The Perfect Business Trip – Part 5

Sunday Evening

After a quick meal of pizza and suds, I ordered Janet and Jeff to the bedroom. Jeff was directed to bring the camera equipment and I gathered up the restraints and my bag of purchases. Once in the bedroom, I activated the camera and had Janet film me placing Jeff back into the restraints. I then removed a leather bondage hood from the bag.
“Boy, I intend to deprive you of the sense of sight and hearing as part of your punishment. It will force you to concentrate on the smell, feel and taste of any cock, cunt and cum I offer you,” I said. Placing foam earplugs in Jeff’s ears, I then secured the hood over his head. Only his mouth and nose were left in the clear. There were flaps, over the eyes and ears, which I could remove and gain access to the earplugs if I wished to allow Jeff to hear or see. Jeff’s cock was fully erect by the time I had finished securing him. Leaving him standing in the middle of the room, I stopped the camera and led Janet to the bath. Tim would be arriving within the hour and we needed to get ready. Janet washed me from head to toe, paying particular oral attention to my cock and balls. I made her shave the stubble from her cunt and made sure my soapy fingers reamed her pussy and asshole in case I decided to use either of them that night. Clean and ready, we went to the living room to await Tim’s arrival.
Tim showed up about five minutes later and I let him in. “Girl, undress our friend,” I ordered. Janet did so and soon Tim was as naked as we were. I then demanded that Janet suck our cocks until we were fully erect. Janet’s nude charms and submissive demeanor, as she performed on us, soon had both Tim and I throbbing. Leading the way to the bedroom, I told Tim, “Come on, let me show you the mouth that going to finish off that cock for you. By the way, the boy can’t see or hear you at present so you won’t have to whisper. Just talk in a normal tone of voice. He’s not to know that we’re aware of his episode with Bobby this afternoon. Girl, you are to film everything that we do in the bedroom.”
“Yes, Master,” she answered as she followed us into the room.
As we entered, I saw that Jeff was still as I had left him. His penis was still fully erect, a result, I’m sure, of the bondage I had forced on him. Tim said, “Wow, he really is your slave, isn’t he? I mean you’ve got him tied and all. You even have him shaved like the girl, makes his cock really stand out. Looks like it could use some relief too. Guess Bobby didn’t totally empty him this afternoon. He said I ought to get a taste of that dick if I got the urge. Maybe I will.”
“I didn’t realize you liked to suck cocks. I thought you were strictly into getting sucked,” I told Tim.
“Well, I’ve only sucked one cock, Bobby’s, before. He used to do mine on a regular basis when we were roommates. He walked in and caught me masturbating one evening after I had a hot date with a prick teaser. Without saying a word, he just leaned over the bed and started sucking on it. It felt so good I let him keep going until I shot my load. After that, any time I had a hard-on, Bobby was eager to get it into his mouth. He’d even talk about sucking just to make me horny. I figure he sucked me off 4 to 5 times a week the rest of that year, about seven months. After about 2 or three months, I just decided to return the favor. It was different and fun in a way so I’d do him maybe once a week or so. I moved out about 2 ½ years ago and that was the last time I’d been deep-throated or sucked cock. I told you that no girl had ever been able to deep-throat me but Bobby managed to do it after a couple of months of practice. Your girl is still the only person that managed it on the first try. Would you mind if I blow the boy?” Tim asked.
” No, I don’t mind. He looks like he needs to get off. Tell you what. Why don’t you do him while he sucks me?” I said.
“Fine with me,” Tim answered, “How do you want to do it?”
