three best friends

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My name is mark. I’m eighteen. 6″1″. 178 lbs. I live in a small town.
Still with my parents. I date a lot. I just have never met a girl i
thought i could spend the rest of my life with. I live about six
miles out. I have a couple of really close friends. Larry, who lives a
couple of miles from me, and Randy. Randy lives in town. His dad owns
the hardware store. The three of us are together a lot. Crusing town,
looking for girls, and talking to all our friends.

We’re easy going guys. Hardly have any problem with other guys. But
once in a while we run into some. Usually from out of town. They come
here looking for a fight, and won’t take no for an answer. When that
happens, they’ve picked on the wrong three guys. We stick togther like
glue, and we all know how to play fisticuffs.

We know all the girls here. We know which ones will, and which ones
won’t. Weekends are best. There’s three who like to get with us,
and drive out of town , and have a few beers. We’re not old enough to
buy it, but we’ve lived here all our lives. We can drive around in back
of Ruby’s. She’ll bring it out to us. Then we’ll drive out to one of the
places my uncle owns. It’s forty acres. Nothing on it, just pasture.
It has two ponds. The one on the back side, is big, with trees around it.
My uncle doesn’t mind. He say’s just don’t leave any trash around.

We’ll break out the beer and party most of the night. Randy’s van is
perfect to fuck these girls in. Cheryl’s the one i usually have. But we
swap off now and then. I think Megan has the best pussy, but cheryl gives
the best blowjob. Linda has the best figure. Randy likes her the best.
We’ll drink some beer, then it won’t be long until we’re all naked.
I like seeing Cheryl’s body in the moon light. She has medium size
breasts, with long nipples. She likes to make out and watch the other
girls getting fucked. I suck her nipples and run my fingers through her
pussy. She gets so wet and hot, that i can feel the heat on my hand.
I’ll turn her around and she’ll put her hands on the van and bend over,
and i fuck her doggy style. When we’ve both got off, and i remove the
condom, she’ll get down and clean me up.

There is one thing i haven’t told you about me yet. There’s only two
people around here who know. Randy and Larry. I like to suck cock, and
get fucked. We keep that to ourselves. When we can’t find the girls,
we pick up some beer, and drive out to the place anyway. We’ll strip
off, and i’ll have a great time sucking both of them, and getting fucked
until 2 am. Larry’s about six inches, and kind of thick. Randy’s longer.
I guess seven or eight. I’ll sit back in the captain’s chair, while
Larry sticks his cock in my mouth. Randy will get on his knees, lift
my legs, and stick that long dick up my ass. I love hearing Randy talk
while he fucks me. “oh man, your ass feels good. I wish Linda’s pussy
was this tight.” His talk makes my cock rock hard. I get so hot from
Randy’s big dick fucking me, and i’ll suck Larry harder and faster.
I want a big load of cum in my mouth. Then larry will start to groan,
and shoot off that cum. When i’ve swallowed it all, i’ll tell Randy,
“oh yeah. Pound my ass.” He knows what i like. So when he’s ready
to cum, he’ll pull out, and use his hand. I like to open my mouth and
watch his cum shoot into it.

We wash off in the pond, and drink some beer. Then we’ll do it again.
This time Larry will fuck me, while i suck Randy’s big dick. I can take
that big cock all the way down to his balls. I like sucking every inch
of it. Randy says, “damn Mark. You suck dick better than Cheryl.” I’ll
keep giving them my mouth and ass until they can’t cum anymore. Then, if
it’s not too late we’ll just hang around drinking, and swapping lies
for awhile.

I like fucking the girls, but i never eat their pussies.
Neither does Randy, or Larry. We don’t know who else they might be fucking.
So thank goodness for summertime, and two good friends who understand me,
and the things i like to do. They both know i have a couple of holes they
can stick their dicks in, anytime they get horny and want it.

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