The Perfect Business Trip – Part 6

Monday Morning
Waking just before 7:00 AM, I noticed my usual morning hard on was missing. Considering all the entertainment it had received the previous day and night, I wasn’t surprised. I woke Janet and Jeff and we took a quick wake up shower. Between the two of them, they soon revived my flagging penis. By the time, I had shaved and brushed my teeth, my cock was standing at attention. As they finished their morning toilets, to include shaving the stubble from their genitals, I called room service and ordered three large continental breakfasts, juice and coffee. I also requested Tim as the server. The young lady taking the order said it would be about 15 minutes but she couldn’t guarantee that Tim would deliver the order. She did promise to try to get him.
Next I made a call to the manager on duty and explained I was doing some job interviews that afternoon and evening. I also expected to have follow-up interviews after the initial sessions. I told him one of the applicants was an employee of the hotel and, when I had contacted him, he had explained that hotel policy wouldn’t allow him to come up for the interview. I asked if there was anything he could do to help me. Once I gave him Tim’s name, he said he would clear Tim’s visit for the interview. He stated Tim was an excellent worker and he would hate to see him go. I explained that it would be a few months before Tim left if I hired him. The manager promised to pass along the information to the other managers and to let Tim know he could visit the rooms for the interview and any follow up that was required. I thanked him for his assistance and hung up.
Retrieving a robe from the bath, I ordered Jeff and Janet to join me on the couch. Leaving the robe open, I sat between their nude bodies and turned on the morning news as we waited for breakfast. Each time my prick began to droop a little, I would pull one of their faces to my groin. Once their tongue and lip action had me fully erect, I would pull them away. Each of them had a taste before a knock at the door announced breakfast had arrived. I sent them to the bedroom until called. As I closed my robe and went to the door, I directed Janet to bring the camera when they returned. I told her she was to film anything that might happen.
Glancing through the peephole, I saw that Tim had managed to be the server. I let him in and called for Jeff and Janet. Tim rolled the cart in and parked it next to the table. “Good morning sir,” he said, “I’m here with your breakfast and blow job. Which would you like first?”
“Well, with an offer like that, room service in this hotel has reached a new high. I think I’ll have the blow job first,” I answered as I opened my robe and let it drop to the floor.
Tim reached out and stroked my cock saying; “I’d say you definitely ready for the blow job. I see a drop of pre-cum shining there.” Reaching out, I undid Tim’s belt and the waistband of his trousers and allowed them to drop to his ankles. Tim dropped to his knees before me and leaned forward to encircle my cock with his lips. In one smooth motion, he deep-throated my shaft.
I saw that Janet had started filming. “Boy, pull down Tim’s underwear then crawl between my legs. I want you to service his cock while I enjoy his service to mine,” I ordered. Jeff hurried to obey. He didn’t have any trouble getting the briefs down since Tim wasn’t fully erect yet. A moment later, Jeff slipped between my legs and gobbled Tim’s growing penis into his mouth. Tim continued to suck me as Jeff began to orally service him.
A moment later, Tim paused and let go of my cock. Looking up he said, “Now that I’ve got the rhythm right, it’s like I’m blowing myself. This is fun.” Returning to my cock, he went back to work.
Tim’s cocksucking was probably the equivalent of Jeff’s. He was enthusiastic about what he was doing but needed more practice. That didn’t matter; he was good enough to get me off. Watching his head bob up and down the length of my shaft, I could feel my orgasm approaching. Slamming my hips forward, I grabbed his head and blasted my cum down his throat. I worked his head back and forth, milking the cum from my cock. Just as I finished my orgasm, I heard him groan as he emptied his own load in Jeff’s mouth.
Tim let my soft dick drop from his lips. Pulling his own cock from Jeff’s mouth, he pulled his briefs up from around his knees and stood. As he pulled up and fastened his slacks, I told him, “If you had that on the menu, I’m sure the would be a lot more calls for room service.”
Tim laughed and replied, “I’m sure there would be. Of course, if every room had somebody like the boy or girl, the waiters would never get any work done. The manager told me I could come up for interviews at any time so Beth and I will be here tonight. I have a half-hour break at 9 o’clock want me to swing by? Right now, I’ve got to get back downstairs.”
“Sure, come on up,” I answered, “I’m sure we can find something or someone for you to do on your break. Besides, I want to know what your girl had to say. See you then.” Tim left the room and Jeff, Janet and I sat down to eat.
