Weekend Lust – Turns Gay

It was an experience I will never forget. I was straight married and happy all my life until one day just after I turned 40. I was a normal white man 5′ 11″ 180lbs, black hair business cut, suit tie and the normal average life. All that changed when my wife went through the change of life. Shellie was 38 and 5′ 8″ 155 lbs., and 36D-30-38 with long wavy red hair and a dark tanned freckled complexion. She always had shaved her muff and mine she hated hair. She had no marks on her body until one day in late May. We went off leaving the kids with the grandparents for a long Holiday weekend in the mountains. A small resort town up high in the Smokies.
We rented a chalet and had planned to be alone for the entire time, but that was before she changed all our plans and both us forever.
Shellie normally would not wear sexy clothing in public only at home and nights and behind closed doors. But I knew something was different about her, because after we got to the chalet she rushed into the bedroom to change. When she came out she was wearing a string bikini top and cut off hot pants that showed her ass out the back and her crotch in the front and flip flops. She had her hair pulled into a ponytail and her smile was devilish. She walked over to me and started tearing away my clothes, so I of course think she wants sex, so I started to return the favor when she told me, “No baby boy, I am going to rock your world. I bought you some things to wear and these drab old mans clothes are history. Now wait her while I get you new things.”
When she returned, she had a leather thong and a pair of hot red short pants and a white silk tank top and sandals. She handed them to me made me put them on. I did as she said thinking it was play ware for the house, oops, bad mistake. As soon as I got into them she dragged me out the door and into the car and down the road we raced into town. Her boobs were bouncing so that after a few seconds of watching them jiggle I forgot what I had on and was wanting to get my lips on them and my dick in her pussy. She would look over and flip one out and yank on the nipple as we flew around the curves, man did that get me hot, and even though I knew some of the oncoming traffic could see her I really didn’t mind.
We pulled up to a small strip mall on the outskirts of the town, and she jumped out and so did one of her breast and started into a tattoo parlor. I followed her in disbelief as I though no she isn’t serious. She walked in the door and as she caressed her breast back into her tiny covering, she told the young man working there she wanted four tattoos for her and two for me. My mouth dropped and I looked at her and started to complain as she flipped both tits into the boys face and said, “I want a rose her on my left breast and a rose her on my right breast,” Then while her jugs were exposed she turned unbuttoned her and pants and flipped her ass into his face and said, “I want the word Bitch on my left cheek and Eat Me on my right.”
Then she let her pants fall to the floor and handed them to the boy and walked into the booth at the back. The other people in the parlor were staring and a big biker chick came over to her and they started checking each other out. The boy and I walked into the booth and as the women were smiling at each other, Shellie told him, “On his ass I want you to write Fuck Me on the left side and I’m Gay on the right.”
I gasped for breath at her words and was refusing as the big chick took hold of me from behind and said, “Now you are going to do what Bitch says are I am going to kick your ass queer boy.”
That’s when I knew I was set up and she had planned this. The biker chick, Mona, forced me over the bench and sat on my back as the boy yanked my pants down. I was protesting as I felt the first needles go in and then I heard the hum and the laughter of the women and I almost wanted to die.
I also heard the coos from Shellie as someone started to tattoo her and I could not see since I had this big woman on me who it was but I could feel the young mans hands on my ass and I knew it wasn’t him.
Time passed slowly and when he finished with me, Mona told me, “Now don’t move some friend of ours want to try you out.”
With that I felt a couple of hands on my ass and someone started rubbing something wet on my hole and then I felt this big ass dick run in me and I yelled out stop but it just started to pound me harder, Shellie was groaning and moaning and I could her say, “Oh yeah baby right there harder,” but I could not turn for Mona to see what it was. Mona started to move off me after the one in my ass hand a firm grip on me and as she did I turned to see the young boy riding me and another biker chick eating Shellie’s pussy while a young woman was finishing her tattoo’s on her breast. She was smiling at me as she said, “Now you will become gay.”
