The Perfect Business Trip – Part 2

Saturday Morning

Around 7:30 or 8:00, I slowly awakened. I realized I had a raging hard-on and it needed relief. “What the hell is this? I’ve got a hard cock and not a single slave is taking care of it!” I roared. Jeff and Janet both jumped, reaching for my cock. Jeff was the fastest, gripping my cock in his hand. “We’re sorry Master,” he said. Since he was the first to grab my prick, I decided to have a little fun with Jeff’s idea of being a slave. “Well, boy, it looks like you won the toss. Do you plan on shaking hands with it all day or are you going to relieve it?” I asked. Jeff froze. He wasn’t sure what to do. He glanced at Janet, my cock and then me. “Well, do something or forfeit to the girl,” I demanded. Jeff began to slowly stroke my dick. “Forget it, boy. I can jerk off without having a slave do it for me. Provide something more or move aside for the girl,” I said. Jeff wasn’t going to lose the chance to be a complete slave easily. He leaned forward and licked at my dick with his tongue. Janet gasped; obviously surprised her husband was tempted to go further in his submission. “That’s nice but my cock need a good sucking or fucking. Do one of those or get out of the bed. I need to cum in a warm hole sometime today!” I bitched, fully expecting him to get out of the way. Jeff surprised Janet and me both. He leaned forward and wrapped his lips around the head of my cock. I inhaled at the contact. I had never had my cock in another guy’s mouth. I could feel his tongue playing over and around the bulb of my cockhead. Janet sat up, her eyes wide, and shifted forward to watch what he did.
It was a totally new experience for me. I had been approached a couple of times by other men when I was traveling. I had never really had any inclination to switch hit. There was usually a willing lady around to handle my needs. This was different. This man had volunteered to be my sex slave for the weekend. He wanted to serve my needs. After a moment or two of shock, I decided to see what would happen. “Boy, that tongue lashing is good but the rest of my cock would like to join in on the fun. Think you can slip a little lower down the shaft? See how much of that mother you can handle. Girl, you can move to get a good view of this cock-sucking boy. You can even masturbate while you watch if you wish,” I said. Janet quickly shifted to lay her head on my hip and I saw her thighs spread and her hand disappear between them. Jeff dipped a little lower on my cock, maybe an inch below the head. Bobbing slowly over my crotch, Jeff worked hard at sucking my prick. He never managed to get more than half of it in his mouth. I doubt if his technique was causing it, but I could feel my desire to cum in his mouth building. It was probably more mental stimulation than anything. For the first time ever, I had a male sex slave. Even better, he was willing to try to suck my cock in order to please me. I watched as Jeff sucked me and his wife masturbated while watching my cock slide between her husband’s lips. Janet was soon thrashing in orgasm as she watched Jeff pumping my cock into his face. I wasn’t far behind. Flexing my cock upward, I grabbed Jeff’s head and held him in place as my balls blew a load of cum in his mouth. He sucked and swallowed but still had jism leaking all around my dick. When I relaxed some, I allowed him to continue sucking until I had nothing left to offer.
“Boy, was that your first time?” I asked.
“Yes, Master.” Jeff replied.
“Well, for a half-assed cock-sucking, it wasn’t too bad. With some practice, you may learn to really eat cock. For now, I will reward you. You may fuck the girl. I usually don’t allow a slave to use a hole I plan to use that day but we’ll be showering soon and you can clean up your mess. Go ahead; fuck her,” I said. Jeff wasted no time. When he stood to move over his wife, I could see that cocksucking had excited him. His dick was standing tall, waving in the breeze as it sought a hole to bury itself in. He literally jumped on Janet, slamming his prick into her just finger-fucked pussy. It only took him about five hard thrusts and I saw his buttocks clench as he drove his cock deep, emptying his load in her cunt. After everyone had recovered some, I informed Jeff and Janet that it was time for a shower. We headed for the master bath.
Once the water temperature was adjusted, the three of us climbed in. I directed Jeff and Janet on how to wash and stimulate their master in the shower. It involved a lot of tongue action with some sucking thrown in for good measure. Jeff was able to take my entire flaccid penis in his mouth. They scrubbed me from top to bottom, front to back, and Janet proved to be excellent at rimming a clean asshole. By the time they had dried themselves and me, Jeff and I were both visibly ready to continue. Slipping on the terry cloth robes furnished by the hotel, we left the bath and ordered three large breakfasts from room service. We needed the energy. As we waited for breakfast to be delivered, I noticed a video camera case sitting beside the couch. I asked Jeff about it and he proudly showed off his new toy, the latest in digital tape camcorders. He had a complete accessory set to include wireless remote, extra long-life batteries with separate chargers and a quick-release tripod. Jeff explained that he had purchased it just recently for their honeymoon trip. I made a mental note of the tapes needed. I could think of some honeymoon adventures they might want to remember with a Kodak minute.
