The Perfect Business Trip -Part 8

Monday Evening
I dressed casually in a change of clothes I had brought up earlier from my room but required my slaves to remain nude. Wearing only briefs, slacks, sports shirt and boat shoes, I knew that Jeff and Janet would be able to go through the ritual of undressing me fairly quickly when the time came. We called down for room service and ordered our dinner meal. When it arrived, we sat down to eat and I instructed my slaves on what I expected from their service for the evening.
“Slaves, tonight you will be able to show me your devotion to service by entertaining Tim and his fiancee, Beth. This is an opportunity for you to excel or fail. Tim has said he plans to serve in a submissive role to me and will accept my guidance and direction. You, however, will be subordinate to him. His requests to you will be obeyed unless I direct otherwise. Beth, unless she indicates otherwise, will be treated as my equal. Her directives will carry the same weight as my orders to you. You are to refer to her as Mistress. Do you understand my guidance?” I asked.
“Yes Master,” they chorused.
“Good. Now I explain what is going to happen when our guests arrive. When they knock, the two of you will wait in the bedroom with the door closed until I call for you. You will then enter and assume the position before my guests and I. When I direct it, you will undress me and, if so directed, my guests. I expect you to show Tim the same respect you demonstrate to me. In other words, when you have undressed him, each of you will kiss his cock. This will allow me to get a feel for how Beth will react to Jeff sucking her boyfriend’s cock later. If I have you undress her, each of you will also show your respect by kissing her pussy. If she objects, then do not try to kiss it. Do you have any questions?” I said.
Janet quickly spoke up, “Master, I’ve never kissed a woman there before. I don’t know if I can do it.”
“You will do it unless Beth objects. In fact, tonight you may be required to perform cunnilingus on her if she or I wish it. You have enjoyed watching the boy being required to orally service Tim and me. We may enjoy watching you being forced to eat pussy for the first time. If I order it or Beth requests it, you will immediately comply or be dismissed from my service,” I demanded. “Don’t worry about technique, just lick her pussy like you like to have yours licked,” I told her.
We finished our dinner about 15 minutes before 6:00 and relaxed as we waited for Tim and Beth. I had Jeff put new tape and batteries in the video camera. Janet was directed to get one of the spare blankets from the bedroom and cover the top of the coffee table with it. I planned to use it as a stage for many of the night’s activities.
Shortly after 6:00, I heard a knock at the door. I sent Jeff and Janet to wait in the bedroom as I answered the door. When I opened it, I saw Tim and a beautiful Amer-Asian young lady. Remembering my experiences during a tour of duty in Korea several years ago, I knew that Beth could quite possibly be a sexual firecracker if you lit her fuse. Beth stood about 5’4″ with long black hair tied in a ponytail that reached to her waist.
“Hi, you must be Beth,” I said as I invited them in, “I’m pleased to meet you.” I introduced myself as we entered the living room from the foyer area.
“Yes, I’m Beth,” she replied with a brilliant smile on her face, “Are we the first to get here? Tim said this was a sex party. I thought there would be more than just three of us. Tim has been horny as hell all week when he got home. I barely got in the door this afternoon before he started undressing me so he could get a little. He claims it’s because some lady here has been sucking his cock everyday.”
“Well, that part is true and we aren’t the only ones here. The others are waiting for me to call them out. I just wanted to make you comfortable first, so you won’t feel pressured to participate in anything unless you want to. You don’t even have to undress unless you want. Everyone else will be nude. At any time you are uncomfortable with what is going on, you may stop it or leave. Tim agreed to that when he received the invitation to be here tonight. Right, Tim?” I replied.
“That’s right,” he answered, “Beth just can’t believe that your lady friend can deep-throat me. I just want to prove it to her.”
“I guarantee that she won’t be disappointed,” I told them. “Let me explain a little about our other participants and then we’ll let the games begin. In a moment, I will call them in. Beth, the other couple that will be with us tonight is a husband and wife. They asked me to be their Master for the weekend since they both prefer to be submissive. I agreed and so far, I have not been disappointed. They are referred to only as Boy or Girl. They refer to me only as Master.”
Beth’s eyebrows rose slightly at my mention of being Master and them being submissive. She asked, “Do you mean they are your sex slaves? They do everything you tell them?”
“Yes, that is right,” I responded, “And for tonight I have informed them that you have the same status as I do. Your requests or directives are to be considered as orders. They will refer to you only as Mistress.”
“So if I tell this lady’s husband to eat my pussy, he’ll do it and she won’t complain?” she questioned in some disbelief.
“That is correct,” I said, “And based on the girl’s response when I have ordered him to orally service her, you would enjoy it. Shall we begin?”
“Why not? I’m not going to believe any of this deep-throat crap until I see it for myself,” Beth said with a grin.