With that the boy unloaded into my ass and as he did Mona let go of me completely, I turned quickly trying to get free of him only to see a man my age standing there. He rushed in took me by the legs and yanked me onto my back and as Mona helped to hold me, he plunged into me with great force. Mona lifted my shirt and started rubbing my nipples and as I actually began to enjoy it she started to suck them. The young boy, Todd moved up and offered me his spent dick to suck at first I refused but as Shellie was calling of me to and the tit sucking that Mona was doing I opened up and took it in as Shellie was taking her licking from a new blonde girl who had just entered in along with another guy.
Todd and Mark, the man on my as fucking my ass, loved doing me and when Mona moved off me, the new boy, Billy came over and sat down and fondled my dick and tits until it was his turn to ride my ass. Mark pulled out and came on my face and chest as Billy quickly took his dick to me.
Shellie was now on her face ass up being tattooed and sucking Mona’s tits as the other girl fingered herself and Mona. The tattoo’s on Shellie were completed as Todd drenched my face with his load and Billy covered my dick and balls with his load. Then Shellie had Mona to clean my face while she cleaned my dick off, and Carla the other woman and Jana the tattoo artist cleaned Shellie ass. I was enjoying the bath as Mark spoke and said, “If he is going to be my main squeeze I want him now.”
The women quickly moved off as Mark yanked me to his arms and took me out of the booth naked. We walked out the back of the store and in broad daylight in the alley way, he pushed me to my knees and ordered me to suck him. Which I lovingly did and then some. Naked and freshly tattooed with my new calling, I eagerly sucked on Mark’s seven inch cock until I had inhaled his salty fresh load into my mouth. I swallowed for the first time some of it and as I sat there looking up at him, Todd and Billy returned in a van. They put me and drove me out into the woods to an old cabin off the main road. I asked about Shellie but all they would tell me is that she was happily being turned into a lesbian.
When the van stopped Mark got out opened the door and led me around back. Then he placed me a harness swing face down. I knew what to expect but I never knew I was going to be in a movie. Some new friends joined us, five young black boys all with big long dicks and bad attitudes. I was dangling there as Mark picked up his recorder and started filming. He sent two of the boys to me and as they slapped my ass and face and yanked on my hair they both choose a hole and filled it. My ass a fire as the one dug his fingers into my cheeks and pounded me. The one at my mouth had his hands locked behind my head and was pulsing into me and more than ten minutes elapsed before they almost choked and flooded me. Cum was oozing from my ass as the next boy moved in and started licking it out of my ass. The next one to my mouth used his dick to wipe it clean and then rushed it into me so I could savor the taste just as his friend rammed my ass. Then after these two finished Todd
and Billy came over and took me
out of my swing and helped me to my feet. My ass was sore and my lips were red as they held me while the last of the young boys came over and started kissing and licking my nipples and playing with me dick, then he turned around and bent over and looking back me told me to fuck him, which I did. I rode him for only minutes when I exploded into his ass. Then he stood up flung me around and doubled me over and inserted his dick in me. In the bright daylight I was being butt fucked once more and Shellie was right, I was now fully queer. I still loved her but I no longer cared what she was up to I was having way too much fun.
After that Mark and Todd took me into the cabin and led me to the bathroom and bathed me in hot scented water. Billy and the boys played around outside until it was time for them to go and I never saw any of them again. Now Mark and Todd were different and Mark had already made it clear I would be his woman and Todd’s play toy, you see Todd was Mark’s son. Mona was Mark’s wife and she was now my wife’s boss. Mark told me that Shellie was trading me for Mona and that they had set this whole thing up two weeks ago. As he pulled me from the tub and dried me off, we heard a knock at the front door. Todd went to answer and when he came back Shellie was standing there naked with a leash around her neck and Mona holding it and Jana their daughter was suckling on Shellie and fingering her.
Shellie looked at me and said, “I guess this is goodbye for the weekend, I will see you early Monday morning when they drop you off, and then we can discuss living arrangements then.” I smiled at her and said goodbye as Mark led me to the bedroom and then took me in his arms and had me sat on his hard dick and ride it. Todd came back in and held me from behind as tweaked and twisted my nipples, then I laid on my side to suck mark and let Todd fuck me. Sometime after that long sexual interlude we fell asleep together. Then on the Next Morning……………………………Stay Tuned.

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  1. SubDude69

    That was Soooo Hot, I almost came….

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  2. This was a great story, keep the writing skills up.

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