Winters Passions II

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Winters Passions II

At five forty five in the morning Rick wakes up, and smiles a little to himself, for the lovely dream he had.

Just then he notices his arms are numb, not just the one that is normally numb from his wife using it as a pillow, turning his head first one way, he sees the same lovely woman he awakens to every glorious morning, Venessa, sleeping soundly, her brown hair covering half her face.

Rick turns his head the opposite way, and stares astonished, as his eyes absorb the golden hair and the luscious lips. AnnaLies sighs softly and cuddles more closely as she slumbers in his arms.

Reluctantly Rick slides out from between the two women and, as he does, Venessa moves where his body was, and wraps her arms around AnnaLies, and AnnaLies does the same.

As he dresses, his eyes keep drifting to the two women resting peacefully in each others arms.

Regretting having to work, he pulls his shirt over his head, grabs his shoes, and quietly leaves the room, careful not to wake the ladies.

Rick grabs his coat, and walks out of the house, headed for work, in quiet reverie of last evenings activities with the two ladies. He smiles to himself hoping for another evening just as passionate.

At eight o’clock in the morning Venessa opens her eyes to the sweet fragrance of AnnaLies’ hair, draped softly over her shoulder.

Venessa decides to let her sleep a while longer, she holds her and watches as she slumbers.

At eight thirty in the morning AnnaLies flutters her eyes and looks into Venessa’s lovely brown eyes, with one hand AnnaLies reaches up, and tenderly strokes Venessa’s cheek.

Venessa returns the favor with her free hand, as the other pulls AnnaLies closer to her body. Venessa asks softly what AnnaLies would like to do today. AnnaLies looks long and deep into Venessa’s eyes and without saying a word leans in and kisses Venessa deeply, allowing her tongue to probe and flick against Venessa’s, with eager passion.

AnnaLies is pleased to feel Venessa return her kisses, as the hand that is stroking AnnaLies’ cheek, moves to her shoulder, and gives it a gentle squeeze.

Venessa’s hand moves soothingly up and down, as she lays AnnaLies on her back, and begins to kiss down AnnaLies’ neck, and up the sides of her neck, finally to AnnaLies’ ear where Venessa nibbles gently on her earlobe.

AnnaLies tilts her head, slightly reaching up, and entwines her fingers in Venessa’s hair, her eyes closed, savoring the romance of the moment.

Venessa reaches around AnnaLies’ chest from behind, and allows her fingers to tenderly trace around AnnaLies’ nipples, causing them to stiffen under her deft touch, as Venessa gently kisses her neck, causing AnnaLies to release a soft sigh of pleasure.

AnnaLies turns her head slightly, and looks deeply into Venessa’s eyes, allowing Venessa to read her feelings, but without speaking a word.

Venessa looks so deeply and so passionately into AnnaLies’ eyes, telling her that the time she has had with AnnaLies have been the most passionate and romantic, as any she has ever hoped for.

Feeling Venessa’s hands tease her nipples softly, AnnaLies feels ecstasy wrap its arms around her, enticing her mind, and heightening her senses, allowing her body to respond to every touch Venessa gives so tenderly.

AnnaLies responds to Venessa’s touches eagerly, and slides her hand up Venessa’s leg, slowly letting her fingers dance playfully on Venessa’s inner thigh. AnnaLies is pleased to hear a breathless sigh escape Venessa’s lips in her ear.

Rick arrives at work, and finds his supervisor coming out to meet him, letting him know that due to heavy snowfall the night before, the trucks will not be leaving that day, and that Rick could go home for the day.

Seeing as home is where he wants to be, he gets back into his car and drives home again.

Upon arriving at his house Rick decides to go in just as quietly as he left, just in case the ladies are still asleep.

As Rick opens the door quietly, he is pleasantly surprised to see the ladies not only awake, but embraced in each others arms, locked in a passionate kiss.

Closing the door as quietly as possible, he continues to watch as they touch each other ever so tenderly, tracing the muscles and tickling each other softly, causing slight giggles here and there with breathless gasps, indicating to Rick that he really has not missed much for which he is grateful.

With no fear of rejection, or anything else, to come from AnnaLies, other than love, Venessa lies Anna Lies on her back, and begins kissing her down her neck, and to her heaving breasts. Cupping one breast, and giving it a tender squeeze, Venessa takes the other breast into her mouth, gently suckling on it.

