone back on the hook than it was ringing coincidentally. “Hello”. “Hello” came the deep, playfully mocking response. It was Cheryl. “So how ya doin? Enjoy yourself last night?” she asks. “Damn, that was unreal. The wildest time I’ve ever had.” She replies “Well, I’ve been trying to call you for the last hour, but all I got was a busy signal.”. “I know..”. “Say, are you hungry?” she interrupts. “Sure”. So we meet as this little diner and talk about last night and various other things. We both drive back to my place and decide that she’ll drive because my car’s starting to act up. She’s wearing tight jeans and a green bikini top. As I park my car and get into hers to leave, I look over at her, hands pulled back doing her hair in a ponytail, pushing her chest forward as she exhales with the cigarette dangling from those sexy lips. I couldn’t help myself as I leaned over, grabbed her cigarette, and kissed her, moving my hands to her breasts. Then she cuts me off, smiling and tells me “Save it for the party. You’ll need your energy”. We drive off.

We arrive at the party at about 800 and hang around for a while til more people show. That night we’re all drinking and shooting the shit when Tommy introduces me to a few other guys.

Anyway, after a short time, Tommy says “We have a little something planned for you tonight. You’re gonna be the guest of honor”. He tells me that a lottery was held last night that included everyone at the party, male and female. The winner of this lottery was to be the recipient in a gangbang from every guy at the party. An amateur porn director was here. They would be taping this
whole thing with everyone in it receiving some profits. Apparently, I had won. I would either do it or leave and they would go with a second choice. This was the rule. I just had to sign a few papers. I notice Giselle from last night, when she comes over to me looks deep in my eyes inches away, as if she wants to kiss me, and says “Are you ready to go?”. I nod and she says loudly “Everyone, can I have your attention? Gather round, the show’s about to begin”. I kiss Cheryl as I move over to the middle of the room and bend over a little table with a pillow like cushion on top that came to my waist. Then a few guys started to lube my hole and gave me a couple of sprays of deepthroat gel. They start to move a minute later and I hear the director give the action call. Then, I hear Tommy’s familiar voice come up behind me.

“I called first” he says. I felt him enter me from behind as some guy thrust his large erection sliding into my lips and down my throat. I gagged at first, but moved my legs and back to adjust, and get into the rhythm. I was also jacking two guys with my hands. I realized I would be in for a long night, but I was enjoying this. I would probably set a record for the biggest all male gangbang. After a few minutes, I felt Tommy fill my warm asswith his hot seed with his final thrust and groan. He left and the next guy entered me while my mouth was filled with the spasmically erupting liquid of the first boys hot, fleshy cock. At the same time, the other two in my hand came almost simultaneously all over my face. I noticed, somewhere during all of this, that a few girls who were watching were fluffing the guys prior to their turns at bat off camera. They were using some kind of edible lube to prepare them too, as I could taste it on all of their shiny cocks. One of the girls was Cheryl. A lot of the girls were playing with each other off camera and some of the guys. Giselle just watched, rubbing up and down her large cock and licking her lips as the cameras kept rolling. After a while I was filling so sore, wet and tired that I thought I would just drop.

As they came and came, I probably swallowed enough cum to fill a milkjug and it was dripping out of my crack and running down my legs, and off my face, back, and practically everywhere. As I kept taking them, I felt one guy at my back that, I honestly thought ‘That can’t be what I think it is’. His cock was probably 13 or 14 inches long and wide around as a Coke can, almost. I freaked for a minute as he grabbed me forcefully still, and shoved the whole throbbing maety monstrous cock into my quivering ass in one thrust, and he didn’t really give me time to adjust either. Although it hurt like all hell, this woke me up and got me back into things, as I started working the cocks in my mouth , hands and ass again. I was relieved when he finally pulled out. Finally, the last guy came into my mouth as I swallowed it all. The director then gathers all the guys he can and tells me to lay flat on the floor as they all jack off onto me one more time. When the film stops, I am laying there, dripping with the cum of at least 70 or 75 men. I then see Cheryl smiling as she takes a drag on a cigarette, exhales grinning, puts it out as she leans down, and then starting at my feet, starts licking her way up my body, stopping at my ‘sensitive areas’ briefly, before pressing her body against mine in a long, passionate kiss. “I think I love you” she says.

It’s early morning and she says “Let’s go home”. She drops me off and goes on her separate way. She tells me not to worry. “We’ll have our fun and you mentioned that you had a surprise for me. Well, I’ve got my own for you. You better rest up, boy. You’ll definitely need it next time”. As sore as I am, I’m loving life.

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  1. creameater

    you are positively my mirror. my fantasies are nearly identical to yours

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