When I got caught

The one time I decided to have some fun when one of my guy friends while my wife was at work I was in the 69 position with him and I was sucking his cock while he was sucking mine while he fucked my ass with a big blue dildo.

We were both about to cum in each others mouths when I looked up with his cock still balls deep in my mouth and all I saw was my brother watching us. I was so afraid he was going to say something to my wife but he said for his silence I have to do something for him.

I said o ya what would that be. He said I have to suck his cock and let him fuck me and let him cum in my ass.

I said ok I guess I was kind of freaked out cause it was my brother but come to find out he had the biggest cock I have ever seen let alone taken in my ass.

And while he was fucking me my guy friend decided he wanted to cum also so he forced his cock balls deep in my mouth. my brother was fucking my ass so hard and deep it was taking my breath away.

well the little breath i was getting cause my guy freind was making me swallow his very hard cock. each time my brother drove his cock in me faster and faster and his moans were getting louder and so were my friends. all of the sudden my brother grabbed my hips pulled them as hard as he can to him and held me there as i felt his cock swell in my ass and i felt huge spurts of hot cum fill my ass.

right as he finished filling my ass my friend grabbed the back of my head and slammed his cock down my throat and i also felt his cock swell in my mouth and my throat was filled with his hot cum. it felt so good to be filled with two mens cum it was great.

i am making plans to meet with my friend and hope my brother doesnt walk in on us again wink winkthis is a real story let know what you all think maybe i can have some more adventures to tell you all later give me some ideas and i will try them for real

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