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After we all ate dinner we went back into the family room and chatted. They told me how they all started having sex with each other. It started when Jasmine was nineteen. Jasmine was taking a shower, her father Jerry woke up and was groggy from being out late with her mother Irene.


Jerry thought Irene woke up early and beat him to the shower, since the door was unlocked, he just undress and got in the shower thinking he would surprise his wife.


When he put his hands around Jasmine’s breasts he immediately knew it wasn’t Irene. They both jumped out and grabbed towels when Irene came in to find out what the problem was.


When Irene saw them standing in the bathroom with only towels hiding their naked bodies she just laughed. She told them that they don’t have anything they haven’t seen before, so there was no need to cover up.


Jasmine and Jerry both looked at each and without warning, Irene took her clothes off. Jasmine and Jerry let the towels drop to the floor and they stood there. They looked over each other bodies and found they were turned on by seeing each other naked.


Irene told Jerry to go the fireplace going and she will finish here, Jasmine looked at her mom confused. Irene told her to get in the shower.


Irene went back into the shower and was startled when her mom joined her. Irene took some soap and started washing her back. She let the soap drop and let her soapy hand massage her daughter’s breasts.


Jasmine enjoyed this and leaned forward a little, Irene whispered in her ear, “You have such lovely breast; I am going to tell you something about me and your father. We both are bisexual and we know you are too.”


Jasmine just stood there letting her mom play with her breasts, she was nervous as she said, “But this is wrong, and you’re my mother.”


Irene started kissing the back of her neck gently, “It’s alright, as long as you don’t tell anyone other than Todd and Mary, what happens here, stays here.”


Irene made her daughter turn around; they stood face to face, both naked. Jasmine’s hand touched her mother’s breast and smiled from how good it felt. Her other hand started rubbing her mother’s bare pussy gently.


Irene pushed her daughter’s hands down by her side and moved closer. Irene looked in her daughter’s eyes to make sure she was fine with it.


Jasmine nodded up and down and Irene started massaging her nipples with tongue. Irene got on her knees and started lapping up her daughter’s pussy, with the warm water spraying on them.


Jasmine soon came all over her mom’s face. They quickly washed up and went to join the rest of the family in the family room.


When they entered the room, Jerry was sitting there naked talking to Todd and Mary about what happened. Todd and Mary were not fazed by Jasmine and her mom walking into the room together naked.


We already knew for several years that her brother Mike had gotten an operation and became Mary, they were all supportive, but never really seen what he had done until then.


Todd and Mary were told what just happened in the shower with their sister and their mom; they just looked at each other and said, “When in Rome,” and ditched their clothes too.


Todd walked over to his mom kissed her and started playing with her breasts as Mary and Jasmine lay down on the floor and quickly went into a sixty nine position, Jerry just sat there and stroked his cock.

Mary was on top of Jasmine eating her pussy while Jasmine took Mary’s cock all the way in her mouth. Jasmine’s siblings both told everybody they were all bisexual as well and Jerry took full advantage of that.


When Jerry had his cock hard, he walked over in back of Mary; he put some lube on her asshole and slowly inserted his cock into her ass.


They had a nice rhythm going until they decided to change. Todd and Jerry started fucking Jasmine, while Irene took on Mary.


The room soon smelled like cum, they all lay together in a pile on the floor. They have been playing with each other every since.


After dinner, they all headed to the large family room. It didn’t talk long before Irene was kissing me, her tongue going down my throat while her hands removed my shirt and bra, massaging my bare breasts.


I felt Jasmine’s hands pull my panties and skirt off, she plunged her tongue deep into my pussy, while a couple of her fingers slipped into my ass.


I looked over and saw Todd and Jerry in a sixty nine position, busy sucking each other’s cock. I watched their tongues go up and down each other’s cock slowly, taking in each moment.


The two cocks erupted together, and they quickly licked up all the man juices that flowed from each cock.


Irene was now sucking on my nipples and Jasmine was still deep in my pussy. It felt so good the way each of them worked their tongues on me.


We lay down on the floor and I was on my side when I felt a cock replace Jasmine’s fingers. I looked over and saw it was Jerry’s big cock that was inside me, and Todd had his big cock inside his father’s ass.


Jerry shot his load up my ass just as Todd shot his load up his father’s ass; I also erupted all over Jasmine’s face as well.


Jasmine’s family stopped what they were doing and they all licked all of the sweet cum from Jasmine’s face. They all looked at me while they cleaned her face, I could tell they all wanted more.


Irene lay down on the floor and I buried my face between her legs and licked her pussy. Mary was sitting there stroking her cock and I motioned for her to join us.


