The Shadow of Amnesia


Sanity. We’re all insane here–or we wouldn’t be following HER. Even in her absnence, to all of us she is a Goddess. A selfless martyre, but of what?

She has shown us self assurance, and how to excersize our strengths. She has shown us a deep and dark side of life we never even knew existed. There is not a female among our numbers who has not lain with another of our kind. There is not a male among our numbers who would not die for HER.




In her absnence, in the mystery of Claire’s disappearance–since the deaths of Soheila, and Nancy–since Sierra was shot to death–I lead us now.

My name is Cynthia Zamora. I see things sometimes. I don’t consider myself pyschic, and I couldnt begin to tell you where the hell Claire is, or whether or not we will ever see Amnesia again.

I lead in merely a pale shadow to our heroin, until she will return. We miss her, but even in the darkness we have lit a candle.

* * *

“Fuck you bitch!” The girl said and struck Brandy hard in the face. “Trumped up, stuck up, slut-whore-mother fucker!”

Brandy took the punch to the face without even moving a little, the give in her neck enough to absorb the shock of the blow as if it hadn’t even hit her.

Brandy was one of the girls from the Varsity Girl’s Basketball team, before she’d quit. She was six foot two, but otherwise well in proportion to her body, muscular, and very much athletic. She looked down on the girl, a former friend of hers before she’d turned to Amnesia–even in her absense–her friend, Janessa Stanton grew to hate her. To hate them both.

Janessa and Brandy had kissed before, it wasn’t a big deal between them. Janessa wasn’t lesbian or bi, or bi curious. It was just one kiss, one day, out of the blue. It was passionate as any ever could be, but the enticement of it was not sexual at all. It was more like the love of friends.

“Don’t make me hurt you, Janessa.”

“Fuck you Brandy!” Janessa yelled. “You were mine first! You were my friend first. Mine!”

“I can still be your friend.”

“Fuck you, you serve that twisted whore, Amnesia!”

The strike came from behind her. Janessa collapsed to the floor quickly, holding the small of her neck, and moaning half consciously.

Cynthia Zamora stood over her with her handbag, a small purse. She turned it upside down and emptied the small rocks inside of it onto Brandy’s body.

“Fuck you.” Janessa moaned.

“Yes.” Cynthia said, smirking. “You will.”

Brandy looked at Cynthia apathetically, and then back to Janessa with a sympathetic face. “There are two ways to learn. To easy way, or the hard way.”

Janessa’s face mirrored the pain shooting down her neck and back. “You were my friend first.”

“Soon, we will all be friends, Janessa.” Cynthia said, and motioned for Brandy.

Brandy picked Janessa up and threw her over her shoulder, rubbing her back gently. “I’ll take care of you Janessa.” Brandy said softly. “I promise you.”

* * *

“I don’t want to do this.” Janessa said, lying back as Brandy tried to soothe, coo and hush her.

“It’s not that bad. It can be a little wierd, but we’ve done similar things together before.” She offered.

“We were friends. I loved you.”

“I love you still,” Brandy insisted. “I just want to be me, and only me.”

“Who are you?” Janessa asked.

“Your friend.” Brandy said massaging Janessa’s shoulders. “Soon, your lover.”

“I have a boyfriend.”

“Is he good in bed?”

“You wouldn’t know.” Janessa said softly, looking past Brandy. “You’re just a pussy licking bitch, like your precious Amnesia.”

“You really don’t understand, do you?” She said gently. “It’s not like we’re vampires, or monsters. We’re doing a good thing. The sex… it’s just because we have to feed that appetite like we eat or drink. It has to be done, and frankly, guys just aren’t as good as girls.” Brandy said.

“I love the cock.” Janessa said, smirking despite herself.

“So did I, and I still enjoy it a little. Richard’s not what he’s made out to be, but he’s good enough.”

“Rick the ‘Dick’??” Brandy said with a little surprise.

“We call him Richard now. He saved Amnesia’s life, sort of. He tried.”

“He’s just a showboat. That’s all. He was always nice to us in middle school.”

“That’s why I’m fucking him. He really is a gentle guy. But I lick pussy, and let mine be licked, because girls know what girls want. Period.”

“Do you know what I want?”