Tim interrupted before I could summon Jeff and Janet, “What is my status? Must they obey me as well?”
“Not exactly,” I replied, “You are superior to them in status but subordinate to Beth and my directives. Your requests must be approved by one of us. However, I do retain final authority.” Beth grinned even bigger when she heard that Tim’s desires were subordinate to hers. I was sure we had a budding domme among our little group.
“Well, in that case, I guess I’ll call you Master and Beth Mistress so no one gets confused,” Tim said.
Beth laughed at that and told him, “It’s about time you realized who was boss. I could learn to like this.”
I had them stand slightly in front of me facing the living room. “Slaves, you may enter and attend to my guests and me,” I called out. Jeff and Janet quickly entered from the bedroom and knelt before us.
“My god,” Beth exclaimed, “They’re naked and their genitals are shaved.”
“Yes, sometimes they behave like children. I decided they should look like children,” I informed her. “Slaves, undress Tim,” I ordered. Jeff crawled forward and removed Tim’s shoes. Janet followed, removing his socks. They continued to alternate until the two of them removed his briefs with their teeth. Janet did the honors of lifting the waistband over the head of Tim’s growing cock. When he was nude, they each leaned forward and kissed the head of his dick before returning to their position.
“The boy just kissed Tim’s cock,” Beth gasped.
“Yes, that is to show respect to a superior and to reinforce the boy’s submission,” I told her. “Would you like to be undressed now?”
“I guess so. Everyone else is going to be naked, I don’t want to stick out too much,” Beth answered.
“I think Tim’s got the sticking out part pretty well covered,” I told her, pointing at his fully erect cock. “Slaves, undress the Mistress.”
Beth laughed at the comment and said, “I guess you’re right. He does kind of stand out in a crowd.”
Jeff removed Beth’s sandals, Janet her blouse, which freed two beautiful perfectly formed breasts with large excited nipples standing out from them. Jeff then slid down Beth’s slacks and she stepped out of them revealing a well-proportioned petite body that brought back many fond memories of the young ladies I had bedded in Korea. This would be a fun evening. Using their teeth, they sli
d off her panties to exhibit a nice bikini-trim bush of black hair
covering her pussy. Jeff placed a kiss on it without hesitation. After a glance at me, Janet leaned forward and did the same, lingering somewhat longer than I expected.
Beth said, “That was different. I understand it is for respect and submission on their part. However, to me, it was extremely erotic, especially the girl’s kiss. She seemed to stay a little longer than necessary.”
Stepping forward, I allowed my slaves to undress me and then led the way to the couch. “Beth, please have a seat on the couch. I know that you can’t believe that anyone could deep-throat Tim’s cock. We’ll prove that first. Tim, lie on the table here in front of the couch. Boy, unless Beth or Tim objects, I want you to video tape the girl deep-throating Tim’s cock. I’ll even get them a copy before I leave town. Beth, is that all right with you?”
“I guess so,” Beth answered, “I wouldn’t mind having it on tape just so I could go back and see if it really happened.”
“Very good. Girl, when Tim is in place and the boy has the camera ready, I want you to suck Tim’s cock,” I ordered.
As Beth approached the couch, she glanced at the toys on the end table. I saw her eyes widen at the sight of the strap-on dildo. “What are all these for?” she asked.
“Those are just a few toys for our entertainment tonight. Feel free to use any of them if you wish,” I said.
I took a seat alongside Beth as Tim settled down on the coffee table. He lay back with knees bent over the end, his feet on the floor, legs spread wide. His long cock stood proudly erect almost directly in front of Beth. Jeff moved forward with the camera as Janet knelt between Tim’s thighs. Jeff positioned himself at Tim’s head so he could best film his wife as she consumed the huge cock before her. A moment later, she leaned forward and engulfed the head of Tim’s cock, beginning to work its length down her throat. Beth leaned forward slightly to watch.
Janet eased more and more of the shaft into her mouth. Tim’s size was a challenge even for her but before long; she succeeded in burying her nose in Tim’s pubic hair.
“Damn! She actually did it. I don’t believe it. She’s sucking Tim’s whole cock. I swore it wasn’t possible. I can’t even get half of it in,” Beth exclaimed, “How the hell does she do it?”
“I told you she could do it Beth. Now you just have to learn how,” Tim said, “I’m always getting you off by eating your pussy. I’d like to have you do the same for me occasionally.”
“Tim, refer to Beth properly,” I demanded, “As her subordinate, you may only refer to her as Mistress. With her superior position, it is her decision to make on whether she wants to suck you off or not.”
“Yes Master,” Tim answered. Beth smiled at his meekness.
