The Sultry Sultan and the Nagging Nun Pt. 2

When she could move again after her amazing climax, Caro was led by Calyandra and Alakisa to the bubbling baths of the harem. She was instructed to strip and get inside. She would presented to her new master tonight.

“Master? No man is my master!” she snapped upon hearing Calyandra’s words.

The older woman laughed slightly. “It is always amusing when we get American women.” But her smile faded. “It will not be as amusing when you realize that you are no longer in America and that you have no rights here. If you seek power, use this.” Calyandra’s fingers slid over Caro’s still trembling pussy.

Caro stood with her arms crossed over her chest. She refused to move. “I will not be some man’s sex slave.”

The hurt was fresh in Calyandra’s eyes. “You think that you are so much better than us? That you can refuse such punishment? Well, my beautiful American, allowing the sultan to stick his cock inside me is not a punishment. Living without food and clothes is.”

With that, Calyandra jerked Caro’s skimpy gown over her head. She then gave Caro a hard push which landed her into the middle of the bubbling bath. She threw a hand up in the air as a way of dismissal and turned her back on Caro.

Alakisa stepped into the water with Caro and sponge in hand, she began to rub Caro’s back.

“You mustn’t do that,” she whispered. “Calyandra is your friend. Do not make her an enemy for she has much sway over the sultan.”

Caro refused to answer. Alakisa bathed her with slow tenderness carefully rubbing the soaps and oils over Caro’s back and then turning her to rub her breasts which were still throbbing. She pushed Caro’s legs apart and positioned herself between them as she continued to bath Caro. She rubbed the hard sponge over Caro’s sensitive nipples and giggled in delight as they hardened again.

Caro arched against Alakisa. “Please, no–more.”

But Alakisa was no in the mood to listen. She inched the rough sponge down until it was right against Caro’s clit. She moved it slightly and Caro groaned.

Immediately, Alakisa did it again, and this time with more insistence. Caro’s mouth opened and Alakisa took the opportunity to stick her tongue in Caro’s mouth while brushing their hard nipples against each other. The sponge moved against her clit and the pressure of the other woman’s nipples against her own was almost Caro’s undoing. Alakisa could sense that she was close so she tossed the sponge aside and slowly sank under the water.

Caro nearly jumped out of the water as she felt Alakisa lips close around her clit and begin to play with her. Her rough tongue was not shy as flicked over her clit and sucked hard. She surfaced after a few minutes of tantalizing pleasure. Caro was ready to come, and Alakisa knew what would send her over the edge, she drove two fingers inside Caro’s already clasping pussy. Every muscle in Caro’s body tightened and she screamed in joy.

“Enough!” snapped Calyandra. She jerked Alakisa out of the water by her hair. “It is time to present her to Alexander. No more of this. Dress her and take her the grand hall.”


Caro was unsure of what was going to happen to her. She was dressed in white gossamer skirt but nothing to cover her breasts. Alakisa led her out of the harem with a nod to the two guards that stood at the door. Calyandra followed but at a distance.

“Whatever happens, you must accept it. Alexander is a benevolent master, do not anger him,” Calyandra said softly. “This is your presentation.”

The great hall was alive with life. Caro searched the masses for her sister and the rest of the nuns but could not see them. She felt ashamed for having forgotten about them, but who knew how long she’d been trapped inside that dungeon. Anything could have happened to Agatha. The thought made Caro hang her head.

“Ah!” a deep voice boomed and at once Caro felt dread overwhelm her. “It is the defiant one. Come forth my beauty. See what your defiance has robbed you of!”

She raised her head to see her sister brought out in front of her. She wore a similar skirt and nothing else. Her dark auburn hair flowed down her back and her welcoming smile confused Caro.


“Hello, dear sister,” Agatha said, coming forth and wrapping here arms around Caro’s waist, rubbing her breasts against her sister’s. She bent her head slights and pressed her lips against Caro’s, with her tongue forcing entry in Caro’s mouth. The kiss was similar to the ones that she’d shared with Alakisa, not her sister. She pulled away from Agatha’s eager mouth.

“What has happened to you?” Caro demanded.

“I am a woman, not the na├»ve girl you once knew,” Agatha laughed. “I never knew what I was missing until I came here. I love sex. I love to fuck, Caro.”

Caro stepped back to hear her sister’s shocking words. She had once been a calm beautiful nun and now she was a foul mouthed whore.

“Agatha, snap out of it! Remember your vows to God!”

“I remember only my vows to the sultan. Come, Caro, submit to his will and you will be much happier.”

The sultan’s laughter was heard booming throughout the hall. “They all agree, my beauty. Look around you–“

Caro did, and as she did she noticed all of the women in the convent were strew about the hall, some were even having sex as this was going on. Caro’s eyes refocused on a young nun who was new to the convent but she lay with her legs spread as far apart as she could get them while a hairy man with a 8inch cock was driving into her. She smiled in lust and began to move her hips with him. Another nun, a woman old enough to be Caro’s mother, was kneeling before another man and she was sucking his cock with everything in her. She bobbed her head back and forth.

“You see, sister, life is good within these walls.”

“Agatha–you must remember–your promise–“

“Promises mean nothing.”

“But Agatha, what about our lives?”

“This is my life now.”

“ENOUGH!” Shouted the sultan who had become bored with this. “It does not matter if she submits to my will or not. I am not her master. As a token of my friendship I have given her to my dearest advisor. Where is he? Alexander!”

The crowd began to search for the spoken man, when Caro was grabbed from behind.

“I am here!” he shouted, ripping away the only thing of modesty Caro had left–her gossamer skirt.

As he stood behind her, she had no idea of what he looked like, but she hated him. She stood naked before the whole court of the sultan and she despised the man with everything in her.

“Does she meet with your approval?” the sultan thundered. “Because if not I would be glad to make her my own.”

“She exceeds my expectations. In fact, Sultan, I shall test her worthiness right now.”

Without another word, he tossed her over his shoulder and exited the hall. The sultan’s laughter followed them out of the hall.

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  1. nonanonymous

    Magnificent writing!

    Interested to read about what happens to Caro and maybe also a bit more about what’s going through Agatha’s mind.

    Thank you for sharing!

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    By all means keep going

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