Breakfast was an interesting session of eating, groping and grabbing. Most of the time I found either Jeff or Janet stroking my cock. Jeff did manage to spill some maple syrup in my lap so he had to drop beneath the table to lick me clean. If I hadn’t stopped him before it was too late, more than my meal would have been finished. By the end of the meal, I was definitely ready to fuck somebody.
“Girl, come here and bend over the edge of the table. Slip back so your ass is about a foot away from the edge. That’s good. Keep that position. Boy, sit on the floor and move between the girl’s legs so you can lick her cunt while I fuck her. I already know you like the taste of pussy, cock and cum. This way you’ll get all three,” I said as I stood up. My dick was hard and throbbing from the shower and breakfast action. With my slaves in position, I moved forward to take Janet’s pussy as she bent over the table. Jeff, however, wanted a little more action and, as my cock slid between Janet’s thighs, he sucked the head of it into his mouth. Pulling back, I told him, “Boy, you had my cock last. It is the girl’s turn. You’ll have to wait. I promise you’ll get more training in cock-sucking later.” “Yes, Master,” Jeff pouted. It didn’t help. Two more attempts to penetrate Janet had the same result.
Beginning to feel a little frustrated, I yelled at Jeff, “Boy, I am going to fuck the girl. Since you are so determined to eat cock, I will make sure you get more. When I’m ready to cum, I’ll pull out of the girl and you can have the load in your mouth. Until then, lick her pussy and my cock as I fuck her or I will have to dismiss you from my service.” This got Jeff’s attention. When I moved to mount Janet the next time, Jeff guided my cock to her pussy. As I pumped my prick into her, I could feel Jeff working her clit and my cock with his tongue. Janet soon hit her peak, her pussy clamped on me and her juices flowed as she orgasmed. A few strokes later, I felt myself ready to blow. “Boy, here I cum. Open wide and take this load,” I moaned. Slipping from Janet’s cunt, I thrust forward and felt Jeff’s mouth engulf the end of my dick. I exploded as his lips suctioned on my meat. Thrusting forward, I slammed Janet further upon the table and buried about half my cock into Jeff’s mouth, my cum surging forth to fill his waiting cheeks. Jeff patiently took all of it and gently sucked the last drops from my prick. “Thank you, Master,” was the o
nly comment I heard.After a short recovery period, I informed Jeff and Janet I was leaving for a while. As I dressed, I explained they were to get dressed, have the maid clean the room and await my return. They were not to wear any underwear in my absence nor were they to have sex in any form. They could order lunch from room service but could not leave the room. I would return within a few hours and expected them to be ready to serve when I arrived. They were directed to strip and assume the position awaiting me as soon as the maid had departed and lunch had been served. They responded with “Yes, Master” and I left.
Stopping by my room, I tried my fiancee again. Still no answer so I left another message that I was going to be away from the room and would call when I could. I hoped she was having as much fun as I was and knew I would owe her a couple of extras, sexual or otherwise, when I got home. After a quick change of clothes, I packed up some items into a small carry-on bag to pick up when I got back. I then headed out to a local 24/7 adult bookstore I had seen. I needed some ideas for the rest of the weekend. I was used to playing games with my fiancee and other women but having Janet and Jeff was something new. Maybe I could get some inspiration from some of the videos.
Arriving at the bookstore, I entered and wandered through the store. It had any and all the toys and accessories that anyone might want for sex play. I bought a handful of video tokens and headed for the back of the store. Checking out the selection, I noticed they had about 15 channels that featured dominance and submission. The other 40 or so channels dealt with straight, gay, lesbian and almost every combination of those that could be conceived. It even looked like they had a couple that dealt with people and their pets. I can handle a lot but Lassie isn’t my type. The viewing booths were nice. Each had a locking door, a large screen monitor, two comfortable chairs and a remote secured by a cable attached to the wall. They even had a wall-mounted box of tissues for clean-ups. Where I live, they were usually grimy little cubicles and no doors or curtains were allowed. I was disappointed somewhat by the videos, not many ideas from the D&S selections. Most of them tended to concentrate on inflicting pain rather than the psychological and physical dominance of people. I wasn’t into pain and it didn’t appear that Jeff and Janet were either. A few of the films did catch my interest and manage to make me horny. Mostly, they were scenes of a willing young lady submitting to her master’s varied desires. During those, I wished I had brought Janet, or even Jeff, along to take off the pressure. However, my cock could wait until I got back to their room.
