Took a few years, but I finally got it

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My First Real Cock
I can’t remember exactly when I first decided I wanted to suck another guy’s cock, but it was a long time ago, at least 5 years. By the time I got to my last year of college sucking cock was becoming more of a necessity, even an obsession. I had a girlfriend and sex with her was good, but I needed something different. It would’ve been great to get her involved, but she was pretty straight-laced and I didn’t think she would go for it. As I grew hornier and hornier for cock I started looking for ways to meet a guy who would let me suck his dick, no strings attached. I wound up on the internet obviously, was worried about running into shady characters. I even set up meetings with a few guys but could never get myself to go through with it.
That was until one week this fall, when my roommate was away and my gf was out of town on business all week. I sat at home getting hornier and hornier, desperately searching for someone at least mostly normal to satisfy my craving. Finally, after days of searching and emailing, I found a guy around my age in the next town over, who said he was mostly straight but liked hooking up with guys occasionally. He was no Brad Pitt, but he wasn’t terrible looking and he had a beautiful 7inch, smooth-shaved cock that needed sucking. After a number of emails and a few days to think it over I decided to go through with it, and planned to meet him at his house at 8 that night.
When 8 o’clock came around I was very nervous, but at the same time incredibly horny thinking about finally tasting a man’s cock, balls, and cum. I drove to his house, but it took me three or four times driving by to get up the nerve to stop. Finally I told myself I really wanted that cock and that I had to go for it. So I parked, walked up to the door and rang the door bell. After a minute I heard footsteps coming and soon the door opened. The guy who’s dick I was about to swallow was standing in front me, looking me up and down as I did the same to him. I decided he would do and followed him inside. He offered me a beer and I accepted, then he said we could go up to his bedroom, so I followed him up the stairs. We got his room and I took of my coat, then sat on the bed and took off my shoes.
“Wanna watch some porn?” he asked.
“of course”, I said. I had already told him before we met that I wanted to watch porn while I sucked his cock. He got out his computer and went online, looking for free porn. After a minute he found some crappy gay porn and put it on. He was obviously a newb at finding good porn, so I took the computer and said “here let me try.”
I went to one of my favorite sites and got some good straight porn, some hot brunette deepthroating a nice 8inch cock. I like to watch blowjob and deepthroat porn and pretend I’m the one taking the cock. i thought I could watch the video and follow along, doing all the same stuff as the girl. We were sitting next to each other on the bed, and as the video started playing he reached over and rubbed my cock through my pants. I stopped him and told him I didn’t want him to touch me, I was only there to suck his cock and nothing else. He was kinda pissed but I told him what I wanted and he had no choice. he stopped rubbing me and I reached over and touched his cock, the first time I ever touched another guys cock! It felt huge, even bigger that the 7inches he said it was. It felt much bigger than my 6inches and musta been twice as thick. I was surprised how big it was and looked over and saw it pushing against the fabric of his pants. I was still sitting next to him on the bed and reached over and slid my hand down the front of his pants, wrapping my hand around his thick, hardening cock. He was wearing wind pants with buttons up the side, and as I pumped his cock with the hand I had down his pants already I started unbuttoning the side, then slid my hand into the side of his pants, gently moving it up his leg and lightly rubbing his balls. He started to moan a little, which made me even hornier. I kneeled in front of him and slowly pulled at the top of his pants, letting his hard cock pop out. I pulled at them until all the buttons were undone and then dropped them on the floor, leaving nothing between me and his cock.
He laid back onto the bed, with his legs spread and hanging over the side, letting me move into position on my knees beside the bed. I took his shaft in my right hand and his balls in my left and slowly jerked up and down. I leaned in toward his cock, questioning myself if I really wanted to do this. I looked at his cock, it was hard and smooth and beautiful and I smiled to myself and thought “yes, I want that thing in my mouth!” So I leaned in and took the big head of his cock into my mouth, caressing it with my wet lips and flicking it with my tongue. He moaned again as I slid more of his cock into my mouth, jerking his cock with my hand at the same time. It was harder than I expected to take his cock deep. I had practiced sucking and a little deepthroating with a 8inch vibrator i had. It had a suction cup and balls, and I used to stick it to the wall and get on my knees and try to take all 8inches in my mouth. Sometimes I would stick the vibrator and another dildo to opposite walls in the hallway or shower and try to deepthroat one while sliding my ass up and down on the other, taking it balls deep in my backside. I tried to make it feel like I was getting double teamed by two big cocks, getting a hot, rough Eiffel Tower. Sucking the cock in front of me was the first step toward getting that dream of a double fuck.
