Watching From the Corner

She ran her hands up and down her friend’s torso as their tongues danced and lips locked. She felt the body beneath her quiver as she touched the underside of one breast. Heather sighed into her mouth as she closed her hand over the mound and began to massage it and pinch the tight nipple. Melissa moved her mouth across Heather’s jaw and down her neck, moving down until she could replace her hand with her roving mouth. She heard the door open and close behind her but did not pause in the ravishing she was committing on her best friend. A hand came down on Melissa’s ass and she knew this was her cue to leave her friend to her other lover.

As Melissa rose off of Heather’s aroused body, the hand on her ass stroked up her back and grabber her roughly by the hair. A mouth crushed down on hers and she received a bit of the ravishing she had been giving out. Kale looked down at Melissa and smiled before smacking her ass as she walked over to the chair that was in the far corner of the room. He looked down at Heather spread out on Melissa’s bed and his eyes lit up in anticipation. When Melissa had come to him a week ago asking him to dominate her best friend in any way he wanted, he was unsure at first. Melissa had spent the night convincing Kale that she wanted this to happen. She wanted to watch her boyfriend dominate another woman and fuck her senseless and Heather had volunteered.

Kale lay down next to Heather and picked up where Melissa had left off by closing his lips over her erect nipple. Heather arched into his mouth and grabbed onto his hair as his tongue and teeth brought her to ecstasy. His hand dipped down and nestled into her curls teasing at the folds of her pussy. Just as Heather started to moan and come close to release, Kale pulled away and stopped his attention on her body. Her hands tangled in his hair, pulling at him, as he started to rise off the bed. He stood next to the bed and stared down at her as he raised his hand to his nose inhaling her scent before sticking the fingers in his mouth and sucking off her juices.

“Come here Heather,” Kale said pointing to the floor in front of him. Shakily, Heather rose off the bed and stood in front of her best friends’ boyfriend. “Now, get on your knees.”

Nervously, Heather kneeled on the floor, her face now level with Kale’s 7” erection as it swung in front of her. Without any warning Kale grabbed her hair at the first sign of her mouth opening and pulled Heather right to him and shoved her over the entire length of his throbbing cock. Heather gagged on the length and girth and pushed at his thighs trying to put a bit of distance between her throat and the hardness lodged there. Kale pulled her mouth off of him and smacked her face with his stiff cock.

“This is what you wanted. You told Melissa you would do anything I said or wanted so you will or this will end very quickly. I will get all the pleasure I want from your body tonight and you shall receive some in return if you behave for me. Do you want me to stop or shall we try again?”

“Don’t stop.”

“Beg me.”

“Please, Kale, please don’t stop fucking my mouth.”

As soon as the words left her mouth Kale grabbed her hair once more and forced her mouth down the whole length of him. Heather gagged again but as he began thrusting in and out of the warmth of her mouth she adjusted and soon started sucking on him. As he started to moan and thrust harder, Heather looked over to the corner and saw Melissa fingering herself, obviously enjoying the show. This spurred Heather to make this more pleasurable for her friend and she increased the suction on Kale’s cock and soon he erupted all over her tongue and thrust himself deep to shoot streams down her throat. When he finally pulled out, Heather looked for somewhere to spit out the salty load that coated her mouth.

“Swallow it,” Kale demanded her. When she looked up at him in confusion he smacked her with his semi-erect cock and out of shock she swallowed.

“Now it’s time to repay your good behavior.” He gestured to the bed and Heather rose and lay once more upon the sheets curious to know how he would do this. Kale lay beside her once more and ran his hands over her breasts and allowed one to dip down to the junction between her legs again. He dipped one finger into her pussy bringing a moan from her lips.

“Already nice and wet for me aren’t you? Good.” He took the finger out of her and brought it to her lips for her to taste. She looked at him apprehensively as she opened her lips to taste herself for the first time. Pleasure showed in Kale’s eyes as she took the finger in her mouth and sucked the juices off swirling her tongue around just as she had done to his cock moments ago.

Melissa sat quietly in her corner fully enjoying the sight as her boyfriend again began to finger fuck her best friend. She was slowly massaging her own breast with one hand and gradually bringing herself to a climax with her fingers of her other buried in her own pussy. She watched as Kale lowered himself over Heather’s body kissing down her neck and breasts, belly and hips, until he reached her pussy. Heather nearly bucked off of the bed as he stuck his tongue into her wet channel and began the pleasurable time of eating her out. Melissa quickened her own fingers as she watched Heather moan on the bed aching for the same release that Melissa wanted to give herself. However, Melissa froze as Heather grabbed onto Kale’s hair once more as she waited in anticipation to see what he would do.

Kale froze as he felt the fingers bury in his hair and growled into the delicious pussy that he had quite been enjoying until his feast decided to take control. He reared up grabbing the wrists of Heather and holding them tightly pulled her into a sitting position so that her face was level with his.