After breakfast, I moved back to the couch. I stopped to set up the tripod and video camera to film the scene I planned to direct. With my ass on the edge of the seat, I ordered Janet to sit in my lap, facing away from me. Her thighs were straddling my hips with her cunt directly above my limp cock. I told Jeff to check the view on the camera. After insuring it was focused on my and Janet’s crotch, he was to kneel between my legs, facing me. Pushing the record button on the remote, I spoke, “Boy, girl, I expect that each of you is horny. You have not had a chance to cum yet today but you have had to provide service or watch others enjoy themselves. Girl, I plan to play with your tits and cunt as the boy licks you to orgasm. Boy, since my cock and balls will be directly beneath the girl’s cunt, you must lick them as well.” Grabbing both of Janet’s breasts, I directed Jeff to begin.
Jeff leaned forward and I felt his tongue slide over my balls and up the length of my dick as he moved toward Janet’s pussy. Janet’s nipples stiffened under my fingers. She moaned as Jeff’s tongue reached her cunt. Trailing my hand down her back, I reached around and stroked her clit with my fingers. She leaned back against me and sighed as Jeff and I teased her toward an orgasm. Jeff shifted his attention again to my cock, sucking it into his mouth. My fingers disappeared into Janet’s slit as I finger-fucked her. I could feel my cock beginning to grow in her husband’s mouth as he suckled me. When I had grown completely erect, Jeff returned to lick his wife’s heated pussy. I shifted my fingers back to her clit as her husband’s tongue slide into her pussy. Janet’s breath grew more rapid and her thighs spread even wider to allow Jeff and I better access. Soon she squealed as her orgasm hit. Her legs clamped against Jeff’s head and she humped his tongue with her cunt. As my finger stroked her clit, I could feel her hot juice running down through my crotch as she came. Janet’s body shivered against me, as her husband’s tongue and her master’s fingers wrenched two separate orgasms from her.
A couple of moments later, I pushed Jeff’s face away from her soaking pussy. I motioned him away as I leaned his wife forward to the coffee table. With Janet draped over the table on her knees, I stepped behind her and rammed my cock into her cunt. Janet squealed again as a third orgasm sweep over her from the sensation of my prick slamming deep in her. As I began to stroke my cock into her pussy, I heard a knock at the door. Looking at the clock, I realized it was time for Tim to be coming by.
“Boy, get the door. If it is Tim, bring him on in,” I directed. Jeff hurried away. A minute later Tim walked in leading Jeff by his hard dick.
“That looks like fun. I guess you didn’t waste any time after my blow job to start playing again,” Tim said as
he started undressing. “I think I may
have to have a little of that myself. If it’s break time, it may as well be pussy break time.”
“Well, if you want some of this pussy, it’ll have to be sloppy seconds. I plan to empty my balls in it in just a couple of minutes,” I told him. “While you’re waiting, why don’t you blow the boy?” I asked. “I think his balls are going to explode if he doesn’t cum soon.”
“Sloppy seconds are fine. Besides, you only use about 2/3 of the pussy I’m going to use and I can take care of the boy’s problem as well,” Tim replied as he threw the last of his clothes on the couch. He dropped to his knees in front of Jeff. Reaching out to grab Jeff’s dick, he pulled him closer as he leaned forward to engulf the hot meat in his mouth. I continued pounding my cock into Janet’s slick cunt as I watched Tim perform fellatio on her husband. Tim held Jeff’s asscheeks as his mouth slid up and down the hard prick in front of him. Jeff was so stimulated by the morning’s activities that he came almost immediately. With a gasp Jeff raised onto his toes, his back arched as he tried to cram his dick as deep as possible into Tim’s willing mouth. When he had emptied his balls, Tim continued to suck him. Soon Jeff was trying to get away from the sensations that were emanating from his groin. Tim held on to the ass in his hands for a few moments as he sucked Jeff dry. When Tim did finally allow Jeff to escape, Jeff crumpled to the floor in relief.
“That was quick but he did have a hell of a load of cum for me. Are you about finished?” Tim said, “I only have 20 minutes left on break.” He stood there watching as he stroked his long, quickly hardening cock.
I could feel my balls being to tense as they prepared to shoot a load of cum. “Right about now,” I answered as I slammed my prick deep into Janet. Surge after surge of hot cum gushed from my cock to coat the walls of her cunt. After the initial wave had pulsed from my nuts, I humped Janet a few more strokes to milk my softening cock empty. Pulling out, I stood and sat down on the couch. “She’s all yours,” I told Tim, “Take her for a ride.”