I tried to make use of that practice with the cock I had in my mouth now. But he was much thicker than my dildo and it was hard to get even half way down. I jerking his cock and sliding it in and out of my mouth, using my spit as lube to jerk him faster. All of a sudden he said “suck my balls,’ so I pulled five inches of cock out of my mouth and moved slowly toward his balls, kissing and licking his shaft as I went. I reached his balls and licked them a few times, then sucked one and then the other into my mouth, licking and squeezing his sack with my lips and tongue. I kept stroking his shaft with my hand while sucking on his big soft ball sack. He loved it and began moaning and touching my head with his hands. I kept sucking for a few minutes, the he took hold of my head with both hands and pulled it toward the base his cock, shoving his balls deeper into my mouth. He thrusted his hips, with his cock rubbing up and down my face while his balls were still in my mouth. He moaned and said ”oh god, you’re amazing,” which made me work even harder as I played with his balls and stuck my tongue out to lick the base of his cock. After a few seconds of my tongue pushing on his cock underneath his balls his whole body began to tremble and he moaned ”ooohhh god yes!”, then he pulled my head away from his cock and softly said “open”. I opened my mouth and he started mouth fucking me, slowly at first but slowly getting faster and going deeper. I straightened up in my kneeling position to get a better angle so i could take him deeper. He was standing up now and squatted down a little to give me even better access, and as soon as he thought my throat was in the right position he grabbed my head and slowly but firmly pushed himself deeper down my throat. Two inches in and I was doing fine, really enjoying the feeling of his hands on my head, with him totally in control of my mouth. three inches and I was still loving it, and taking it smoothly. Four inches made my throat start to feel full, but it felt fantastic and I moaned in pleasure, sending vibrations through his whole cock. he stopped pushing and looked down and asked if I was ok. I answered my nodding my head, and grabbing the back of his legs and pushing the next inch of his cock down my throat. It hurt to take it that deep, but I was so horny to take the whole thing that I kept pushing, but couldn’t get all the way down. Seeing me struggle he grabbed my head again, looked down at me, and then in one hard motion pushed the last little bit of his cock down my throat, his balls rubbing against my chin. It hurt like hell but I loved it and kept hold of his legs, pushing harder for more cock. He kept it in for a while longer, then pulled out about ΒΌ of the way. The he suddenly pushed back into my mouth, his balls slapping me again. He pulled out a little more this time then slammed all the way in again. He started slowly sliding out until the head of his dick was just inside my lips, then pushing all the way back in. after a few full length strokes he started going faster, throat fucking me just like I always wanted. He went in and out again and again, harder and harder. I gagged but didn’t want him to ever stop fucking me. Finally his whole body starter shaking again, and his thrusts became shorter. He pulled his cock all the way out and I grabbed it and jerked it up and down with both hands. I knew he was about to cum and I pointed his big cock right at my open , waiting mouth. he started to grunt and shook even more, finally letting out a huge gasp as he shot a thick jet of cum out of his cock. I caught it on my tongue and kept jerking hm off as he shot a second, third, fourth, and somehow a huge fifth blast of cum . when he was done I licked my lips to get all the cum I could, then used his softening cock to push the cum my tongue couldn’t reach into my mouth. I collected his full load of cum and kept it in my mouth, savoring the warm, salty flavor. I took his cock into my cum-filled mouth, pushing it deeper into my throat, his cum working like lube to let his cock slide right down. I took his semi down to the balls a few times, then pulled out and swallowed the last of his cum, enjoying every drop.
“Holy shit,” he said “that was amazing”.
“Thanks” I said. I stood up and wiped my face on my shirt and got my coat.
“Wanna meet up again” he asked.
“Sure” I said, “let me know whenever you’re available.
I left his house horny as I’d ever been and eager to come back for round two. I went home and set up my Eiffel Tower dildos in the shower. I double fucked myself for half an hour before shooting probably the biggest load of my life. I checked my email afterward and had one that said “Thanks, that was great, when can we meet up again?”
I thought about the feeling of having his cock down my throat, then replied, “Does tomorrow work?”
That’s another story.
The End.

NOTE: Please let me know what you think of this story, I’m still new to this and I don’t know if its any good or not. I know its kinda long, but hope you enjoy!

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