Pushing on Jeff’s shoulders, I forced him to kneel before me. “I’ll fuck his face while you crawl between my legs and suck him off,” I told Tim. Stepping forward, I rubbed my hard cock across Jeff’s lips. A trail of pre-cum fluid glistened along the path my prick had followed. He took the hint, opening his mouth and sucking my cock in. Teasing my shaft with his tongue, Jeff enveloped my prick with his mouth. Dipping his head forward, he slid his moist lips slowly down the length of my dick until his nose was buried in my pubic hair. I held his head and savored the sensation surrounding my cock. I felt Tim brush my calves as he moved into position between my legs. I began to slowly fuck Jeff’s face with long slow strokes, sliding my prick out until only the head was left lying on his tongue. Looking down, I watched as Tim leaned forward and licked at Jeff’s throbbing member. Jeff jerked at the contact but quickly resumed sucking at my meat. He moaned softly as Tim engulfed his dick and began bobbing his head as he sucked. I’m sure that Jeff thought I had ordered his wife to relieve him as I forced him to relieve me.
Either Tim was an excellent cocksucker or Jeff was extremely aroused. It was only a couple of minutes before I felt him begin to jerk as he came. Jeff groaned around my cock as Tim sucked the jism from his balls. I paused with my dick deep in Jeff’s throat until he had finished his orgasm. Jeff, however, continued to suck greedily at my cock as he came. When I felt him relax a little, I resumed fucking his face. Tim crawled out from between my legs and stood up.
“That was fun. I’d forgotten how much fun it was to have a hard cock empty a load of cum down your throat. You want me to finish you off?” Tim asked.
“Maybe another time. I told the boy that he would receive all my cum until 6:00 AM tomorrow. Thanks for the offer,” I replied. I soon felt the familiar tingle that preceded my orgasms and increased the speed of my thrusts into Jeff’s mouth. A few moments later, I rammed my cock deep and held his head in place as the cum boiled from my balls. Humping Jeff’s face with short strokes, I allowed his lips and tongue to milk the jism from my cock. When my penis softened, I pulled away from his mouth and stepped back.
Jeff said, “Thank you, Master, for allowing me to swallow your cum. And, thank you for having the girl suck me at the same time. It was almost as if I were sucking myself.”
Tim and I chuckled at Jeff’s comment. “Tim, I think it’s time to have the boy take care of you. It looks like you’re ready for him,” I commented as I noticed him stroking his long prick.
“Sounds good to me but I doubt he’ll be able to take the whole thing. If not, I’ll just have the girl deep-throat me later,” he answered.
Tim and I changed places and I motioned to him to wait a moment. Leaning over I opened the flaps on Jeff’s hood and removed the foam earplugs. “Boy, I know you are a trainee when it comes to cock-sucking. I decided you need more training so I have found someone to help me. I expect you to satisfy my friend with your mouth and throat. Remember, you must deep-throat his cock just as you do mine. Do you understand?” I demanded.
“Yes, Master,” Jeff responded.
Tim stepped forward and placed the head of his cock against Jeff’s waiting lips. Jeff opened and took it into his mouth. He began to slowly slide Tim’s prick farther and farther in. I saw him hesitate at about 8″.
“Remember, suck the whole thing,” I ordered.
Jeff backed off a little and then leaned forward again. Easing more and more of Tim’s massive length down his throat, Jeff strained to obey my demands. He would occasionally pause to allow his throat to adjust to the invading member before resuming the journey down Tim’s cock. It took him almost 5 minutes but eventually I watched as Jeff buried his nose into Tim’s pubic hair.
With his prick fully engaged, Tim said, “Damn, he did it,” as Jeff paused again. “I didn’t think it was possible. Hell, it took a couple of
months before my old roommate was able to compl
etely swallow me. This is going to be fun.”
“Boy, be sure you give my friend a good blow job. After all, he’s the one who just sucked you off. It wasn’t the girl as you thought,” I told Jeff. He responded by beginning to bob his head over Tim’s cock, sliding it in and out of his mouth with short strokes. Soon he was traveling the entire length of the prick on each stroke, keeping only the tip in his mouth as he neared the end.