He quickly moved into the spot I had just vacated and dropped down behind Janet. I watched as he rubbed the head of his cock up her slit. “Man, you left her good and wet for me. I can feel your cum oozing from her cunt,” Tim said with a smile. Then with one slow shove, I saw him bury his cock completely out of sight. Janet moaned softly as his elongated prick slid in. “This feels so good. I wish every break was like this,” he commented.
As Tim began to fuck Janet in long steady strokes, I ordered Jeff to me. “Boy, lick and suck the juices from my cock and balls.” Jeff moved between my legs and went to work. “Tim, what did you tell your girl about tonight?” I asked.
Tim continued to saw his cock in and out of Janet as he replied; “We had sex as soon as she got home, thanks to the condition you sent me home with. Afterwards, I told her that we had been invited to a sex party by the lady that could deep-throat my cock. We could either join in the fun or just watch. She said that if I could guarantee that she’d see somebody deep-throat my cock, she was going. She didn’t promise to participate but she did want to see it. I didn’t tell her that it might be a guy or that I planned to suck cock and get butt-fucked as well. Those will be a surprise.”
“Do you want to start with a bj from the girl or the boy?” I asked. Tim’s pace was increasing as he plowed his cock into Janet. I guessed that he would soon be finishing.
“Either one. Beth doesn’t believe that anybody could possibly deep-throat me. Considering how horny she gets watching male-to-male video action, I’m sure someone will have to fuck her before the night is over. I’ll let you be in charge on who goes down on me. I even plan to call you Master while we’re here. Beth always seems to get a kick out of the whole domination scene. Remember though, I do want to be in the skewered on two hard cocks before the night is over,” he answered.
“Don’t worry,” I told him, “From what I can see from here, I will definitely enjoy fucking your virgin ass. I’ve always enjoyed a tight piece of ass. Last night, the boy showed me that a man’s ass could be just as good a fuck as a woman’s. Tonight I’m going to let you confirm it.”
“Just don’t be too rough,” Tim said, “I’ve never been butt-fucked before and I want to enjoy it. Watching you do the boy last night, I decided that I wanted to try it. Beth has always refused to have anal sex. She says the only way I’ll get in hers is when I’ve had one in mine. So after tonight maybe I’ll have a chance.” Tim speeded up his fucking and said, “Oh hell, I going to cum. Work that pussy, girl, give it all to me. Yes, yes, yes.” Slamming his cock deep, he humped her cunt in short strokes as he spilled his seed. That touched off Janet’s fourth orgasm and she rammed back against Tim, trying to get even more cock in her as she quivered uncontrollably. A moment later, she whimpered “no” as Tim pulled his sated prick from her pussy.
“I’d love to stay but I’ve got to get cleaned up and back to work,” Tim said.
“Boy, take care of Tim’s cock,” I ordered Jeff. “Suck him clean like you just did me.” Jeff moved away from my groin and took Tim’s dangling, cum-covered piston into his mouth.
“This is nice,” Tim stated as Jeff nose burrowed into his pubic hair. “It sure beats the hell out of using a washcloth.” A couple of minutes later, Tim pulled away and dressed. “I’ve got to go. Beth and I will see you later.” He turned and left the suite.
I looked at my two slaves. Jeff was kneeling between Janet and I, still on his knees from cleaning Tim’s prick. Being required to serve Tim and I after we had just fucked his wife had excited him. His penis stood at full mast. He was looking at his wife, still sprawled across the coffee table with her knees on the floor. I could see the mingled cum from Tim and I running down the inside of her thighs.
“Boy, I can see that sucking cum and pussy juice off of limp cocks turns you on. The girl has already had over a foot and half of dick, six more inches won’t hurt her. You may fuck her,” I told him. Jeff immediately moved behind his wife and buried his prick in her. He pounded away at her cum-flooded cunt. Since Tim had just sucked him off, his fuck lasted longer than either of the previous two Janet had received. Janet moaned as the third cock in less than 30 minutes assaulted her pussy. I relaxed as I watched him work up a sweat as he took his wife doggy-style over the table. Janet seemed to shiver through at least two more orgasms while her husband’s prick fucked her cunt through the cum from two other men. Jeff’s efforts were finally rewarded. After several minutes of screwing, I heard him groan as his ass cheeks clenched and he slammed his cock forward to spew out his load of cum. Jeff collapsed on his wife’s back as his dick softened and popped from her. Turning off the camera, I allowed them to rest a couple of more minutes and then ordered them to join me in the shower. We all needed to clean up.
