The Perfect Business Trip – Part 3

Saturday Evening

Just before dinner, I took Janet into the bedroom and selected a nice, almost transparent, teddy for her to wear at dinner. I pulled on a clean robe that housekeeping had swapped for our used ones. Picking up the telephone, I called our order in to room service. Jeff was ordered to remain in the bedroom until called while Janet and I moved to the living room area. Janet sat on the couch, watching TV news as we waited for dinner to arrive. With the light behind her, she looked almost nude. When the bell rang, I went to the door. Looking through the peephole I could see a handsome young man with a tray outside the door. I opened the door and allowed him in with our dinner.
He moved to the table to set up our meal when he noticed Janet on the couch. I smiled inwardly as I watched him maneuver to keep her in his line of sight while he worked. “Hi. Tim, isn’t it? Are you a student here in the area?” I asked as I read his nametag. “Yes sir. I’ll be getting my Masters in Information Technology in about 6 months,” he replied, “I’m Tim and I’m your waiter tonight. Do you need anything else?.” The entire time Tim was moving to keep Janet in sight while he worked. Delaying him as much as possible, I asked, “Information Technology? I run my own IT company and am always looking for new talent. Get me a copy of your resume and most recent transcript. Maybe I can make you an offer.” “That’s great,” Tim said as he shifted again, “but I’m really looking for 2 jobs, one for me and one for my fiancee. She gets a double Masters, Network Design and Communications Engineering, in about a month. We’d like to work at least in the same area.” “No problem, leave both of resumes at the desk for me. I’ll pick them up and contact you,” I said as I moved in front of Tim again. Moving between the two of them didn’t matter; Tim was determined to see as much as possible and shifted to the side again. “Everything looks fine,” I said, “do you have the check?”
“Uh, yes sir. Here it is,” Tim answered without taking his eyes off of Janet, “Can I get you anything else? Would you like to cut the steak to check the doneness? Anything at all.” Tim was in no hurry to abandon the view he was enjoying.
I signed the check and added a good tip as I struggled to keep from laughing. Tim’s slacks were beginning to show a pronounced bulge as he watched Janet. Opening my robe, I said, “Sorry, I don’t seem to have any cash on me for a tip. Would you settle for a blow job?”
That got Tim’s attention. Looking at my nude body inside the robe and then back at Janet, he answered, “That would be great. I don’t have to share it with the other waiters. Wait a minute! Is that bj from you or her?”
Laughing, I told him, “Her of course. You’re cute but you’re not my type. Go on over, she’ll take care of the tip. Hell, she’ll take care of the whole damn thing. Girl, make sure Tim doesn’t leave with a problem.” Janet smiled and slipped out of her teddy as Tim approached her, “I’m sure I can take care of any problem he’s got.” Tim stopped in front of her and she undid his belt and trousers. Pulling them down, she exposed the biggest cock I had ever seen outside of a John Holmes movie. His cock had to be at least 10 ½” to 11″ in length. It was about the same as mine in girth. Realizing that Tim and Janet were in a direct line with the camcorder, I reached into my robe’s pocket for the remote and activated the camera. After her initial surprise, Janet went right to work. Slowly she moved over Tim’s cock, taking it into her mouth and bobbing up and down on it. Each down stroke caused more of the cock to disappear down her throat. Tim moaned as she worked him over. Soon Janet had her nose buried in his pubic hair.
“My god,” Tim exclaimed, “she’s got the whole thing down her throat. No girl has ever been able to do that for me before. THIS IS GREAT.” Janet worked Tim’s monster cock like she had always sucked cocks of that size. Tim was in heaven. Soon he began to help by stroking his cock in and out of her mouth, slowly at first but quickly building up speed. “Oh shit, man, I’m going to cum,” he cried and then he did. Grabbing Janet’s head, Tim slammed his cock in and out of her mouth. When he came, it was like a fire hose had burst. Janet struggled to swallow it all, but the volume overwhelmed her. Tim’s cum was oozing from her mouth as he pumped load after load from his balls, I could see her eyes shining as she continued to suck his cock. Janet was not about to let a big dick beat her. Soon Tim had spent his load and Janet let his deflated prick drop from her mouth.
“Damn, man. My fiancee has never been able to take ½ my cock down her throat. She claims it can’t be done. This lady is a wonder. If you guys need anything while you’re here, call and ask for me. For that kind of tip, I’ll deliver it personally. If the hotel doesn’t have it, I’ll go out and buy or steal it for another shot at that mouth. Man, you’re one lucky son of a bitch. I have to run. I’ll be working from 10:00 AM until 6:30 PM tomorrow. My fiancee is at the library from 5:00 until midnight. I’m free tomorrow night after 7:00 PM, let me know,” Tim rambled as he pulled up his pants.
