The party flop

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I had booked the party presentation and had been looking forward to the evening for ages. Then first Brian rang from an airport somewhere to say he was stuck out of town unexpectedly. Then Kelly and Reese had to go to a family function because Reese’s mother was cracking the sads about something or other and finally Linda had to bail because of end-of-month processing at work meant she was snowed under. Bugger. And it was too late to re-book or cancel otherwise I would loose the $1000 booking fee.
Oh, well, I thought, at least I’d get the rep to go through the stock and maybe pick up something for myself to play with, or at least get an idea for another party another time.
So, I set up the lounge as I if I was going to have the party, moved furniture out of the way and had a (hopefully) big enough area to lay out any items or have room for a mini-runway for any clothes items.
I’d been fixing myself a few drinks during the afternoon, so was getting a bit loaded and didn’t realise what the time was until I heard the doorbell go. I looked up and it was already 7:00PM. Shit. I was halfway through shaving in the bathroom, so I threw on my robe and went to open the door for the rep.
Sasha was waiting patiently for me, we knew each other form previous gigs. She gave me a wicked grin when she saw me in a robe and shaving cream all over my face, ‘You still look gorgeous Hon!’ she pestered. ‘You go finish up and I’ll set up in the lounge. I’ve brought some helpers so I’ll be fine.’
I didn’t look, I just returned to the bedroom and finished my shave and took some time getting dressed, relaxing knowing that Sasha was pretty cool with things.
When I emerged I was pleasantly surprised by two assistants with Sasha. A tall guy with dirty blonde hair and a deep tan and another woman, very well endowed woman with legs that seemed to go forever. Sasha introduced them as Mac and Mikey.
I shook their hands noticing the firm grip from Mac and the sparkly blue green of his eyes. Mikey was a little shy and just nodded her head.
‘Well,’ I blurted out, ‘sorry all, but you’ll just have to do with me tonight. Everyone else has bailed, so it will just be pretty quiet but hopefully you can give me some ideas for another party.’
‘Hmm,’ started Sasha, ‘maybe we can.’ and that wicked little grin played over her full lips again.
I went to the kitchen and called out for drinks. Mac went for a beer (typical bloke) and the women opted for spirits. I brought out a tray and some nibbles on the side.
I plopped into a lounge chail and said, ‘So Sash, what’s new?’
I looked around at what had been set out and spotted a few novelties that I hadn’t seen before. Bluetooth remote controlled vibrators, massagers that worked in time with movies, new scented oils and a couple of board games. I moved closer to the games and had a look, ‘What are these?’ I asked.
‘Well,’ Sasha started, ‘One is a bit like Clue, great fun in a big house like yours. There’s the twister one, but I think you’ve seen that. And then there’s Monopoly for Hookers. That’s a real hoot.’ She passed it over for me to look at. I have to admit to having a giggle at some of the rules and the thought of playing it did give my dick a twitch.
‘But I brought Mac and Mikey with me to model some of the new clothes items. Interested in looking through the catalogue?’ Sasha handed it over then, as she is a bit of a regular in my house, went to the hi-fi and started going through some music and settled on some ambient jazz.
The catalogue (and the alcohol that I had already drunk) really got the engine running. There were great looking leather pants, crotchless and some even had fittings for strap-ons or butt plugs. Some great looking lingerie and very sexy dress-ups.
‘So.’ said Sasha, ‘Want to see anything in particular?’ Well, with the drink and now getting revved up from the catalogue, I wouldn’t mind seeing Mac dressed in something or Mikey giving me a peek at those huge tits of hers. I moved my cock around, hopefullly not too obviously, and pointed to a fishnet body stocking and the leather crotchless pants. ‘What about those? Have you got them with you?’
Mac and Mikey went into the other room to change and Sasha started talking pricing options on the party plan. I started to regret not having the others here, as this was usually when things started to pick up and the group would be trying stuff on themselves and others. Then Mac walked back in. His deep tan set off the deep green of the leather pants. He had a pair of black leather briefs on underneath and I could see he had a healthy bulge under that. As he walked he spun around to show how the pants fit tight across his butt, then he bent over at the waist to show how the pants split. God, I almost came in my pants! I took another gulp of my drink and as I looked at Sasha, she was almost doubled over laughing. I threw a piece of cabanossi at her to get her to shut up, she was distracting me from my hard cock and fantasies!
