Wizards and Sorceresses

Wizards and Sorceresses, that test men and women. Dungeons and Dragons filled with magical powers. Witches and Warlocks and Magical beast of all kinds confuse and confound us with their powers divine. To some they don’t exist and to some of us who have lived through the trials they are real.
For my family it started back in the late 14th century in Scotland. Each generation of our original clan would produce 8 or more children, only 1 would remain at the end. Each time a child married or single reach 18 within of week of that age, they were taken. Some said it was Merlin and Morgana that reach out for them. Some claim it was the devil, but the only thing for sure was it was an old man and woman that came and no one could stop them, not with sword or flame. It was that way through the centuries and the first seven generations did nothing to confront it. Then my great grandfather decided to fight it. He fled to America and here he produced 12 fine children. The oldest was a son and the day of his 18th birthday, he and his new wife were confined under lock and key and guarded by the rest. They secluded them for seven days, but on the seventh night, they found he was gone. Ten other siblings joined him and when 1 remained, he was given a charge. Find the answer to stop the curse or suffer it for your children.
My grandfather thought he was smart to move into Indian Territory, just beyond the Ohio River, that was 1819. By the time he married and had children he forgot the curse. He and two wives had nineteen children over 50 years. When he died, my father was the only who survived their eighteenth birthday. He moved from what is now Illinois to old Denver in 1880. He was almost forty-one when he married and over sixty when I was born. He had died the next year. He and my mother had nine children, I was number 8 and an unlucky number was I. I saw my four of my brothers and a sister vanish in my life, while an older sister was taken when I was too young to remember. My mother was afraid of all the old legends as she called them and wrote them in a journal for the youngest child and me. She passed them to us before she died when I was seventeen.
I read the long pages and truly regarded it as a fairy tale until the day of my 18th birthday. Living alone now the two of us worked our farm everyday and had little time for anything else. I was in the mood for a wife but never found one. Charles was only sixteen and just beginning to feel like he wanted one. So for my birthday he introduced me to a woman named Sandra. She was half white and half Sioux and her long dark black hair and deep brown eyes were beautiful on her tanned face. She had a seemly figure at 34-22-36 and standing a mere 5 feet tall and was lonely after her first husband was killed in a drunken brawl two years prior. Her Indian name was Walks with Clouds, because she was very silent as a child. She seemed not to make a sound even when she ran.
We hit it off really good from the start and the first night after my birthday party I went to her house and proposed to her. Sandra was so happy and invited me to stay the night. I went to kiss her when she saw an old man standing on the hill above her house. Her face went pale and she whisked me in the door and started to cry. I asked her what was wrong and she wept as she said, “It found me here.”
Then I made her explain, “The angel of death the one that hunted my family for many years. It had found me and now it is my turn to die.”
She panicked me and as I spied out the window, I saw him. He was dressed in a white cloak and carried a staff of wood topped off with a brass crest. His face was shadowed by a long graybeard and there was a woman beside him, dressed in flaming red and with hair to match she had the darkest grim look on her face. “Sandra I see him. Wait here and I will go find out what he wants,” I said with an air of anger.
“No you must not go. If you see him then he sees you and will take you also,” she said trembling like a scared animal.
I opened the door as she tried to stop me and I reach for my hunting rifle and then turned to her and said, “Be brave and wait here. Don’t let anyone come in but me. Take my handgun and use if you have too.”
With that I marched up the hill carrying my rifle and pointing directly at them. The old man nodded as I approached and with a voice that echoed in the wind he spoke, “Brave and bold and not afraid of his fate is this one.”
The woman replied, “Over confidence is his weakness as is his love for the girl. He will not improve his family record at all.”
I heard their words and the fire in my heart for her gave me the courage to reply, “Oh yes, I am brave and maybe a bit over confident. You see I have never missed when I point this thing and pull the trigger.” With that I raised it took aim and then said, “State your business or make your peace.”
The woman laughed and with it a mighty gust of wind struck my face. Then she said, “Come here child. Come to me and be at ease. Tonight you will fight but not with me.”
I found myself drop my rifle and walk forward, as I neared her, I heard Sandra scream, “Not him it me you want. Let him go and I will follow you.”
The old man replied, “It is both we need and you will follow me.” With his word and his finger pointing at us, a blue flame struck both of us. We then slowly marched forward into the darkness of the night.