Smiling, I answered, “I may do that. You never know when someone needs to practice cocksucking. What if it had been a guy instead of a girl that was going to suck you off? That cock of yours didn’t appear to care.”
Tim smiled, “If he, she or it can suck cock that well, it could be a damn monkey and I’d come back for more. I’ll be working the lobby bar until 2:00 PM tomorrow and then setting up the dining room. Hope I see you later. Bye.” Tim disappeared out the door.
“Don’t forget the resumes,” I called as the door was closing. Turning back toward Janet, I deactivated the camcorder.
Sitting down at the table, I motioned Janet over and called Jeff from the bedroom. “Boy, once you have licked the cum from the girl’s face and chin, you and she may sit down and eat,” I said. Jeff quickly cleaned Tim’s spilled juices from Janet’s face and they joined me at the table. The meals were excellently prepared and we quickly ate them. All of us needed to fuel ourselves for further sexual adventures that evening.
After dinner, I moved to the couch and relaxed with Jeff and Janet on the floor before me. When I had rested awhile, I stood. “Boy, just before dinner I watched the girl swallow a cock that was probably half again as long as my prick. Yet, you cannot even get my entire cock into your mouth and throat. I think it is time you were trained to completely worship my cock. I intend to film your efforts so that we can review your mistakes if you are unsuccessful. Move over to the center of the room and drop to your knees,” I ordered. As Jeff moved to obey, I removed a soft terry cloth strip from my bag of purchases. Securing his hands behind him, I checked the camera and adjusted it to place Jeff’s face in the center of the viewfinder. I started the camera recording. Moving in front of him, I detailed my intent to Janet and Jeff, “Boy, I am going to fuck your face. As I do, you will learn to take my entire cock orally. Girl, you may lick and tease the boy as I feed him my cock. However, you may not touch his cock unless I tell you to. Boy, wet your lips and prepare to suck cock.” Stepping forward, I slipped my hard prick between Jeff’s moist lips. Easing forward, I slowly fed him my cock as I held his head in place. With about half of it buried in Jeff’s warm orifice, I felt him begin to gag. Stopping my penetration, I told him, “Relax your throat, and get used to the feel of my cock.” After a few moments, I eased more of my cock forward, stopping again when Jeff’s gag reflex started. I paused until I felt Jeff relax. As I waited, I watched Janet as she moved around Jeff, licking at his groin and thighs and massaging his ass. She would move close to his dick but not touch it directly. She ran her tongue over his shaved balls, causing Jeff to m
oan around my prick. I contin
ued my training of Jeff. Each time he gagged, I would pause, allow him to relax and then feed him more cock. Slowly, I watched as more and more of my hard prick disappeared into his face, half inch by slow half inch. Patience definitely has it’s own rewards. I soon had all 7½ inches down Jeff’s throat. Holding Jeff’s head tight to my crotch, I congratulated him, “Very good, boy. You finally taste my entire cock. Now use your tongue and lips to service it as I fuck your tight throat. I am going to empty my balls deep in it.” I began to slowly work my prick in and out of Jeff’s mouth. I only withdrew an inch or so of my cock with my beginning thrusts. I wanted to make sure Jeff’s throat didn’t close back up as soon as I pulled out a little. Pumping forward, my whole prick slid easily back in. Lengthening my strokes slowly, I soon was leaving only the head of my cock in Jeff’s mouth before thrusting forward to bury his nose in my pubic hair. At my direction, Jeff worked his tongue over my cock as I fucked his face. Ramming steadily, I felt a rush of cum from my balls. Driving my cock completely down Jeff’s throat, I held his head against my crotch as geysers of cum sprayed his tonsils. After the initial surge, I began to slowly pump my dick in and out, allowing Jeff to milk every drop of cum from my balls with his lips.
“Master! The boy is coming,” I heard Janet say, “I didn’t touch his cock at all but cum is spraying out of it.” “Well, suck him dry as he finishes emptying my balls of their juice,” I answered. I felt Jeff shiver as Janet moved between my legs to engulf his spurting prick. Obviously, the thrill of deep throating my cock and Janet’s teasing had raised Jeff’s excitement to a level that he could orgasm without any contact at all with his cock. Janet had been right; Jeff truly loved to submit to a dominant partner. Having a male sub for the first time, I was discovering a whole new side of sensual delights and I was enjoying it. What else would he be willing to try before the weekend ended?