Mary walked over and lubed up my ass, her father’s cum was still dripping from it. With one pushed, she rammed her cock deep in my ass, I groaned just for a moment when it penetrated my ass.


As I was licking Irene’s pussy, I noticed Todd joined the action by fucking Mary’s ass; Jasmine was sitting on her mother’s face and was getting eaten while sucking on her father’s cock.


I wished there was someone there taking pictures, I wanted to see all of us fucking each other in all our holes.


Mary lay down on the floor next.  I was the first on top of her; I lowered my pussy on her massive girl cock. When I started a good rhythm, I leaned over and started licking her nipples.


Todd moved in back of me and quickly started fucking my ass. He moved with deep in and out movements. My ass was getting really sore by now, but the pain was relieved when Todd shot his load deep in my bowels.


He pulled his cock out and forced me to suck and lick it clean. I took the entire seven inches of his massive shaft in my mouth. I felt it getting hard again and he shot another large load down my throat.


Mary erupted inside my pussy and they quickly laid me down on the floor so they could clean me out. I could see Jasmine whispering something in her mother’s ear, who then whispered in Jerry’s ear.


They all got up and led me out the back sliding door to the pool area. As we walked, we were all dripping cum from all of our holes and the guys had also had both the juices from us ladies, but from them as well dripping from their cocks and asses.


We slowly entered the shallow end of the pool, it was cold, but we all quickly got used to the coldness, the guy’s cock immediately shrunk from the coldness, but it wasn’t long before us girls got them up and hard again.


Jerry bent me over the side of the pool and quickly went to work on my pussy and ass again. Mary had Todd bent over and ramming her cock into his nice ass.  Irene kept going back and forth between me and Mary, going under the water to quickly lick my pussy and suck on Mary’s cock.


Jasmine sat on the side of the pool and moved over to in front of me; my tongue quickly went deep into her pussy and massaged her clit.


Our cum from was mixing with the pool water, making it a slippery pool of sex. As I looked up, I noticed a security camera was focused on us. I looked at Jasmine and said, “Is that camera working?”

Jasmine took my head and pushed it into her pussy and said, “Yes love, it is recording everything we are doing right now, including the sound, we will make sure you get a copy, now shut up and eat my fucking pussy.”


I got very excited by this. I buried my face deeper into her pussy. As I ate her pussy, the others changed positions; Mary was now fucking me as Todd was fucking his mother next to me.


We fucked for hours, changing positions and filling the pool with our cum.  We could all see the layer of cum lying on the top of the water. Irene joked how it gives them an excuse to call the pool cleaner.


Afterwards, we went back into the family room and we all fell into a big pile on the family room floor and spent the night sleeping and fucking.


I woke up the next morning with Todd playing with my ass with his fingers, Mary eating my pussy, and Jerry’s cock fucking my mouth. Jasmine and Irene were in a sixty nine position; they were both enjoying their breakfast as well.


All of them took me and Jasmine back to the airport, the ride was as wild as the one to her house. We all hugged goodbye as her family grouped me as they hugged me.


After the plane landed in Honolulu, the girls quickly took off for the hotel. They still smelled of sex from the orgy they had with Jasmine’s family. As they sat in the backseat of the taxi, they could see the driver watching them, so they decided to put on a little show from him.


I spread my legs, parting my skirt. Jasmine slowly removed my panties and started playing with my pussy. I saw the driver watching us in the mirror and turned off his meter. I winked at Jasmine to let her know our little idea was working.


The driver had to swerve sharply, he was watching us so much, and he didn’t see a person in the crosswalk. I told him to take the long way to the hotel and he was very happy to do so.


When the driver swerved, Jasmine fell forward and her face buried itself in my exposed pussy. Her tongue went right to work on my pussy.


I undid Jasmine’s top and exposed her breasts and I went to work sucking, licking and gently biting her nipples.


He drove us around Honolulu until Jasmine came all over my face. I looked up to the driver, with her cum still over my face and said, “We are ready to go to the hotel now.”


As Jasmine licked her cum from my face, the driver just nodded and drove us straight to the hotel. When we arrived and went to pay the driver said, “No charge this time, thank you for the show.” Jasmine and I smiled at him, grabbed our backpacks and walked into the hotel holding hands.


Jasmine and I took the elevator up to the floor my room was on. When we walked into the room, Ana was sleeping soundly on the bed. She looked so hot lying there on bed naked.


They both crawled into bed with her, they moved slowly, so not to disturb Ana. When both of us were lying next to Ana, I kissed her on the forehead.