Suddenly as if we walked through space we arrived at a cavern entrance. Standing beside us was two others. The old man moved to stand up on a flat raised stone in front of us and then he instructed us, “You were chosen not selected to become a part of our world of hidden life. You will enter the labyrinth of Mesopotamia here. You will find 8 rooms and 8 levels of them; you will fight and be faced with many challenges and many battles. Your goal is simple, capture the orb of power and return it to me here or be lost inside for the rest of your mortal life. If you win the challenge you will go free and your family line will be free, but if you fail the offspring of your future will face the challenge you do tonight. The rules are simple, there are none. The code is simple, survive and become champion or serve as a slave for all your days. A victory is only achieved when you have won the submission of the opponent or have enslaved them by bonds. Nothing you ever did before will be as hard. Nothing you ever do after will be so rewarding. If you win you will not go free but be invited to join us and become a part of our line. If you lose your family will pay for your failure. Now prepare yourself.”
The woman walked in front of him as we stood frozen stiff, all we could do was listen and look straight ahead. As she opened her cloak, her bare breast and nude crotch were exposed. The girdle around her waist was golden metal and leather and her boots were a shinny leather bright red and formed to her skin. Her face made her look very old but her body was like that of a teenage woman. She was 40D-24-36 and not a sign of a wrinkle of what we could see. She spoke softly but her words were magic, “Clothes be gone.” And we could feel the cold air on our bodies. As she walked over to the first woman that I do not know, she told her, “You are from the lower world of the Amazon, you need no special gifts, just this.” With a touch of her hand to the woman, her dark brown body was cast into a golden armor. In her hand was a spear with an odd point to it. On her breast were to rings and a chain, and as she took hold of the chain she said to her, “Now this is your bane. Beware who touches this or become their servant.” With that she motioned the woman to enter in. We watched as she walked through the doorway and after a few seconds we heard a loud cry.
The old man spoke in a somber voice, “Ariel it would seem she has met the fate of her other family. At least the Warlock Graves will be happy this night.”
Next she walked to the man who was with us, he was an Asi
an and he was small and she looked at
him she said, “You need no powers but you need a staff.” With that she took hold of his cock and it grew almost three inches more than the five it was. His body was then clad in silver armor with only his ass and cock exposed. Several seconds later he entered the cave carrying only a small dagger with a big round blade that was not sharp at all. We did not hear any sounds from the cave and then after several more minutes she walked up to Sandra.
Smiling as she gazed at her, the woman said, “I am tempted to take you for myself. Your lack of virginity will increase your value. I will increase your attraction as well.” With that her hands touched Sandra on the tip of each breast and they expanded until she was 44EE and pointed like a rifle barrel. She then took each nipple between two fingers and stretched them out until they were erect almost two inches long. Her hands then waved on her body and away melted all of her hair except for head and eyes. With another wave a white lacy material was added without armor and no weapon. Then she led her to the entrance and pushed her in. The man looked down at me and as he did he told the woman, “If he loves this Sandra give him the powers he will need to find her.”
She walked over tome and as she did, she laughed when she saw I was only five inches. She touched it and it retracted until it was only three. Then she took me by my breast and they grew until they were 38D. As she did her fingers on them she extracted my nipples to a full two inches and then she cloaked me in red metal armor and handed me a double edge sword with what looked like two dicks on the ends. Her words were like fire that burned me inside, “Now you may enter and become what you may, if you seek the girl you will have to pay. You may find her with the hilt that glows red. Be careful sweet child or you may wind up dead.”
I then walked into the dark cave. Several steep steps led me down to an opening and there I found a huge room empty and vacant. I slowly walked across the wet stone floor and as I neared its center I saw three other doorways. One directly ahead and the other two on my sides, and it was then that I saw a book placed on a flat stone. I walked closer and it said, “Read Me to Learn a New Power.”
I felt kind of silly but I opened it and inside it was a hazy green mist that covered my body. Then I read, “You are now protected for two series. Be careful this dust wears off then and you will be easier to find.”
Slowly I decided to go left and when I walked to the door, I heard something scream from the other side o f the room. It distracted me just as I walked in and I did not see that this was a very small room with a very big hole in the floor and I fell in. I skimmed the slick sides of the cold stone and fell down until I landed in a room with a very naked woman that was green in color. Her hair was streaked like purple and black and her eyes yellow and her skin wrinkled. Her long fingers were playing with her sagging breast that was huge. She had cow udder nipples and her pussy was shaven and spread wide open as she smiled at me. I moved slowly to stand up and then I asked her, “What do you want?”