“He’s pretty good. I’d say you’ve done an excellent job of training this cocksucker,” Tim commented. He was now helping Jeff by humping his dick in and out. “I’m going to blow my load soon. Does he swallow?” he asked.
“Yes, he swallows. I wouldn’t have a slave that doesn’t swallow. Just stuff that shaft down his throat and fire away when you’re ready,” I answered. I sat down on the bed to watch his efforts.
Tim continued to fuck Jeff’s mouth for a couple of more minutes. Suddenly, he cried, “Oh shit, here it comes.” I saw his asscheeks clench as he grabbed the back of Jeff’s head on a down stroke. Holding Jeff in place, Tim proceeded to empty his load of cum in quick short jabs into Jeff’s mouth. I could see Jeff’s cheeks working as he continued to suck at the tube of meat in his face. Tim slowly relaxed as his orgasm ended. He allowed Jeff to continue sucking on his cock for a few more moments before finally pulling away. He walked over, his newly sated dick dangling between his thighs, and sat down on the bed. I motioned to Janet to stop filming.
“That was great. I really didn’t think he could deep throat me. You were right he is a good cocksucker. Not as good as the girl or my old roommate, but still pretty good. I’m glad I decided to take you up on your invitation. What have you got planned next?” Tim asked.
“First we’re going to have a couple of beers and recover a little. Come on,” I said. I paused to help Jeff off the floor and moved him over to sit on the bed. I removed the spreader bar and left his hands secured to the restraint belt. I also removed the hood to let him to cool off some. Tim, Janet and I went into the living room. “Girl, you will take a beer back and help the boy drink it. You can play with his cock while you do that but do not make him cum. If you wish, you can have him eat your pussy afterwards. Tim and I need to talk,” I directed. Tim and I each grabbed a beer and a slice of the cooling pizza and sat down at the table. Janet took a beer and went back down the hall to the bedroom.
“I didn’t want either the boy or girl to know what I have planned for tonight. When we’ve recovered a bit, I will give the boy an enema to clean his ass out. Then, I plan to butt fuck him while he sucks your cock unless he objects too strongly. Janet and Bobby both said today that I needed to screw his ass. I hadn’t decided until after he sucked me off a few minutes ago. What the hell, I’ve never tried that before with a guy. If it works out, we’ll watch the video afterwards and then fuck them again,” I explained to Tim.
“That butt fucking sounds like Bobby, he tried to convince me to let him have a shot at mine several times. It was always on one of the nights when I didn’t want to blow him after he had blown me. He did seem satisfied by letting him keep sucking my cock as he masturbated. I wasn’t totally against it. I just figured he was too damn thick for a first timer. If he had been about the same size as you and me, I may have considered it. I still might in the right circumstances. My fiancee, Beth, has hinted at it a couple of times. She loves man-on-man videos. We’ve even gone to a couple of underground live sex shows where there were two guys getting it on. She set up a threesome with one of her girlfriends last year for my birthday. No lesbian action, but since then, she has indicated I should return the favor with a guy that can do both of us,” Tim said, “Maybe if I like what I see tonight, she can get her wish.”
As Tim and I finished off another slice of pizza and a second beer, I heard the now familiar sounds of Janet having an orgasm. “Come on,” I said, “We better get in there or she’ll be fucking him next.” We entered the bedroom to find Jeff flat on his back with Janet’s cunt jammed to his lips. She was leaned back massaging his balls and cock as she rode his tongue through a second orgasm. “Enough,” I commanded, “Assume the position.” Janet quickly scrambled from the bed, pausing to pick up Jeff’s empty beer can from the floor and place it in the trash. She then dropped into the required kneeling position. Jeff just lay there, his face glistening with her juices, his cock hard from the excitement of the bondage and degradation he was enjoying. Tim and I helped him stand and I removed the wrist restraints and belt. He knelt along side his beautiful wife.