I stepped back and my limp dick popped from Jeff’s mouth. I moved over to the camera turning it off. Sitting down on the couch, I watched as Janet continued to suckle Jeff’s empty cock. “Girl, you may stop now. Boy, you now are capable of performing deep-throat on your master’s cock. You still have a lot to learn, but I will be sure you get plenty of practice at cocksucking while you are in my service. Now, I think the girl deserves a reward for draining your cum. Girl, take a seat here in front of me on the coffee table,” I directed. Janet moved into place with her legs spread wide, her shaven cunt readily available. “Boy, move over here between the girl’s thighs, facing her cunt.” As he complied, I repositioned the camera so that it was focused on Janet’s pussy from behind her head. When Jeff was in place, I started the camera and resumed my seat behind him. “Boy, while your hands are still tied, I want you to service the girl’s cunt with your mouth and tongue. You are to lick her pussy until I tell you to stop regardless of the number of orgasms she has,” I ordered. With a slight push on the back of his head, I started Jeff toward Janet’s cunt. She moaned as his mouth connected with her groin. He went quickly to work. The earlier sex play between the three of us had Janet already on the brink. Within moments, she clamped her thighs tight to Jeff’s head, grabbing the back of it with her hands to force his lips and tongue as close as possible. I watched as she humped her pussy against him, shaking as her orgasm seized her. Jeff continued to munch away as Janet relaxed in the aftermath of her climax. Checking the video camera, I saw that it had a perfect view of Jeff’s tongue and lips working on Janet’s slit and the couch where I would be sitting. Returning to my seat, I watched as Jeff brought her to another stomach quivering pinnacle.
“Boy, that’s enough for now. Let the girl recover for a while. Turn around and work on my cock and balls. It is feeling lonely without any attention,” I told him as the third orgasm left Janet quivering on the table. Jeff turned around and leaned forward. Opening his mouth, he lifted my limp prick with his tongue and sucked it in between his lips. As he sucked it gently, he teased it with his tongue. Occasionally, he would let my dick fall from his mouth and turn his attention to my balls, nuzzling and licking them. Lifting my hips, I reached down, spread my asscheeks, and directed him to rim my asshole before moving back up toward my cock. As I enjoyed his efforts, I could feel my cock slowly hardening. Jeff soon had me completely erect. It was time to move on to the evening’s finale, enjoying Janet’s ass.
Pushing Jeff away, I said, “Boy, girl, you may stand. Girl, move to the bathroom. It is time to get your ass ready to accept my cock.” When Jeff stood, I untied his hands. I noticed that the humiliation of servicing Janet’s cunt and my cock had rejuvenated his dick as well. “Boy, bring the camera and set it up in the bedroom. I wish to record the girl’s ultimate submission.” Jeff turned off the video and carried the camera, still on the tripod, into the master bedroom. Reaching into one of my bags of purchases, I removed an enema kit and followed Janet into the bath.
I assembled the enema kit, added a pack of the disinfectant soap it provided and filled the bag with warm water. “Girl. Before I sample your ass with my cock, I am going to flush it out to insure it is clean enough for my pleasure. Bend over the edge of the tub and spread your asscheeks,” I demanded as I greased up the nozzle of the kit.
“Master, please let me please you some other way. I have never had anyone fuck my ass before. I will suck you off or you may fuck my pussy. Please,” Janet begged as she bent over to comply with my order.
“Girl, I have told you that I usually do not stick my cock in a used hole. You allowed the boy to fuck you this afternoon and you’ve sucked two cocks earlier this evening. That leaves only your virgin asshole for my pleasure tonight. I intend to exercise that privilege fully.” Hooking the enema bag on the towel rack I placed the tip of the nozzle against Janet’s asshole. With slow steady pressure, I slid the nozzle into her rectum. I could see her tense up as the penetration began. “Relax, it will be much easier to accept this small nozzle than it will be to accommodate my hard cock. This is only about 1/10th the thickness of my prick,” I told her. With the nozzle fully inserted, I released the valve and slowly allowed the liquid to fill her colon. After the bag emptied, I removed the nozzle and instructed Janet, “Now you must hold the fluid until I tell you may release it.” I cleaned the nozzle and filled the rinsed bag with warm rinse water. Soon Janet was begging for relief. After she had squirmed a few minutes, I allowed her to void her bowels. Once she had finished, I once again had her bend over for the application of the warm rinse water. After cleaning the nozzle and hanging the bag to dry, I told Janet to empty herself and join me in the bedroom when she had finished. I grabbed a hand towel from the rack and left the room.