“Beth, the answer to your question is basically practice and technique. The girl was an exceptional cocksucker when she entered my service. I ordered her to blow Tim before dinner Saturday night as a tip for good service. When I saw the length of his cock, I didn’t think she could do it either. As you can see, she was successful,” I said, “The boy, on the other hand, had to be trained.”
“Trained? You mean trained to suck cock? You trained him to suck cock?” Beth gasped.
“Of course. If the boy was to serve and please his Master, he had to be able to suck cock. I understand your problem. Three days ago, just as you indicated, the boy couldn’t even handle half of my cock. Tim has at least three more inches than I do. Now, the boy can deep-throat me with no problem. He could probably even handle Tim’s equipment,” I told her, “Why don’t we see?”
I knew from Tim that Beth loved man-on-man videos. I had planned to make this offer to ease her into my plans for the evening.
“Well, I don’t know. I guess that is really up to Tim and the boy? They may not want to do it,” Beth responded, “Tim, what do you think?”
“Whatever you want Mistress. I don’t care if the boy tries. I just want a blow job,” Tim moaned as Janet slowly slid his cock in and out of her throat.
“That settles it then. Girl, stop sucking and get the camera from the boy. Boy, I want you to suck Tim’s cock next. See if you can get it all down your throat and make him cum,” I ordered. Of course, Tim, Jeff, Janet and I all knew the Jeff had already done this successfully more than once, just as Tim had sucked off both Jeff and I. Beth, on the other hand, was unaware of any of this. She was about to be introduced to her boyfriend’s bisexual side.
“Aren’t you going to ask the boy if he wants to try it?” Beth asked.
“Ask? A master doesn’t ask a slave, he orders. If I order the boy to suck Tim’s cock, he just obeys. Hell, if I lined 20 guys up in here and told him to suck them all, he would do it. He is just my sex slave. He is here only for my pleasure and entertainment,” I answered.
Janet reluctantly rose from Tim’s groin and took the camera from Jeff. Jeff moved to kneel between Tim’s thighs as Janet prepared to film. He leaned forward and took Tim’s dick into his mouth.
“Oh, shit! He’s really sucking Tim’s cock. Is he going to try to swallow all of it?” Beth wondered aloud. She leaned forward for a better view and I noticed her hand drop between her thighs. She rubbed her cunt as she watched Jeff slowly slide her boyfriend’s cock into his mouth. A couple of minutes later, Jeff had his nose embedded in Tim’s pubic hair. “He did it! He really did it,” Beth squealed.
I watched as Jeff made a couple of slow trips up and down Tim’s cock and then said, “I don’t think Tim should be the only one having fun. Boy swing around in a 69 so Tim can return the favor to you.”
For a moment, Beth glanced at me with a startled look as Jeff moved into place over Tim.
“Are you going to suck him, Tim?” she asked as Jeff’s prick moved over his mouth.
“If you want me to Mistress, he is giving me a good blowjob. I guess it wouldn’t hurt to do the same for him,” Tim replied as he looked at the cock and balls dangling above him. Without waiting for Beth’s answer, he raised his head from the table and slipped his lips around Jeff’s dick. I slid a throw pillow under his head to give him some support as he sucked Jeff’s prick.
Beth gasped, “They’re sucking each other’s cock. This is great.”
As Jeff dropped his hips a little lower to feed more of his prick to Tim, I took another throw pillow from the couch and slid it under Tim’s head to give him more support. I glanced over at Beth just in time to see two of her fingers disappear into her pussy. Jeff and Tim settled into a steady rhythm, pumping their mouths over each other’s cock. Janet moved around to film the action from every possible angle that didn’t block Beth’s or my view.
As the action began to pick up speed, Beth said, “I’ve got to have some cock. This is making me so hot. I need to get fucked.” With that she stood and stepped astride of my legs. She was facing the table so I had a perfect view of her shapely ass. I shifted my hips to the edge of the couch and reached forward to grasp her hips. Pulling her back and down toward my lap, I offered my prick for her use. Beth reached down, grasped my cock and aimed it at her cunt. Still facing away from me, she sank her hot twat slowly over my throbbing member. Both of us moaned in pleasure as my steel-hard shaft disappeared into her hot slick canal. Fully impaled on my cock, Beth leaned forward, propping one hand on the edge of the table, to get an even closer view of her boyfriend sucking cock and being sucked.
Beth worked her cunt over my cock as I pumped my hips to help. Tim had been right. His girlfriend had to be fucked if she was watching guys getting it on. I was happy to oblige her need. Although Tim’s cock was longer than mine, I was just slightly thicker so Beth was a nice snug fit for my prick. We continued to watch Jeff and Tim service each other as we fucked. I could feel Beth’s fingers as she continued to stroke her clit as my dick filled her pussy.
A couple of minutes later, I heard Tim groan as he arc
hed upward and grabbed Jeff’s head. Holding him tight to his cr
otch, Tim’s hips bucked as he came in the suctioning mouth attached to his dick.