“You want your friend back.” Brandy said, running her hands down Janessa’s body.”You want to be loved.”

“You love Amnesia.”

“I love you. I love my leader. Two different loves. She’s so… smart and quick… and…”

“…and you joined her circle of friends after she was already gone, how can you even believe that she is what they say she is?” Janessa gasped gently, as Brandy began to massage in between her legs.

“Because so damned many of them are saying it. I have to take it on faith that she is as good a friend and person as they say she is. She’s strong, she’s taken in so much.”

“She’s been committed to Hillside Driftwood.”

“It isn’t her fault. What if your best friend died?”

“If you died, I would kill whoever killed you.” Janessa said, putting her hands over Brandy’s and emphasizing the pressure, as she ground her hips against their fingers. “It’s not that I don’t want this,” She said suddenly. “It’s that I don’t want this to be just about Amnesia.”

“This is about you, and I.”

“What if I don’t want to fuck every girl in your group?”

“Who says you have to?”

“Haven’t you been with them all?”

“I like to taste every chocolate in the box.” She smiled. “It doesnt mean you can’t just stick to one.”

“What about Cynthia?”

“Unyieldingly loyal to Amnesia, which is why she almost broke your back today. Watch what you say. She reminds me a lot of Claire, but not as gentle.”

“And what of Amnesia?”

“What of her? I haven’t eatin her pussy or felt her yet, I don’t even know that I will get to when she comes back.”

“Then what is it you are following?”

“Humanity. Animals we are to be, lest animals we should become.”

“What the hell does that mean?” She moaned, her breathe escaping her slowly, as Brandy tugged her shorts and panties free, sliding them down slender legs.

“It means that if you feed the hunger, then you subside it. If you subside it, what is there left to feed?”

“Have you been with Cynthia Zamora?”

“She was the one who seduced me.”

“Like you’re doing to me?”

“No. I didn’t get hit with a bag of rocks.”

“It was a purse.”

“It made the point.”

“Just fuck me.”

* * *

Cynthia knocked twice, before entering into the warmth of the room’s atmosphere. She heard a small moan, followed by a yelp of surprise.

“Cynthia!” Janessa said, covering her breasts with the sheets on Brandy’s bed. They’d just gotten started too.

“I came to apologize to you,” Cynthia said, sitting at the desk nearest to Brandy’s bed. “And, I was hoping you’d let me watch. I won’t touch you, if you don’t want me to, at least not this time.”

Janessa nodded acceptingly to Cynthia’s apology, but held the sheets to her still, shy. Behind her, the curvy sillhouette of Brandy’s body shadowed over the smaller girl’s. Slowly she pushed the sheets away from Janessa’s body, throwing them into a crumpled pile on the floor by her bed.

Janessa covered her breasts with an arm, and her pubis with her free hand.

“Shhh,” Brandy smiled. “Don’t be shy. It’s n
ice, you’re going to like being watched.”

* * *

Cynthia opened her legs gently, slowly, as she watched Brandy kissing Janessa.

Brandy was a finer specimen of a woman—well a girl with a woman’s body, and a heart like a romantic’s. She enjoyed cuddling after sex.

She was an averag
e breasted girl, perky, with half dollar nipples, and a smile that could stop a war. She had a tight stomach with vague six pack abs, and subtle muscular features.

When one would perform cunnilingus on her–that is–when Cynthia was eating her out–the girl’s legs had tightened so strongly around her head and ears, she thought she would have passed out.

Janessa was of a dark olive complexion, her skin looked like it was airbrushed to be smooth and flawless–she was unrealistic looking, with exacting features that were the same on both sides without the slightest hint of any differences. Her features matched, eyebrows unplucked–still perfect. She had dolly like features, with girlish grace and a woman’s beauty. Though she wasn’t a virgin, she had a perpetual virgin’s air about her, a sense of the innocence that not even an experience like this could destroy.

Cynthia parted her lips, between her legs, softly with first and rung finger, gently sliding her middle into herself, feeling the extreme heat inside of herself, the warmth of being enveloped by the moist splendor. She was wet instantly.

She teased her clitoris as she watched the two best friends kissing, caressing and exploring each others body, Janessa was a biter, and Brandy was into scratching. They would leave proof enough for each other that this one event truly did take place.

