The date

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We all have fantasies of being someone else, or doing some other job; with me I always wanted to be a woman. I wonder how women don’t always want sex, to have a man touch them even feel a man’s hard cock deep inside them either their pussy or even their ass.
It was this fantasy that got me invited to another country. I met a cross dresser over the internet and was invited to a place where I am told you can be a woman and treated like one as well. She told me that she had made a safe place where she connected cross dressers with man who wants them, and this fit me to a tee.
My place landed and I got my small suit case and headed for the taxi stand when I saw a man holding a sign with my name on it. I talked to him and he was sent to give me a ride to this place where I will be staying. My instructions said I had to be checked in no later than ten in the morning making me take an earlier flight.
As we drove through the gates I could see the place was set up like a small town with stores and restaurants even a place to go horseback riding. As I checked in I met for the first time my friend over the internet, her name was Janet.
‘The first thing we have to do is transform you from what you are to a real woman’ she said to me. I was measured and then shopped for woman’s clothing and had my nails done and a wig attached to my head with glue that would come off with another chemical. My entire make up was done from eye liner to mascara. Janet had given me a patch to wear while I was there and told not to remove it. I was already shaven from head to toe but was given a wax job ‘on the house’ just in case I missed anything. I spent five thousand dollars on this two week vacation to get here and another three thousand on all the extras.
After I looked like a woman Janet showed me to my seat in a restaurant with all the other cross dressers who now looked more like women than men. As we sat and talked with each other and ate Janet started to tell us what was going to happen. Each night we would be paired up with a man who wants to date a she male. She said holding her fingers up when saying she male. “these with be our dates for the evening what you do is up to you, and whether he pays for dinner or not is up to him’ She gave us the skinny on the town and what would be open at night and what would be open during the daytime. The next day would bring another date for dinner. If we like the guy we give him our hotel phone number if not don’t.
After lunch we all went back to our rooms and I looked at all the stuff Janet had me buy, from lingerie to butt plugs even some restraints but who they were for him or you wasn’t said. I was excited looking at the lingerie and some of the clothing. Janet had me buy some tight pants with a zipper from back to front around the crotch, lace panties with matching bra of course. Before I knew it, it was time for dinner. I walked into the restaurant wearing my little black dress that hung off the shoulders with my lace stockings held up by my garter belt that matched my black lace bra and panties. I was not hungry but horny. I was shown to my table with a man who was already sitting waiting for me. He stood as I was being seated.
‘Tanya? He asked extending his hand.
‘Yes’ I said with a smile to the good looking man and extended my hand in return, he promptly kissed the back off my hand and then sat back down. We both had cue cards of what to talk about and a little about ourselves. He complemented me on how great I looked many times. Dinner was over and we sat and talked over a few drinks, he even moved closer to me sitting beside me rather than across the table from me. After we had gone threw out cue cards Peter asked if I would like to go for a bit of a walk and I agreed. Once out side he put his arm around me, it felt natural and I snuggled closer to him. We stopped in front of a lingerie shop that had a playboy bunny costume in the window.
‘I think if you had that on we would never get out of bed’ he said.
‘If I had that on there might be more than one guy in bed with us’ I commented back making him smile. As we continued to talk and get to know one another he moved closer to me soon walking with his hand squeezing my ass. We both had envelopes with intimate details about one another that we could only open if the other said we could. We agreed to open them as we walked and then talk about what we read.
‘I like a girl who likes to suck cock and will swallow.’ I read the first of three intimate things we had to write down.
‘I swallow’ I said out loud to him and he smiled.
‘You like anal’ he said and I nodded. ‘Good I like that too’ he said.
‘I like a girl who is loud when being fucked’ I read out loud.
‘Yes scream like a little girl who wants it bad’ he says with a big smile across his face.
‘I see you like to be called names’ he says.
‘Not just any names humiliating names’ I correct him.
‘Well maybe you can yell out that you want me to fuck your whore of a cunt’ he said laughing, I laughed too.
We both stopped in out tracks when we read the last of each others. ‘I like being tied up and fucked hard’ he read my card.
‘And I like to tie girls up and fuck them’ I read his card. We had talked and read the card and we were now at the end of the street, leaving us facing a wooded area. He took my hand and lead me into the wood out of sight. He unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock and I squatted down taking his cock into my mouth and began sucking it. He started pumping hard into my face then shot his load in my mouth saying ‘swallow it bitch like the whore you are’ I did not need any more encourage meant and swallowed his load gratefully. We walked out of the bush and towards town, his arm around me holding me tight. ‘You’re a great cock suck’ he said whispering into my ear.
‘Thank you’ I said. ‘But I hope we are not done’ I asked.
‘My little cunt, we are not far from being done’ he replied.

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