She smiled as her crackling voice cried out, “You for my slave and maybe my dinner.”
“Not the least bit interested in that miss,” I said as I looked for a way out. The doorways were blocked with bars as I turned to face her. She was quick and was within a few inches of me, as she slipped a hand and touched my right arm. The dust from the book seduced her and instead of her attacking me, she dropped the whip in her hands and knelt and sucked my cock. While she sucked it her hands slipped a bony finger up my ass and another two tease my nipples. She slurped it up and after a few moments I began to feel it grow in her mouth.
“You were cursed by Ariel, and yet I can not have you. Ina did this for you, for he is powerful. I will be your slave this night and you must make love to me before I have to release you.” She said as I began to feel my cock explode.
When she let it go it was back to its normal size and maybe a bit more. I quickly held the old hag by her hair as I asked, “Who are you? What are you and what do you mean I have to make love to you?”
“I am Zebra, a daughter of Pluto. I am a wood Nymph, and I am your slave for the taking. I have been confined here since I was an adult some 10 centuries ago. I have owned many of your kind and have only been owned twice prior. Once by Ina when he first won the orb. Then by Ariel when she won her powers. Now I am yours and think you may be more lucky than powerful. It is the custom of the winner to grant a night of love and sex. Then you may ask me for a favor in exchange for my freedom or take me with you as a slave.” She cried as she kissed my cock and cradled it once more in her mouth. Then after she licked it she told me, “I know the secrets to the chambers as I am the oldest here. Release me and I will give them to you.”
“If I must stay with you tonight, tell me Nymph how do I find Sandra?” I asked.
“She is your true love?” she replied.
“Yes old crone, now answer me the truth,” I declared as I held her face in my hands.
“Make love to me now and I will answer you truthful in the morning,” Was all she said to me.
So I reluctantly followed her to a pile of furs that were strewn in a heap in the center of the room. She took off my armor and then she placed her body before me. Her legs were parted and wide as she held her saggy breast caressing them. When I knelt to look at her pussy, she squirted me with a spray from it that warmed my skin and made me feel hot and horny. I mounted her and began to grind my cock into her; she slipped a nipple in her mouth and sucked herself as she offered me one. I took it and as I screwed her harder with each passing thrust, I began to gnaw on her breast. She was ugly and gross and smelled like piss but her milk made me thirst for a taste of her cunt. I screwed her and sucked her until I came. She just laughed and giggled and enjoyed it and then when I did cum, she rolled me onto my back. Her ugly lips met mine and as we kissed she swirled her tongue into my mouth. It wasn’t flat but round like a cock and when she stuck it out and I sucked on it long enough she even came in me. Her juice me hard again and as I rose she sat on it, and began to ride it like a pony. Her expression told me she enjoyed it just as much as I did maybe even more. I have no ideal how long it took but it was a very long ride for her. When I came she pounced on my face with her soaked twat and ground her juice and mine into my mouth. Then as I lapped it up, she slipped her hands to my breast and began to play with them, and it drove me crazy. The old woman had gotten to me. It seemed that I may be more danger now than before as I let her fondle me I wanted more, and when she flipped me face down and fondled them from behind while her tongue entered my ass, I began to moan and groan. Suddenly I felt her hot juice flow into me from below and I found it difficult not to beg to belong to her. Then just as I was about to let go we heard a scream from another cavern. The voice was that of Sandra and it shocked me back to reality.
I made her stop after that. Then after we ate some fruit and drank a pouch full of water, we slept. When we awoke in the morning Zebra gave me a map with the location of the orb. She also gave me a small pouch with a spell in it. The spell was her milk from her tits that makes a beast horny and a human hot. If it is thrown onto an attacker it will make them submissive for one hour, which should be long enough to subdue and enslave them and thus win the match. She also told me my weakness.
Her words were very truthful; “You my young boy are half woman from birth. Ariel only allowed your female side to show. The way to protect yourself is to cover those up. I can not reduce their size or sensitivity but I can coat them in my milk. It will infect the attacker much quicker than you.”