After making a few purchases, I left the store. Stopping by a local variety store I picked up a few more items and headed back to the hotel. At the grill in the lobby, I had lunch and went upstairs. I had been gone about 3 hours. In my room, I found a message from my fiancee. She explained her night had been really, really good and I’d hear about it when I got back. She also said that I had better have some good stories for her since I wasn’t in the room for two days. I grinned and realized that, with Jeff’s submission, I might not tell her the whole story at one time. Our separate escapades tended to fuel some really hot sex between the two of us. Jeff’s cocksucking would probably stoke up an entire bonfire on its own. She had always been fascinated by videos of man-to-man sex. Too bad she wasn’t here to watch and play along.
I took a couple of minutes prepping some of my purchases and, grabbing the bag I’d packed earlier, I headed back to Jeff and Janet’s suite. Walking in, I found them waiting for me as directed. They both looked a little flushed but I was more concerned with my hard cock than anything else at the time. I directed Jeff to bring me the video camera and tripod. Loading a new cassette of film, I set the camera up to cover an angled view of the couch and coffee table. After directing them through the ritual of removing, my clothes, I moved over to the couch. Pressing the record button on the remote, I activated the camcorder and said, “Boy, girl. My errands this afternoon left me with a need for relief. Since you both feel you need to suck my cock, I will allow you to take turns. Your actions will be recorded for my enjoyment later. Each of you will be given 5 seconds or three trips down my prick on each round. After that, you will allow the other to take over sucking my dick. One of you will be rewarded with a load of my cum to swallow. Girl, take the right position. Boy, the left. “They moved between my thighs and I draped a leg over Jeff’s right shoulder and Janet’s left shoulder. “Boy, you have less experience so you may begin,” I directed. Jeff quickly sucked half my cock into his mouth. He was good at what he could do, but he left a lot of dick standing in the wind. “Next,” I said as Jeff reached his 5-second limit. Janet moved to take over, sinking my entire prick deep in her throat. They continued to alternate sucking my cock as I leaned back and just enjoyed the feeling. The brief pause between each mouth session allowed me to endure their talents a lot longer than I could have with a single concentrated effort. Even so, about 10 minutes was all I could stand. Jeff had just moved away and Janet had slid my dick totally down her throat when the wave hit. She began to pull away as I grabbed her head and shoved my cock as deep as I could. As my hips bucked, I fucked her face and emptied my balls, surge after surge of cum gushing down her willing throat. My need satisfied, I relaxed as she sucked me dry.
“Girl, you won the contest. As a reward, I will masturbate you while the boy is forced to watch. Join me on the couch.” Janet moved up beside me and I slipped a finger into her cunt, teasing her clit with my thumb. Working her slowly, she began to squirm and buck against my hand. I slipped a second and third finger in as I leaned forward to suck a nipple into my mouth. That put her over the edge. Janet clamped her thighs tight over my hand as she rode my fingers to her orgasm. Letting her down slow, I pulled my hand from her cunt.
I realized my fingers were coated with something that wasn’t cunt juice. I held them up and sniffed them. “This is cum! I didn’t fuck you. Who’s cum is in my slave’s cunt? Boy, did you do this?” I yelled.
“Master, I’m sorry,” Janet whispered, “You were gone so long that I made love to the boy. He didn’t want to but I made him. I’m sorry.”
“Boy, is this true?” I asked.
“Partially, Master,” Jeff replied, “I tempted her with my hard cock and licked her pussy so she couldn’t refuse. I, too, am sorry.”
“It is too late to be sorry. You both must be punished. When you do not control yourselves if I am not here, you act like little children. If so, you should look like little children. You must lose your pubic hair so that you resemble the children you are. Boy, bring me the 2 bags I brought in with me. Girl, stand up and spread your legs,” I commanded. They quickly complied. I reached into my shaving kit and removed my electric razor. It had a beard and moustache trimmer. Opening the trimmer, I hooked a finger in Janet’s cunt and pulled her forward. I then proceeded to remove all the pubic hair she had remaining from her bikini trim that the trimmer would remove. I worked her pussy and clit with my fingers and thumb as I cut. The vibration and manipulation soon had her gushing over my hand as she orgasmed.
“Boy, your turn,” I said as I turned toward Jeff. With the clippers, I began to shear the hair from his crotch. When I reached forward to move his prick out of the way, Jeff began to cum, spraying over my hand and arm. Continuing my task, I milked him dry with my hand. Soon both of them stood before me with nothing but stubble covering their genitals. “Boy, you did not have permission to cum. Your orgasms belong t
o me, to use for my pleasure. You will be puni
shed later for this. Now, lick your cum from my hand and arm.” Jeff dropped to his knees to comply. When he finished, I reached into the bag from the variety store.
