The Kidnapping Of Justin Timberlake Pt. 2

I felt Christina wake me up at the crack of dawn. I’d fallen asleep for about three hours now. It was almost 7 a.m. and yet I didn’t feel tired. I woke up anxiously waiting to see Justin.

“OK it’s your turn to watch him. I wanna crash for a bit.” Christina said as her eyes looked tired.

I got up and let her sleep on the couch where I’d slept. I could see Priscilla still fast asleep in the other couch. I slowly crept into my bedroom where Justin was tied up. I walked in very quietly as I watched him sleep. He looked so sweet and innocent there just tied to my bed asleep so peacefully.

I wanted to see how his lips would feel like. I hadn’t even had the chance to kiss him! I got closer to him and leaned down and planted my lips on his. He woke up quickly not responding to my kiss.

“Well, good morning Mr. Timberlake.” I said sarcastically.

He looked outraged and scared. His eyes were so droopy from lack of sleep. Yet he still managed to turn me on.

“What’s the matter? Don’t you like me?” I teased.

“Look I’m in the middle of my tour. Please let me go and I won’t tell anyone about this.” He pleaded.

“Now where would the fun be in that?” I asked as I began to slide my hand down his boxers.

I felt him shudder a bit. “Oh come on now. Why are u doing this to me?”

I managed to grab his soft cock and began to stroke it. “Well, because your so fuckin’ hot that’s why. See, that’s what you get when you go showing off for all of us horny girls.”

I had his cock now in my hand now halfway erect. I saw his eyes close with hidden pleasure. He kept trying to fight from getting a hard on but It was impossible. I wanted to fuck him right then and there but I knew it wouldn’t be fair to my friends.

With that thought I let go of Justin’s half erect cock and tucked it back in his boxers. I leaned down again for a nice long wet kiss. I kissed him with open mouth first. He tightened his mouth trying to fight off my kiss.

“Listen, do you want me to shoot your brains out?” I asked calmly.

His eyes widened.”N-n-no!” He said nervously.

“Well, then you better kiss me and kiss me right. Lots of tongue.” I demanded.

Once again I leaned down and my kiss was welcomed this time. Justin slid his tongue in my mouth so smoothly. His kiss was so wet, so hot. I found my heart beating with excitement as I was here making out with Justin Timberlake. I began to suck on his lower lip just like I’d always fantasized. His breathing became heavier and I saw his cock begin to rise in his boxers.

“Hey!” I hear Christina yell out as she caught us kissing.

I quickly got up. “What?”

“I’m running up here to tell you that Justin is all over the news! And to top it off they interviewed that front desk clerk, and he described us!”

I felt my heart sink. Damn now we were going to jail for kidnapping for sure! I tired to calm down trying to think of a plan.

“OK we have to remain calm.” I said begin to pace around the room.

I could see Justin’s face brighten up. He looked relieved. No way was I going to let anyone catch us. I wanted to keep Mr. Timberlake in my possession for a lot longer.

“It’s OK Jessy, we’ll think of something. I’m gonna go home actually for a while. I gotta take a shower and change. I’ll be back in about three or four hours OK?” Christina was already heading out the door.

I looked at Justin as he just laid their with a mischievous grin on his cute face. I knew he was going to be pleased when they authorities caught us and threw our asses in jail.

“What are you smiling at?” I asked Justin in an angry tone.

“I told you that you and your slut friends are going to get caught and then I’ll make sure they put you in jail for a long long time!”

I narrowed my eyes at him. “No sweetheart, we’re not getting caught, and if we do, we are going to make sure we have our fun with you first.”

His eyes widen with fear. “Fuck you bitch!” That was all that he could say.

I didn’t say anything, I just stormed out of the room pissed off. I ran downstairs and saw that Priscilla was watching the news.

“Jessy sounds like we are in deep shit!” Priscilla said nervously biting on her fingernails.

