Visiting my sister-in-law and her hubby pt 1

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I was visiting my sister-in-law and her husband in Texas while I was there on business. My wife had stayed home because she had to work and her sister had agreed to let me stay with them for the three days I was going to be there.
After spending all day at a conference I got back to their house late and let myself in. As I rummaged through the fridge I heard a noise coming from upstairs. I could tell right away that they were having sex. My sister-in-law is a very sexy petite blonde, with 32 B tits and a nice plump ass. Her husband is a pretty muscular guy.
I sneaked upstairs and saw that their door was left wide open. I peaked around the door and saw my sister-in-law on her knees giving her hubby a bj. All she had on was her stockings and garter belt, so I had a nice view of her pussy and ass. She was handling her husbands 9 inch cock with ease, getting almost all of it into her mouth. I could tell he was enjoying this immensly.
Suddenly he opened his eyes and caught me watching. He winked at me and didn’t say anything to his wife. He mouthed “are you enjoying this?” to me and I nodded yes. He waved me over. Slowly and quietly I stripped down to my boxers and entered the room. He just smiled as he could see my rock hard 7 inch cock yearning for action. When I was right behind her, he said, “We had hoped you would find us,” and she turned and smiled at me.
“Please, fuck me doggystyle while I suck his cock,” she said to me. I obliged. I came up behind her and slid my rock hard cock deep inside her hot wet pussy. He must have liked what he had seen because he shot his load within a minute. After she swallowed his load, I pulled out of her and the two of them began sucking my cock and balls. He worked the shaft while she took my head between her lips. I blew my load almost instantly.

Continued in part 2…

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