As Venessa sucks on AnnaLies’ breast, she is tenderly playing with the other breast, AnnaLies closes her eyes, and playfully Venessa nibbles on AnnaLies’ nipple, causing AnnaLies to gasp softly, biting on her lower lip.

Venessa slowly makes her way down AnnaLies’ belly, kissing it softly, as she moves further down, each hand now gently kneading a breast, letting her tongue swirl in small circles on AnnaLies’ belly, tickling it gently.

Rick watching Venessa work so passionately pleasing AnnaLies, he realizes his manhood is completely aroused and aching to be touched, Rick lets one hand move down and he undoes his pants, allowing his manhood some room, his hand slowly caresses it, in a firm, but gently, up and down motion.

Grunting softly in his throat from the sheer pleasure of watching two beautiful women please each other, yet without them knowing he is there, he is enjoying every movement.

Hearing something other than delighted pleasure from AnnaLies, Venessa looks up without stopping, and has a clear and perfect view of Rick caressing himself, she motions him nearer with one hand, as the other hand roams AnnaLies’ breasts.

Seeing Venessa motion him closer, he quietly stands, and moves towards the two women, sitting down next to AnnaLies as quietly as possible, and succeeds in not disturbing her.

Venessa reaches out, and pulls Rick down to kiss AnnaLies, as she continues to please AnnaLies, languidly kissing her inner thighs and slowly moving up.

As Rick leans in to kiss AnnaLies, as prompted, he feels Venessa’s hand slowly work it’s way up his thigh, and slowly trace the main vein to the head, finally her slender fingers wrapped around his shaft, Venessa’s hand begins to move up and down slowly.

AnnaLies, unaware that she and Venessa have company, lies there, enjoying every little flick of Venessa’s tongue against her skin, and with her eyes closed it seems to heighten the passion she feels, when suddenly she feels another pair of soft lips kissing her tenderly.

AnnaLies opens her eyes and is met with a pair of blue eyes looking at her, she relaxes, and returns the kiss, never leaving Rick’s beautiful blue eyes, but loosing herself in their infinite depths.

Venessa finally cannot keep from tasting AnnaLies’ nectar, she slowly runs the tip of her tongue around the outside of AnnaLies’ warm valley, as her hand begins to move slowly down AnnaLies’ body, lightly running the length of her body with the tips of her fingers.

Venessa’s fingers gently trace AnnaLies’ nipples, AnnaLies responds gratefully by arching her back in pleasure.

Venessa lets her hand drop down further, and slides it down AnnaLies’ leg, and back up again, letting her fingertips dance on AnnaLies’ thighs. Her hand slows even more as it makes it’s way to AnnaLies’ warm valley, and begin to trace a
round the lips, as Venessa’s tongue probes her warm valley lips, and spreads them gently.

AnnaLies moans softly and her back arches, as the fingers of ecstasy begin to take hold completely, her breath speeding up, her
heart beating rapidly, an intense quivering feeling starts to climb up her spine, with pure pleasure following rapidly after it.

Rick feels AnnaLies’ kisses become more demanding and intense, he knows she is close to releasing her passion, he can tell his wife is enjoying it just as much, from the soft moans that are escaping her lips.

Venessa feels AnnaLies’ legs begin to tighten around her head and she slows her tongue and her fingers, wanting to prolong AnnaLies’ pleasure a little longer, as Venessa savors the taste of AnnaLies’ juice on her tongue, every now and then letting her tongue flick against AnnaLies’ excited mound.

AnnaLies feels Venessa slowing down in her passionate probing and licking, and wanting to taste Venessa so badly, right now, that she sits up, pulls Venessa to her, and kisses her deeply.

Rick watching the two women kissing so passionately, makes no move, and no sound, so as not to disturb the moment, he closes his eyes to preserve this vision in his mind forever, because of it’s unbelievable beauty.

AnnaLies slowly lays Venessa down, and kisses her neck, as one hand moves to dance over Venessa’s breasts lightly, brushing her nipple, her nails tracing the breast completely, the other hand moving to pull Rick closer to both of them. AnnaLies places Rick’s hand on Venessa’s breasts and AnnaLies continues to kiss her way down Venessa’s body.

