Tropical Vacation

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Based upon a recent divorce and all that comes along with such an event, and it is spring but still cold, I decide to take an impromtu vacation someplace warm. After long conversations with the travel agent, I decide on a resort ‘south of the border’ in a place that welcomes people who just need a sexual break.

I decide to take along my lover extroidinare. After long discussions about what we will do to/with one another, the bags are packed and the plane is boarded. Upon arrival, there are tropical drinks, fruit passed poolside, and gentle warm water mistings by the attending pool boys. After a little while, I grow bored with the pool scene and decide to venture down to the clothing optional beach with my man lover. We are lying by water in the sand listening to the gentle lap of the warm tropical waves. My lover begins to caress my bare breasts and I begin to grow even hotter. He gently, yet deeply, kisses me. Reaffirming that it has been a long, painful year but that he is glad that he’s the one here with me. As we lay on the beach enjoying each other and the sun is warming our skin, I look down the shoreline just enjoying the beautiful scenery. As I am taking in the sights and sounds and enjoying the touch of my lover, I see a beautiful creature approaching. She is tall and lanky, tan and fantastic. Just as her sight is drawing nearer, my lover enters me with his fingers and begins to caress me in long and gentle strokes. Without hesitation, I reach for him and begin to stroke. We are deeply in the moment and he believes we are alone on the beach. As he continues to kiss me deeply, this bronze beauty continues to approach boldly. She kneels in the sand and tells us that she is there to help ME enjoy my vacation. We agree, and she kneels in the sand between my legs. The instruction is that I am to lie there and allow them to make me feel like the “Wonder Woman” that I really am. She tells us that she will prepare me, by getting me so intensely hot that I cannot wait for more, for my lover to ultimately make me his own. Gently she opens my lips with her expertly manicured fingers and gently licks my clit. Then she pours sun warmed oils over my vagina and begins to massage me. Her fingers slip right in and as she is warming my G-spot, she begins to lick my clit. My nipples harden in expectation and my lover, with one hand on his member and the other on my nipple, begins to kiss me again deeply. Then he slides his long, hard, member right inside me. As he is poised on his knees giving me a great stroking, the beauty kneels and begins to lick my clit. My hips grind in passion and then she slips her finger in along with my lover’s member. Togeter we writhe and twist and just as I am about to cum, she pours more warm oil over my clit and reaches around to slip her fingers into my ass. The sensation of being double penetrated while this hot bronze beauty kisses me deeply is too much for me to stand. I writhe in orgasmic glory as I experience three orgasms all at once. She stands, winks, and begins to walk slowly away in the same direction from which she came.

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