Jeff rose slowly and waited for Janet to get up. She didn’t move. Janet had been fucked so thoroughly that she was exhausted. Ordering Jeff to get a warm washcloth, I helped her roll over onto her back. When Jeff returned, I directed him to clean the oozing cum from his wife’s pussy and thighs. He dropped between her legs and wiped her clean. After resting a few more minutes, Janet was finally able to rise from the table and accompany Jeff and I to the shower.
The shower revitalized Janet and she admitted that she had never felt so totally fucked as she had a few minutes ago. After we had cleaned up and dried off, I directed Janet and Jeff to the bedroom. I realized that we had about seven hours before Tim and Beth would arrive. I wanted to locate a video production company so that I could make a copy of the tapes we had filmed. I copied down the address and phone numbers of a couple located within a few minutes drive
and quickly dressed. Selecting cl
othes for Jeff and Janet, I ordered them to dress as well.
Returning to the living room, I used the telephone to give Bobby a call. When I offered him a chance to use Jeff again, he said he’d be over in about 30 – 45 minutes. I packed a few of the toys in a gym bag to take with us. I, then, picked up the camera, along with both of the tapes, and added them to the bag. Jeff and Janet joined me. I directed Janet to contact Housekeeping and have the room cleaned in the next 4 hours. When she had finished, we went to my room so I could change.
Arriving at my room, I ordered Jeff to strip and ordered Janet to undress me. When she leaned forward to give my cock its oral worship, I held her head in place, directing her to continue sucking. Jeff stood naked, waiting for my next command. Janet soon had my prick completely erect. I pulled away from her delightful attentions and picked up the bag of toys. Handing Janet the camera still containing the second videotape, I told her to film what was going to happen. Except for the bottom sheet and pillows, I stripped the linens off the bed.
Removing the restraint belt and wrist cuffs, I turned to Jeff. “Boy, the girl and I are going to run an errand. While we are gone you will be restrained here in my room.” I soon had Jeff’s hands secured to his waist. Next, I picked up the bondage mask and secured it over his head. Pushing him backwards, I sat him on the edge of the bed. “Before we go, however, I think you should beg me to butt fuck you. That way, I will be less likely to need the girl to relieve me before our return. You may speak if you wish.” I told him.
“Master, if it would please you, I would like for you to use my ass to satisfy your cock. Please butt-fuck me. I wish only to pleasure you. Please fill me with your hot cum,” Jeff answered.
Reaching out, I grabbed the back of Jeff’s head and pulled it forward to my cock. Sliding my shaft past his lips I directed, “Boy, get my cock good and ready for your boy cunt. It needs to be good and wet.”
Jeff immediately began mouthing my prick and soon had his nose buried in my pubic hair. I stood there enjoying his efforts as Janet filmed her husband’s cocksucking. I allowed Jeff to orally massage my dick for a couple of minutes before I pulled away. “Boy, my cock is ready for your ass now. Turn around and present your butt for my enjoyment. I’m going to fuck you like the bitch-in-heat dog that you are,” I warned Jeff. As he squirmed around on the bed, I reached in to the gym bag and retrieved the AquaLube. Jeff was soon in place, his feet hanging off the edge of the bed, ass in the air and face on the mattress. Stroking his ass, I spread his cheeks and squeezed a glob of the lube over his sphincter. He jerked slightly at the touch of the cold lube. Stepping forward, I grasped my cock and teased it though the lube coating his ass ring. I made sure that the head of my prick was totally coated with lubricant. I positioned my dick solidly at the entrance to Jeff’s rectal canal.
“Boy, a good pussy will jump on a hard cock if it wants one. Your boy pussy just sits there. If your shy little pussy wants some dick, it should come after it. Does your boy cunt really want some hot cock? If so, you should push on back and get some,” I said.
Jeff squirmed around a little as he tried to press his ass against me. “Please, master, my ass wants your cock. It’s trying,” he answered. A moment later, he arched his back and shifted his butt back against me, forcing the tip of my cock past the tight ring of muscle it touched. A second slight move allowed the entire head of my cock to pop into his tight butt as Jeff grunted at the invasion.
