While My Husband's Away Part 4

Sean left earlier today than usual. He woke me to let me know that he got a call from his boss and was told to get on a train to Vermont on a business trip to close the deal on the merger he told me about. Sean kissed me goodbye and said he’d call me later to let me know what up. I got out of bed and walked him to the door. “Be good honey, call me if anything ok?” Sean said as he walked down the hall to the elevator. I gave him a shy smile and mouthed the word “always” just as the elevator doors opened. Sean blew me a kiss and I returned the gesture. The doors close and I was left standing in the empty hall wearing only a T-shirt. I returned to my room and climbed back under the covers. It was still early and dark but I couldn’t sleep anymore at this point. I was too exited about visiting Andrea at her art show.
She was an art dealer and just picked up a new client. Andrea has been out of the loop for a little while and jumped at the chance to work with Angelina Jones the second she got the call. Ms Jones was a clay sculpture and who just move here from Pensacola Fl. Andrea had been making calls and posting fliers for the art show for about a week now. She wanted this to be a success. I love it when Andrea gets her mind set on something. The concentration on her face is so sexy. I could look at her forever. The show was open at 3:00pm this afternoon and Andrea didn’t know I was going to see her there. I did my best not to spoil the surprise. I had called Andrea and told her to meet me for lunch if she had a chance to get away from the chaos of the set up of the art displays. Around 11:45 Andrea showed up at the apartment and we had a quick lunch and talked about how things are going with the show. I could see Andrea was exited as she went on and on about the preparations she’d been part of.
I couldn’t help but stare at her lips as she spoke and imagined kissing and biting them all over again. Her lips and soft skin were calling my name. Andrea was wearing a gray pinstripe pantsuit and her hair was straightened and parted on the side. She wore no make up, she didn’t need to. God she looked beautiful and so sexy. I couldn’t help my self; the uncontrollable urge to touch her took over my body. I stood up and walked around the table and with no words needed she stood up to meet my lips with hers. Our tongues entwined passionately and my hands wondered all over her body. The breathing quickened and I backed her up against the wall pressing my body onto hers. I brought my hands to her jacket and undid the three buttons. It fell to the floor and my shirt followed. Andrea was wearing a red bra that made her big breast appear so luscious and delicious. I squeezed and kissed them while my left hand went around to undo the back. Andrea moaned with anticipation and pulled my hair while biting her bottom lip. I didn’t get to undo the bra because just as I was going for it Andrea told me to stop, that she had to get back to work. I looked at the clock on the wall and sighed in disappointment. I handed her back the jacket and she put in on with her eyes locked on mine. I put my shirt back on and she said she was sorry but maybe we could continue this later on after the show at her place so Sean wouldn’t find out. I smiled at her and walked her to the door. We kissed and she went back to work.
After Andrea left I was so horny. If she didn’t have to go back to work I could have had her screaming my name on top of the table or against the wall. My pussy was wet to the touch and I had to have relief so for the next hour I masturbated on the couch thinking of all the things I had done to her body and what she had done to mine in the past. Playing with my clit with one hand and going inside the other. My body was shaking with convolutions from the orgasm I had just given my self. And my hand was soaked with all the juice that was running from my cunt. I licked my fingers clean and jumped in the shower to clean up for the show.
After my shower I went to my closet to get the bag that had my new dress I bought for the show. I thought of whether or not I should wear panties underneath. I decided not to wear any seeing that they wouldn’t be on for long anyway. My nipples were hard from being cold and wet so I toweled off and then the phone rang. I ran over to it naked and picked it up. It was Sean calling to tell me that the meeting was delayed do to a mix-up on the schedule and that he’d have to stay at a hotel overnight. We didn’t talk long and we said our good-byes and hung up. I was thrilled that he said that because now Andrea and I could just stay at my place instead of going all the way across town.
I got dressed and went out the door. I went in the elevator and went down a couple of floors when it stopped and a man got on. We said hello to each other and continued going down to the lobby. He was looking at me and I noticed the bulge in his pants getting bigger by the second. I was looking good in my white flowing dress. It has two slits going up half way up my thigh on each side and spaghetti strap that wouldn’t stay on my shoulder all the time. The man stares at my cleavage as it rises and falls licking his lips. I could tell he was going to try and talk to me but as soon as he opened his mouth the doors opened and I stepped out of there in a hurry. He just stood there with his mouth open, and watched me walk out the door. His erection was too big to ignore so he went back in the elevator, back to his apartment to relief him self.
I arrived at the show and walked in to find Andrea. I saw her talking to Angelina and I watched her from a distance. She didn’t know I was there yet. It took a while for her to see me at the table but when she did her eyes lit up and a smile took over her face. She came over and I whispered in her ear that we would not be going to her place after all. She asked why and I explained it all. After the show we went back to my place where we could not keep our hands off each other. “You look so fucking hot in that dress,” Andrea said as she unzipped the back for me. I turned around and let it fall to the floor. My eyes were locked on her as she touched my silky skin with her fingertips. I let out a soft moan of pleasure and anticipation. My body quivered to her touch. Electricity ran all over my body to my clit and I felt my pussy getting wet instantly. Andrea’s hands were running all over my body covering it with goosebumps. I couldn’t take it anymore I wanted her to touch me. I took Andrea’s hand and guide it to my wet throbbing cunt. She teased my clit with her middle finger and kissed me hard on the lips. I had her hand pressed hard against my pussy while I grind my cunt into her the palm of her hand. A scream of utter bliss erupted from my trembling lips and my body began to shake. Andrea smiled at me proudly and tasted her prize. I licked her lips after to taste my sweet juices in them. Andrea undressed her self and I brought her over to the bed were we kissed and teased each other’s nipples. I pulled on her nipple rings and Andrea let out a loud moan, a combination of pain and ecstasy rolled into one. From there we got into a 69 position in which I was dominant because this was her first one. I licked her clit and teased her a little. I could feel her getting more and more into it with every movement of my tongue. Grinding my pussy into her lips and going crazy with pleasure I could feel my body begin to shake. I want her to cum with me and so I speed up the passe and we came together. We sat up and kissed hard, trading our juices back and forth. God she tasted as good as I remember. We laid back down holding each other and were fast asleep naked and moist from our delicious rendezvous.
Waking up in my bed alone I thought Andrea had left. I got out of bed and put on one of Sean’s large shirts and went into the kitchen where I found Andrea making coffee. I hugged her from behind and whispered a thank you into her ear. She smiled and kissed me softly on the lips. This was one of the best night’s sleeps I’ve had in a long time and to wake up to find her stil
l here made me s
o happy. I hadn’t thought of my husband at all since he’s been in Vermont on business. When he comes home it would be as if he never left….
Andrea’s art show was a success, We made love to each other, and all is right with the world… until next time…

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