My name is Jack, I am an experienced photographer and my wife Diane helps me with my photo shoots. We drive to the local shopping mall to meet a model who wanted to work with me. We parked close to the entrance of the mall were we planned to meet and got out of the car.

As we walked up to the entrance, we saw Kelly sitting there waiting for us. She was wearing a t-shirt, cut offs, and carrying a bag. She was about five feet ten inches tall, lovely blonde hair, and average size breasts.

When she saw us, she stood and smiled at us. As we approached her, she shook our hands and said, “My name is Kelly, you must be Jack and you must be his wife Diane.”

I smiled and said, “Yes I am Jack and this is Diane. Have you ever modeled for a photographer before?”

As we started back to my car Kelly said, “No I haven’t. I have always wanted to model. I am a quick learner and will do anything you want me to do.”

Diane smiled and said, “How old are you Kelly? You know my husband mainly does conceptual artistic nudes?”

Diane opened her bag and pulled out her wallet, she took out her id and handed it to Diane and said, “I just turned eighteen yesterday, I am completely legal.”

We were now in my car driving back to my home studio; Diane sat in the back with Kelly and was looking at her id as she said with a smile, “She’s completely legal.”

I could tell by watching the two young ladies from my mirror that Diane really wanted Kelly. Diane had trouble keeping her hands to herself.

When we arrived at the house, I looked at the girls and said, “Diane, why don’t you help Kelly change in our bedroom, we can do some images of her in an outfit before moving on to the nudes.”

Diane showed Kelly to our bedroom as I set up for the photo shoot. When the girls walked into our bedroom, Diane winked at me, my cue that we were going to have some fun.

Diane helped Kelly out of her clothes and had her stand in front of a full length mirror to decide which outfit to wear first. As Kelly held up an outfit in front of her, Diane leaned over and kissed Kelly’s neck.

Kelly turned around and said, “What the fuck are you doing? Your husband is in the other room. What if he walks in? I don’t want to ruin the photo shoot.”

Diane looked into her eyes; her hands were on Kelly’s hips as she said, “its okay. Haven’t you ever been with a girl before?”

Kelly was shaking slightly, she was nervous as she said, “No, I haven’t been with anyone, boy or girl, I am sort of a virgin.”

Diane laughed a little and said, “What do you mean you are sort of a virgin. Maybe you will feel more comfortable if I take my clothes off too.”

Diane took her clothes as Kelly watched her. As Diane took off her bra and panties, Kelly smiled as she said, “Well, I borrowed my mom’s dildo a few months ago, and I guess I popped my cherry with it.”

Diane was completely naked by now; she got close to Kelly who seemed more comfortable now that they both were naked. Kelly couldn’t help herself checking out Diane’s well formed and in shape body. Diane got really close to Kelly, their breast rubbing up against each other as Diane said, “How did it feel? Did you fantasize about your mom while you used it?

Kelly blushed as she said, “It hurt a lot, especially when I put it all the way inside my pussy. It took a few days for the bleeding to stop too. I never thought of my mom using it while I was using it on myself, which would have been too creepy.”

Diane kissed her neck gently again, this time Kelly moved her neck to the side and let Diane kiss her as Diane whispered in her ear, “All you have to do is get used to having sex, the pain will go away as soon as your pussy gets used to a cock, and the bleeding will stop as well.”

Diane moved her hands gently up Kelly’s body and cupped her breasts as Diane’s lips found Kelly’s mouth. Kelly sighed as Diane’s hand massaged her breasts and she opened her mouth just enough to allow Diane’s tongue to enter and dance with her tongue.

They kissed for several minutes. Diane’s hands were exploring Kelly’s body. Kelly also used her hands to explore Diane’s body. Kelly was enjoying every moment, this was the first time she ever touch any naked body. She loved the soft feel of Diane’s skin.

Diane finally pulled away and said, “How did you like that darling? I hope I am not going too fast for you?”

Kelly looked at Diane and said, “This is how much I liked it.” Kelly grabbed Diane’s head and pulled it to her and kissed her passionately, her tongue went deep into Diane’s mouth and almost down her throat.

As Kelly kissed Diane, Diane’s hands found Kelly’s shaven pussy and massaged her clit and when it was very wet, she used a few fingers and stuck them in. Kelly gasped for a brief moment, her eyes rolled as everything inside her went wild. All of a sudden she wanted Diane as much as Diane wanted her.

As Diane kissed and played with Kelly’s pussy, Kelly let out a soft moan, Kelly was in heaven. Diane laid Kelly down on the bed gently. Kelly looked up at Diane and smiled; Diane lowered her head down between Kelly’s legs and ran her tongue along the wet crack of Kelly’s pussy.

Diane looked up and said, “You taste wonderful baby, I can eat up right now.” Diane went back to Kelly’s pussy, her tongue massaged Kelly’s clit while her fingers entered Kelly’s pussy and ass.

Kelly was enjoying this new found pleasure. Diane’s hands were so soft and gentle on her body, she never knew another woman could be so sensual and pleasurable.

Diane was lapping up the juices coming from Kelly’s pussy like a cat laps up milk. Kelly was enjoying Diane so much; she didn’t see or hear me walk into the room. When she did see me standing there, Kelly pushed Diane off her and grabbed the blanket then covered her naked body up with it and said, “I am so sorry, I didn’t mean to have sex with your wife.”

Diane moved up close to Kelly and removed the blanket from Kelly’s nakedness. Kelly tried to hold on to it, but Diane took and exposed her naked body. They both laid there naked looking up at me. Kelly was in shock; Diane just smiled and said to Kelly, “its ok darling.” Diane played with Kelly’s nipples as she continued, “He is going to join us sweetie.”

I undressed quickly and joined the girls on the bed. Kelly smiled when she saw my seven inch cock and both of the girls quickly went to work sucking my cock. Kelly started and took the entire seven inches down her throat as Diane played and sucked my nuts.

After a few minutes when I was rock hard, I lay down and Kelly climbed up on top of me and lowered her pussy down on it. She let out a loud moan as my seven inches slowly disappeared into her pussy.

Diane lowered her pussy on my face and I went to work on it with my tongue. As I ate my wife’s pussy, my hands played with her breasts as she leaned forward and started licking and sucking Kelly’s breasts and nipples.

Diane and Kelly both came at the same time, my cock and face were covered with cum. Diane laid down and Kelly went to work on Diane’s pussy as I slowly eased my cock into Kelly’s virgin asshole.

It took a few minutes for Kelly to adjust to having my huge cock in her ass. I erupted with a force of at least three fire hoses, and unload my entire load of cum into Kelly’s ass.

I withdrew my cock and saw my juices oozing out of Kelly’s ass, Diane smiled with she saw my cum in her ass, she lowered her head and licked and sucked all my cum out of Kelly’s ass.

We lay down on the bed, all of us together holding each other and playing with other for a while until I said, “Are you girls ready for the photo shoot yet?”

Both of the girls looked at each other and said at the same time, “We are ready whenever you are?”

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