“Boy, I told you that as part of your punishment for using holes reserved for me that you would have to receive all of my cum tonight. So far, I have delivered it to you from the girl’s cunt and directly down your throat. Another problem is finding a hole to use that you cannot use without my permission. I think I have that solved. This afternoon the girl said the only hole available that you could not use was your asshole. I have decided she is right. Therefore, I will deliver my next load of cum in your ass. Do you understand and agree?” I said.
“Master, I understand what you wish of me but I do not think I can take your cock in my ass. I promise I will never disobey you again,” Jeff pleaded.
“What you think does not matter,” I stated, “The girl tried the same excuse but she has now had my cock up her ass three times so far. So shall you and probably many more than that. The girl has three holes to offer to please me. You only have two. Go to the bathroom to be prepared. Girl, ready the camera to film the boy’s submission just as he filmed yours last night. Boy, you may agree or be dismissed from my service.”
Jeff responded by standing and entering the bath.
“Oh man, that was easy,” Tim said, “Can I help with the enema? I want to see this.”
“Come on. We’ve got to get him ready,” I answered. I grabbed the AquaLube and Tim and I followed Jeff to the bath.
When we arrived, Jeff was in the position in the middle of the floor. To further enhance his humiliation, I had him place his face on the tile floor and raise his ass as I prepared the enema solution. I lubed the nozzle and filled the bag. Stepping behind him, I slid the nozzle into his rectum and opened the valve. The soapy solution slowly filled his colon. When it had emptied, I told Jeff, “Hold it until I tell you otherwise.” Rinsing the bag, I filled it with clean, warm rinse water. A few minutes had passed and I allowed Jeff to empty himself of the solution.
Since I was preparing to administer the rinse, Tim asked, “May I do this one?”
“Sure,” I answered and passed him the nozzle. He inserted in Jeff’s ass and opened the valve. Once the enema bag was empty, I cleaned the nozzle and put it aside. “Boy, when my friend and I have left the room, you may empty your bowels, clean up and join us in the bedroom,” I said. Picking up the AquaLube and a hand towel, I motioned to Tim to follow me back to the bedroom. We entered and sat down on the bed.
“Once I get my cock in him, do you want to lie down while the boy blows you or kneel in front of him to feed him your cock?” I asked Tim.
“I want to kneel in front so I can see the action,” he answered quickly; “I don’t want to miss anything.”
A minute or so later I saw Jeff approaching from the bath. I motioned to Janet to start filming. Jeff entered the room with his eyes to the floor. When he reached the bed, he dropped to his knees in the position.
“Boy, are you ready to totally submit to my control? Are you ready to beg me to stuff my cock up your ass?” I asked.
“Yes, Master,” he answered, “I am ready to serve you however you wish. I am yours to use as you please.”
Standing in front of him, I said, “Very well. Suck my dick as I explain
what you must do.” Jeff raised his head and be
gan to siphon my hard cock. “When I finish my explanation, you are to kneel on the edge of the bed as the girl did last night. Your ass is to be hanging over the edge so I can get to it easily. You will reach back and open your asscheeks so I can apply the lubricant. When you are ready, you will ask me to please fuck your ass. You should relax. If you resist, I will be rougher on you. I will still fuck your ass. If you beg, I can take you slowly. If you don’t, I will take you hard and fast. It is your decision,” I told him. “Now, get on the bed.”
Jeff pulled his mouth from my cock and climbed onto the bed. He squirmed around until he had his ass hanging over the edge and, with his head on the bed, reached back and spread his asscheeks. “Master, please lube my ass for your pleasure,” he said.
Squeezing a glob of AquaLube on my fingers, I stepped forward and applied it to his rosebud of an orifice. Slowly, I worked it in with my middle finger until the finger was completely embedded in his rear canal. I stroked his asshole slowly with the finger for a few minutes. “Are you ready for me or must I take you hard?” I asked. I noticed Janet filming the finger fucking from one side as Tim watched wide-eyed from the other.