“Oh, my god,” Beth exclaimed, “The boy is swallowing Tim’s cum. He’s really swallowing it!”
That drove her toward own orgasm as she frantically fucked herself on my cock. She slammed herself repeatedly up and down the 7+ inches of hot meat plowing her cunt. Suddenly she squealed as she came, her hot pussy juices pouring over my cock and down my balls.
Jeff had dropped Tim’s limp dick from his mouth and was steadily humping his face. I saw him tense up just as I felt cum rush from my balls, spewing wave after wave of hot seed into Beth’s grasping cunt.
“Ahhhhhhh! I’m coming!” Jeff gasped as he fucked Tim’s mouth in short quick strokes.
“Swallow it Tim!” Beth urged her boyfriend, “Swallow it just like he did your cum. Gulp it down just like you always want me to do for you.” She continued to hump my slowly deflating cock, milking it dry as she watched Tim finish Jeff off.
Sated, Jeff pulled his prick from Tim’s mouth and sat down on the end of the table next to him. Beth collapsed backward against my chest, her head resting on my shoulder. A moment later, I felt my well-fucked cock slip from her pussy as our combined juices dripped onto my balls. We rested awhile before I spoke.
“Beth,” I said, “It looks like Tim and the boy caused us to make quiet a mess of ourselves. I think they should clean up the mess.”
“What do you mean clean up the mess?” she asked.
“I think that one of them should lick you clean and the other can do the same for me,” I answered, “Do want Tim or the boy to lick my cum from your sweet pussy?”
“I don’t know,” she responded, “I’ve never had the boy’s tongue in me but Tim has never licked someone’s cum from my pussy either. I think I’d like to have Tim do it.”
“That’s fine. You can sample the boy’s tongue skills later if you want. Why not show Tim that you’re his superior. Go over and sit on his face. Make him lick all of our juices from your cunt. While he’s doing that, I’ll have the boy clean my cock and balls,” I told her.
As Beth moved toward the table, Jeff stood and moved between my thighs. Beth mounted the table and moved over Tim in a 69 position. I watched her settle her sticky pussy over his mouth. She turned to watch as Jeff leaned forward and began to lick my balls clean. Soon he was mouthing my limp cock, his tongue tracing the line between my foreskin and glans.
“I could watch guys suck each other all night. It really makes me horny. I just never thought I’d see Tim doing it. I’m glad you invited us tonight,” Beth said, “I’m really enjoying this.” She was slowly and gently riding Tim’s tongue as he bathed her cunt clean of our juices. Soon she was moaning as the sensations began to build in her hot twat from the attention it was receiving. I saw her reached down and begin to fondle Tim’s cock and balls as she watched Jeff sucking on mine. This continued for several minutes and I could feel my cock beginning to stiffen again in Jeff’s mouth. Suddenly, Beth gasped and began to hump against Tim’s face as she quivered through another orgasm. When she was satisfied, she moved back alongside me on the couch. She watched as Jeff gently serviced me.
“Enough, boy,” I told Jeff, “Why don’t you and Tim go wash your faces?” He raised his head from my recharged, erect prick. He and Tim stood up and Jeff led the way to the bath. I motioned Janet to stop filming.
“You’re not going to have him finish sucking you off?” Beth asked, “You look like you’re ready.”
“Oh, I’m ready all right. I just think I’ll get my satisfaction some other way,” I told her. “You know there is more than one way for a man to please another man. Plus, there is still the girl available.” As I had expected, Beth immediately noticed the ‘more than one way’ comment.
“What do you mean more than one way? Do you mean anally?” she asked, “Do mean you could really screw his asshole?”
“Of course,” I answered, “Not only is it extremely pleasurable, it is the ultimate form of domination. Fucking someone’s asshole definitely demonstrates who the superior is. I took Jeff last night. After training him to suck cock on Saturday, it was only natural to require him to offer proof of his complete submission. Both he and the girl have proven their desire to serve me.”
“Maybe that’s why Tim’s always trying screw my ass; he wants to be the dominant one. As long as his dick is, I’m afraid to even let him try. He’s supposed to be subordinate to you tonight; do you think he would let you screw him in ass?” Beth said.
“Let’s go ask him,” I answered, “Girl, bring the camera just in case he agrees.” I stood and helped Beth to her feet. Knowing the answer in advance, I hoped Tim would play along. We reached the hallway just as Jeff and Tim were coming out of the bath. Janet quickly activated the camera as she followed us into the hallway.
“Tim, you said earlier that you understood that you are subordinate to me this evening. You even refer to me as Master,” I told him, “Beth wanted to know if you were willing to prove it.”
“Yes, Master. I guess so. What would I have to do?” Tim asked.