I handed Jeff a disposable razor and a can of shaving cream. Janet was handed a razor. “Go to the bath and shave the remaining hair from each others pubes. I expect to see cock, balls and pussy as smooth as a newborn baby’s ass when you return. Do not disappoint me again. I will determine your final punishment after you have complied with my wishes. Now go.” Janet and Jeff scrambled to comply.
After they left the room, I stopped the camera and considered what had happened. They had actually played into my plan to have them shave their pubic hair without knowing it. Also, their little fuck session had opened an opportunity I had been looking for. Earlier that morning I had informed them that I normally would not use a hole I had allowed a slave to use. Jeff had fucked his wife that morning but he then ate a lot of pussy and had to wash the hell out of it in the shower before breakfast. Because he fucked his wife’s pussy while I was gone, I now had a chance of demanding access to her ass for the evening. I had hoped to fuck her ass ever since she had said they would be my sex slaves for the weekend. I like a good piece of tight ass but my fiancee decides when I get to pound my cock up her bunghole. She enjoys it then but with her, a good ass fucking is a rare occurrence. Now it looked like I had a reason to split Janet’s sweet cheeks, providing me a chance to enjoy what I considered one of the finer aspects of sex. I grabbed a tube of AquaLube from my bag and took it in to leave on the bedside table.
After about 15 minutes, Jeff and Janet emerged from the bath. They were shaved smooth. Their pubes looked red and flushed from the razor friction and probably some amount of lust. Jeff’s cock was almost at full mast and Janet’s cunt seemed to quiver in anticipation. Reactivating the camera, I motioned them to resume their positions between my legs. When they were settled, I directed Jeff to suck my still flaccid cock while I examined the possible consequences of their actions. As he suckled my dick, I addressed my comments to Janet.
“Girl, you were aware of the fact that I, your Master, decide when and who has access to your mouth and pussy. You also knew that I reserve your pleasure caverns for my use first and others use second or never. Your actions with the boy today have created a problem for me. I have already had your mouth this afternoon, pussy this morning and now find that the boy has enjoyed your pussy in my absence. That leaves me with only one option to satisfy my desires tonight. I will fuck you tonight but not in your pussy. Tonight, I must fuck your ass. Do you understand?” I asked
“Master, please. I will suck your cock all night or the boy can clean my pussy with his tongue and wash it again in the shower. I have never had a cock in my ass. I don’t think I can take one as large as yours. Please spare me and let me find another way to satisfy you,” Janet pleaded.
“No, you must be punished and I must be satisfied within my standards. Do not worry. I have taken more than one ass cherry. Yours will just be a new and sweeter one,” I answered. “Boy, you’ve gotten me hard again with your mouth. I’ll let you finish what you have started. Tonight, I will expect you to prepare the girl’s ass for my cock and to entertain her while I enjoy her tight ass. Now suck me off,” I ordered. Actually, I think the thoughts of screwing Janet’s ass had a lot to do with my state of excitement than Jeff’s tongue did but a little praise never hurts. I heard a mumbled “yef, Massa” from around my dick as Jeff sucked on the upper half of my shaft. He would have to learn how to suck a whole cock before the weekend was over. Leaning back and relaxing, I allowed Jeff to extract another load of cum from my dick. Janet watched but her nervousness about the evening butt fucking had her worried. The same event had me smiling.
Once Jeff had finished, I shut down the camera and relaxed for a while. Observing my two slaves, heads bowed; kneeling between my knees I tried to think of something to do to fill the couple of hours before dinner. Forcing Jeff to suck my cock earlier had renewed his erection and it pulsed over his balls. Although I knew Janet was anxious about having her ass reamed later, I was sure she would also enjoy another orgasm. I wanted some entertainment but nothing too energetic. I wanted to be ready to savor Janet’s ass that evening. My poor balls had already pumped out more cum in less than 24 hours than they usually did in a week. They needed some time to recuperate. Thinking back to some of the videos that I had watched that afternoon, I formulated a plan to kill some time.
Activating the camcorder, I directed, “Girl, take a seat on the coffee table. You seem to enjoy your orgasms so much that you defy me by allowing the boy to fuck you. I think you need to show me how you give yourself an orgasm if there isn’t a hard cock around. I want you to slowly stimulate yourself until you feel that you are ready for a hard cock to fill your cunt. Remember you are entertaining me. Do it slowly. Massage your body, suck your tits, play with your clit, finger yourself, whatever, but do not cum. When you are sure your pussy is ready for my cock, tell me. Boy, you may turn around to watch. Lean back against the couch and enjoy the show.” Jeff spun around and moved to watch his wife’s humiliation, the back of his head brushing lightly against my balls.