“Prissy calm down. They don’t know who we are. Just cuz some desk clerk described us don’t mean shit.”

“Well, I hope your right. What is Justin doing anyway?”

“That asshole is just hoping that they catch us that’s all. He’s such a prick I swear!”

Priscilla stopped turned off the television and just glared at me.

“What?” I asked as I kept pacing the room again.

“You are in love with Justin aren’t you?” Priscilla blurted out.

I felt my face blush. “W-what? N-n-no way!”

“Yeah right! I know you. We’ve been friends forever and I know when you got more than a crush on a guy.”

“Whatever! Now you gotta help me here. There’s gotta be some way to blackmail Justin in case we do get caught.”

Priscilla was about to speak when we heard a loud ruckus upstairs. We looked at each other in panic and both rushed upstairs. I saw Justin trying to get our attention by trying to pound his hand on the headboard of the bed.

“Now what?” I asked in frustration.

Justin looked up at me. “Um I gotta go to the restroom.”

Priscilla and I exchanged looks of disgust. “OK now how do you wanna handle this?” Priscilla whispered to me.

“Fuck! I don’t know.” I said quietly.

I looked around and saw that I had a pair of handcuffs under the bed. They’d been a gift from an old boyfriend a few years ago. I’d used them occasionally with other guys and now it was my turn to use them on Justin. I quickly reached down to get them and I finally had my solution to this tedious little problem.

“Oooh good idea!” Exclaimed Priscilla.

I smiled with satisfaction and both of us began to free Mr. Timberlake. I let one hand free and was about to put a handcuff on there but then I just looked at his hand. I started to place it on my chest. His eyes never left my chest. I got his hand and slid it all over my tits as my nipples hardened. His touch was just delicious.

“Ahem!” Priscilla said clearing her throat.

“Oh sorry!” I said giggling.

We managed to handcuff Justin and we walked him to the restroom. I looked around and saw there was the towel rack right by the toilet and we could probably handcuff one hand to that and let the other hand free so he could do his restroom thing.

“I’m gonna need a few minutes.” Justin said shyly.

“Eww!” Priscilla and I shrieked in unison.

We closed the door and let him finish up. I knew he’d be hungry so I knew I’d have to make breakfast for us. Justin took a few minutes and then called for us to get him out. I handcuffed him once again. I washed his hands for him and was ready to get him back on the bed. We decided to handcuff him up to the bed instead of tying him up again. He laid in there once again so helpless.

“Are you hungry Mr. Timberlake?” I asked kindly.

“uh huh” He said nodding.

“Prissy, can you stay here and watch him while I go cook us some breakfast?”

“What? You? cooking? Now this I gotta see!” Priscilla said laughing.

I ignored her smart ass comment and heading downstairs. I managed to cook up some French toast, eggs and ham. I also whipped up a nice fruit salad. I made enough for the three of us since Christina wasn’t there yet.

I fed Justin his meal as he devoured the food. He must have been starving especially from smoking all that weed last night. We finally finished our breakfast and Justin had to go to the restroom once again. Prissy and I did the same ritual as before.

We were going to tie Justin back to the bed but instead I figured he need a
bath by now. I turned on the warm water in my shower. I wanted a bath so bad as well.

“OK so let’s handcuff him to this railing here.” Priscilla said pointing to the silver railing.

“Are you taking a bath too?” I asked Priscill
a as she held on to the gun.

“No, why don’t you two go first?” She said wickedly. “Besides, you need to wash him so might as well be showering with him.”

I shrugged pretending not to care, but deep down I was filled with excitement. I could wait to feel Justin’s wet body against mine. I couldn’t wait to lather up his whole body with soap.

“I’ll be right out here if you need me.” Priscilla said as she walked out leaving the door open.

Justin stood there waiting for me to make my first move. He was handcuffed to the railing and I began to slide off his boxers and threw them on the floor. I quickly took off my T-shirt and shorts. Justin’s eyes gazed down as I took off my panties to show him my bare pussy. He stayed quiet as his Justin’s eyes took in every glimpse of my body.