I released my cock and grasped Jeff’s hips. As I savored the welcoming heat, I told him, “Boy, it seems that your ass pussy does want my prick. So I think it should get all of it.” With that, I pressed forward and held Jeff’s hips in place. Assisted by the lubricant, my 7+” prick slid slowly out of sight as he moaned. My balls came to rest against Jeff’s as I totally impaled him on my cock. Jeff’s colon had tightened back up some from his last ass fucking so he gripped my dick like a custom made sheath. I paused only a moment before I begin to withdraw and said; “Now boy, I can fuck your little pussy.” I began to stroke my cock into his ass. I quickly increased the pace and was soon pounding my meat in his butt. Jeff grunted each time my dick rammed deep and my pubic hairs slapped against his ass cheeks. A couple of minutes later I felt my balls flex and my cock swell as a blast of hot cum surged outward. I slammed my cock to the depths of Jeff’s ass as the hot jism shot from my cock and coated the walls of his colon. With short strokes, I allowed Jeff’s sphincter milk me dry.
A few moments later, my deflated cock popped from Jeff’s asshole. I stepped back and reached into the gym bag. I removed a butt plug and slid it into Jeff’s loose, lubed and cum filled ass. I attached the Y-shaped strap to the belt and adjusted it to secure the plug in Jeff’s ass. Jeff’s cock and balls dangled in the V of the strap while the single portion held the plug in place like a thong would. “Boy, don’t move until I return,” I ordered. I directed Janet to put down the camera and follow me to the bath.
After Janet had washed my cock and balls, I dressed and went back to Jeff. “Boy, I will leave you here to remind you that you have disobeyed me too many times. The plug will remain in your ass to hold my cum in. That will help you remember that your only purpose is to receive my cum. Now lie down,” I told him. Once Jeff had stretched out on his stomach, I helped him roll over onto his back and slide to the middle of the bed. The butt reaming he had just received had left his cock hard and throbbing. I removed the spreader bar from the bag and opened it out to its full 30″ length. I attached the ankle cuffs to the bar and fastened them to Jeff’s ankles. Next, I placed a ball gag in his mouth and fastened it behind his head. “Boy, you will remain here until the girl and I return. You should consider why you continue to disobey my wishes. When the girl and I return, we will have lunch,” I informed him.
Janet and I stepped out into the hall to wait for Bobby to show up. A couple of minutes later, I saw him step off the elevator and walk toward us.
“Hi,” Bobby said as he shook my hand, “I got here as quick as I could. I guess you want me to make your boy suck me off again like yesterday. That’s fine; but remember I get to blow him too. I might even want to blow you again as well.”
“Well, we’ll see about that later,” I answered. “The boy is secured again today but in a different manner. I think you’ll like it. You may remove the gag to fuck his mouth. Act like you’re the hotel maintenance man again. I need to thank you for some advice you gave me yesterday.’
“Advice? I don’t remember giving you any advice,” said Bobby, “Wait, I did recommend you screw the boy’s ass. Is that what you mean? Did you give it a try?”
“Yes, I did. Based on your and the girl’s repeated comments that I should butt fuck the boy, I popped his ass cherry last night. As a matter of fact, I screwed him twice last night and just finished fucking him for the third time,” I answered. “You were right. He has a nice tight butt hole.”
“Great,” Bobby grinned, “Do you mind if I give it a try this morning? It’s been quite a while since I got a good piece of tail. I came prepared just in case. I’ve got a condom and some lube with me.”
“Well, your cock is pretty thick. You’ll have to take slow and easy or you could split him wide open,” I answered. “I do want him to suck you off and know that you want to suck him as well. After that, we’ll see. Girl, you have the camera. Be sure to film everything.” With that the three of us entered the room. Janet and I moved to the couch to watch and videotape Jeff’s humiliation. Bobby stripped and, moving to the bed, removed the ball gag from Jeff’s mouth. I saw him drop
a condom and a lubrication packet on
the bedside table.
“Master?” Jeff asked as soon as he could speak.
Janet started the camera just as Bobby spoke, “No sweet cheeks, it’s your friendly maintenance man. I saw your Master and Mistress get on the elevator so I decided to drop in and do a little plumbing. You know, clean out your pipes and mine. I see your Master has gotten fancier with his bondage. You’re trussed up like a Christmas goose. Only I’ve never seen a goose with a big hard on sticking up like yours. If I had, I’d eat it just like I’m going to eat yours.” With that, Bobby climbed on the bed and lowered his lips over Jeff’s cock and began to suck.
