Two Assistants

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The Two Assistants

I had been working in the Bank for five years. At thirty my life was going nowhere. I lived in the suburbs, sharing an apartment with by best friend. My car was ten years old, I spent most of my pay check on rent, food, and gas and I did not have a girl friend.

It was Friday and as I sat at my desk I was wondered what I could do to make life worth living. The phone rang, it was an account holder asking a lot of stupid questions, my job was to answer the questions and if possible to sell additional services.

There were thirty people in the department, given the choice I’m sure most of them would not have chosen the job. I looked up and saw that Mandy and Julie were talking, they were the office lesbians. No one took any notice of them once the initial discovery had been made.

Lunch time came and I went across the road to the local bar to have a hamburger, normally I do not drink during the day but today I had a beer to wash down the greasy food. As I left the bar it was snowing, the forecast was for two to three inches by the evening.

During the afternoon the snow increased and Mandy came over to my desk and asked if I wanted to book a room in the Hotel down the block as it looked like the journey home would be difficult. I was listening to the radio and they were saying that many roads were impassible so I told Mandy that if she was calling I would certainly want a room as I had nothing planned and did not relish a drive in the snow.

At five, Mandy, Julie and I walked down to the Hotel, apparently Mandy had the last room available. She looked at me and suggested that if I did not mind I could share with her and Julie, then we could share the cost. As there was no alternative, I agreed.

The room had two large beds so sleeping with the two women would not be a problem. After eating dinner we decided to go to the room and watch TV as there was nothing else that we could do.

Julie had bought three bottles of wine so we sat on the beds and turned on the TV. We watched a stupid sitcom and then a documentary about the Arctic Fox. By that time we had almost finished two bottles of wine and were bored with the TV. However, the Hotel had a pay per view system and there was a selection of films. Julie and Mandy had seen most of them so they picked an XXX rated movie, they asked if I had seen it, I replied, “no”, so they turned it on.

Before the film started Julie went into the bathroom and came back minus her business suit. She said that she wanted to be comfortable. Mandy followed, so there we were drinking the last bottle of the wine and watching a couple having sex on the TV. I must admit that it was a turn on specially as there were two women next to me in their bras and panties. I decided to get comfortable so I removed by shirt and trousers.

As the film progressed the action got hotter on the screen, Mandy whispered in my ear, “would you like to have it off with two women?” Knowing that they lived together I had no reason to think that they would be interested in me. I was proved wrong.

When the film finished Mandy said, “come on lets have some fun”. So I joined the girls and immediately they began to kiss and touch me. I retaliated by taking off Mandy’s bra, this exposed a very large set of tits. The sight of Mandy’s tits excited Julie because she started to caress them, then use her tongue on the nipples until they were hard.

As Julie was working on Mandy I undid her bra and began fondling her tits. It wasn’t long before their panties were discarded and Mandy’s attention was drawn down to the furry mound between Julia’s legs. I could not see what was going on but I heard slurping sounds and Julia began to moan. Mandy was on her knees working on Julia so her rear end was in the air, so I took the opportunity of inserting my cock into the waiting cunt. This surprised Mandy but she did not seem to mind as I could feel her getting excited.

This was a first for me, I had only dreamed of having two women together. I was getting more and more into the rhythm and so was Mandy, she stopped her activities and said, “be sure to leave some for Julia.”.

I pulled out of Mandy and she lay down on her back so Julia could suck her juices and I had the opportunity of nailing her from behind. By this time we were all near the point of climax, Mandy came first, her reaction translated to Julia and then it was my turn. I shot my load into her and immediately Mandy began to lick it up.

After this work out and maybe the three bottles of wine we, collapsed and slept until eight o’clock. When I woke up I had my usual hard on and Mandy was the first to see it. She immediately went down on me and gave me the best blow job I had ever had. Julia woke up and watched while she fondled Mandy tits. Everyone was happy that it was still snowing because that meant we would have to spend another night together,


In no time I was naked and so were they. Hands began to feel all over my body, so I reciprocated, first I felt Mandy’s breasts, I made her nipples hard, then my hand went down Julie’s inner thigh until I

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