What a Dream

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What a dream.
I have a fantasy I would like to share with you. I would like to tell it as if it is actually happening as it seems better when you can actually picture it. This fantasy I would love to actually do and would not pass up the opportunity.
You and I are at the beach alone with a nice condo and a beautiful beach. The weather is perfect, not a cloud in the sky, and nicely warm. After a day on the beach we go to dinner at a small restaurant. We have a perfect steak and a couple of glasses of wine and are feeling warm and sensuous. The restaurant is right on the beach and has a bar out on it. We move to some recliners at the beach bar and order a couple of drinks. There is a dance floor next to the bar and two other couples in recliners and a man by himself at the bar.
I ask you if you would like to dance and you answer me by grabbing my hand pulling me over to the dance floor. We dance to a couple of songs and then go back to our recliners. While we were sitting and drinking our drinks, the man by himself comes over. He is about my height and looks very fit and clean cut. He is slightly muscular but not overly so. He is dressed in slacks and a linen shirt that is kind of see through. His hair is dark with a sprinkling of gray and clean shaven. When he gets to us he introduces himself as Jim and asks me if he could impose a dance with you. You look at me and ask if it’s ok. I tell you to both enjoy while I go to the restroom.
I watch as Jim leads you to the dance floor as a sensuous song comes on with a deep beating rhythm. I get up to go to the restroom and I can tell you are enjoying dancing. When I return you and Jim are still on the dance floor dancing to a slower song but with still a deep strong rhythm. He has pulled you closer to him and is pressing up against you. Soon the song ends and you both return to our recliners. You excuse yourself to the restroom and he asks me what we are drinking and I tell him I think you would like a shot of tequila and I would like a crown and seven. He has the bartender bring you a double shot, me a strong drink and one like mine for him. When you return from the restroom you smile at me and thank me for the drink. I tell you it’s from Jim and wink at you.
Soon the drinks are hitting us, you are happy and flirty and I am feeling tipsy as well. He orders us another round and asks you to dance again. I tell him to take you out on the dance floor and make it hot. A few minutes later Jim is grinding his leg between yours and you are sliding up and down his leg. When the song is over you say you need to go to our room and lay down as the drinks are hitting you really hard. We say our good byes and start for our room but you are having a hard time standing up. Jim asks if I need help with you and I tell him it couldn’t hurt. We lead you to the room with one of your arms around each of our necks. As we are leading you I can see quite a bulge in the front of his pants.
When we get to the room you tell us to put you on the bed and let you rest. Jim and I go into the other room and fix something to drink and bring you water. You, not realizing he is still there tell me thanks for taking you dancing and smile dreamily at me. Then you tell me that you could feel his hard cock grinding into you when you and he were dancing and it turned you on. You tell me to come to bed soon and close your eyes. I go back into the other room and sip a coke with Jim. After a few minutes Jim says we should go check on you. When I enter the room you are laying on your back, eyes closed, trying to get your top off and skirt down. Your top is unbuttoned and your skirt is unzipped. You ask me to help you finish getting undressed.
I left the door open and Jim is standing at the door. I ask him to help me and he enters the room. We kind of sit you up and remove your top and bra. We lower you back down and you lift your bottom for me to remove your skirt. When you were completely naked I tell Jim to kiss your nipple on his side. When he kisses your nipple you reach up and hold his head there. I then reach down and kiss the other nipple, you reach up and grab my head holding it tight and slightly open your eyes enough to see that you have Jim on one side and me on the other sucking and caressing both of your breasts. I look at you and say “relax and enjoy”. With that, you close your eyes again and hold our heads tightly to your breasts and moan as we lick and suck your nipples while caressing your breasts.
As we were sucking and licking your nipples you hold our heads to you tightly, moaning and breathing deeply. Jim and I each take turns getting out of our clothes only to return and press our naked bodies tightly against you. Both of us have very hard cocks and we press them against you, you reach down and wrap your fingers around them. Jims cock is a little longer and larger around than mine. It has a nice upward curve and large head with a strong ridge around it. As you touch his cock you ask me if I want you to do this. I tell you “absolutely, I encourage it and want you to enjoy all we have to offer”.