>She then took her nipples and squee
zed out her warm milky cream on them and let it fully cover them and run down my belly. She dressed me in my armor and then knelt and kissed my cock. As I turned to leave she grabbed me and pulled me back and said, “This is what you must fear.” With that she rammed her tongue into my asshole and began to thrust it up me. I bent over double and spread my legs wider and cried out in a moan of ecstasy as she kept pumping me. The desire for more began to build and when she allowed it to fill me with her cum, I began to whimper and then coo like a woman. She lifted me off the floor as her strength showed easily and held me there as she reamed me even more. When she heard me start to beg for her, her hands dropped me to the floor.
She helped me up and then told me, “I could have owned you so easily and so willingly if not that I new Ina wanted more for you. If you ever come back this way again, I may not be so generous. I would love to keep you as my pet little one.”
I stood and as I did she pointed to the western gate and I walked to it and the bars rose. The she asked me, “Am I released from your powers?”
“I release you sweet Zebra. Ugly you may be, but I could have sworn to you my soul so easily,” I said as I walked out of her lair. I heard her cry as I left and I think it was love she felt more than ownership.
The next room was black and per the map was the home of the Ogre, Dom. He was an old monster captured by Ina in the last 17th century as he molested a young woman. Zebra said he could be easily beaten by the dust but that I should stay with him for the night but release him if he allowed me the use of his gateway to the northern portal that was just on the other side. It would then take me to the 8th level and the lair of Shane, the Giant that now had Sandra as its slave. She had seen all this in her visions during the night. I had to be very quiet as I neared him and when I was close enough for him to touch I shouted and woke him from his slumber.
Dom was seven feet six and over 400 hundred pounds. His great grayish green complexion was truly ugly and his bulging two-foot dick was enormous. The beast made a swing at me that touched my right arm slightly and as he did it sent me hurling through the air to slam downward stunned. He pounced on me like a cat and as he did his mouth went to my breast and with the added power of her milk; he stopped from biting it off and began to suck it. I felt his cock harden and almost stabbed me in my belly. I pushed him off and onto his back as he swore his allegiance to me. Then he offered himself to me as a slave. I made him promise to let me pass and that I would then let him go but only after I played with his cock. That thing was so big I just had to try it. I fondled it and then licked it and found myself wanting it more than I can tell you. I sucked its head until it seeped a green cum that began to drain me of my strength. I looked into his eyes and saw that he wanted to be my slave still, so I slowly caressed it with tongue a few more times before a more powerful load seeped out. This time I looked up and as I felt weak I saw fire in his eyes and he spoke to me, “Would you like to release me now?”
I was wavering and the words yes was slipping out of my mouth, and as it did. He ordered me, “Now lick me again and then I will fuck you.”
I lapped his cock for a few more seconds as a spew of green cum floated across my lips, I fought not to swallow it and as I did, his hand slammed on my back and I gulped it along with even more. He flipped me up into the air and as I tumbled helplessly, he caught me and held me face to face as he forced his cock up my asshole. He was regaining his brute strength as I begged him not suck my nipples again. He held me on his cock thrusting it into me until I was all but his slave and then he stupidly began to lick my nipples and suck the milk from the flesh. His will left him and he sat back onto a boulder as I finished bouncing on his prick. I came on his face while his rod was jolting my ass and when he had eaten it, he became dazed and his cock began to shrink. I then regained my head and jumped down as I headed for the gate. I ordered him to open it and when he did, I told him to wait for me to return and I left. I did not release him, and when I stepped out into the next room a silver band appeared around my right arm.
The warp room had a shinny light in its center and as I walked towards I felt at peace. The beam caught me and took me and I appeared in a room glowing red with flames. The map in my pocket began to vibrate and as I unrolled it and looked, the room I hand landed was two cells to soon. Instead of facing the giant I was up against witch. Her name was Amanda Collingshood. The map showed her age to be less than two hundred and a relative of mine. She was my ancestor’s daughter perverted into a witch now. I was still reading the map as she bolted from behind a big stone and started to screech. Her words had an eerie scream behind them as she called out, “Will you save yourself the trouble of losing and give up now or do I have to enslave you the hard way my pretty little child?”
I tried to figure out a strategy, as I knew I had the pouch that worked on a Giant but I ad no ideal how to handle a witch. So I used my head and tried to reach her. I returned her call with, “Amanda, I know you and you know my heart. We share the same blood the same fathers. We are bonded deeper than a master and a slave.”
“I have no kin, no close relations, I am my own beginning and your end,” she screamed back with an echo that caused me to cover my ears.