“To prove your total submission to me, you must allow me to fuck you in the ass,” I said, “Both the boy and girl have submitted to me totally. They even seem to enjoy it now.”
“I don’t know,” Tim answered, “I’ve never been butt fucked before. I’m not sure I want to be. I mean I’ve seen it X-rated movies and all, so I know it’s possible. If I agree, do you promise to go slow?”
“Of course,” I promised, “I’m very patient breaking in a new virgin tail. I popped both the boy’s and the girl’s ass cherry this weekend. We’ll lube you up well and stretch you a little before I fuck you. Afterwards, I bet Beth will let you fuck her or the girl as a reward.”
“Mistress, do you want to see the Master fuck my ass?” Tim asked his girlfriend.
“Well, yeah, I’d like to see it unless it makes you uncomfortable,” she said, “After all, you are always trying to talk me into letting you screw me in the ass and the Master here is not as long as you are. Show me that you are willing to take at least part of what you’d like to dish out.”
“Okay, I guess I’ll do it,” Tim responded.
“Excellent,” I said, smiling at the thought of stuffing my cock into another tight virgin ass. “Let’s step back in the bath to prepare you. Boy, you may wait for us in the living room.” The four of us entered the bath and I explained the application of the enema. Beth wanted to apply it after I had it prepared. I watched and Janet filmed as Beth readied her boyfriend’s rectum for my prick. Once Tim was ready, we returned to the living room.
I had Tim kneel on the end of the coffee table with his ass hanging over the edge. With him on his hands and knees, his asshole was almost perfectly positioned at the height of my dick as I stood behind him. It was only a couple of inches lower. This would allow me to flex my knees slightly and be able to put more power behind the thrusts of my prick when I fucked him. I noticed his cock dangled almost to the tabletop.
“Boy, I want you to prepare Tim’s ass for my cock. First, give him a good rim job. Use lots of tongue so his sphincter will be eager for my penetration,” I ordered.
Jeff dropped to his knees behind Tim and spread his asscheeks. Leaning forward he slowly slid his tongue along the crack of Tim’s rear. Beth and I stood alongside of him where we could observe. Janet was on the opposite side filming her husband’s actions. We watched as Jeff teased the tight portal with his tongue, dancing the tip of it over the ring of muscle. Soon he had coaxed the end of his tongue into Tim’s anus. I allowed him to continue this gentle probing for several minutes.
“Oh, damn, that feels good,” Tim said, “If your cock only feels half as good, I’m going to love being butt fucked.”
“I doubt if it will feel as good initially but once you get used to the size, I’m sure you will enjoy it,” I told
him. I handed Jeff the AquaLube and directed, “Grease up his ass f
or me, boy. Make sure he has plenty of lube in and around that hole. Slip your little finger in there and fuck him a few times with it.” Tim jumped slightly at the first penetration but Jeff was soon sawing his pinkie in and out of that tight orifice. I soon ordered him to swap to his forefinger to widen up the opening even further.
Reaching over to the end table, I picked up the small vibrator that I had used on Janet. Holding it under my armpit, I warmed it until I saw that Tim had begun to relax to Jeff’s invading finger.
“Enough, boy,” I said, “Move aside so I can finish Tim’s preparation.” As Jeff moved out of the way, Beth reached over to spread her boyfriend’s asscheeks. I placed the head of the realistic looking dildo against Tim’s sphincter. With just a little pressure, it popped past the muscle into Tim’s ass. I slowly worked the 4″ – 5″ shaft of the vibrator in. Once all of it but the small section I held was in place, I stopped, allowing Tim to get accustomed to the larger sized intruder. After a minute or so, I began to slowly stroke it in and out.
“Can I try that?” Beth asked.
“Sure,” I answered, “Just don’t let go of it. We wouldn’t want it to disappear up his ass. I plan to fill that hole myself.” We swapped places and I held Tim’s cheeks apart as she worked the vibrator up and down his rectum. Beth flipped the switch on the base of the vibrator to activate it. Jeff moaned slightly at the sensation. Soon I could hear Beth’s breath quicken as she violated her boyfriend’s rear passage. After a couple of minutes, I informed her, “I think Tim is ready for me now.”
“What? Your cock is more than twice as thick as this thing. Don’t you want to loosen him up more?” Beth said.
“Oh no, I don’t want him any looser. With some lube and a little pushing, my cock will slip right in. Besides, the best ass to fuck is a tight one. It is a lot more fun when my cock is being squeezed tightly,” I told her, “It also let’s Tim get the complete feel of having a dick stuffed up his ass.”
Reluctantly, Beth removed the dildo from her boyfriend and moved to the side.