I turned on the water to a higher level as it began to drench us. His curly hair was all so wet now and I began to lather up a washcloth for some good cleaning. Both of our bodies all wet all warm. I started to wash him up with lots of soap. I slowly moved the washcloth all over him. I saw his eyes close for a moment and watched his cock begin to grow. He was secretly loving all the attention I was giving him. He probably never got this special treatment from that cunt Britney Spears.

I moved closer to him as my breasts rubbed up against his back. I watched the soap suds cling on to my nipples as I began to rub Justin’s cock from behind. “Mmmm,” I heard him moan softly.

“Hey now this looks like fun!” I heard Priscilla say as I quickly let go of Justin’s cock.

She was peeping in the bathroom and watching Justin and I shower together.

“It is fun! You should join in!” I said wickedly.

“I think I will! Whoo!” She called out as she began to take off her clothes. She gently put the gun down by the sink ready to join in.

I went back to bathing Justin, and a few seconds later Priscilla joined us. He snatched the wash cloth away from me and began to wash Justin. I just watched in a bit of jealousy.

“Wash yourself up while I finish him off.” Priscilla whispered as I started to clean myself off.

I made sure to wash up my pussy really clean. I wanted to be all tidy for Mr. Timberlake. I grabbed my own washcloth and bean to rub it on my pussy cleaning it up. I rubbed as I watched Priscilla and Justin now making out. She slid her naked body all over his and I could see his cock now throbbing with excitement. I felt my pussy begin to juice. I rubbed harder on it and little by little I was coming closer to an orgasm. As soon as I saw Priscilla’s hand reach down to touch Justin’s cock, I felt my whole body tighten up as I was cumming so good and so hard.

They both turned to look at me as I came on my own. Priscilla raised her eyebrows, “Gee Mr. Timberlake, see how hot you get my friend!”

I felt myself turn bright red as Justin looked over at me in amazement. He had a really sweet glow to his face. God I wanted to fuck him!

Priscilla began to wash up as I rinsed myself and Justin off. We waited a few minutes after Priscilla finished and she went to dry off and get the gun. I began to remove the handcuffs from the railing and handcuffed Justin with his hands behind his back. Priscilla began to dry him off and I dried myself.

We decided to leave Justin completely naked as we handcuffed him back to the bed. I was so glad that at least Mr. Timberlake hadn’t given us a hard time and tried to run off or do something stupid.

Priscilla and I laid next to him. All of us naked we cuddled so close to Mr. Timberlake. I felt myself begin to drift off into a sleep until I heard a car door outside. I was quickly shaken by the noise and I ran towards the window. I was relieved to see it was Christina.

“What? Who is it? “Priscilla said begin to rise.

“No don’t worry it’s just Christina. She’s back now.”

I heard Christina walk upstairs but to my surpass she had a guy with her! What the fuck was wrong with my friend? I quickly grabbed some sheets to cover my naked self and covered Justin up. I threw Priscilla Justin’s T-shirt to cover herself up.

“Hey guys what’s up?” Christina asked sounding so cheerful.

“Christy? What the fuck? Who is this guy? Why is he here?” I asked angrily.

“Jessy, this is Ryan. He’s the guy I blew to get your dream guy here remember?”

I looked up and down at the handsome young man. He’d been the bellboy Christina sucked to get Justin’s room number. He looked so innocent with his short light brown hair and sweet blue eyes.

“OK now I remember but why did you bring him here?”

“My dear friends I’ve come up with a great blackmail plan. You see, cute Ryan here is bi. So I brought him and my video camera to tape Mr. Timberlake showing off his bi side.”

Priscilla and I looked at each other with satisfaction. What a brilliant idea! I looked over to Justin and saw his face cringe at the thought of being with another guy.

“Damn good idea Christy!” Priscilla exclaimed.

