Weekend Fun With Sofi And Tazzy

Cruising down the sexual-driven streets of Manhattan in my white 2015 Kia K900 sedan, Tazzy and I were elated about clubbing at Westway as we saw many half-dressed New Yorkers in their twenties and thirties hanging out. Sex was in the air on this Saturday night and it was really hard to think of anything else. Tonight was the night that Tazzy and I were going to give a hottie the ultimate sexual healing.

We walked in the Westway nightclub like superstars. The lights, including the light-up dance floor, seemed to get brighter for us and we stood there absorbing the energy and music. The short, African-American DJ was rocking Chris Brown’s new song, “Put It Up;” it sounded good. I was thinking the former celebrity couple should make an album together.

“Let’s dance!” Tazzy suggested.

She grabbed my hand and we hit the dance floor. The blaring rhythm of Trey Songz’s “Slow Motion” had our bodies moving. I was feeling Tazzy’s nice soft ass and pulling her to my already erect cock and Tazzy was going with the flow. She was doing a little ass grabbing too. We were redefining dirty dancing and having a great time doing it. I think we were having more fun than everybody else in the club because most of them just watched us and cheered. It was great!

After dancing for more than an hour, we hit the bar for some drinks. We had to cool off because the dancing we did was a workout. Our skin was glistening with sweat. Tazzy’s wet skin made her look even hotter in that sheer dress. I caught a few dudes walking by and checking her out.

Tazzy sipped on her Stoli vodka and asked me, “Do you see any girl you like?”

“There are a few, but I haven’t found the perfect one for us!” I answered.

Simultaneously, our eyes slowly surveyed the club. We were determined to find that hot girl to bring home and sexually devour. Finally, we found our lucky target. It was Sofi, a short, stunning, and curvy brunette Ukrainian adult model for Met-Art. Blessed with toned legs, Sofi looked amazing in her black dress. I knew she would be perfect for Tazzy and I’s threesome.

“There she is!” Tazzy whispered. “I’ll be right back! I am going to get our prize!”

Tazzy and Sofi hit it off instantly. They were talking and laughing as if they knew each other for years. I watched as they hit the dance floor and began dancing very sensuously. They were dancing so close that their tits were touching. Tazzy squeezed Sofi’s ass, which made her shriek and laugh. I could not believe how fast things were happening. They were grinding and rubbing their hands up and down each other’s body. Then Tazzy French kissed Sofi and that made a small crowd next to them start cheering. Knowing Tazzy, I knew she wouldn’t mind fucking Sofi in front of those onlookers.

After taking one last sip of my DeLeón Tequila, the two girls called me over to dance, and I joined them on the dance floor. Tazzy introduced me to Sofi and we both said hi. I like the positive vibe she gave me as I danced in the middle of her and Tazzy. There was a definite sexual tension developing. Sofi frequently patted me on the ass and squeezed my cock to see what I was working with. The heat we generated had me taking off my shirt. Both Tazzy and Sofi were touching me all over and giggling. In the back of my mind, I was looking forward to how great this night was going to end.

Sofi shocked me when she asked, “Do you want to fuck?”

“Are diamonds a girl’s best friend?” I replied with a smile.

Sofi laughed.

“Sofi is craving black cock and wondered if the King of New York could fix her up,” Tazzy boldly said as she put her arms around Sofi.

“You know I can do the job, baby girl,” I expressed. “I’ve given you multiple orgasms on more than one occasion.”

Tazzy playfully hit me in the chest that had Sofi chuckling. I put my arms around Tazzy and Sofi, and we left Westway to go to my place to have wild sex.

No sooner had we walked inside my Sutton Place penthouse, Sofi and Tazzy were all over each other. They were sex crazed and sporting devilish smiles on their faces. It took them mere seconds to strip out of their dresses. The sight of them in the nude aroused me. Being familiar with Tazzy’s body, my eyes were mostly focused on Sofi’s magnificent body! The sight of her big, round tits and large hanging labia could stop a racing freight train!

Tazzy, being the sexual aggressor, began sucking on Sofi’s tits and licking her erect nipples. Seconds later, they were kissing passionately with their eyes closed and wet tongues wrestling. I stopped undressing and just watched these two horny kittens make love. Tazzy worked her warm tongue from Sofi’s face down to her pussy and explore it expertly. Sofi trembled with pleasure as she moaned passionately.