“Master, I think I am ready. Please, fuck my asshole. Put your cock in it so I may please you,” Jeff responded.
Looking at Tim, I said, “If you’d like to help, why don’t you guide me to that hole? Then I can just hang onto the boy’s hips.” Tim didn’t say a word. He leaned over grabbed my prick and led it to Jeff’s sphincter. When I felt the head of my dick pressing against that slippery tight opening, I gave a little twitch of my hips. That was enough to pop the head of my cock past the resisting muscle into that hot tight channel. Jeff gasped at the sudden intrusion and I paused to allow him to adjust to it. I could feel his rectal muscles trying to force out the invader. Tim leaned back to watch as Janet leaned over and continued to film.
When Jeff seemed to relax, I began a slow steady push with my hips. “Boy, your ass is fighting me,” I told him, “I’ll do this as fast as possible to end your resistance.” Slowly, my cock disappeared into his rectum. Jeff moaned as I bored into his ass. Since this was punishment, I felt no need to pause again to allow him to adjust. I soon had buried all 7+” of my prick in Jeff’s colon. Then, I paused. He was tighter than Janet had been. I imagine it was because I only opened his rectum with one finger instead of the two I used on her. Butt fucking Janet had been like placing my cock in a tight, hot, velvet fist. Jeff’s ass was more as if Superman, wearing a satin glove, had shoved the same dick in a furnace. Damn, it felt good.
A few moments later, Jeff seemed to relax again. At that time I began a slow withdrawal of my prick, leaving only the tip embedded in Jeff’s sweet ass. I added some more AquaLube to the topside of my cock to ease the trip back inside. Grasping Jeff’s hips, I began the return journey. As I slowly reentered the hot depths of Jeff’s rectal canal, Janet was filming every inch of the invasion. I repeated this twice more and, with my dick buried deep, said, “Boy, you seem to love cock so I want you to have more. Rise up on your hands. My friend is going to feed you his prick while I stuff you with mine.”
Tim took the hint and scrambled around to kneel in front of Jeff. He fed his cock down Jeff’s throat as mine rested in that tight butt. Janet spun around to film Tim’s assault on her husband’s mouth while I savored the tightness of his ass. Once he was firmly in place, Janet moved back to capture the entire scene. As we began to stroke in and out of Jeff, Tim and I quickly worked out a cadence. In just a few seconds, Jeff was being reamed fore and aft by two hard cocks.
“Damn, that looks good,” Tim exclaimed, “I’ve got to try it.”
“Your cock’s much too long for a virgin ass,” I responded, “You’ll have to be happy with the head for now.”
“No. No. You don’t understand. Remember what I told you earlier? I want to be the guy in the middle. A hard cock in my ass and another in my mouth,” Tim laughed.
“We’ll discuss it later,” I answered, “first let’s fuck the boy.” With that, we concentrated on the objective at hand, getting our loads off.
A few minutes later, Tim cried, “I going to cum.” Grabbing Jeff’s head, he buried his cock deep and began to orgasm, slamming his cock in short strokes into Jeff’s face. His hot cum spurted down Jeff’s throat. That, combined with my cock rooting in his ass, must have touched off Jeff. I heard him moan as his own orgasm started, cum spraying across the bedspread. Jeff’s rectal muscles contracted tight around my cock, convulsing as his balls emptied. That was the end for me. When Jeff’s ass clamped tight around my cock, I felt the boiling surge of cum racing up through my cock to erupt in hot gushes in Jeff’s tight rectum. Tim and I continued to pound into Jeff from both ends, as we were milked dry. Tim pulled away and Jeff collapsed forward under me. With my cock ensconced in his tight ass, I followed. Humping his gripping rectum, I lay on top of him as my balls pumped their final surges into his ass. A couple of minutes later, I felt his sphincter squeeze my softening prick out of his asshole. I rolled off and onto my back to recover. Janet shut off the camera and set it aside. She then assumed the position at the foot of the bed.
