The Lucky Couple

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“Full house!” says Seth loudly. “I’m in.” “Me, too.” I look at everyone, sigh, and say “I’m…” and slam down my hand, “..not, straight flush, baby! Woohoo!” I’ll stop here a second to fill you all in, on the goings on here. My name is Sal. I’ve just been married about ten months. My wife, Patty, is seven months pregnant with our first child. Both of us had met online and both of us had been very interested in the lifestyle. We had tried joining a few different groups, before we found the one that best suited us. At least one or two weekends out of the months, the group would meet, have socials, hang out, and just do whatever. Sexual contact was not a necessity, but all were cool and relaxed with this vibe of open sexuality. We were all loose, practically. It hadn’t taken us long at all to get to know everyone in the group. It was just about a good time, and many times, me and my wife would end up, for parts of the night, doing our own things. But it only made it all the more sweeter when we got home and shared some of our experiences, which only served to bring us closer together. This time, we were having a poker game where the guys competed, representing the couple of themselves and their wives. The winning couple, at the end of the game, was to receive a certain treat. One of the members of our club had gotten an idea from seeing an old Japanese adult film where fifty or more men would gather around one girl and cum into her mouth. As they did, she would spit it all into a glass pitcher which she was holding. After the guys had finished, she would play with and then swallow the entire contents of the pitcher. Well, anyway, the member suggested that we try to duplicate this with a couple, husband and wife both, on the receiving end.

So here we are. So they got onto many swinger sites and invited as many guys as would come. Most were perfect strangers. Back to the “party” though. After a very close game, I end up winning for me and my pregnant wife. “You thirsty, baby?” She just smiles and we all joke around a bit as she sips on her bottled water. A few people are already playing around in other corners of the place. Most everyone is saving their energy for later, though. We then get up and help to clear the kitchen of most of it’s furniture until the floor is bare. Seth, who rented the condo we were staying at, tells us that the “guests” should start arriving soon. As soon as at least around thirty shown up, the ball would get rolling. So we hung ut a bit longer as a lot of the guys started showing up. We had about twenty something guys, including our club members, when we were told to undress and sit on the ground, facing each other, ten feet apart. I sat on one side of the kitchen, and my pregnant fullbellied wife on the other. The glass pitchers were tied around our necks, to give us free hands, though we ended up holding them most of the time anyway. Some of the guys that shown up were gay, some were straight, many were somewhere between. All types. It looked as if many of them couldn’t wait to start. The first came up to me with his large hard cock and pulled it up, letting it go to smack my forehead as I heard my wife sucking hard on some other strange guy’s hard cock. I suck on the one in front of me for a few minutes, before he pulls back and unloads what seems like a very large load into my mouth.

I spit it into my cup as my wife does the same. I hear someone yell “Remember, momma’s drinking for two!” Patty laughs and says “Yeah, so give me all the hot cum you got!” “Fuck yeah!” I add as another guy cums hard into my mouth. The next guy comes up to me, jacking fast and hard as if he’s about to blow, but can’t quite get there. I clamp my mouth down around his swollen member and start giving him an extremely sloppy blowjob , coming up with a smacking suction noise, and he finally blows. I then see that Patty has two guys cumming in her mouth simultaneously. “Mmmm” she moans. After about twenty more loads, my glass started to fill. Then, I see one guy come up fast and unexpectedly and , from nowhere, grab the back of my head, and start to thrust his hips and monstrous tool into my face hard, gagging me. He pulls out and cums, too. I can’t get all of it, as some of it goes directly down my throat and I’m sure my wife has swallowed her share, too. But we are both moaning in delight, and after a bit, both of us have our pitchers about a quarter full. We then stop and Seth grabs both pitchers and combines them into one. “Ladies first” he says, handing the glass to Patty. She takes it, smiling, and lifts it up to start pouring it down her throat. Some spills on the corners of her mouth, too as she greedily chugs the manjuice. Then, after it’s half gone, she stops and hands it to me. I put it directly to my lips and tilt back as it pours down my throat and out the sides of my mouth.

I turn to Patty, with cum around both of our mouths and dripping down, and kiss her hard as I start to move into missionary position with everyone watching us. Seth stops us and tells us to “Wait one minute.” They drag out a small children’s wading pool and tell all of the guys to put in all they have left. So many guys ended up coming ,and cumming,that they filled the entire kiddie pool with hot manjuice. Then, they finally let us go as I was careful to lay her back because of her pregnancy, but then tore away hard at her vagina, which was now at a more sensitive point than it had been in the past. Cum flew everywhere as we kissed, slipped, slided, and fucked in one big cumcovered mass as the audience cheered us on. Most of the women in attendance got off many times themselves just watching. After going home that night, me and Patty knew that as long as we both lived and breathed, we could never be apart.

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  1. creameater

    love those cum fantasies, especially when it is in a competetive format. you and the wife seeing who can feel up the pitcher first

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