As I was sneaking out of Dylan’s room, leaving him passed out and blissful, I decided to be smart and avoid bumping into any members of my pledge class. Later it occurred to me that if I saw them upstairs (which was forbidden) they would be in just as much trouble as I would be, but at that moment, I wasn’t thinking clearly. I blame the punch.
I headed down the back stairs quietly, amused at some of the graffiti there. I had no idea that Madison Miller gave great head – she looked like the type who would just lay there and think about Nordstrom’s. As I opened the back door leading out of the house, stepping over another Kappa Chi and a Delt banging each other’s brains out, Lauren texted me.
OMG….he was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo lame. U got the good Dylan.
I texted back I got off 3x
Bitch!Where r u?
Lvng the delt house
Get over here NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
When I walked into Lauren’s room, I immediately felt that familiar throbbing between my legs. She had changed into a tight white camisole that ended below her rib cage & a pair of tiny white cotton panties. My eyes roamed hungrily over the curve of her ass as she rolled over onto her stomach to retrieve a bottle of tequila. Firm, rounded, tanned ass….long thighs spread just enough….I found myself looking between her legs, hoping the crotch of her panties would shift ever so slightly….
She turned back over and now lay sprawled on the bed. The unmistakable smell of sex filled the room and my pussy began to drip. I want to lick her, I thought, I want to eat the come out of her box… Lauren’s nipples were erect and for a moment I thought Oh my God, did I say that out loud?
Clearly, I didn’t. She waved the bottle and said “Come on, baby – I want to hear all about Dylan.”
I joined her on the bed and inhaled deeply. The smell of his semen and her own juices was making me much dizzier than all the punch I had put down just hours earlier. I stretched out a hand to take the bottle and brushed her breast slightly.
“Slut,” Lauren teased. I took the bottle and took a long drink from it, reveling in the smell and sight of her.
We compared notes on the Dylans – mine had a much bigger dick but hers went down on her for 10 minutes. “It got really crazy when his roommate walked in,” she giggled.
“Did you fuck him?” I asked.
“I wanted to,” Lauren smiled. “Have you ever done two guys at the same time?”
“Actually, twice.”
She paused for a moment before smiling shyly. “What about a girl?”
My heart pounded wildly and I felt myself begin to shake.
“Have you?” I stammered, feeling like a 14 year old on my first date.
“Well, kinda…” she shrugged.
“You mean she was kinda a girl?”
The tension was broken immediately as we both began laughing. Without a moment’s hesitation, I leaned in and kissed her softly on the lips.
The taste of her mouth was electrifying. Instead of feeling woozy from the liquor, I was suddenly completely awake and alert. Her wet tongue traced my lips and I groaned. Without thinking, I cupped one of her breasts and squeezed, feeling its weight and softness. Lauren broke the kiss long enough to lean back and pull her shirt up and over her head. The sight of those full, tanned breasts and her pink nipples was all I needed.
I pushed her down on the bed and lowered my mouth to her tits. Licking, sucking, feeling her hard nipple and hearing her moan….I could have come just from the taste of her breast in my mouth. My left hand traced her stomach until she greedily grabbed it and thrust it against her crotch. Her panties were soaked with semen and her own sweet juice. “Finger me, put your finger in me,’ she moaned and I obliged, pushing her underwear aside and plunging a finger into her sopping pussy. Lauren’s hand snaked around my body and began rubbing my clit, which made me gasp.
“Oh God, I want to do everything to you,” I whispered, licking her breast, making my way down that tight little body, “I want to lick you and fuck you and taste you….” I could feel her breath against my thigh as we worked our way into a 69 position, her tongue tracing lines along my body as she pushed my skirt up over my ass.
“No…not yet!” I sat up and she whimpered. “I want to do you first then you can do me.” And I spread her gorgeous legs and knelt between them.
Her pussy peeked out from behind the thong she still wore. Lauren reached down and began pulling off her panties. I let her get one leg out before I couldn’t wait any longer – I buried my face between her thighs and began licking that smooth pussy.
Lauren’s moans were like music – I could hear her, softly begging me to do it….lick me…make me come on your face and I happily acquiesced. Sliding a finger into her tight, wet hole, I lowered my face to her clit and began licking and sucking it. The feeling of her twat on my finger was exquisite – so hot and wet….the smell so intoxicating….I found myself fingering my own swollen clit as I kissed hers. Masturbating as I ate her pussy, listening to her pleas become more and more erotic, I came within moments. “Thank God I’m not a guy,” I gasped before I began tonguing her pussy again. This time, I used my tongue like a cock, filling her snatch with it, wiggling it and tasting the jism her Dylan had left behind.