“No that is not so. The map shows your true name. Amanda Collingshood McCormick, of the clan McCormick of the city of Hills in Scotland some two hundred years prior,” I replied in a firm voice.
“No map shows my last name, how is it that you know?” She growled as she paused and peered into my eyes.
“I am also of the McCormick clan, my fathers and yours are the same. We are cursed and only you can help undo it,” I exclaimed as the wind and fury of her anger rose.
“Cursed is our life and your destiny. Win our freedom you will not. All you could win is those who do not know us,” she returned in anger.
“But they are our children and our family and we can help them. You can help me,” I said loudly and firm.
She slid down to within a foot of me as she dropped her cloak and revealed an almost human body. He face was white and her hair gray as the hood removed revealed. Her pale flesh was scared and battered and tattooed with many scars and symbol around her navel. It was a pentagram and below it was written; “She that is marked is mine.” Her breasts were full and pointy like mine but they were lined with wrinkles and warts and hair. Her legs and her pussy were ugly and covered with hair and it was if he she hid herself this way.
Her naked body moved to towards me and as she did a hand lifted to me and carefully touched my left breast. I stood still and silent as she slowly caressed her finger around my oversized boob. Then she looked at my arm and said, “You have been cursed by Ariel and blessed by Ina. Those two match wits each time we compete. You own Dom and that surprises me, with the curse that Ariel gave you, you should be his. You have made a friend of Zebra as well I smell her scent. I was not that lucky long ago and this is how I ended up.”
“I am not afraid of you cousin. I am of your blood and you mine. I seek the orb for our family yes, but also to gain the true love of my life,” I said boldly.
She smiled as her finger twitched on my nipple and as she slipped her lips to it, she whispered to me, “If I take this and make it mine you go with it. Maybe you will wind up as my servant in the private quarters. Do you know what happens when no match goes on?”
“No Amanda I don’t and yes you could that to me. I have hope that you will remember us and not the lust we both were made to feel,” I said as she slowly licked it in her mouth.
“Make me thre
e promises and I will consider them before
I take you to my private chamber above. You are the last this night to remain and when you are defeated we will have another moon. Another moon to love and if I desire to devour you and own you forever. So now I tell you little one, promise that you will set our family free and not be caught. Give me the promise that if your true love can’t be found that you will return to me and give me all of you for my own. Finally, promise that if you face Ariel you will remember me and remove my curse and though I be a witch forever my beauty be restored to me,” She said as she slowly began to fondle the other nipple while her teeth teased the other.
“I promise Amanda, all you ask. Now may I pass by?” I said intent on my purpose.
“Not so fast dear child. I want to taste your pleasures and have you taste mine and then maybe you will pass by me,” she said candidly. Then added, “Give yourself to me and I will free you when I am pleased by you. If you refuse I will enslave you anyway and never release you unless they change you.”
“I will if you give me your word that I will be released,” I said with a firm avid tone.
“It is done. I give you my word that you may pass me by after you have given me pleasure,” Amanda said as she took my cock and used it to lead me to the mass of bear hides that were piled up in a crevice in the room.
My armor fell and dropped to the ground. She removed it with her hand and then she moved to lower me to my knees by using her hand. Once I knelt she offered me a breast and began to kiss it, and as her milk flowed my cock hardened. It was only half as intense as that from Zebra so I had to suckle on it for a very long time before she reduced me to a state where she could do with me as she wished. I finally took in so much that I felt faint and as I relaxed onto the hides, she mounted me and began to ride me while her hands fondled my nipples. It was unlike anything I ever dreamed of as she brought me to cum in her and when I did she made me her slave. Then she offered me a chance to own her. She gave me a spell to awaken my desires. I did so and then she asked me to use my head and think what I wanted in order to gain her devotion. She also said that I should not release her until I had won or lose the final encounter. I was puzzled but I did as she said and I remembered how hot and easily controlled I was when taken from behind. Then I had a bright Ideal, as I stood I quickly slipped behind her started caressing her neck with my tongue as I slipped both hands to her breast. I fondled them slowly then as I did, I offered her the right to suck, and she accepted it and then I rammed into her asshole from behind. Pounding her with a greater power now, I kept her nipple in her mouth and after almost an hour she became light headed and woozy and as I tried to keep up the pressure I felt myself grow weak. Then I took stock in my heart and thought of Sandra as I heard Amanda scream out, “I am yours.”
