The Treatment Room

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“So, do you have any plans for tonight” I asked her. I was her last customer and I knew she’d been working hard all day – her dark hair was messy in it’s pony tail and her cheeks flushed pink from working with the hot wax. She looked down at me, hand resting lightly on my inner thigh and smiled. “It’s been a really long day, I think I need a treat” she said. “What sort of treat?” I asked. Her hand hadn’t moved and she raised an eybrow. “You’re my last client – so after this I have to close up. But I can use the treatment rooms while there’s no one here”. “What sort of treatment rooms?” I asked, taking her hand and pulling her closer to me. Her smile widened and she put her lips against mine, “come with me and I’ll show you”.

Taking me by the hand she led me out the door and down the corridor. Naked from the waist down, the cool air felt like velvet against the tender skin of my pussy. As we walked she helped me take the rest of my clothes off, leaving a trail down the passage. Finally we reached another door and she stood with her back against it. I kissed her, pressing her hard against the door and felt her soft body yield against mine. The sharp buttons on her shirt dug into my skin and sent a thrill of anticipation spiking into my clit.

She turned the handle and we practically fell through the door. Inside, a big spa bath dominated the room. On the other side of the door sat a large reclining chair, articulated and which I knew from previous experience, vibrated from top to toe while your nails were done.

I looked around and saw Leaha bending over the bath, adjusting the jets to full. Her clothes were in a pile on the floor. She had a lovely body, smooth and softly rounded. Her legs were slightly apart so I could see her pussy, just as smooth as mine. She looked over her shoulder at me – “come here beautiful” she smiled.

We slid into the spa and she took a bottle from the side. “Did I do a good job on your pussy today?” she asked handing it to me. “You did” I said “…and you definitely deserve this” I added as I settled her between my legs, letting her arse rub against my bare pussy. I began to spread the oil over her shoulders, down her back, as she leaned into me. I reached around and rubbed her breasts, small and firm, her nipples standing to attention under my fingers. She made a small sound in the back of her throat as she pushed herself against me, pressing her arse harder and harder against my pussy. I felt her hand reach down under the water, between her thighs as she began to massage her clit.

She turned around and kissed me deeply, slick with oil, her chest pressed against mine and soon we were both glistening, wet and shiny. “Try this” she breathed. She knelt in front of one of the jets, the stream of water channelling straight into her clit. I copied her and immediately gripped the end of the bath as my clit was pummled by a hot stream of water. Trying desperately to bring myself under control, I rocked my hips back and forward, controlling the water, allowing it to shoot directly into my pussy and then back again hard into my clit.

Soon both of us were gasping as the relentless water pounded us. Suddenly the door handle turned. Standing in the doorway, your pupils dilated as you took in the scene – Leaha and I kneeling in the spa, skin slick with oil, our tits red and hard and both of us moments away from cumming.

“I followed the trail of clothes” you said as you closed then door. Leaha and I stand up. You can’t take your eyes off us, watching the water run between our tits, down smooth pussy between our legs…. holding hands, slowly we walk towards you.

I step behind you and watch as Leaha gives you an appraising look. I am unsurprised to see that she likes what’s in front of her. “I think he might need to sit down” I say as I press my wet body against you, and feel every muscle taught with anticipation. “Yes” says Leaha, “come this way…” and we follow her towards the chair. “I think you’ll be more comfortable with these off” she says as she kneels in front of you and removes your jeans, revealing your hard cock. She glances at me with approval and gives it a teasing lick. With deliberate care your t-shirt is removed and we place you into the articulated arms and legs of the chair. Leaha finds the control panel and starts the back massager, vibrating the length of your back, down your legs and through your arse. The sensation is incredible.

Another button reclines the chair so that now you are lying down, Leaha and I, standing on opposite sides of you, kiss, and you watch our breasts mould into each other’s body. You reach up and with a hand for each of us you rub and press your fingers hard into our pussies, feeling the warmth covering your hands. Still aroused from the spa, I can feel myself come up again quickly under your expert touch. Leaha and I separate and straddle you. She takes your cock and I watch as she slowly lowers herself, clearly loving what she’s feeling. You move me down until I’m standing over your face and you bury your mouth in the soft smoothness, tasting the pussy juices and the faint taste of the lotions Leaha applied earlier.

I watch as Leaha pounds herself into you harder and harder and I feel so turned on watching her touch her pussy as her breasts bounce up and down and I can feel you rubbing my clit with your tongue, probing hard with your fingers… You can hear us start to cum at the same time and feel us cum in your mouth and cock as our pussies pulse and press against you.

Leaha and I slide off and move to the foot of the chair. Leaha raises the bed slightly so you can watch as we kneel between your legs. Taking the oil from the spa we spread it over our hands and work together, one hand after the other up your cock, in time, faster and faster until your cum shoots up between us and we lean forward, trying to catch it with our tongues, licking each other in the process.

The spa is still warm and we slip back into it, and I realise it’s about time I made some proper introductions…

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