“Yeah and besides Ryan is a huge Timberlake fan too!”

I knew Christina’s plan was brilliant but the thought of Justin being with another guy was not so good for me. I only wanted Justin for myself!

“Ah I see you two have already started this little party huh?” Christina asked as she saw Priscilla and I half naked.

“No, we were waiting for you.” I said teasingly.

“Yeah right! Well, anyway I got my video camera here so Ryan start getting naked now baby. It’s party time!”

All three of us watched young Ryan take off his clothes all the way down to his flannel boxers. He had a pretty decent body for looking so young. Nice tan skin and smooth hairless chest. His six pack stomach was just developing.

“OK now Mr. Timberlake, I’d like you to meet your biggest male fan. This is Ryan, Ryan meet Mr. Justin Timberlake.” Christina was introducing the two young guys.

“Hi. So glad to meet you.” Ryan spoke softly.

“H-h-hi” Justin said nervously.

Justin’s eyes were filled with fear and shock. Christina began to turn on her video camera ready to film this wild sexy sight.

Ryan began to get on the bed and Justin just looked over at me with desperate eyes. I knew he wanted me to bail him out. I wanted to do it but I knew this was going to be our blackmail.

“OK Ryan kiss him now,” Christina demanded.

“Wait! I don’t want to do this. I’m not into guys!” Justin cried out.

My heart went out to him but I just had to remember that this was going to save us from going to jail.

Ryan paused for a moment and looked over at Christina who was already filming.

“I don’t give a fuck if your into guys or not, this is a kidnapping sweetheart, you do things forcefully whether you like it or not!” Christina was now really pissed off.

“OK Ryan please proceed,” she continued as she filmed.

Ryan moved closer to Justin. He slowly began to get on top of him. Justin tried to turn his face away from Ryan, but Ryan managed to kiss him before Justin could move. Ryan’s lips glided on so smoothly on Justin’s. Justin kept his mouth closed as Ryan slid his tongue on Justin’s lips.

Christina stood right next to them filming. “You better kiss him back you stupid asshole or else you’ll have your brains splattered all over this room!” she called out to Justin.

Priscilla and I just stood there mesmerized by the sight of these two hotties kissing. Justin’s mouth opened up a bit as the guys were now slipping their tongues in each others mouth. It was just so strange but yet so intriguing.

Ryan began to moved down slowly as he took off Justin’s cover and exposed Justin’s hard on. He grabbed Justin’s cock and began to jerk him off. Justin closed his eyes and began to squirm around. He was loving this! It was just so sexy!

“Oooh yes! Suck o
n his cock!” I heard Priscilla holler.

Ryan eased down Justin’s body more as his mouth was now by his cock. He began to lick Justin’s prick. Slowly licking every inch of it.
Ryan’s tongue glided
with ease as Justin moaned quietly.

“Hey! Mr. Timberlake is liking it!” Christina said laughing.

Priscilla and I continued to watch in awe. Justin’s cock was now so hard and so ready to get sucked. Ryan slowly began to swallow up Justin’s cock more and more. Finally he had it all in his mouth. He bobbed his head up and down slowly making Justin squirm around.

I saw Christina begin to unbutton her top as she continue to film. Priscilla was already begin to finger her own pussy and I was starting to rub my nipples.

“Here,” Christina told Priscilla, “film for a while, I wanna ride Mr. Timberlakes face.”

Priscilla paused her own masturbation and took the camera. I watched Christina strip down naked and crawl on the bed ready to fuck Justin’s face.

“Now you better eat my pussy good or else your dead,” Christina said sternly down at Justin’s face.

She dropped her pussy down on his face and began to move her hips. I could faintly hear Justin’s tongue slap on Christina’s clit.

I found my hand beginning to slide down to my pussy. I started to finger fuck myself as I watched the dirty blowjob and my friend getting her pussy eaten out. Christina’s began to moan loudly as her back begin to arch. She and Ryan then began to take turns sucking Justin’s cock.