“Ahhhh!” Jeff moaned, as Bobby deep throated his prick. “Please, I’m not supposed to cum without my Master’s permission. Stop, please,” Jeff begged. Bobby ignored the protest and continued to bob his head over Jeff’s crotch. Soon, I saw Jeff hunching his hips upward as he succumbed to the feelings in his dick. “Yes, yes, yes” he yelped as he suddenly tensed up and came. Bobby deep throated Jeff’s erupting cock and sucked him dry. A moment later Bobby let Jeff’s deflated shaft fall from his lips and sat up.
“That was a good little treat,” he told Jeff. “Now that I’ve cleaned your pipes, it’s time you cleaned mine.” Bobby moved around and straddled Jeff’s face as he had the day before. Feeding his hard, thick cock into Jeff’s mouth, he said, “Suck me off. I know you like it. You did a good job on it yesterday.” He began to slowly fuck Jeff’s mouth, his balls slapping Jeff’s chin with each stroke.
Bobby soon was speeding up the pace as he approached his orgasm. I watched as he shoved his dick deep and told Jeff, “Here it comes. Suck harder. Get all my juice.” His ass cheeks clenched, as his balls sprayed their load of hot semen down Jeff’s throat. I could see Jeff’s cheeks working as he sucked down the cum gushing into his mouth. Once Bobby had emptied his nuts, he pulled his still hard cock from Jeff’s mouth. Looking down at Jeff’s crotch, he said, “Well, it must not have been as good for you today as it was yesterday. Yesterday, getting your mouth fucked gave you a good hard cock for me to enjoy. Today you’re only half-hard. Guess I’ll have to find some way to get you excited if I want another taste.” Bobby moved two of the pillows alongside Jeff’s hips. Getting off the bed, he reached down and flipped Jeff face down on to them. This elevated Jeff’s ass for our view and Bobby’s enjoyment.
“What do we have here?” Bobby asked as he reached down and unfastened the throng end of the strap. “It looks like you’ve been a bad boy. Your Master left you with a butt plug in your ass. Maybe he’s stretching it out so he can fuck you when he gets back.” Bobby removed the plug and laid it aside. “I see cum on this plug. I think your Master got him a piece of tail before left. That’s why you were so hard when I arrived. Getting butt-fucked must turn you on. Since your Master has you all slick and open, I think I’ll get me a piece of sweet ass as well. That should make your dick hard,” Bobby told Jeff.
“NO!,” Jeff protested, “You’re too big. My Master will be upset because my ass wouldn’t be tight enough to please him. You can’t fuck me.”
Bobby didn’t respond. He reached down and picked up the ball gag. Lifting Jeff’s face from the bed, he placed the gag back in his mouth and secured it. “Now I see why your Master gags you. You bitch too much. I don’t plan to listen to your constant complaints either,” he informed Jeff.
Bobby opened the condom wrapper and rolled it down his thick cock. He then applied the contents of the lubricant packet to his latex covered shaft. Bobby climbed on the bed between Jeff’s secured and widely spread legs. Janet quietly moved to the side of the bed so she could better film Bobby’s assault on her husband. Resting on his left hand, Bobby leaned forward and, with his right hand, guided his well-prepped prick against Jeff’s asshole. I could see that Jeff’s rear entrance was about to be opened up another ¾ inch wider.
Bobby spoke, “Boy, I recommend that you relax. Although your Master has left you opened up and greased for me, this is going to be a tight fit. Don’t worry. By the time I’m finished you’ll feel just right for me.” With that, he pressed his cock slowly forward against Jeff’s waiting hole. Janet moved as close as she could, in order to tape the penetration. I could hear Jeff’s muffled protests around the gag. After some initial resistance, his sphincter yielded to Bobby’s determined dick. The thick head of Bobby’s prick popped out of sight. Jeff nostrils flared as he inhaled a sudden gasp of air at the sudden intrusion.