* * *

“No!” Crimson screamed. “You can’t do this!”

“Calm now, lovely.” A black man in doctor’s clothes said softly. “Calm.”

“No! Put me in solitary please! I can’t be near a window! Please! PLEASE!”

“Why can’t you be near a window?” The man cooed, trying to calm her down as he filled a syringe with a relaxant.

“The sun will kill me!”

“Relax, the sun will not kill you.” He said. “I’m just going to give you a little shot here, and it will help you feel a lot better.”

“I am not human!” Crimson screamed in his face. “YOU ARE GOING TO KILL ME!”

The man looked at the two orderlies holding Crimson in place, her restraints creaking and the seams near tearing.

“Hold her still.”

* * *

Holly Wells rocked back and forth, a perpetual gaze of anger over her face, as her fingers worked silently, bloodied from rubbing against the thick canvas of her straight jacket as she slowly worked holes into the material. She was going to escape.

Amnesia was somewhere in the facility.

* * *

“Mmm.” Janessa moaned, as the tip of Brandy’s tongue gently made circles around her clitoris. It had been a very slow process, a long road of nibbles, nips, and licking that Brandy had traveled down Janessa’s body to get to the treasure she sought. The sweet sensations that fluttered through her like doves had been worth the wait.

Watching Cynthia masturbate, getting off simply by watching her being pleasured only intensified the senses going through Janessa’s body. That understanding that Brandy mentioned earlier was beginning to make sense.

She felt passive and calm, despite her thundering pulse and quivering thighs. Emotional waves of everything she could feel swept over her, in tides so powerful that the monsunes of her passion flooded her. She was close now.

As if Brandy had sensed it, she moved up to kissing Janessa on the mouth again, the brisk flavor of Jenessa’s sex mingling in the kiss.

Brandy grinded her kitty against Janessa’s, the small mounds of their sex pushing together, their clitoris teased by the motion, the pressure and the sliding of their mixed fluids building in the anticipation of climax.

Brandy moaned loudly, while Janessa held her tightly to herself, their breasts pushing together as Janessa wept and moaned softly into Brandy’s ear while she was being ravaged–ravaged–but you cannot rape the willing.

Brandy’s hips bucked hard against Janessa’s as they came together like two forces of a storm and they were like thunder.

Cynthia came at nearly the same time, her legs locked out, hands rubbing between her legs, her skirt lifted as her body tensed, and then suddenly relaxed.

Cynthia sighed, and pulled her skirt down a little until she appeared decent. She stood without even a word to the other two, who were kissing and falling into slumber softly in each others arms, and she left quietly as not to disturb them.

* * *

“NO!” Crimson screamed, as she was stripped of her clothes and posessions.

They were spraying her down hard, with a firehose, while she was held in the center of the room by the same type of contramptions animal control used to keep dogs away. Orderlies were throwing lye soap on her body and scrubbing at her pale, tender flesh with wire bristled brooms. Precious blood sept from her wounds into the drain in the center of the room. They stopped scrubbing and throwing the lye onto her, but kept with the water a little longer until she collapsed, exhausted from her torturous beating.

* * *


Holly Wells hugged her arms around her bruised body, little puddles of blood on the floor around her, as she stared vacantly out a small thick window which was the only view in or out of her cell. She watched as they carried a pretty girl with pale skin and amber honey eyes by the window. The girl looked into the cell, and Holly’s heart skipped a beat as if she’d tasted fear.

The eyes seemed to burn into her mind, but in a way that drove her into strength and not weakness. She would have to get out. First, she would have to get that girl to go with her.

* * *

Cynthia woke up with a start. Eyes.




Whose eyes?

Not Amnesia’s.

Holly. Holly Wells. Amnesia. Eyes.

The thoughts were random and course, like broken shards of a mirror that had once reflected an incomplete puzzel.

“Shit.” Cynthia said, feeling helpless. She could feel something swelling, like an explosion before it explodes, or the shock wave of an atom bomb. She felt a severe and intense pressure in her heart and her mind. Something was tugging at her, telling her to do something, but she didn’t even know what…

Only that Amnesia was in terrible, terrible danger.

* * *

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