University Girls are Easy

My old university professor asked me to come and talk to his students about the work I was doing. I don’t really like talking, but I love smart university woman and knew how often they throw themselves at guests. So on that thought I decided to do it.
I talked for about an hour and took questions from the group; there were several woman that stood out to me in the crowd. My luck held as two of them stayed behind in the group after class, and eventually it was down to the two of them. They were curious and asked the right questions which prompted me to ask them to go to the pub with me to discuss things further. I was hoping one of them would be in my bed before the afternoon was up.
The first girl, Molly, was a raven haired, geeky-looking sex pot with nice round hips, big brown eyes, long eyelashes, and nice firm D cups. She was dressed in a striped shirt over tights and black sneakers that matched her big thick GI glasses. Her long thick hair was held back by a white knit hat and she had a smoky deep voice like butter.
The second girl was Tara, a pale-skinned, red head with her hair down but the bangs clipped back showing off her round, freckled face and green eyes. She was the more voluptuous of the two, but she wore it well and had to be at least a C cup. She wore a red t-shirt under a black cardigan, with tight blue jeans and red shoes. She too had on glasses, but hers were mauve-colored cat eyes. Her voice was higher, but not too bad, and they were making it hard for me to decide which I would want to fuck more.
We went to a local pub, had lunch, and shared a pitcher of draft. After the discussion ran out of steam I started asking about them and discovered they both lived in the same dorm on the same floor, studied together, ate together; they were more or less best friends.
Neither one had a boyfriend, so I asked teasingly if they visited each other late after lights out and became friends with benefits. They laughed and said no that they weren’t lovers, but by the look in Tara’s eye I think maybe she fantasized about it.
It felt like things were winding down when they asked if I could look at their work so I agreed. They did not want to go back to the dorm because it was crowded and noisy, so I invited them back to my apartment instead.
Game On!
I had now decided that I would try and take them both together.
Friends should share!
We got back to my place and Molly began setting up her laptop as I poured three glasses of wine.
“I appreciate you helping us out,” Tara said as we stood beside Molly who was opening files. “I hope there is a way we can repay you,” she smiled very matter-of-factly at me as she sipped her wine.
“Oh I think I can think of a way the two of you can repay me,” I said as I slipped an arm around her hip and pulled her to me and kissed her. Not even an effort to pull away; she pressed back hard, pried my mouth open, and we locked in a deep, hot, wet kiss.
Molly spoke up, “You two wanna be alone or what?”
I looked at her and pulled her to my other side, “Hell no lets make it a threesome,” and I kissed her too. She had the softest lips I had ever felt. “I bet Tara here is up for it,” as we french kissed with Tara feeling both our asses.
“Fuck yeah, Molly, get some of that. And I can have a taste of you too,” Tara cheered as I turned and kissed her again.
“Really? You think about the two of us too?”
“Fuck yes, you are a sexy bitch,” Tara purred so I then had them kiss each other. It was the sexiest thing I had ever seen, two friends who had been secretly hot for each other giving in.
As they kissed, I pulled Molly’s shirt off exposing her blue bra with the small white dots. Tara quickly grabbed onto her perky tits. Then I slid her tights down, showing off her red thong with pubes showing. Moving around to Tara peeling off her sweater and undoing her jeans, they fell to the floor. She had on black briefs, and after pulling her shirt off she had on a plain white bra.
Clearly neither one were planning on getting laid with underwear that did not match. They were both cool for having untrimmed pussies, too; I love natural woman and these two were sexy as hell.
They turned their attention to me finally, and as Molly probed my mouth with her tongue Tara stripped me down. I do not wear underwear so I was naked very quickly and Tara hungrily took my dick in her mouth.
“Mmm, he is a well equipped one, eh T?” Molly purred as I ran my fingers over her clit.
“Okay, who wants their pussy eaten first?”
“Tongue fuck me first,” Molly panted and begged.
So I took them to the bed room, they followed me in stripping off their panties. Molly threw her bra on the floor too, but I insisted she leave the glasses on. Tara too; I fucking love glasses, they are so sexy. Tara left her bra on as she laid with me on the bed, assuming a position on her tummy between my legs and continued her blow job. Molly crouched over my face leaning against the wall as I began eating her sex with gusto.
After a few minutes Tara crawled up and asked if she could get some of that cunnilingus. I smiled, sat up, pushed her down on the bed, and went to town on her pussy. The raven haired sex beast lay down on the other side and played with Tara’s tits as I stuck my fingers deep in her pussy. She was on the verge of coming–it was plain to see–so I stopped eating her and pushed Molly onto her back and entered her deep.
“You can’t come yet,” I told Tara as she knelt beside me, rubbing my ass and Molly’s clit. Sending Molly into bliss and arching her back.
“You’re mean,” she kissed me as I slowly deep-dicked her friend.
“You wanna come Tara?” I panted in her ear. “How do you want it when you come?”
“Fuck me like a dog,” she licked my chest before getting on all fours above Molly and the two of them kissed deep and hard.