Entering the bedroom, I sat down on the edge of the bed. Jeff had removed the top covers and stood waiting by the camera next to the bed. Reaching up I pulled his head down to my crotch. “Lick my cock and balls while we wait for the girl. I want to be good and hard when I am ready to fuck her ass.” I leaned back and enjoy Jeff’s efforts until Janet entered the bedroom. Pushing Jeff away, I stood and motioned Janet to join me. Handing Janet a pillow, I informed her of what I wanted, “Girl, kneel face down on the bed with your ass up in the air. I will take you just as if I was doing you doggy style, except my cock will be fucking your ass instead of your cunt. Slide back to the edge of the bed so that your ass and cunt are over the edge. I plan to stand as I take your virgin ass. It gives me more leverage.” As Janet moved into position,
I picked up the
tube of AquaLube and gave Jeff his instructions. “Boy, kneel behind the girl and spread her asscheeks. I want you to tongue her asshole. Get it good and wet for me.” Jeff quickly obeyed as the camera and I watched his degradation. Jeff worked diligently rimming his wife’s ass and getting her ready for me. When I saw Janet beginning to respond by hunching back to meet Jeff’s tongue, I intervened. Stepping alongside his head, I pulled him away from Janet. As I turned his head toward me, I slid my cock between his lips. As he sucked, I issued his next directions. “Boy, remove the camera from the tripod and film girl’s compliance. Make sure you get a good close up shots of her complete degradation. You may climb on the bed, stand astraddle of the girl or even crawl between my legs to be sure you get good coverage of my cock conquering her,” I directed. Jeff quickly responded, releasing my cock with a final deep throat suck and moving alongside me to film his wife as she presented her comely ass towards us.
“Spreads your asscheeks, girl,” I demanded as I squeezed a glob of lubricant onto the fingers of my right hand.
As she reached back to comply, Janet pleaded, “Please, Master, have mercy. I don’t think my asshole can take your cock. Allow me to service you some other way.”
“Girl, stop whining. You brought this on by fucking the boy this afternoon without my permission. Now I get to savor your sweet virgin asshole. Relax and enjoy it. If you must beg, beg for me to stuff my cock up your ass,” I answered. Stepping forward, I reached my left hand between Janet’s thighs and slipped two fingers into her moist pussy. “You may be complaining but the thought of a good ass fucking has your pussy sopping wet. Maybe getting that enema turned you on.,” I said. With my right hand, I applied a generous amount of lube to her exposed sphincter. Janet jumped at the contact with the cold gel but quickly recovered as I stroked her clit with the fingers in her cunt.
Pressing against her asshole, I popped my middle finger past the ring of muscle surrounding her rectum and paused with it buried up to the first knuckle. Janet gasped at the intrusion and I felt her muscles trying to force the invader back out. When she relaxed some, I slipped my finger in until half of it was planted in her butt. I slowly began to work my finger in and out, easing a little deeper each time. Soon I was stroking my entire finger into her ass. As she relaxed, I could feel her begin to move back against my hand, helping me plant my finger completely. I eased a portion of my index finger into her, rotating both fingers as I stroked to loosen her sphincter muscle in preparation for my cock. A few moments later, I removed my fingers, wiping the lube from them with the hand towel I had brought from the bath.
Grasping my cock, I stepped closer and placed the head of it against the entrance to Janet’s greased rectal canal. Jeff had been filming my digital invasion of his wife. He now moved onto the bed and straddled his wife’s back, insuring he had a clear view of my assault on her rear passage. I noticed him zooming the lens in for a close up view of Janet’s deflowering. Pushing my hips forward, I felt the initial resistance of her sphincter to the intrusion of my cock sought to make. With a little more pressure applied against the well-greased orifice, the head of my penis slipped out of sight into that hot, dark tunnel.
“Ahhhhhh!” Janet moaned at the penetration, attempting to pull away from the probing organ that had just taken her anal cherry.
Holding her hips in place, I paused and warned her, “Girl, hold still. You should relax; it will be much easier on you. I plan to fuck your ass with or without your cooperation. Your resistance only delays the inevitable. I can take you slow and easy or, if you continue to pull away from my cock, hard and fast. Be assured, I would enjoy either.”