“Boy, grease up the head of my cock. I’m ready to get a piece of that tail,” I directed Jeff. He quickly coated the head of my prick with a thick layer of the AquaLube. “Beth, would you like to help by lining my cock up with Tim’s asshole while the boy spreads his cheeks?” I asked.
“Sure, I wouldn’t want you to miss,” she answered as she grasped the base of my shaft. Jeff grasped each of Tim’s butt cheeks and spread them as wide as he could. Beth pulled me slowly forward until the tip of my cock rested against her boyfriend’s rectum. “Okay, you’re on target,” she said, still holding the base of my prick to make sure it didn’t stray. With a slight push of my hips, I forced my cockhead past the tight ring of muscle guarding Tim’s rear passage.
“Argh!” Tim yelped as I popped into his hot canal. “Damn, you feel huge.”
“Don’t worry, you’ll get used to the size. Just be glad I’m not bigger. Relax and you’ll enjoy this a lot more,” I advised, pausing to let him adjust to my invasion. A moment later, I continued my assault, pushing steadily forward until just over half of my cock was embedded in his colon. Beth released her grip on my dick and leaned closer to watch me impale her boyfriend with it. Janet stood on the opposite side videotaping Tim’s deflowering.
“Oh, shit. I feel completely filled. It’s like having a huge turd up my ass,” Tim said.
“After that enema the Mistress gave you, I assure you it isn’t a turd. And you’re not completely filled yet. You only have half of what’s coming your way,” I warned him. When I felt him start to relax a little, I slid a couple of inches of my prick out of that hot, tight passage. Gripping his hips, I gave Tim a couple of short, teasing strokes and then renewed my advance up his sweet canal. I was determined to give Tim what he had asked for the previous evening, all of my cock up his ass. Tim moaned as the greased dick slid slowly and continuously deeper. A few moments later, I had succeeded.
“Oh, it’s in! You’ve got your whole cock in Tim’s ass,” Beth exclaimed, “How does it feel Tim? Do you like it?”
“Man, I feel totally stuffed. It’s weird. It hurts a little but at the same time it feels good,” he answered Beth. “I don’t know yet but I think I could learn to like it.”
I savored the feel of Tim’s rectum around my cock. It was tight and hot. I realized I had had more ass in the last three days than I had had in the last two years. On Friday evening, I didn’t realize how much I would expand my sexual experiences. Instead of just role-playing, I actually had two willing sex slaves. I had fucked two beautiful young women and been sucked off by one of them and three different men. Now I was in the process of fucking the third virgin ass of the weekend. I also knew that from now on, I would not turn down any opportunity to be sucked by or fuck any man or woman that was willing.
Tim had begun to relax slightly so I decided to finish my mission. I slowly withdrew a couple of inches before easing back in completely. As I slid through his colon, the sensation of it gripping at my cock was fantastic. I knew I would enjoy this. Having cum only about twenty to thirty minutes earlier, my staying power was at its peak. Tim was going to get a solid ass fucking. I continued to slowly probe my dick into the tight male ass in front of me, lengthening the trip with every other stroke. Soon I was sliding my entire prick up and down that hot passageway.
“My god, you’re really fucking him,” Beth said, “Fuck him hard. Shoot a load of hot cum in his ass.” I noticed she was flushed and breathing harder.
“I intend to do just that. Tim’s got a nice, hot and tight butt,” I told her. Knowing that Tim wanted to be had by two men simultaneously, I added, “His mouth is empty though. I think he should suck off the boy for preparing him for this fucking. Boy, give Tim your cock to suck while I screw him in the ass.”
Jeff knelt on the table in front of Tim and thrust his prick into his waiting mouth. After a moment, we settled into a rhythm. Each of us would pull our cocks almost out of the orifice we were using and then plunge them back in, trapping Tim in the middle.
Beth sat down on the edge of couch saying, “This is making me so horny. Tim has two cocks in him. I think he likes it. His cock looks hard as a rock. Damn, I need someone to fuck me too.” I watched as she spread her knees wide and began to play with herself. I decided she could use a little help.
“Girl, mount the camera on the tripod and make sure it is focused to capture the boy and I fucking Tim. Then move over to the couch,” I directed Janet. She obeyed and moved to stand beside Beth at the couch. “Beth, all the cocks are busy except Tim’s but you wouldn’t be able to watch both the boy and I fuck him if you were underneath us. One advantage to having sex slaves is that you never have to masturbate. There is always some other way to get relief. Girl, I want you to lick the Mistress’s pussy. Use your tongue to help her get off,” I ordered. Beth and Janet both looked at me with surprised expressions.
Beth said, “I’ve never had a woman eat my pussy before but I guess it won’t hurt to try it. After all, Tim did agree to get butt fucked for me. One tongue should be about the same as another.”