Bobby paused to allow Jeff to become accustomed to the size of his cock and said, “Boy, you’ve got one hot, sweet, tight asshole. I’m going to enjoy fucking this butt. I’ll go slow so you can enjoy it too.” A minute later he renewed his efforts to squeeze his dick into Jeff’s colon. Slowly increasing pressure, Bobby eased his massive prick centimeter by centimeter into Jeff’s stretched orifice. Halfway to his goal, he paused again. “Boy, your ass is squeezing my cock like a long lost lover. I think it likes a great big hunk of meat filling it up,” he whispered to Jeff. He silently mouthed, “More lube” to me. I passed him my tube of lubricant and watched as he added more of it to the remainder of his prick and the edges of Jeff’s sphincter. Tossing the tube back to me, Bobby began to push more of his hard shaft into Jeff. I could hear Jeff’s gag-muffled moan as Bobby slowly stuffed his ass. Soon Bobby’s cock completed its journey as his balls came to rest against Jeff’s.
“Well, pussy boy, you’ve got all my cock in you. As soon as you’ve had a minute to get used to my dick, we’ll have us a good little fuck session,” Bobby told Jeff. He rested a couple of minutes with his prick totally embedded in Jeff’s rear passage. Bobby then began to slowly extract his cock a couple of inches before plowing it back forward. He repeated this for a couple of strokes before lengthening the amount of dick he would pull out. Jeff moaned softly on each down stroke. It took Bobby almost 4 minutes before he was slowly plowing Jeff’s ass with the entire length of his cock.
“Ah, now you’re ready,” he told Jeff, “Time for me to show you what a good butt fucking is all about.” Bobby began to increase the pace of his fucking until he reached a steady rhythm. He sawed his cock in and out of Jeff’s asshole at about a stroke per second. At first Jeff still moaned on each stroke but that soon changed. As his ass grew more accustomed to Bobby’s thickness, Jeff began to react differently. Soon his moans became grunts as Bobby’s prick slammed deep into his bowels. Within a couple of minutes, I could see Jeff was humping his ass back into Bobby on each downstroke as he tried to help stuff even more prick into his hot colon.
“Ooh, yeah,” Bobby sighed, “Work that tight ass. Fuck my big old cock. Yeah, that’s what I like. Give me that sweet hot butt. Squeeze the juice out of my balls.”
Bobby worked Jeff’s ass for a good fifteen minutes. He had just had an orgasm before he started, so his staying power was at a peak. It seemed like he would be fucking Jeff all afternoon. Then I noticed his pace began to increase. “Get ready boy,” Bobby warned, “I going to cum. Keep working that ass. Milk my cock dry.” His thrusting cock rammed rapidly in and out of Jeff’s butt. Suddenly, I saw him slam his cock forward to the depths of Jeff’s colon. His body tensed and his ass tightened as the throes of his orgasm hit. “Yes, yes, yes. Fuck my cock, fuck it dry,” he told Jeff. Jeff continued to work his hips against Bobby as much as possible as Bobby pinned him to the pillows under his waist. I could see Jeff flexing the flanks of his ass together as he tried to squeeze the spurting cock in his ass even tighter. Bobby helped him by pumping his cock in short, quick strokes after the initial surge of sensation retreated. A moment later, Bobby collapsed onto Je
ff’s back.
When he had reco
vered, Bobby rose from Jeff. Jeff moaned softly as Bobby pulled his quickly deflating cock out of his ass. “Man, you are a damn fine fuck. I think that was the best piece of ass I’ve ever had, except for maybe the first one. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. I see now why your Master keeps you around even with the constant bitching. Let me get cleaned up and I’ll be right back,” Bobby told Jeff. Grinning, Bobby gave me a thumbs-up and headed to the bathroom to wash up and dispose of his condom.
Bobby returned to the bedside, slid the butt-plug back into place and refastened the throng strap to hold it in place. “That should be more comfortable now that I’ve opened you up a little and your Master won’t even know the fun we had. Let’s see what I can do for you now,” he told Jeff. Bobby reached down and rolled Jeff off the pillows and unto his back as he had been earlier. “Well, it looks like it was as good for you as it was for me,” Bobby said. Looking over, I could see Jeff had cum sometime during the ass reaming he had just received. It was probably from the friction caused by rubbing against the pillow as Bobby humped him. His cock and lower abdomen was slick with semen and a puddle of it stained the pillow he had been lying on. “I was hoping that sweet meat of yours would need me to suck it off. I guess you really do enjoy getting fucked,” Bobby stated, “I better clean you up and get out of here before your Master decides to come back and get some more tail.” With that, Bobby dropped onto the edge of the bed and began to lick Jeff clean, sucking his soft cock until not a trace of cum could be seen. When he finished he returned the pillows to their original position and stood up. As he dressed, he told Jeff, “Thanks for the good times sweet cheeks. I’ll try to come back tomorrow for a replay if you’re still here. Keep that dick hard for me.”