“Yes, Master,” she answered, “I will try to relax for your enjoyment.” After she had had some time to adjust to the throbbing prick she was impaled on, I renewed my slow assault on her tight orifice. With steady determined pressure, I eased my cock deeper into her. Pausing when I had half of my cock in, I again allowed her to adjust to the intruder. A few moments passed and Janet moaned as I again leaned into her, sliding slowly up her resistant channel until my cock was completely embedded. The sensation of Janet’s ass was phenomenal. I don’t think I had ever encountered a hole as tight as this. I felt as if a hot, velvety smooth fist gripped my cock. As I savored the pleasurable feelings Janet’s rectum was providing me, I sensed her relaxing. Her rectal channel was opening up to accommodate my insistent organ. “Girl, you have now given yourself completely to your master. By taking my cock up your ass, you have committed to complete submission,” I told her. I began a slow fucking of her asshole with my cock. At first, I pumped her with short stokes. This allowed her to enjoy the fullness my prick provided her. Soon I could feel some response from her as she rocked back against me to speed up the penetrations. I began to deliver long, slow strokes of my prick to her rear tunnel. Withdrawing until only the head remained inside her, I would then slide back into her until I could feel my balls resting against her cunt. Jeff moved from the bed and slipped between my legs to film the action from below.
As the sensations surrounding my cock intensified, so did the speed of my thrusts. Soon, I was slamming my prick into Janet’s asshole. I could hear Janet mumbling “Fuck my ass, Master, fuck my ass,” over and over. Holding her hips as I rammed my cock into her, I sped toward my orgasm. When the cum erupted from my balls, it seemed as though it would never stop. I could feel wave after wave of hot cum gushing from my cock as I continued to plow it deep into Janet’s ass. My juices filling it so completely I could see cum squeezing out of her ass with each stroke of my prick. When my balls had emptied, I collapsed on Janet’s back, exhausted from the intensity of my orgasm. As my deflated cock popped from her now stretched asshole, I rolled over onto the bed beside her. “Girl, you have an excellent ass. I really enjoyed fucking it,” I sighed as I relaxed, my eyes closed in the aftermath of pleasure.
“Thank you, Master. I am glad I could please you. You have shown me that my ass can be a source of pleasure for you and that I can accommodate your cock there. It is yours to use whenever it you wish,” Janet said, “I hope you use it often.”
A moment or two later, I felt the bed shift and assumed Janet had stretched out. Noticing a rhythmic movement to the bed, I opened my eyes. Jeff had secured the camera to the tripod and was now plunging his hard cock into Janet’s stretched and cum-filled asshole. After watching my cock violate his wife’s virgin ass, he obviously needed some relief. Rising from the bed, I pushed him away from the hole he wanted to fill. It was too late. His orgasm started as soon as the head of his prick popped from her butt. Cum sprayed over her back and asscheeks. “Boy, I did not give you permission to fuck the girl’s ass. Nor did I give you permission to cum. You seem intent on ignoring my orders. You will have to be punished. You have committed multiple acts of disobedience. Twice, you have fucked holes that are reserved for my use without permission. Obviously, I need to find a hole you can’t fuck or keep the holes I wish to use away from you. Twice, you have cum without permission. Luckily, your last cum was an air shot and you weren’t able to dirty the hole I may wish to use again later tonight. Your punishment will have to be severe so I will have to think about a suitable penalty. For now, lick the cum from the girl’s ass and back,” I ordered. Jeff moved forward and did as I told him.
When he had finished, I told him to bring a warm, wet washcloth and clean my cock and balls. I ordered Janet to go to the bathroom and c
lean herself up. Turni
ng off the video camera, I removed the tape, placed it in the player and hit rewind. When Jeff had finished cleaning me up and Janet had returned from the bathroom, I told them we would watch the tape to see how they had performed. We had almost an hour of hot action on the tape. There were some good views of my cock disappearing down Jeff’s throat and up Janet’s ass. We only had two cum shots, one of Jeff’s cock spurting as I flooded his throat with my cum and another of him spraying Janet’s ass after his aborted attempt to butt fuck her. All of my cum shots had taken place with my cock buried in either an ass or throat. Probably against all the rules of porn video production but I definitely enjoyed my way better. There were even several excellent facial shots of each of us in the throes of an orgasm. We certainly had been enjoying ourselves, and each other.