Janet seemed a little hesitate at first but soon warmed to her tasking. She rubbed her hands over her body, from calves to torso, fingers tickling her inner thighs as she worked. Lifting first one breast, her tongue teased at the nipple. Dropping her hand to stroke her clit, she lifted the other tit for the same treatment. She worked slowly but the sensations she was experiencing were increasing. Soon, Janet was concentrating on fingering her cunt. At first one, then two and finally three fingers disappeared in and out of her pussy as she sought her release. Removing her hand from her crotch, she said, “Master, I am ready for your cock. Fuck me now. Please fuck me.”
Reaching into the bag of purchases Jeff had bought to me earlier, I removed a small vibrator that I had bought that morning. I had installed the batteries when I stopped by my room so it was ready for action. “Girl, this is the only cock your cunt will see tonight. I have already fucked you today and so has the boy. Use this to finish your self off,” I ordered as I slid the vibrator into her pussy. Janet moaned as I twisted the base and turned on the vibrator. Janet grabbed the vibrator as I let go and began to stroke her cunt. The sex toy buzzed past her clit, plunging into her cunt as fast and far as Janet could shove it. Suddenly, her orgasm hit. With a screech, Janet came. Her entire body convulsed on the top of the coffee table as her juices coated the vibrator and her hand. Janet collapsed on the table as her orgasm finished, the vibrator slowly slipping from her pussy to clatter across the table and roll to the floor. I gave her a few minutes to recover before issuing my next set of commands.
“Very good girl, your demonstration of a slut in action has my cock hard again. You may return to your place after you have turned off your toy. Boy, it is your turn now. Take a seat on the table,” I said. Jeff and Janet moved quickly to obey. Once they had settled in, I spoke, “Boy, you seem to enjoy coming as much as or more than the girl. You like it even to the point of disobeying me. You have repeatedly used the girl’s holes without my permission. You insist on coming without my permission. Now you must cum for me but under my terms. Get up on your hands and knees facing away from me.” As Jeff moved around, I leaned down and whispered some instructions in Janet’s ear. She stood and hurried off to do my bidding. With Jeff in plac
e, the only view I had
was of his ass and dangling balls. When Janet returned and settled back in place, I took the item I had sent her for and addressed Jeff.
“Boy, I want you to slowly masturbate for the girl and me. However, you must also do the following. I will place a glass between your legs. When you cum, you must cum in the glass. Do not miss and do not lose any cum. Do you understand?” I asked.
“Yes, Master. I must cum into the glass and I must get all my cum into the glass,” he answered.
“Good, you may be learning obedience.” Leaning forward, I placed a small cordial glass Janet had brought from the room’s wet bar between Jeff’s legs beneath his cock. “You may only use one hand to jack off but you may use the other hand to pick up and position the glass to catch your cum just before you spew. Begin,” I commanded.
Jeff shifted to take his weight on his left forearm and elbow as his right hand appeared between his legs. This shift raised the angle of his hips and spread his ass-cheeks to offer a view of his clenched sphincter. I could also now see the tip of his cock pop into view as he began to slowly stroke it. He worked slowly but wasn’t able to last long. His strokes quickly increased in speed. I saw him drop down to rest his head on the table as his left hand picked up the cordial glass and positioned it at the tip of his cock. As the first spurt of cum splashed into the glass, I noticed his sphincter seemed to sink to a pinpoint and his asscheeks convulsed together. They seemed to be trying to help squeeze the jism from his balls. Jeff moaned as he slowly milked his cock, emptying all his cum into the glass. When he had finished, he had probably a tablespoon or two of semen in the small container. I retrieved the glass from his hand and allowed him to slip back from the peak of his orgasm before I spoke.
“Boy, you may sit up again now,” I said. Jeff turned back around and faced me with his head bowed. “Thank you for allowing me to cum, Master,” he said. “You’re not finished yet,” I responded, “You like the taste of cum so now you must drink yours.” When he looked up in surprise, I handed him the cordial glass. “Part of your punishment for disobeying me is emptying this glass. Be sure to lick it clean as well,” I demanded. Jeff took the glass and obeyed his Master. As soon as he cleaned the glass, I shut down the video camera. Afterwards, the three of us rested for the hour before dinner. My cock was revived again but the need of my balls wasn’t urgent

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