Janet, Bobby and I left my room. As we entered the elevator, Bobby reached out and squeezed my revitalized and hard cock. “Let’s go take care of that for you”, he said, “I only got to suck down one load of cum today.”
Turning the penthouse access key, I replied, “Why not? Your action with Jeff caused it. Guess you’ll just have to fix it.”
Housekeeping was just closing the door to Jeff and Janet’s suite when we got off the elevator. As the three of us entered the suite, Bobby wasted no time. Dropping to his knees in front of me as the door closed, he loosened my belt, unbuttoned and unzipped my pants. He pulled them and my briefs down to my knees and wrapped his talented lips around my cock. I saw Janet fumble with the camera as she rushed to film the scene before her. I stood with my hands on my hips and enjoyed the feel of Bobby deep-throating my throbbing dick. He was good. Before long, I was thrusting forward to get the head of my cock down his throat as his tongue and lips serviced the shaft. I grabbed his head, humping his face rapidly, as a sudden rush of cum exploded from my balls. Bobby sucked my nuts dry. When my prick finally deflated, Bobby let it drop from his lips.
“Thanks,” I told him as he stood. “Would you like the girl to return the favor?” I asked as I pulled up my briefs and slacks..
“No thanks,” Bobby answered, “I’m strictly into guys. Chicks are a turn off to me. I’ve got a couple of friends that will be glad to take care of me later today. Maybe I’ll try to get them together for a cock party. Do you want me to come back over tomorrow to help train your boy? I sure would like another piece of his ass.”
“Unfortunately, the boy and girl will be leaving tomorrow afternoon,” I explained. “If I happen to run into anything that might interest you, I’ve got your number. Besides, I have to get a copy of the tape with you and the boy to you. I’ll even throw in the part with you blowing me. Thanks again for the help and the blowjobs. You should try women sometime just for a change. Guys didn’t do anything for me until this weekend. Now I’ve discovered that good head is good head and good ass is good ass, regardless of gender.”
“That’s fine for you but I’d probably lose my erection with a chick involved. They’ve just never been a turn-on for me. Thanks again for the fun. I’ll see you when you call me about the tape. Be sure to give me a call if you need some head,” Bobby replied as he headed out the door.
After Bobby left, I decided that Janet and I didn’t need to leave the hotel for what I was looking for. Picking up the telephone, I called the video reproduction companies I had identified earlier. The second had the equipment and facilities I was looking for but it wouldn’t be available until the next morning. I made an appointment to for 9:00 AM and put down the phone.
Janet and I then went back to my room. Entering the room, I saw Jeff had regained his erection. I figured it was probably from thinking about the ass-reaming Bobby and I had given him. “Girl, it looks like the boy is glad we’re back. He certainly seems excited about something,” I said. Walking over to the bed, I sat down and grabbed Jeff’s cock. I slowly stroked it in my fist and told Janet, “Girl, come here and wrap your lips around the head of the boy’s dick. I want you to lick and suck on it while I jack him off. When he cums, don’t swallow it but keep it in your mouth.” Janet joined me on the bed and did as I had directed. I continued to stroke Jeff’s cock shaft as Janet serviced the head. Jeff moaned around the ball gag as we teased him. Soon he was humping his hips upward into my fist, trying to get more of his cock into Janet’s mouth. It didn’t take long before Janet and I were rewarded for our manipulations. Jeff’s body tensed and bucked as I felt his cock flex as his cum blasted from his balls. Janet caught every drop, her cheeks bulging, as I milked Jeff’s prick until it softened in my hand. Releasing it, I reached up and removed the ball gag from his mouth. Wanting to add to Jeff’s degradation I said, “Girl, now you may kiss the boy. Be sure he gets all of his cum back from you.” Janet slid forward and planted her lips against her husband’s. A moment later, I watched as she French kissed him, his own cum draining into his mouth as she did. When she broke the kiss and rose up, I could see the traces of cum glistening on their lips.
I released Jeff from the spreader bar and the restraint belt. Removing the hood, I told him to go to the restroom and clean up. I told him to remove the butt plug and clean it thoroughly in case I decided he needed to wear it again later. When he had returned, I ordered him to dress. I placed all the toys back in the gym bag as he complied. After Jeff was dressed, the three of us went down for a late lunch.

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