The Girl Next Door

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I’m lying in bed next to my wife June.

I’m not really sleeping, I’m not really awake – in that half way stage between the two – sort of dozing I can hear noises in the background banging and voices.

Ummm that feels good I think to myself as I awaken a bit more my cock feels stiff wet and warm, I open my eyes slowly, still not focusing fully I look down at my cock “ummm that really feels good” I see my wife’s head bobbing up and down as she sucks my cock.

“Morning Dear” I said in that sort of drowsy half awake voice, without stopping what she doing she replies in a stifled mumble “Monin Swtie”. ”Didn’t you mother ever tell you not to speak with your mouth full” I laugh “Ummm” came the reply.

The alarm goes off I hit the OFF button, “What Day is it I ask ?” my wife repositions herself now straddling my cock she starts to grind her pussy up and down my shaft  “Saturday !  She replied.

“You forgot to turn the bloody alarm off again” I said “I thought we were going to have a lie in today”.

Between groans of pleasure June Says  “Urrrh – I could not sleep – Oooh – to much bloody noise outside, Ummm – I saw you cock – OOooh – sticking up like a tent pole under the cover and could not resist giving you a lovely – OH YEEES ! – wake up fucking –Oooh Aaarh – I feeling really horny. You fell to sleep on me last night”.  “yes well that was your fault – 6 times in a row, I needed a sleep after all that sex you were like a woman possessed, you wore me out !!” I tell her.

Jane finished, having cum several times, rolls off me.

I get out of bed still rock hard needing a pee, I open the curtains, Stretch, give a sort of satisfied yawn “AAaaarh” and scratched my balls, “I think we have new neighbours moving in?  I say looking out of the window”.  “Yes there has been a removal van outside for nearly an hour now that’s what all the noise was that woke me up” Jane said laughing “Do you have to do that by the window? Someone might see you !!”.

I wave  “I think she already has! Umm, she’s hot. I do hope that’s our new neighbour, I must go and say hello to her”.

“Well you better go pee to get rid of that early morning woody and get some cloths on” June laughs Again “You don’t want to scare the poor woman”.


A couple of days later, returning from the shops having just picked up my morning paper, walking through the park I stop look at my watch and sit on the bench just inside the entrance opposite our house.

I have my paper open but I’m not really reading it, I glance at my watch again have my thoughts on something else, “Not long now” I think to myself she will be here anytime now! And right on queue around the corner come this really gorgeous looking woman in one of those Lycra one piece jogging pants and top. It’s my new next door Neighbour she really is gorgeous and in that one piece jogging suit I could see she’s I lot hotter than that first morning I had seen her arriving.

She stops Puts one foot up on the bench and leans forward doing some stretching exercises, she does this every morning before and when returning from her early morning run, I know this because I have seen her do this the last couple of morning from my bedroom window. Pretending not to have notice her I stare at my paper, I give a sly sideways glance Umm what lovely figure she has, I sneak another glance I see the shape of her boobs and large nipple protruding through the skin type material. Another quick glance oooh a Hot sexy looking camel toe – both lips Firm and perfectly shaped showing a long deep valley in the pants of her tight outfit.  I look again – Busted she sees me looking.

Hi Neighbour” she say – “Hardly recognised you with your cloths on” laughing she point at the stiffness in my shorts and says when I last saw you he was standing to attention” “Yes he a right randy Fucker!”, “Especially when around good looking women like you”.

“Ummm I’m feeling Randy would he like to fuck Me”.

“We never turn an offer like that down” – my cock twitches, I think he’s nodding his approval I laugh” “Fancy coming over to my place?” “My name is Bethany or Beth to my Friends”  “I’m John”.


At Beth’s house, the front door shuts behind me it’s like some erotic love seen from a movie, Beth turns to me pushes me up against the door and start to kiss me her tongue finds its way into my mouth and her hands into the waistband of my shorts and boxer’s. She stand backs slightly and quickly my shorts are removed, just as quickly my t-shirt is up and over my head grabbing my stick cock she pulls me towards her.

“You don’t hang around do you” I Laugh as I put my fingers into the neck bad of her one piece jogging suit, slowly I pull the top down over her shoulders down to her waist, she removes her arms from the sleeves and wraps them around my neck pulling me in closer, again we start a kiss.

My hand wanders up her waist to her breasts, a quick fondle then my finger slip under the elasticated band, I reached around to unsnap her bra. This done, still embracing as I kissed her neck, she run her fingers through my hair and kissed my cheek, I had reached up to remove the bra straps off of her shoulders, the bra falls to the floor. She has firm, succulent 32C’s tits with the most perfect nipple just begging to be sucked and fondled. I kissed one of her nipples, fondled the other tit and gently sucked the nipple I had just kissed, moving to the other tit to do the same; I sucked that one a little, and started to nibble the nipple.  She had become very loud – moaning with each suck and was holding my head very tight against her chest. I carried on sucking her breast, caressing her belly as I slip my hands into the one piece suit again and slowly slip it down past her waist over hips and down her legs allowing it to drop to her feet she steps out.

Beth turns so she is standing back to the wall, pulls me in close my raging hard on pressed against her pussy lips, she wraps her arms around my neck, then lifting one then the other she wraps her legs around my waist, thereby exposing her pussy to my cock which slips straight up her love tunnel. Gripping tight with her legs as I pump into her like a man possessed she orgasms loudly “yes! Yesss! YEEEESS!” seeing a sofa to my right I work my way with Beth still impaled on my cock I sit her down on the edge, I’m kneeling between her leg somehow she manages to get both leg up over my shoulders my cock slips out she is so wet, Fuck my ass she asks fuck me hard, I use the juices from her soaking pussy to lubricate her ass entrance and with only a slight push I’m in slowly at first I pump my cock inside her ass each stoke pushing a little bit more of my length until fully home up to my balls. As I build up speed Beth starts moaning again loader and loader “Ooooh! Baby! I’m Cumming!!” “So am I” I pant – we both explode in one violent orgasm. We have sex on the stairs on the way to the bedroom and at least 3 more time on the bed.

Seeing the time 3p.m. Beth runs to the bathroom announcing “sorry I have to fuck and run babe, But I have to get to work, while I watch her showering she tells me how she works part time as a stripper-gram, from the wardrobe she pulls out a hanger and puts on the sexiest nurse outfit I had ever seen, “it’s one I’ve made if you want to see more of my outfits come down to my shop I own the Fancy Dress shop on the high street”. “I give you a special fashion show of some of them and maybe after we can take up where we left off.

Ummm sounds good to me I’ll bring my wife; I have an idea for a special birthday party we are planning for Bill a very good friend of ours at the Liberty Naturist Club” Do you mind if I shower before going home”. “No by all means, drop the catch on the door as you leave please” Beth asks.

“Hey honey I’ve met our new neighbour today” I announce as I get home.

“I know !” says June “she’s just told me”

Out comes Beth from the Kitchen “Surprise”. “I met June the other day when she came into my shop I think you both have the same idea about the party” we all burst out laughing.

“As you have already had the pleasure of meeting Beth she has its my turn to get acquainted with her you can watch if you want”.

Well need I say More nurse Beth and my Wife got straight to work, Beth put on a great show she gave my wife June a very thorough examination afterward both external and internal OMG that woman has the highest sex drive I have ever come across, I think we will enjoy having Beth as our Neighbour. I can’t wait till she meets the rest of our family group.

That’s another story though!


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    i want a neighbor like that!

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