Priscilla continued to film as her hands began to play with her own clit. It was all such an intense moment. After a few minutes of having her pussy licked, Christina let out a cry of her orgasm. Her body trembled as she oozed all her juices on Mr. Timberlakes face. She stayed in place for a few seconds trying to catch her breath.

“OK, Jessica, your turn to fuck his face.” She said to me as she got off Justin.

Christina got a hold of the camera again letting know Priscilla that it was her turn after me.

Without thinking twice, I quickly ran over to the bed so ready to fuck my babe’s cute little innocent face. I propped my pussy on Justin’s sweet lips. Right away he started swirling his tongue on my clit making me so hot! I watched Ryan continue to suck Justin’s cock as Ryan began to reach out and rub on my nipples. It didn’t take long before I began to climax so hard! I closed my eyes as I came on Justin’s face. It was the most intense orgasm ever! I felt my thighs now so wet and slippery.

I got off Justin’s face and now it was Priscilla’s turn to get her pussy licked. She got on top of Justin’s face but in a reverse position. Her back was towards Ryan and she just leaned back a bit with her hard nipples up in the air. She began to bounce her little body up and down gently as she too quickly came to an orgasm as I watched Justin madly lick her pussy. She almost screamed out letting us almost feel her orgasm.

Priscilla rested her pussy on Justin’s lips for a while and finally it was the big moment. Justin began to muffle under Priscilla’s pussy.

“I think he’s gonna cum!” Christina shouted out.

Priscilla quickly got off Justin leaving his face all wet and slippery from our pussy juices. We all watched closely as Mr. Timberlake came in Ryan’s mouth. He moaned like a mad man. I could see his whole body tightening up.

“Ryan don’t swallow it! Go and spit it back in his mouth!” Priscilla yelled out.

Young Ryan closed his mouth tightly and moved up towards Justin’s mouth. He planted his lips on Justin’s, letting Justin taste his own cum. The guys continued to kiss roughly as they shared the taste of cum.

I felt my heart pounding with excitement as Ryan began to pull out his cock. He looked and me and then at Priscilla. It was a cue to go suck him off. We rushed over to him taking his nice hard cock into our mouths. We took turns sucking it and not even three minutes later Ryan was ready to explode!

“Cum in his face!” Christina yelled out excitedly.

Ryan stood up on top of Justin as he jerked off his own cock and began to cum on Justin’s face. Justin’s face cringed as the warm cum fell on him.

“Whoo! Yeah!” We all cheered.

Ryan got up and snatched the camera from Christina. “OK now you gotta finish cleaning up that mess.” He said as he began to take his turn filming.

The three of us gathered around Justin like kitty cats and began licking off Ryan’s cum from Justin’s face. He kissed him, we licked him and he loved it all. Our mouths were now left with the bittersweet taste of Ryan’s cum. It was incredibly erotic!

Afterwards we all seemed to be exhausted. Ryan rolled up some joints for all of us and we all smoked out together getting high and finally we all fell asleep.

It was about eight o’clock when we all woke up. Christina and Ryan had already left. I found a note Christina wrote me saying she’d taken Ryan back home and she was going to go get some Chinese take out. I was starving! And so was Priscilla and Justin. Priscilla and I laid in my big bed cuddling against Justin.

I kept having more fantasies about Justin in my head. We’d sucked him and we let him eat our pussies, yet we still had to fuck him. Oh that was going to be hot! I smiled to myself just thinking of what his cock would feel like inside me.

Christina arrived half and hour later with the food. We all sat around in my room and ate happily. We all took turns feeding Justin as he devoured the food. Finally we all felt better and with more energy.

“OK it’s going to be shower time again Mr. Timberlake.” I said as I crawled on top of Justin.

Christina and Priscilla surrounded us. Justin looked now still a bit fearful but yet curious about what was going to happen next.

to be continued……

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