Rick helps AnnaLies, as she gets to Venessa’s breasts, by slowly removing his hand, letting AnnaLies lick gently around Venessa’s nipple as her free hand moves to Venessa’s other breast and rolls that nipple between her pointer finger and her thumb.

Venessa, enjoying all of the attention she is receiving, closes her eyes, as her hand reaches out and takes Rick’s throbbing, fully erect manhood, lightly running her finger nail up the main vein, gradually wrapping her fingers around it, as she moves her hand slowly up and down.

Rick reaches out and gently gets hold of AnnaLies’ breasts and softly squeezes them, as he leans in, and tenderly kisses her back, he’s pleased to hear AnnaLies moan in pleasure, he continues kissing her soft back, as his fingers move playfully over both her breasts.

Venessa speeds up her stroking just a little, and hears Rick groan, she lets some of her fingers go slightly slack, and playfully rubs the head, as each finger passes it, she feels passion so intense, that she arches her back, and balances herself of the back of her head.

AnnaLies continues moving down, and feels Venessa’s body relax a little more as Rick’s hands work masterfully on her breasts, one hand begins to trail down her back, softly working it’s way further south.

Reaching Venessa’s warm wet valley, AnnaLies kisses her inner thighs, and slowly makes her way to the meticulously groomed prize in the middle, where AnnaLies flicks her tongue lightly across Venessa’s excited mound, causing Venessa to take in a deep breath.

Rick moves his hand between AnnaLies’ legs, and feels how warm and moist she is, he slides his fingers around her valley, and hears pleasured gasps escape her beautiful lips, as he continues to gently kiss AnnaLies’ back.

Venessa, in the meantime, moves her hand in a continuously increasing up and down motion. Finally unable to contain her love any longer, she leans in and flicks her tongue over the tip of his throbbing manhood, tasting the salty juice makes her want even more, so she wraps her lips around all of it.

Watching as Venessa moves her head up and down on Rick, stills AnnaLiess breath, of a moment the beauty of two hearts present itself, and captivates, just then the sweet aroma of Venessa’s passion ensnares AnnaLies once more.

Licking slowly around Venessa’s lips of her warm valley, AnnaLies is momentarily at a loss, as Rick’s finger slowly enters her, gliding in easily, her juices flow freely, and he gently slides in another finger, causing AnnaLies to moan softly.

As Venessa continues to lick Rick’s manhood, Rick groans softly, barely able to control himself, when Venessa suddely stops and gasps.

Venessa, wrapped up so intensely in passion, feels her orgasm come full force, tenderly wrapping her in a passionate embrace AnnaLies prolongs it for as long as possible, knowing first hand, the intense feelings this produces.

Watching Venessa as pleasure hits great heights, Rick is mesmerized with the tender kisses, and touches, that AnnaLies administers so very gently.

Feeling Venessa’s body tense up, AnnaLies kisses Venessa’s thighs, all the while watching as Venessa arches her back and moans. AnnaLies cannot resist it any longer and flicks her tongue across Venessa’s excited mound, causing a slight, but intense gasp, to escape Venessa’s lips.

Rick is hitting a peak of excitement, causing his eyes to roll up in his head, he reaches out to caress both of the ladies breasts, giving gently squeezes, indicating to Venessa he is very close.

Venessa feels the intensity of Rick’s squeezing, and pulls AnnaLies up to kiss her, as she lays Rick down she positions AnnaLies over Rick’s throbbing manhood, gently lowering her, he sucks in his breath through clenched teeth as he enters AnnaLies inch by slow inch.

AnnaLies feeling him enter her, begins to slowly move in a slightly forward up and down motion, feeling excitement wash over her, wave by wave, she feels Venessa’s hands reach up, and give a gently squeeze to AnnaLies’ breasts, causing AnnaLies’ breath to quicken.

Venessa leans in and kisses AnnaLies, then leans down to kiss Rick, while keeping one hand on AnnaLies’ chest, her splayed fingers gently brushing AnnaLiess nipples.

Rick feels his climax hitting and tells Venessa silently with his eyes, he feels AnnaLies tense up, as her orgasm hits full force. Venessa pulls AnnaLies to her and lowers herself onto Rick, and enjoys herself, as AnnaLies runs her hands playfully over her body, and Rick releases his passion inside Venessa.

With everyone feeling very fulfilled, they lie there, holding each other, giving each other gentle kisses, as they all talk and laugh softly.

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