Sasha told him to change into one of the other outfits, then Mikey came in. She had the fishnet body stocking on, and it barely contained her ample breasts. The nipples were poking through causing them to be excited by the fabric so stood proud of the outfit. There was a g-string panty as part of the outfit, but it didn’t seem to fit right for her and she kept fiddling with the arrangement. It did look very appealling, but the bright blue colour was a bit offputting. When she turned her fleshy butt cheeks showed nicely through the fabric as well.
I couldn’t really help myself and stood next to her and reached out to caress her in the outfit. ‘Looks nice and feels good to me. What’s it llike for you?’ Mikey just looked at me and said, ‘Fine I guess, but the holes irritate my tits a bit.’ I reached out a warm hand and stroked her firm and ample bossom, ‘But that makes them all the more pleasing to look at and touch.’ I smiled. My cock was obviously hard so she extended her hand and brushed across the front of my pants, ‘Happy to oblige.’ she winked. She turned again and went back to the other room.
Mac re-entered, this time with another of the leather pants, red ones this time, and a tiny g-string bikini that barely contained his meat in front. He was obviously liking the dress-up routine,, and I appreciated his fine form in it as well.I reached out as he stood in front of me and although the red leather was a bit garish, the leather itself was very soft and smooth. My cock throbbed merely touching it. I wondered about how it must feel, but by the look of Mac’s expanding dick, guessed it must be good.
Sasha had changed the music to more soft nightclub dance tracks. Then she offered another pair of trousers for me to try. A black pair with no underwear. I couldn’t wait to get my clothes off and into that soft leather. It felt so sensuous pulling the material up my legs. My hard cock standing out now free of my clothes. I had another sip of my drink then started to sway to the music. Mikey came back into the room wearing some thigh high black boots and what looked like a very real strap-on below her large leather belt. She also had a leather corslet that let her tits hang free. It looked stunning. Sasha joined in the dancing with a silky see-through sarong and Mac finished up re-entering totally naked with only some nipple clamps and a chain between.
Sasha had also laid out some aromas that were teasing the air with their scent, but I grabbed one of the small bottles and inhaled deeply then moved behind Mikey. I wanted a handful of those tits and to rest my hard cock between thsoe warm fleshy mounds of her arse. That’s when I realised that the strap-on wasn’t a strap-on. It was a real dick. Now I understood Sasha’s wicked grin. She knew what I liked. I reached down and stroked that hard meat of Mikey’s then I felt a warm body come behind me and felt warm breasts pressing into my back, then another insistence at my hole. I turned to see Sasha coming close, but Mac wanting a bit more than just showing himself off. I released Mickeys great tits and bent forward. Mac slid his cock over my arse then I felt his body rub across mine then the wetness of his mouth drenched my hole. He rimmed me like there was no tomorrow. Another breath of aroma and I had Sasha face me and feed me her moist cunt, the full lips parting before my searching tongue before it rested on her clit then moved it around an increasingly damp area. She moaned loudly. Good, I thought, I loved it when she got going. I heard her start to direct things, ‘Yes, lick that wet cunt of mine. Mac, get your cock in his hole and fuck him.’ She held out the popper for me then inhaled herself. Mikey came around behind her and she turned and took a mouthful of those breasts biting gently on the erect nipples.
I gasped as I felt Mac’s hard cock press inside through the sphincter then slide up and caress my insides. Sasha shuddered as my tongue continued to lap up her juices and stimulate her to climax and just as I began to feel some warm juice on my face, I straightened and plunged my hard cock into her wet hole making sure not to dislodge Mac from behind me.
Mikey then came around front of me and Sasha and we shared that flesh pole together, licking and sucking on the hard knob and sucking on the firm ball sack.
I could feel Sasha continue to cum as I fucked her, then Mikey straightened and stroked on her cock and sent forth a gush of cream that Sasha and I greedily shared.
I felt that Mac was missing out, so I moved off his pole and extracted from Sasha’s pulsating cunt to I could give him some direct attention. I went to work on his hard cock sucking it to the base, feeling it go deep into my throat, just as I felt a warm mouth around my pole and seeing Sasha’s eager face bobbing up and down. Then Mikey came behind to resume fucking me. Just then Mac grunted and I felt a warm glob shoot into my mouth and that triggered it for me. As Mac pumped his cream into my throat, I eased Sasha off my cock and using her spit as lube jerked a few strokes then covered Sasha’s tits with my load.
We all lay on the floor for a few minutes to catch our breath and then Sasha suggested the Monopoly game. Needless to say, we played long and hard that night. It wasn’t such a party flop after all.

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