A few minutes later, I ordered Jeff to the bath to clean up and to return with washcloths to clean up Tim and myself. Looking at Janet, I asked, “Are you horny, girl?”
“Yes, Master,” she replied.
I got up and went to the living room. Returning, I handed her a vibrator. “You can use this to entertain my friend and I while the boy cleans us up.” Tim and I settled in at the head of the bed and relaxed. Jeff returned with the washcloths and began to bath both Tim and I simultaneously. Janet moved onto the bed and activated the vibrator, moving it over her cunt, as we watched. The buzzing toy soon had her gasping in pleasure just as Jeff finished his clean up. After her first orgasm, I instructed Janet to stop.
“Boy, put away the rags and return to prepare my friend and I for another round. Girl, set the video tape to show tonight’s activities,” I ordered, “Once you have it set, start the video.” They both scurried to obey. By the time Janet had rewound the tape to Tim’s entrance, Jeff was casually munching on our genitals, moving between the two of us. With the tape rolling, I told Janet, “Come here and help the boy. There is too much cock for him to properly service.”
“I’ll take the girl if you don’t mind,” said Tim, “I haven’t had a shot at her mouth all day.”
“Be my guest,” I answered, as my two slaves moved around to comply. Tim and I watched the tape of Jeff’s submission as he and his wife gently nibbled and caressed at our cock and balls. We settled back and enjoyed their attentions as the evening’s earlier activities were revealed. Janet had done a good job of capturing her husband’s humiliation at the hands of two men. She even caught an excellent angle for a cum shot of Jeff’s cock emptying his load as I had butt fucked him and Tim fucked his face. While we watched, I asked Tim, “Were you serious about wanting to be in the middle earlier?”
“Oh, yes. I told you about Beth’s hints. Tonight convinced me that I’m willing to try it. Can we set something up in the next couple of days?” he responded.
“It would have to be tomorrow, my slaves leave the next day. Are you and Beth available?” I said.
“We can be. I work morning shift and get off at 2:00 PM. Beth is free from 4:00 PM on. We could have an early supper and probably be here between 6:00 – 6:30 PM. The problem is getting up here. I’m not allowed to visit rooms other than to deliver orders. I had to sneak up tonight. How do we handle that?” he asked.
“I can clear that based on your and Beth’s applications for a job. I’ll talk to the manager tomorrow
morning. If I clear it, be here as soon as
you can. I’ll let you know at breakfast. We’ll call down for room service. You be sure to deliver it. I do have one condition. I want to get your first blowjob tomorrow since I missed the debut of your return to sucking cocks and I want the very first piece of your ass. There’s no way I can do both tomorrow evening if your fiancee is here,” I commented.
“No problem. If I bring up breakfast, I’ll give you the bj then. You’ll at least get the second new blowjob I give. Then later tomorrow evening you can get my virgin ass,” Tim answered, “Besides, I’m sure someone is going to have to fuck Beth if she’s watching me give head or get butt fucked. Maybe you’ll be the lucky one,” Tim grinned.
By the end of the tape, Tim and I were ready to go again. “OK, you’ve only got an hour or so to take care of that hard cock. What do you want, head from the boy or girl or what?” I asked Tim.
“I decided I want to try that bald pussy. What do you plan to do?” he responded.
“I’ll butt fuck the boy again. He needs to learn his place is under me. Let’s put them in a 69 with the girl on top. You take her doggy style as I fuck the boy. She can suck him and he can tongue both of you,” I suggested.
“Sounds good to me if you can make it work,” Tim answered.
I positioned Jeff on his back with his ass over the edge of the bed and a couple of pillows under his head. Janet was told to move into a 69 position over him. Tim knelt behind her. I grabbed the camera and moved over to the bed. “Tim, I want to film that long cock of yours disappearing in the girl’s cunt,” I said.