Ana opened her eye and smiled, she twitched her nose and said, “You guys smell like sex, go take a shower and come back.”


Jasmine and I smiled at each other then bolted for the shower. We quickly soaped each other up and rinsing each other. We bolted back to Ana who was still lying in bed, half asleep.


We crawled back up to her and I kissed her on the forehead again. When she opened her eyes I said, “Are you feeling better my love?”


Ana smiled and said, “I feel much better, the doctor gave me something that knocked it right out of my system, I am very healthy now.”


Jasmine and I smiled when we heard that. Jasmine started kissing Ana around the neck and made her way down to her ass. Jasmine ran her tongue around Ana’s asshole and Ana moaned slightly at feel of her wet tongue there.


After spending a few minutes sucking on Ana’s nipples, I slowly made my way down. When I reached her pussy, she was already wet. I lapped up her juices and massaged her clit with my tongue and finger fucked her pussy.


Jasmine was finger fucking her ass as she licked around Ana’s asshole. Ana was moaning loudly now and she pulled my body closer.


Ana spread my legs and buried her face in my pussy. She played with my ass as she licked my clit and finger fucked me.


We all moaning before long, we changed positions and I was the one in the middle. This is the first time I ever had anyone lick my asshole. It felt so good to have something warm and moist play with it.


Before long Jasmine walked over to Ana’s suitcase and brought back her dildo and vibrator. Jasmine inserted the dildo in my pussy to get it nice and wet, and well lubricated.


Jasmine then used it to penetrate Ana’s ass, we told Ana about the fun we had at the house of Jasmine’s family and we both told her how much are asses still hurt form all the rough sex we had.


Ana scolded me, she said I need to be careful about how I have sex from now on, because of the baby I am carrying inside me.


I told her I would slow it down a bit, after we were done, we all went to the bathroom and showered. I looked at myself in the mirror and realized I was starting to show. I kept rubbing my stomach.


Ana walked up behind and held me for a minute, she looked down at my belly and rubbed while she kissed me on the back of my neck.


When she pulled away, she smacked me hard on the ass and said, “Come on love, we don’t want to be late for the plane.”


I slowly went back into the room and started packing, I was sad, I didn’t want to leave Jasmine behind.


Jasmine helped Ana and I pack. Both us did not want to leave, we felt so at home here. Going back also meant we had to do something about Angel. Angel was increasingly getting more and more jealous of Ana and me together.


Ana had told me on the flight here that she had actually threatened her with bodily harm and was concerned. I told her she was imagining it all, and that I knew she was jealous of us, I didn’t think she would actually harm her.


Jasmine was still off from work so she came with us. She helped us check out and we were given a certificate for a two night stay at any one of their resorts, here or on the mainland.


Jasmine was kind enough to drive us to the airport and she loaded our bags into the car. Jasmine was equally sad that we had to leave. In the short amount of time we spent at the resort, Jasmine, Ana and I formed a close bond together. We had a lot of time left to get to the airport, Jasmine took us on one last trip around Honolulu.


We found a nice secluded spot overlooking Pearl Harbor, since we had a lot of time to kill, Jasmine laid a blanket down on the grass, the three of us sat down and talked about the time Ana and I spent with her.


Jasmine told her all about how she and her family started fucking each other and went on to tell her about how her family accepted me and the all the fun I had with her family.


Ana grew extremely horny with every word Jasmine told her, I slowly removed her shirt and started massaging her breasts with my tongue.


I made my way down to her pussy and buried my face in it as much as I could. My ass was sticking up in the air. Jasmine pushed my skirt up and pulled down my panties, exposing my shaved wet pussy.


As she continued telling Ana about my fun with her family, her hand was working over my pussy; my juices were dripping on the ground, my sweet smell filling the air.


As we got redressed, a cute dog ran up and started playing with our clothes. We manage to wrestle our clothes from the dog and finished dressing.


Jasmine examined the neck area and said, “The dog has no collar or identification around its neck, so it must be a stray since nobody is around for miles. I think you just found a new home, I will call you Boxy, and you are so cute and adorable.”


It was getting late; we packed up everything in the car. Boxy jumped in the back seat and Jasmine drove us to the airport.


We arrived at the airport and Jasmine walked with to check in and sat while we waited for the plane to start boarding. Boxy was alone in the car, but he wouldn’t be alone for long, Ana and I knew they would have lots of fun together.


When the plane started boarding, we said our goodbyes to Jasmine and promised to keep in touch. We both cried having to leave Jasmine, and she was crying as she waved to us as we walked onto the plane.




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