As Janet moved to kneel between Beth’s thighs, I explained, “Well, actually you are assisting me in training the girl. One of the things I could not train her to do was eat pussy. Once she departs my service, she needs to be able to satisfy either men or women. No one knows who she may serve next.”
I watched as Janet hesitated for a moment before leaning forward to run her tongue along Beth’s vulva. Beth gasped as the tongue stroked across her clit. Janet pushed forward and planted her mouth against Beth’s cunt.
“Mmmmm, that feels so good,” Beth murmured, “It is much better than using my fingers.” She draped h
er thighs over Janet’s shoulders. Beth wrapped her f
ingers in Janet’s hair, pulling her mouth even tighter against her sex. Leaning back against the couch, she savored the sensations Janet was providing as she watched her boyfriend being fucked by two hard cocks.
Jeff and I continued to pound our meat into the willing young man between us. Occasionally each of us would watch Jeff’s wife servicing Beth. From the moans and hip action Beth was generating it certainly appeared Janet was capable of providing acceptable cunnilingus even as a beginner.
I noticed Jeff was beginning to speed up his thrusts in to Tim’s talented mouth. Seconds later, he announced, “Master, I going to cum soon.”
I paused, my cock buried in Tim’s ass, and replied, “Go ahead. Consider it a reward for getting this sweet ass ready for my use.” Holding Tim in place by his hips, I watched as Jeff sawed his cock in and out of the talented mouth that was sucking him.
“Yeah boy, fuck his mouth,” Beth encouraged, “Fill it full of cum. Tim, swallow all the boy’s cum.” She continued to work her pussy against Janet’s face.
Suddenly Jeff tensed and slammed his dick deep into Tim’s mouth as the first rush of cum blew from his balls. I watched as he emptied his load in short jerky thrusts between Tim’s sucking lips. After he finished, he pulled his rapidly deflating cock from Tim’s mouth and moved to the camera. Taking it from the tripod, Jeff assumed Janet’s previous duty as cameraman. He moved to alongside me between the couch and table. From there, he could easily film his wife orally servicing Beth or Tim being butt fucked by me.
Just as I resumed plowing my cock through the furrow of Tim’s ass, Beth shrieked as her orgasm hit. It must have been an earthmover. She thrashed and bounced about the couch as she humped her cunt against Janet’s face. She had her thighs clamped tight around Janet’s head, her ankles crossed, essentially locking Janet in place against her pussy. Beth hands gripped Janet’s hair as she cried out, “Oh, yes, yes. That’s it; eat me. Lick my pussy. Lick me harder, harder. Aahhhhhh, yes.” Finally she collapsed back on the couch and released Janet from that tasty prison where she had been held. Beth lay there, trying to get her breath back as she watched me continue to fuck Tim in the ass.
As Janet turned to watch, I could see her face was covered with Beth’s cunt juices. “Very good, girl, it seems that you eat a mean pussy. I think the Mistress was very satisfied with your help.”
“Definitely,” Beth whispered, “I don’t think I’ve ever had that wild an orgasm. Thank you for suggesting it.”
I could feel my own orgasm slowly approaching so I increased the pace of my thrusts in Tim’s ass. Now that Jeff’s prick wasn’t forcing his ass back against me, Tim had begun to push himself back onto my cock. He was starting to enjoy being screwed. I shoved my hips forward to meet him, my pubic hair mashing against his cheeks, my balls slapping forward against his. A minute or so later, I shoved deep, cramming as much cock as I could into his ass. With a moan, I sprayed a blast of cum into his tight rectum. With the initial surge over, I fucked his ass in short hard jabs as wave after wave of hot seed surged from my balls. As they emptied, I used Tim’s hot colon to milk them dry. Weak-kneed from my orgasm, I stood behind Tim as my buried cock slowly deflated and slid from the dark tunnel that had satisfied me.
I sat down beside Beth on the couch. Looking at Tim’s throbbing cock as he still knelt on the table, I said, “I think you’re right. It looks like Tim did enjoy having a couple of cocks in him. Do you want to help him out?”
“Not me. I still haven’t recovered from the orgasm the girl gave me,” Beth answered, “Have her or the boy take care of him. I’m sure he’s ready to get off after the workout you gave him.”
I thought for a moment and realized that everyone had had at least one orgasm since Tim and Beth arrived except Janet. “Girl, lie down on the carpet over there,” I told her as I pointed to a spot where Beth and I could watch them fuck, “Tim, you can fuck the girl but be sure she’s good and wet. That long pole of yours is going to need a lot of lubrication.”
Tim rose from the table as Janet lay down where I had indicated. “Don’t worry. I plan to give her a good pussy licking for servicing the Mistress while you and the boy fucked me. She’ll be soaking by the time I fuck her.” He moved over to drop between her legs. As he leaned forward to lick Janet’s cunt, Beth and I could see his still stretched asshole leaking cum.