“Tell me when you’re ready,” Tim answered.
Moving into position so that the camera had a good shot of Tim’s cock lined up with Janet’s pussy I started filming. “Slip it to her,” I said, “Nice and slow so that I get a good picture of the girl learning how to handle a big dick.” Tim slowly eased his hard cock into Janet’s pussy. Just past the halfway point, Janet moaned as she felt Tim’s cock reaching places that had never been fucked before. When he was firmly embedded completely, Tim grinned at me, “Damn she is tight. I’m glad I decided to do this.”
“Wait for me before you get started,” I told Tim. After attaching and starting the camera on the tripod, I moved between Jeff’s legs and placed his ankles over my shoulders. I lubed my cock again and moved closer to his asshole. “OK, let me get my dick in place before we start to play,” I told Tim. Ordering Jeff to spread his ass cheeks, I eased forward and sank my cock into his still stretched anus. He was still loose enough to allow me to slide the entire length of my prick into him in one steady stroke. Jeff groaned as my balls came to rest against his ass. When I was finally in place, my hands rested on Janet’s shoulders as I held her husband’s spread knees up with my elbows. “Boy, you are to lick the girl’s cunt while my friend fucks her and lick his dick as well. Girl, suck off the boy while I fuck him,” I ordered, “Tim, let’s fuck them good.”
All four of us went at it. It took a moment for Tim and I to establish a good rhythm that worked but soon cocks were pounding assholes and cunts, tongues were teasing dicks and pussy. My abdomen bounced against Janet’s head with each stroke of my cock into her husband’s butt. I’m sure she was watching my hard shaft sawing in and out of his anus as she sucked his cock. After the video, it didn’t take long. In just a couple of minutes, Jeff grunted and arched his hips to drive his cock deep in his wife’s mouth, emptying his load. His ass clamped down on my prick and I rode him hard. Janet shuddered with her orgasm, coating Tim’s hard shaft with hot fluid, and Tim groaned as he plunged his dick deeper to empty his cum in her pussy. I yelped as my balls flexed and blasted another flood of hot jism into Jeff’s tight rectum. The four of us collapsed in a heap on the bed. Arms, legs, cocks, pussies and mouths all intertwined. When my limp cock popped from Jeff’s sphincter, I rose from the pile and turned off the camera.
A few minutes later, I ordered Jeff and Janet to the shower and invited Tim to join us to clean up. Jeff and Janet soaped us up and scrubbed us down, paying particular attention to our cocks and balls. When Tim and I were cleaned up, they quickly took care of themselves. I then had them service Tim’s cock orally until he was fully erect. “Tim, now you should be able to please Beth when you get home,” I said, “I wouldn’t want her to feel left out tonight.”
“Don’t worry,” he replied, “Just thinking about tonight and what may be coming tomorrow will keep me horny enough to satisfy her.” Tim dressed and left for his apartment to meet Beth.
Returning to the bedroom, I lay down and directed Jeff and Janet to join me. It had been a long pleasure filled day. We were all ready for some sleep. Somewhere around 4:00 AM, I awoke to find Jeff kneeling between my knees gently sucking my dick. He noticed that I was awake and paused for a moment. “Master, I went to the bathroom and when I returned I noticed your cock was hard. I didn’t want you to wake up with an erection and be angry. I decided that I should service you immediately,” Jeff told me.
“Boy, you are finally learning to be a good slave. Now finish what you have started and let’s get back to sleep,” I told him. Jeff dropped his head and returned to orally servicing my cock. The bed rocked gently as his head bobbed over my groin. Jeff massaged my balls as he sucked me toward an orgasm. A few minutes later, I rewarded his efforts. With a groan, I flexed my hips upward as the cum spewed forth from my balls. Jeff’s eager mouth drained them dry and continued sucking until my cock had softened. He then lay down to my left to sleep. I drifted back to dreamland feeling completely emptied.

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