I reach my hand down to your pussy and find that Jim is already caressing your pussy. You let out a slow moan and your hips rise as he pushes a finger into you and rubs his thumb across your clit. You pull my head up and kiss me passionately and deeply, our tongues darting in and out of each other’s mouths. While you and I were kissing Jim kisses his way down your body to your pussy. I could tell when his tongue touched your clit because it caused you to gasp. You pull me closer to you kissing me even deeper. Jim moves between your legs and begins to lick and suck on your pussy making you moan.
You arch your back, grinding your pussy to his face as he continues to lick and suck your lips and clit. You reach a hand down to his head, running your fingers through his hair as you hold him firmly to your pussy. You reach your other hand down and wrap your fingers around my hard cock, letting out a deep moan as Jim hits a good spot. You pull me up so that my cock is next to your face and suck my cock deep into your mouth. I start moving my cock in and out of your mouth and you reach your arm between my legs, grabbing my ass and pulling me deeper and moaning around my cock.
After a few minutes, Jim moves up across from me, his cock inches from your mouth. You turn your head and place your lips around the head of his cock sucking him deep in your mouth. I move down to watch you suck his cock and play with your clit with my fingers. My face is next to yours and you turn and kiss me. While you are kissing me Jim pushes his cock closer and we both turn and his cock is right at our mouths. You tell me to taste him and I reach my tongue out to taste his precum. As my tongue flicks across his head he pushes toward my face thinking it is you. I let the head of his cock into my mouth giving it a gentle suck. He realizes it is my mouth and starts to pull back a little. I increase to suction a little letting him know I want to, if he wants me to. Jim pushes his cock back towards me when he realizes it is ok. Your lips then meet mine and we kiss around his cock. I can feel his heart beating in his cock between our lips. We then take turns taking his cock deep into our mouths, sucking him deeper each stroke.
I then move down and place my mouth over your pussy and suck your lips and clit into my mouth letting my tongue flick your clit and then push it as far into you as I can. Your hips buck and you grab my head and hold me there. I look up to see Jims cock deep in your mouth and I hear you moaning around it. You pull hard against my head as an orgasm sweeps through you. Your hips lift up and strain to hold your pussy tight against my mouth. I slide a finger into you and hit your G spot. I rub my finger over it again and again increasing the depth of your orgasm. You release Jims cock from your mouth and say “I want one of you in me now”.
I motion for Jim to be the first inside you and we switch places. Jim pushes his cock into you and the head of his cock hits your G spot as he gets his cock deep in you. You reach out for my cock and pull me toward your mouth. Jim begins to stroke his cock in and out of you, hitting your G spot each time. Your hips rise to meet his thrusts and you suck my cock hard and deep with each thrust. Your moans have become almost constant as if you were in a constant orgasm. Jim pushes deep into you and groans pushing harder and harder as he shoots his come deep into you. You feel his come shooting into you and suck my cock hard and deep holding me deep in your throat.
Jim pulls his cock out of you and rolls to the side and lies beside us. You release my cock from your mouth and I move between your legs. Jims come is oozing out of you as I push my cock deep into you. Your pussy is so wet and hot. I am so turned on by what we are doing my cock feels like it’s made of steel. I thrust my cock in and out of you with long slow strokes. Jim turns to watch us and his still semi-erect cock is still wet from your juices and his come. Jim reaches over and begins to suck on your nipple. You moan and hold his head to your breast as I stroke my cock in and out of you. Your hips rise and fall to my thrusts as an orgasm builds and then floods through you. Your pussy gets wetter and hotter and as your orgasm hits I feel your pussy pulsing. I can’t hold off any longer and with a loud groan I too pump my come deep into you. I come what seems like more than I have in my life. My cock shoots pulse after pulse into your pussy, filling you up with my come.