As the video ended, I knew I wanted another shot at Janet’s ass before calling it a night. “Girl, I’m going to use your sweet ass again. Are you ready?” I asked. “Master, I am a little sore. Please be gentle,” Janet responded. “Don’t worry, the boy will kiss it and make it better before I butt fuck you again. Boy, I want you to get the girl’s ass ready for my cock again. You’re going to rim her. Use your mouth and tongue to tease her asshole until it’s ready for me to fuck. Girl, on your hands and knees and spread those cheeks. Boy, eat some ass,” I ordered. As they moved to obey, I put the videotape back into the camera and started filming the action before me. Jeff went straight to work, licking Janet’s ass crack from top to bottom. Soon his tongue was probing her loosened asshole. I continued filming as I watched a ½ to an inch of his tongue disappear up her poop chute. When I noticed Janet pressing her ass back for more tongue, I replaced the camera on the tripod and checked the view. I pulled Jeff away and slid a finger into Janet’s ass. Turning Jeff toward me, I shoved my cock at his mouth and demanded, “Lube my prick now. I need to fuck that ass.” After a few moments in Jeff’s mouth, I pulled my spit-slicked dick out and lined it up with Janet’s ass. Removing the finger, I aimed my cock at her hole and proceeded to merge the two saliva-covered organs. Janet’s ass was still expanded and my cock completely disappeared in one smooth thrust. She moaned as I invaded her rectal channel for the second time that night. Since Janet was still stretched out from her first ass fucking, I went straight to work. Pounding steadily, I reamed her anal passage, my balls slapping against her cunt. There was no slow, easy butt fuck this time. I was there strictly to get my rocks off. Janet helped, slamming her ass back against me to get as much cock up her ass as possible. With one last lunge, I buried my cock and emptied my balls in her colon. She worked her ass, milking me dry as I held her butt against me. Finished, I pulled my limp cock from her ass with a pop.
Sated, I looked at Jeff. His cock bounced in the air as it throbbed for relief. I allowed Janet to go clean up and directed her to bring a washcloth to clean me. “Boy, you seem to have a problem. Since you have disobeyed me repeatedly, I have no sympathy. I will not allow you access to any of girl’s holes you have already had today. In fact, you must sleep on the floor unless you can cum. You’ll just have to suffer. No wait, there is one hole I had today but you haven’t, your mouth. If you wish to cum, you can just suck yourself. You’re a gymnast. You’ve probably been doing it for years. You seemed pretty adept at sucking cock this evening,” I said.
“Master, I’ve never tried. I’ve always worked out in a gym and was fully clothed,” Jeff answered. “I would have to warm up and do some stretching before I could even attempt it.”
As Janet returned, I responded, “Go ahead. I would like to see if my new cocksucker could suck his own cock.” As Jeff started to warm up, Janet looked at me questioningly. “The boy is going to try to suck his own cock. I told him that is the only hole I’ve used that he hasn’t tried today. If he wants to cum, it’ll have to be in his own mouth. If he’s not successful, I’ll tie his hands tonight so he can’t masturbate while we sleep.” Janet cleaned my cock as Jeff finished his warm up and began his stretching exercises. By the time she had returned the washcloth to the bath, Jeff was ready to try. I had the video camera ready to film the attempt.
First, he sat down and attempted to bend over to the point he could get his cock in his mouth. Although close, he was unable to do so. Next, Jeff lay on the floor and tried to flip his legs over his head to get at his cock. Failure again. Janet and I had moved to the end of the bed watch his attempts. The third attempt was similar but he hooked his heels under the foot of the bed. After a moment of “close but no cock”, Jeff asked for a couple of pillows. With a pillow under his head and hips, Jeff again hooked his heels under the bed. Success! He managed to get about 1½ to 2 inches of his cock into his mouth. Janet and I watched in amazement as his head bobbed in short strokes over the head of his cock. Janet asked for and received my permission to masturbate as she watched. Her hand quickly went to work on her pussy. As two fingers disappeared into her cunt and her thumb stroked her clit, I moved to a position where I could film both of them, switching between Janet’s stroking and Jeff’s sucking. Either seeing the video, being butt fucked or watching the humiliation of her husband being forced to suck his own cock had lit Janet’s fuse. Within seconds, she had orgasmed with an intensity that had her entire body jerking on the bed. Before long, she and I watched as Jeff moaned around his cock and, with his hips bucking, blasted a load of cum into his own mouth. I was again surprised to notice the way his asscheeks and sphincter clenched as he came. It was almost as if they were trying to help force even more of his prick into his mouth. I had it all on film.
Now that all of us were sexually sated, I turned off the video and hit the bed. Jeff killed the lights and he and his wife took their positions alongside my hips. It had been a long, hard and satisfying day. In no time, we were all sound asleep.

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