“Enjoy the show!” Tazzy winked at me.

They crawled in my king-sized bed. Tazzy rode Sofi’s face for a while before they slowly got in the 69 position that had my cock springing up to my navel. They were working each other’s assholes with their fingers. Moaning and groaning took over the bedroom. It was sexy music to my ears as they were obviously into each other. Sofi and Tazzy were competing to see who could make the other cum first.

Finally, they erupted together, moist hips shaking, and wet tongues writhing against spasming pussies. What action! Their faces were shiny and slick with fluids and perspiration.

“Wow,” I uttered.

Tazzy looked at me and said, “Come over here, Nature Boy, and have fun with us!”

I was too happy to oblige. With only my ankle socks on, I got on the bed, and my two freaks raced to my dick. Tazzy gave the head of my dick a wet lick and then performed fellatio while Sofi sucked my balls. Listening to the sucking and licking sounds had me very titillated. It was some of the best oral sex I’d ever had.

Tazzy pulled my dick out of her mouth and said to Sofi, “Let me show you how to ride this big black cock!”

Grinning from ear to ear, I got onto my back and held my cock up for her. Tazzy got on top of me and shoved her pussy down on my dick. She began to bounce up and down, slowly at first, then picking up the pace. Her tits moved smoothly with her movements. I pinched her nipples and that drove her wild. Tazzy was moaning and almost screaming how good I felt.

“You like Daddy’s dick?” I asked her.

“Oh, yes!” She screamed. “I love fucking you!”

“Let me taste some of that pussy, girl!” I told Sofi.

Sofi stuck her pussy in my face and I began licking it. I tickled her G-spot with my tongue and finger that had her squirming and moaning. My tongue went wild on Sofi’s cunt. Pussy juice flowed freely from her cunt, which coated my pretty face. Tazzy continued to bounce hard on my shaft that had me grunting.

“I’m cumming!” Sofi suddenly cried. “Yes!”

Both Sofi and Tazzy climaxed on me. The aroma of their orgasms filled the room as they trembled in pleasure. Sofi lay beside me regaining her composure. She looked so hot massaging her pussy. With her heaving tits against my chest, Tazzy began kissing me.

“Oh, I love fucking you!” Tazzy sighed. “Are you ready to smash our hot guest? She is ready for you! Go take her!”

I got between Sofi’s legs and she guided my dick slowly to her glistening pussy. I felt the excitement in her hand. Once I slid my cock in her pussy, she gasped with pleasure. Then I began pounding her, gradually picking up the tempo. Sofi wrapped her legs around me and moaned. Our moaning and groaning drove each other higher and higher.

“Oh, my God, it feels great inside her!” I sighed.

“Fuck her, good!” Tazzy encouraged me, as she massaged Sofi’s tits.

I thrust even harder and faster than before that made Sofi arch her back. The cries that spewed out of her mouth were epic. I felt her climax on my cock as she put her hand on my chest to stop me from thrusting in her.

“Turn over!” I ordered her.

With a smile on her face, Sofi crouched down on her hands and knees. After rubbing her smooth ass cheeks, I slid my shaft all the way inside her. My brown eyes were fixated on Sofi’s ass when I resumed the action. I moved in and out of her rapidly and hard. Sofi rocked back and forth. Our sounds of passion mixed well with our moist skin smacking together.

“Yes, yes, yes!” Sofi screamed.

To keep from shrieking, Sofi glued her mouth to Tazzy’s pussy. It was getting very intense and I knew I couldn’t hold the floodgates any longer. At the same time, we climaxed. Tazzy released all over Sofi’s face, Sofi flooded on my cock, and I spurted a jet of cum on her ass. The sensation was incredible!

Hours later, we collapsed out of sheer exhaustion but more sexually satisfied than ever. It was one of the most epic sexual experiences in my very impressive sex life. Sofi and Tazzy lay in each other’s arms.

We fucked like crazy the rest of the weekend. Sofi and Tazzy were insatiable. I think we did every sexual position that came to our minds. Yes, it was weekend fun with Sofi and Tazzy!

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