The Continuing Adventures of Brandon

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I am tired as hell by this point, as I’ve had a long night already. Apparently, I’m not the only one because I see a group of people hanging out in one of the many rooms trailing from the main (living?) room. I recognize Miranda, Giselle, and Tommy, who yells at me. “Come on, have a seat!”. “Where’s Cheryl?” I hear myself asking. Some guy I don’t recognize says “What’s the matter? You’re not ready to leave already are ya? The party’s startin'”. To be honest, my body felt like saying ‘Well, I’m just finishing’, but instead I say “I’m worn out. If I stay, I can’t do anything else.” “That’s cool, man. I haven’t seen Cheryl for at least the last half hour” Tommy says. So anyway, I tell everyone I’m going to go grab a drink and I’ll be right back. By the time I get back, there seems to be somewhat fewer people. Anyway, I tell Tommy I’m about ready to split in a little bit here and that I’ll catch him later. He then says “No need to be in a huge hurry. We’ve blocked some rooms off for anyone who wants to crash”. I was tired as hell and I knew this didn’t sound good, as I would probably be disturbed way too often. But I grab a plate of food and a couple drinks and ask to be shown to a room. I was so tired that I passed right out….

Early morning. About 730. I know as I forgot to turn the alarm on my watch off. At the same time, the other thing that woke me up and the main thing, was that I awoke in the middle of a wet and sticky double blowjob from two of the horniest girls. One of the girls was black, light skinned, with about a B-cup and a trim figure, full lips, and a cute face. She had a couple of dyed red streaks in otherwise straight, long, black hair. The other girl was white with somewhat short, blonde hair. She was skinny as hell, and while she wasn’t a knockout, she looked decent. Plus, she more than made up with her skills and motivation. Anyway, when my eyes opened and I started to moan “Ohhh…Yeah, baby! Just like that!”. I noticed that the black girl had a pierced tongue as I saw and felt her hot mouth and tongue wrapped fully around my length. Her tongue was circling around the shaft and head, rubbing with her tongue ring. And the other girl had both of my balls in her mouth, sucking the life out of them. alternating. She was damned good, too. Just then, the blonde stops to ask “Have you eaten lately?”. They both giggle for a second, kiss, and then the black girl says “Open wide, boy” as she straddles my face and starts grinding her moist wetness onto my waiting lips. The blonde girl had started to slowly pump my fully engorged manhood before continuing with a medium-paced sloppy blowjob.

The whole time. I was trying to keep going, though I wanted to blow my load right there. After the day before, I’m surprised I still had that much energy. As I licked, probed, and fingered at her nether regions, she screamed nasty things like “Yeaaahh!…Oooo… me!…fuck me with your tongue baby!”. The blonde pulls her head up off of me for a minute, making a suction noise as she pulls off of a long, hard suck where my cock was poking her cheeks. “Mmmm. Fuck yeah! I love the taste of cock in the morning” she says playfully. I still know neither girl’s name and am thinking in the back of my mind, ‘This is unreal’. Anyway, the black girl tells me not to stop as she turns around to face the blonde chick who has moved up to position herself right above my throbbing erection. Holding my dick in one hand, she slowly lowered herself down as she moaned in satisfaction and the two girls kissed.

The blonde, I could tell wasn’t a novice, by any means as she was more loose than a lot of girls her age and seemed more experienced. She was wet as hell, and the sounds of her dripping cunt slammimg down onto my fat, rock hard cock could probably be heard two rooms away. The whole while, I was keeping up in the black girl’s delicious cleanly shaven vagina, licking her walls all over, and teasing the g spot, licking just over it and back, fingering her and rubbing simultaneously. I could taste her juices flowing into me as she was bending over to suck the other girl’s nipples while pushing ever harder down onto my face. I decided when she did this to start licking at her back door. Startled at first, she starts groaning and yells “You like that ass, motherfucker?”. I continue licking around her puckered hole, teasing a little, feeling her soft cheeks brushing delicately with one finger.

As soon as my tongue starts to enter and lick at her, the girl riding me breaks her pace, stopping at the base of my dick and squeezing as hard as she can, moving back up slowly and quickly back down. I lose control, cumming inside her hard, filling her fresh, sticky mound with an overload of my hot, gooey cum, pouring out down her leg. As she gets off and lays down, me and the black girl spread her legs and lick clean the trails up her thighs, as we meet at her crotch, half licking before turning it into a kiss. Then I press my lips to her cunt as I start to devour both mine and her juices. I stop after a minute to let the black girl finish the job.

This girl passionately dives in, like she’s kissing a lover. “Mmm” the black girl moans as the other one whimpers. As she’s munching on her friend, I start to lick her ear and move behind her doggystyle position. I keep close to her as I make the maneuver, breathing heavily upon her neck. She’s groaning with passion as I whisper in her ear softly “You want it in that ass, baby?”. She says in between licks “”. I start to feel her ass, fingering a little with some natural lube (saliva). I realize this girl is definitely no stranger to backdoor relations as I think I’ll have no problem sliding right in. I continue to wet her and lube her with my one finger, pumping and curling as I toy with her while suckling and kissing her smooth, babysoft buns. Then, I get up and turn left and right, playfully slapping her crack with my raging weapon of lust. She screams “Don’t tease me, you bastard!” and then I point my erection at her tight assand slowly enter until I’m filling her to the hilt. This girl was grabbing my cock with her ass practically. She was better than I thought. She has shifted some of her focus off her partner and started to push back and pump against me, wanting me to go faster and harder. I start to hold her in place strongly, not letting her control the pace as I start slowly, rhythmically pumping in and out in long, sensuous srokes. I’m shifting direction the whole time. I will shift my bodyweight down at one point while thrusting up, and vice versa just kinda toying with her a little. After a minute of this, I say “You want it harder, baby?” and before she can speak, I start pouding like it’s my last time. Her girlfriend has moved to the side and is egging her on. I’m moving in her smooth as hell, almost knocking her off her hands with every thrust forward. Then without warning, I grab her arms and push her down on her stomach as I grind harder into her, making her scream. I pick the pace up even more and after a few minutes, I hear this hot, black honey yell “I’m cummimg..oh god..I’m cumming…OOOOOAAawwww..Ooo yeah!”.

Right after she climaxes, I yell “Fuck, I’m about to blow!”. She gets up and violently pushes me back as both girls drop to my cock like hungry hyenas. The black girl’s full lips engulf the head of my cock as I erupt and she catches everything. She then gets up and the other girl lays down smiling as the black girl crawls over her body, breasts pushed against breasts and face to face. The black girl then leans down as if to kiss her and drops my cum into the blonde gal’s open mouth as they kiss and I see both swallow and roll off. The blonde girl says “That was great. By the way, I’m Sandy and this is Monique”. She says it sort of jokingly and giggles like ‘oh yeah, by the way’ or ‘no big deal, but..’. “And you are?” Monique asks. “Brandon” I say. “This room service is great. I’ll have to remember to stay here more often.” Monique says “Look, we gotta go shower. You’re friend
s with Miranda, right?”.
I reply “Yeah”. “Well, we’ll see ya later.” So I catch a ride home, and decide I will get some more rest and return tonight.

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