“Molly, should I fuck your friend in the pussy or the ass?”
The two broke their lip lock. Tara groaned a little and said to Molly, “I will take it in the ass if you will. Whatta ya say, ya fucking whore wanna loose your anal cherry?”
“Fuck her in the ass stud, she likes cock in her ass,” Molly called out.
“Oh, you are so going to love anal, sweetie,” Tara gasped as I slid my cock deep into her ass. She gripped Molly’s shoulders tight as Molly played with her tits, sucked on them, and rubbed her red pubes and hard clit as I fucked her hard and fast. She came quickly.
“Ah fuck, ah fuck, ah fuck fuck fuck fuck. I love dick in the ass! Ah ah aha ah ha ha hungh, I love yer soft hands on my pussy lips and clit Moll!”
I continued to plow her ass until she stopped moaning and groaning. Molly licked the palm of her hand and stuck her come soaked fingers in my mouth.
“You like that, you red headed tart?” I slapped her ass hard as I continued to fuck her ass.
“Mmhmm, and now you get to take my friend’s anal cherry.” She rolled off of Molly, then rolled her onto her stomach and pulled her ass in the air, slapping both cheeks. Those hot, thick hips went red with the slap. She pulled her butt cheeks apart and used her finger to rub her friends star fish.
“Look at that tight little asshole,” she began licking it. “Just think about how good it will feel as you push into that virgin ass.” Tara spit onto Molly’s anus and licked it hard sending waves of pleasure through her friend’s body.
She moved to the head of the bed, leaned against the wal,l and led Molly to all fours with her head buried between Tara’s D cups. Tara still had her bra on, but it was half off; she soon found herself totally bra free as Molly had peeled it off and threw it over her shoulder. She began sucking her friend’s nipples. Her glasses were still on but crooked as I knelt behind her and rubbed my dick on her ass cheeks. Tara pulled her bum apart giving me a good angle on her opening. I pushed my cock in slowly going balls deep as she cried in pain at first.
“This really is your first time, eh Moll?” I stated as I pulled almost out slowly then back in slowly.
She had her head buried in her friends chest so I only heard a faint whimper and grunt.
“It’s okay, lover. She’ll adjust soon, just be gentle a minute and let her little asshole stretch, then she will be grinding on you,” Tara instructed as she held her friends cheeks apart still reassuring Molly it was worth it. “Don’t worry about it, babe. You will love the feel of your orgasm when he gets that big cock of his going in your tight little asshole.”
“Oh god, T. It is starting to feel amazing,” Molly gasped as Tara kissed her sexy friend.
“Told you. Nothing feels like cock in your ass, giving you long hard waves of orgasmic fun.” Molly now buried her face in Tara’s pussy and licked her pussy as I screwed her ass.
“Fuck, Moll, that’s it; lick my clit while ya enjoy that nice cock inside you. C’mon baby come for me!” Tara was on the verge of another orgasm as she grabbed Molly’s hair and humped her face.
Suddenly Molly arched her back and I grabbed her hair pulling off that hat and sending her glasses flying. She screamed bloody murder as she came and came and came, squirting all over Tara and my bed.
“Ah, fuck yeah honey. I love the way you coat me with your come, shit baby,” Tara gasped as I pulled out of the spent Molly and knowing she was close to going again I pushed Molly flat against her red headed siren and raised her legs up and entered her again thrusting hard and fast.
“ There it is; fuck me hard,” the girls kissed after Molly came to her senses and replaced the glasses on her face. She ground her pussy against Tara’s tummy as I grabbed her hair pulling her back against me and played with her D cups as Tara came again.
I knew I was done; I could not hold out much longer as I stood up on the bed and grabbed Molly by the hair and jerked off until I came all over her glasses.
“Holy fuck. You fucking girls are soooo… oh oh ohhhh… fucking hot,” as I coated her entire face with the biggest orgasm I have had in a long time.
Molly knelt beside Tara and the red head licked the spend off the black haired girls face, sharing every drop. I stood watching until every drop of my come was cleaned up.
“Wish I had recorded this. You know how god damn hot you two look making out like that?” the two of them just looked at me and smiled and invited me to join them on the bed.
“Maybe you should join us again. We can record it, sell it, and make a fortune,” Molly thought.
“No ladies, you do not need me in a video. Just get a web cam and they will pay you to do all that and more. Then you two can have each other and make money too.”
“Really?” Molly asked.
“Fuck yeah, Moll,” Tara cheered, “perverts pay well to watch two college girls lick each other.”
“Just give me a free show once in a while,” I joked.
“Sweetie, you can have either of us any time you want,” Tara said with a smile.
“Together or separate,” Molly added. They took turns kissing me again.
“I do love easy university girls.”
We stayed there making out for a while until I pointed out that now there was no reason the two of them could not be friends with benefits now. Even without the camera.
They smiled at each other and giggled at the thought.
They got up, got dressed and I looked over their work, gave them some pointers, and we had another glass of wine before they left to go back to their dorm.

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