I stopped at that moment and demanded she allow me to leave. She wilted on the hides as the bars faded and with her trembling hand she pointed north and said, “She awaits you there, now go and conquer. The promises you made I will hold you to them. You may collect me if you win, but beware of the gargoyle for his bane is your bane.”
I walked out and into another room that was dim and gray and had a nasty odor in it. The stones were faded yellow and rusted red colored and a faint white light shown from the front of me. I walked slowly on until I came to a sunken place with a small pool of water. Then I looked around for my next attacker.
From the ceiling a fluttering sound rustled and then a louder flapping and then as it tried to strike me from behind the gargoyle swooped down. I managed to dive to avoid it but then it stopped turned and seized me by my shoulders and lifted me up off the ground ad it hovered some ten feet from the stone basin.
As I dangled in it’s clutches a second silver armband appeared and it scared the beast it saw it. I sensed fear so I challenged it with; “If you do not release me now I will enslave you forever.”
Well that did not work as the beast then used its claws on its feet to grab and stretch my legs wide apart. It’s bright red cock then sprung out, all 11 inches of it and began to probe into my asshole. It was then that’s tail whipped around and penetrated my mouth and began to fuck it as well. I was trying to stop it as it sank it’s mouth to my right breast, the milk from Zebra now dried and gone and the green dust long since faded left me helpless. Then as it sucked me I began to weaken until I dropped the pouch and the double dildo sword. It’s tail came with some form of jelly in my mouth that made me horny and as it did my cock got hard. The creature held me up and rimmed me in the asshole so hard with its cock that it was panting from its effort. I was also bucking on it now as I began to want it more. He seemed to know my weakness and sucked my nipple even harder. Then when it came in my ass I started spitting cum from my cock. Splashed up onto my breast and he accidentally licked it up. When he did it he slowed and we began to descend. His rimming slowed until it stopped and he dropped to his knobby brown knees and began to suck me. His tail came up towards my face and grabbed it and examined it and I found that on the tip was a dick. It was almost a long extended cock. So I slowly sucked it again and as I did I felt my cock harden again. He kept sucking dick until I came once fully and after it stayed hard he continued to suck it. He did not know that his tail was helping me seduce him, so I sucked it while he weakened with each spurt of my cum. With a force unsurpassed he sucked me and lapped up my cum until I heard him say, “I surrender to you as your slave.”
I took him and turned him around and lifted his tail and found his asshole, remembering what Amanda told me I then fucked it for him harshly to make sure he was fully resigned to me. When I finished I told him I wanted passage out to meet the Giant. Then Gorgon, that was his name, told me that the Giant was waiting for me. He would be ready and the power Zebra would not work. He promised me the secret to defeat, her, and that surprised me, if I would but allow him my cock for a meal one more time.
I allowed him to suck me until I came again almost an hour later. Then he said, “You must catch her loin cloth and use it to climb to her right beast. Bite it and hold on for dear life. If she stumbles or sits down then use the potion Zebra gave you. The giant is Hume, once a male now a female after Sandra attacked. She is very dangerous that one. The giant held her naked body over its flame and was about to roast her before she found a way to get free. The woman bit a fingernail and caused it to stumble, she would have won after she made him a girl except that she forgot about the tongue of the giant. It licked her cunt so well she fell where she stood and it made her its slave. While you were busy for the last few days fighting off your foes she held her own until that fateful mistake. I watched from the bars as the Giant lapped her into a slave state coma and then as she used her as a human dildo. She still glistens from the cum on her. If you defeat the Giant you will have to obtain the orb before you release her. In short master, you will have to enslave her too.”
I thanked him for the knowledge and then I headed to the door as he released the bars for me. The last words out of his mouth were, “Please come back and let me enjoy you more master.”