“I did not say that you could do that Heather,” he said switching both wrists to one hand so that he could reach under the bed with the other. “Now you must be punished.”

Quickly and with the practiced efficiency of doing this to Melissa many times over, Kale placed the padded handcuffs on Heather’s wrists bringing her hands behind her back so that she could no longer use them. He pushed her back on the bed and slowly gazed over the trussed up prize that he now had at his mercy. His cock began to become erect again at the thought of fucking her so helplessly and knowing that she would enjoy it, but he had another idea first. Kale grabbed Heather’s shoulder and forcibly turned her onto her stomach exposing her luscious ass to his view. One of his hands slid beneath her stomach and forced her to her knees but her face remained pushed into the bed as she had no hands to support herself.

“Now Heather, don’t you dare move or your punishment will continue.” That being said, Kale bent down and continued to lick at the exposed pussy as if he had never stopped. This time he also inserted two fingers and slowly moved them around to bring Heather more pleasure and hopefully himself if she dared to move. His wish came true as she helplessly thrust back against his fingers and he quickly removed them from her body. He looked over at Melissa and smiled and his hand came down hard on Heather’s bared ass. Melissa smiled at Kale as the red hand mark appeared on her friend and the loud moan of pleasure escaped from Heather’s lips. After Kale gave the other side of Heather’s ass the same attention, he went back to fingering her and licking at the exposed clit that was craving his attention.

Heather laid perfectly still now as Kale continued his attentions, wanting that release that she could feel building inside of her. She could feel herself right on the edge and was about to spill over when Kale suddenly stopped and pulled away from her body. Heather began to protest when she felt a sharp tug on her hair, pulling her head back.

“Now,” Kale’s voice breathed into her ear. “I want you to pleasure Melissa as I fuck you senseless.” As Kale began to lower Heather’s head back down, Melissa slid in front of her friend and exposed her pussy to her. Heather’s mouth was in the perfect place and landed right on the presented treat. However, Heather did not swing both ways and found herself a bit uncomfortable in this situation and did not know what to do. After about a half minute of silence and no movement, Kale buried his fingers in her hair again and pulled her back up to speak in her ear.

“If you do not pleasure her I will not help you at all. I will just go away right now and leave you to lay her handcuffed all night while I fuck Melissa on the floor and bring her every pleasure that I know you want.” Kale slid the very tip of his cock into the moist entrance of her pussy and paused knowing that this little tease was all that she needed. He was not disappointed as he let her go and she leaned down to her friends’ pussy and began to lick at her like a cat lapping milk. “Good.”

Kale waited for the first moan to slip from Melissa’s lips and he thrust deep into Heather bringing a gasp from her lips. He paused for a moment enjoying the feel of the heat around his throbbing erection before pulling almost all the way out and thrusting back in. He did this a few more times before he noticed that Heather had stopped pleasuring his woman.

“If you stop than I will as well.”

“No Kale! Don’t stop”

“Beg me Heather. Tell me exactly what you are going to do so that I will not.”

“I will eat out Melissa until she cums as long as you promise not to stop fucking me.” With that Kale thrust back into Heather and she once again began to lick at her best friends’ pussy with renewed vigor. The threesome all emitted moans of pleasure as each enjoyed the erotic display that was happening in the bed. Kale was able to watch as his girlfriend was licked by another beautiful woman as she massaged her own breasts. Heather was having the time of her life being bound as she had always dreamed and being fucked by Kale in such a rough manner. Her ass stung as he occasionally took his hand to it, but it felt too good to let it stop. Melissa had the benefit of the view of her man pumping into her best friend with force and the pleasure that crossed his face was enjoyable to watch. She felt herself cum and was glad to hear Heather’s shout as she quickly joined her in the world of ecstasy.

Kale tried to hold out as he watched and felt the two women in front of them find their pleasure, but he found he could wait no longer and dug his hands into Heather’s hips as he thrust into her and emptied himself. He stayed inside of her until he knew he was finished and pulled out so that he could lie on the bed. Kale pulled Heather down next to him and sandwiched himself between the two sexy women. They all lay together panting, waiting for their heartbeats to slow down. Warm, they snuggled in closer and Melissa quickly drifted off to sleep.

“So do you think we will ever tell her?”

“Why does she ever need to know?”

“Well if you two get married some day you may want to tell her that it was you and I who planned this whole thing from the beginning. It is good to start every relationship with the truth. Besides she may get a kick out of how you approached me with all the letters I had written her about wanting to be dominated. You were very deviant that day in how you blackmailed me into submission.”

“Admit it Heather, you are more than glad that I did.”

“Of course I am,” Heather admitted with a smile. “Now we can do this all the time. It’s a good thing you are moving in with us in a month. This could become a nightly thing.”

With that Kale laughed and held his two women closer getting ready to fall asleep a happy man.

“Oh, but Kale?”


“Could you take these handcuffs off of me now?”

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