Janet raised her knees, spreading them wide as she planted her feet on the floor beside Tim’s ribs. She was already excited from all the action she had been forced to film without getting a chance to really join in. Being required to eat Beth’s pussy probably caused a lot of that excitement. Whatever the cause, she was moaning almost as soon as Tim’s tongue touched her twat. In no time, we watched as she writhed through her first orgasm of the evening. Tim quickly slid over her. Guiding his cock with one hand, he eased the head into Janet’s still quivering cunt. With one slow, steady push, he buried himself to the balls in that hot, slick canal. Janet shouted out as she came a second time from the pleasure the long tool had given her as it slid in. Tim settled down to a steady fucking of the orifice gripping his cock. His knees were spread and he rocked on them as he sawed his cock in and out.
As Beth and I watched Tim riding Janet, I whispered to her, “If you want to assert your domination over Tim, now might be a good time.”
“What do you mean?” she asked.
“I told you that fucking someone in the ass was the ultimate demonstration of your dominance. You could fuck Tim’s ass now. I have everything you need here on the table,” I answered.
With a gleam in her eye, Beth said, “Show me.”
I picked up the strap-on harness and the dildo that was closest in size to my cock, just slightly shorter at 6 inches and thinner. I attached it to the harness and handed them to Beth, telling her, “Tim’s ass is still wide open from the fucking I gave him. We put this on you, grease it up a little and you can experience how it feels to fuck a guy’s ass. If we hurry, you may be able to fuck him as he screws the girl.”
Beth stood and demanded, “Quick, help me put this on.”
I assisted her with the straps and we soon had a lovely young woman that appeared to have a 6″ cock. “Be sure that you get the clitoral nub in position so that it will stroke your clit as you fuck Tim,” I told her. As I applied the AquaLube, I give the pseudo-cock a couple of strokes.
“Oh, I see what you mean,” Beth gasped, “The nub rubbed my clit as you stroked the dildo. That means I can get off as I fuck Tim.”
“That’s the idea,” I responded, “What good is a fuck if you don’t cum?”
Now that she was ready, Beth dropped down behind her boyfriend. Easing forward, she aimed her new prick at his ass. Tim was so intent on balling Janet he didn’t realize she was there. As Tim rocked back to extract his cock for another plunge, Beth shoved forward and popped the dildo into his ass. He jerked at the sudden intrusion, “What the hell?”
“Tim, you always want to fuck my ass so now I’m going to fuck yours,” Beth said, “While your cock slides into the girl; my cock is going to slide into you.” With that, she stroked her pseudo-dick in his asshole.
“Oh, that feels good,” Tim said, “Fuck me hard sweetheart, I think I will like it.”
It took them a couple of moments to get a rhythm set up but soon they were hard at work. As Tim pushed his cock forward, he pulled his ass away from his girlfriend’s phony prick. As he pulled back, Beth pushed forward and probed his ass with her tool. The double sensation soon overcame Tim. Lunging forward, he buried his cock in Janet and came. I could see Janet slamming her hips back and forth as she milked his meat with her pussy. Beth followed him forward and continued to pound his ass with the dildo. She continued to fuck him as
he lay atop Janet for about two minutes more. Suddenl
y she squealed as she came, humping Tim’s ass frantically as she worked the clitoral nub against her love button. She collapsed on top of her boyfriend, dildo buried deep in his colon.
A couple of minutes later, Beth withdrew the dildo and stood. As Tim removed his cock from Janet, Beth told him, “That was fun. I really enjoyed fucking your ass, Tim. I may have to do that more often.”
“I enjoyed it too,” Tim responded, “but I liked it better from the Master. Feeling his spurts of hot cum in my ass almost made me cum. I guess if you’re planning on fucking me like that, I’ll finally get to screw your ass as well.”
“Oh, no. You’re not going to put that huge thing in my ass,” Beth said, “I’ve told you nobody could take your cock up their butt. Until you can prove me wrong, I’m not even going to try.”
“Oh, well, it was worth a shot,” Tim answered, “But I guess I won’t mind if you screw my ass occasionally. I did like it and if you enjoy doing it I’ll play along.”
Tim stood and helped Janet up as I recommended, “I think everyone could use a good shower and then we can hit the hot tub while we recover. Jeff, you can cut off the camera now.” With everyone in agreement, the five of us headed for the shower. There was plenty of room for all of us, allowing for a lot of touching and fondling as we washed one another. I concentrated on Beth since she was a new experience for me. Jeff and Janet helped all of us while Tim seemed to be intrigued by washing my and Jeff’s genitals. After the shower, Tim took the time to clean the dildo his girlfriend had just fucked him with. All three of the guys were semi-hard when everyone moved to the hot tub.

More to follow.

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