“That’s it, you little slut,” Lauren gasped, fondling her breasts, “Suck it out of me! Lick that come out of my cunt! Eat my fucked-out pussy, you little bitch!”
The dirtier she talked, the hotter it got. I stopped tongue-fucking her long enough to say “You have the hottest cunt you fucking whore” which immediately sent her into her first orgasm. Thrashing under my mouth, feeling my tongue in her, muttering and begging, I could feel her cunt throbbing as she climaxed . Without letting her pause for air, I began licking her asshole, sticking my tongue in ever so slightly and smiling at her screams.
When she finally finished, I got off the bed long enough to finish undressing. Lauren grabbed her mound and squeezed it as I stripped off my skirt and panties. Then, feeling extremely sexy and seductive, I opened my blouse and dropped it to the floor.
“Take off that fucking bra,” she ordered and I smiled. Leaning over her, I began rubbing my lace-covered tits against her face. “Lick my big tits,” I teased her. “Get my nips all nice and hard” Lauren fondled my tits and squeezed. “Harder,” I ordered her. “Squeeze them as hard as you can.”
When it was Lauren’s turn to fuck me, I had plenty of surprises ahead of me. I thought she might be a little more shy or hesitant – but that was before she expertly tied my hands to the headboard rail. She then spread my legs and tied my feet, using silk scarves. “I am going to fuck you all night,” she purred. “Jess is gone home for the weekend so I can have you all to myself all night….”
I watched her gorgeous body as she rummaged through her dresser. “You are so fucking hot,” I blurted out.
Lauren turned and smiled and I saw a vibrator, much like my own in her hand. “Wanna get fucked?” she asked, sliding the rubber head of the dildo up and down my pussy lips. I moaned “God, yes”.
“You’ll have to wait a few more minutes” was the answer. Then she knelt between my thighs and bent over. Her hot breath teased my labia as she asked “How dirty do you like it?”
“Fucking filthy!”
“Oh good”
I felt her tongue licking me pushing my lips open even more.My twat throbbed painfully with desire as she flicked my clit with that wet tongue. “Mmmmmmmm, your cunt smells so dirty…..I love it.”
I gasped as she began lapping Dylan’s come out of me. “Tastes sooo good,” she crooned. “I love eating pretty pink little pussies….mmmm, that jism tastes so good in your fucking cunt….I bet you want to come now, don’t you?”
My legs trembled and I told her yes, I did…I wanted to come all over her mouth. Lauren smiled.
“Tell me to eat your dirty little cunt.”
“Eat my dirty little cunt, Lau
“Tell me you’re my little slut and you’ll do whatever I want.”
God, yeah…I’ll do anything…you can do anything to me you want….”
“Anything?” Lauren challenged.
“Anything. Anything you want….just make me come!!!”
Lauren wasted no time. She slammed the vibrator into my hungry open hole and turned it on. The rabbit part worked my clit as the giant cock rotated inside me. Wetting her fingers, she began pushing them up my ass, working them in one at a time until she had 3 or 4 in….and I came over and over, barely breathing between waves of orgasm, watching her beautiful face and amazing tits.
Lauren took mercy on me after a few minutes and untied my hands. Immediately I reached for her breasts and pulled her down onto me. “Fuck me like this,” I moaned. “Rub your cunt on me. Fuck me with your wet pussy lips…fuck me….” We kissed, her tongue snaking through my mouth. “Fuck me, bitch”, I repeated, “Fuck me like I’m your whore.”
“You are sooooo bad” she whispered, grinding her hips slightly. “Feel that?”
“Mmmmmmmm…..more. Harder.”
She reached down and opened my labia. My clit was swollen to the point where it hurt to the touch. I could feel the smoothness of her pussy lips as she rocked back and forth against me, both of us frantically urging the other one on.
“Fuck me you cunt”
“Do it…make me come…”
“Is this how you fucked all those boys, you little slut?”
“I love feeling your wet pussy….”
And as I was sucking on one stiff petal-pink nipple, I felt myself beginning to climax again.
“I’m going to come…I’m going to fucking come all over your pussy,” Lauren groaned at the same time.
“Me too….” Was all I could manage before my climax exploded through me.
Lauren shuddered to her own finish and rolled off me.
“Oh…my….God” she moaned and I laughed out loud.
“Will you call me tomorrow?” I asked her and she giggled.
“No way,” she answered, her eyes sparkling. “You’re a slut.”

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