When my orgasm subsides I lay on the other side of you from Jim, he is now facing you and his cock is again fully hard. You reach over and touch his cock and tell him it’s good to see that kind of reaction. Jim then turns you over and pulls you up to your hands and knees. You tell him to wait and motion for me to get under you in a sixty nine. I have a great view of your pussy as Jim begins to push his cock into you. As he is pushing his cock into you come begins to drip out of you and into my mouth. I reach up and lick your pussy and his cock as it slides in and out of you. When you feel my tongue touch you an orgasm hits you. You were just beginning to take my cock in your mouth when it hit. As it hits you suck my cock deep and hard, so hard Jims cock comes out of you and lands on my lips. I open my mouth and suck him deep and then place the head of his cock back at the entrance of your pussy. He pushes hard into you causing you to take my cock all the way into your throat. After a few more thrusts you tell him you want to change positions.
When he pulls out of you his cock again lands on my lips. I put my lips around his cock and he pushes it deep into my mouth as you move off of me. You turn and look as he fucks my mouth slowly and I hear you gasp “that is so hot”. You motion for him to lie down and you straddle him facing his feet. I watch as you sit down hard on his cock. Once he is buried deep in your pussy you tell me come lick your pussy. I move between your legs and begin to lick and suck your clit and lips as he pumps into you from below. Your pussy and his cock are coated with our come as it gushes out of your pussy. I use my tongue to lick where his cock and your pussy are sliding together. When I suck your lips and clit into my mouth you push down hard on him and grab my head as another orgasm hits you. He pumps into you hard two more thrusts and I see his cock begin to pulse as he begins to shoot his come into you. You then lift your pussy up and slide my mouth over his shooting cock just as a large spray of sperm is coming out. I feel it shoot against the back of my throat and swallow. You hold my head down on his cock until he shoots another squirt into my throat. Then you move my head and slide your pussy back down on him until he is finished coming.
When he is finished coming you lift off of him, turn around and move up and place your pussy on his mouth. His tongue flicks out, licks from the back of your pussy to the front. Then he sucks your lips and clit into his mouth and licks and sucks your pussy causing you to grind your pussy down on his mouth. While you are sitting on his mouth I begin to lick and suck his cock trying to get him hard again. His tongue is making your hips buck as he brings you to another orgasm. I feel his cock swell in my mouth as I suck him deep and hard. I can feel him push his cock up and farther into my mouth. I can tell I am doing something right as his cock is now hard again.
You move off of his mouth and tell me to lay across the bed with my ass on the edge. You whisper something to him and reach for the K-Y jelly on your night stand. You hand him the K-Y and then straddle my head facing my feet. As you push your pussy down to my mouth I feel my legs being lifted and then lubricant being put on my ass. My legs are lifted higher and I feel pressure against the opening of my ass. Jim begins to push his cock into my ass slowly with you guiding it in. He slowly pushes into me until he is completely in me. I suck your pussy for all I’m worth, tasting our sperm and your juices together. I am so turned on feeling his cock in my ass and licking our come out of you I shudder. He begins to pick up speed, stroking in and out as far as he can and pushing in with more force. I feel a hand on my cock, it slowly strokes it and I hear him tell you to suck it.
When your mouth closes around my cock I gasp and suck your pussy tighter to my lips pushing my tongue deeper into you and sucking out the come that fills you. I feel him make stronger thrusts and then push hard into me. I feel his cock pulse in my ass and then feel the jets of sperm that he is shooting in me. When I feel him shooting in me it triggers my orgasm, I suck onto your pussy hard and start shooting jets of my sperm in your mouth. You sense he is coming in me and my orgasm shooting in your mouth triggering your own orgasm. You push your pussy hard down on my mouth, pushing the sperm and your juices into my mouth as I am shooting in yours and he is shooting in me.
We all three collapse on the bed and drift to sleep with you spooning him and me spooning you with my cock nestled between your legs. You and I wake up the next morning and Jim is already gone. I roll you over and kiss you deeply. I run my fingers through your hair and press my body tightly against you. My cock is hard by this point and I move over you and enter you slowly and when I am deep inside you I stay there kissing you and caressing your hair. I move slowly in and out of you and as I kiss you, our tongues dancing with each other, I can’t hold back and come deep inside you once again.
I hope you enjoyed reading my first erotic story. I hope it has a good effect on you and lets you know whatever we do I will always love you and you turn me on like crazy.

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