I then walked into the blue hazed lair of the Giant. I looked for any sign of Sandra as I crept in and when I saw her, the Giant appeared. Now in female form, she was thirty feet high and had tits as big as me. Two arm sized missiles for nipples adorned them. Her pussy was hairy and the stench of it made me sick. She was wearing the sash and garment as she swept in to grab me I evaded her hand and caught hold of the sash. I jumped like a rabbit as I leape
d to her side, and when the
third silver band appeared on my arm, I had reached her right tit. She smacked at me and struck her own side, which sent her stumbling, and as I squeezed my mouth onto her tit, she sat back and cried out. I held on for dear lives as she grabbed my legs and yanked me forward; but I had rapped both arms around and had my mouth firmly planted on it. The giant began to groan as I did it but somehow before I could reach my pouch she had pulled me off and now firmly in her grip I was sent to explore the inside of her pussy head first. The juices streamed over me and tingled as they struck me, and as I was pushed in and out so many times that I lost count, I felt her contract around me and then with the force of Niagara Falls, I was splattered by her cum. She stopped for a moment right then to yank off my armor and strip me naked and as she did I saw Sandra covered in the same cum as I and dazed in a coma like state. Gripping me by my ankles she reinserted me and dunked me in and out for another batch of countless times. With her second wave I swallowed some as I my strength to resist weakened. The silky cream tasted like my cum had, and I licked off my arms and hands as she held me out to allow herself to open wider. Then noticing me, she asked me, “Will you crawl up in there all by yourself and do that for me?”
So she sat me on the ground and I was still not under her spell, and I knew it. So if I were to have a chance I had to act like I was. Peering at her cunt I began to rub my body over it and lick it and lap on it until I slipped myself inside it and crawled up in her. I disappeared inside her cunt and began to caress it and lick it and then to bit it. I nibbled so hard on it that she spewed me out with another climax, and I to climb back in again. It was just before her fourth explosion as I lavished her inner folds with kisses and caresses that I wondered if I could find my pouch. When she shot me out this time, I made sure I went further by allowing the slick wetness to slid me along the cold stone floor. Her spout was mighty and it blew me within a few feet of my pouch. I knew that if I could make it better the next time she would send me right to it so I made my way quickly back in pretending the entire time to be enslaved to her. It was then that I got a treat as she slipped Sandra up with me. I grabbed her into my arms began to kiss her as I used my feet and ass to satisfy the giant. I held her and could not wake her, so I decided that I might be able to break the spell by humping her. I pulled her up to a part of the giant’s pussy that was raised a bit and spread her legs as I screwed her limp body with all I had in me. Each time I leaked into her, she seem to arouse a bit more and so did the Giant. I was fucking her harder than anything could and as I seeped a bit in her she flapped her arms on the sensitive area of the giant pussy and it caused her to cum sending us out, with me still fucking Sandra like a dog. The giant saw us caught before we could get to the bag and shoved us both up inside of her pussy. Sandra was almost awake as I began to cum in her like never in my life. She opened her eyes when I drained my last drop and started kissing me madly. We rolled around kissing and hugging touching each other until the giant blasted us like rockets into the air. The climax made her so weak she laid back her head for a moment. The burst of fluid propelled us to the bag and as I stood between Sandra and the Giant I removed the potion and threw it on the now aroused giant pussy. She fell instantly under my command.
Sandra and I kissed as we decided that we needed a few moments of privacy, so I told the Giant to stay still and let us use her pussy for awhile. Which we did quickly and without pause. The two of us climbed in the wet soft inner folds and made our way up to very sensitive tip and began to screw like dogs in heat. Sandra used the top of her giant cavity to brace he feet with. The she held onto the big bulge of tissue above her head and stroked it as I began to pump her with all my might. Even when we were flushed out a few minutes later we did not stop. The giant saw us and lifted us up and helped us back inside her pussy as we screwed until I came and then we made her cum one last time and we stood there as she licked us clean. I told Sandra who was awake but still enslaved by the giant to wait with her while I retrieved the orb. Then I had the giant release the bars and went in to claim the prize.
To my shock I found myself in another match with Zebra, who remembered me well. She had been allowed to change places with the orb, meaning I would now half to go back through the same caverns unless I could use her to summon the orb for me. That was something I had picked up on when I left her the first time. She told me she knew all the tricks, and so she must have known this one. The armband of giant appeared as she smiled and said, “Oh. But you don’t have mine on your arm warrior.”
I walked over to her and slipping my mouth to hers I sighed, “Maybe I want to be yours this time wife.”
Her tongue went into my open mouth and as I sucked it, I allowed her to fondle my breast. She kept the juices flowing into my mouth as her hands bedeviled me into an easy submission. She then set back and looked at me as I slid to kiss her pussy and said, “Just how is it that easy to own you? You have more power than that, and you have the combined power of four slaves. What trick is this?”
“Marry me and give me Sandra as present for a slave. Then you and I can use the giant female to mate in and let the others serve your needs. Instead of a slave you gain a husband and all you have to do is take me to the orb,” I said in a very well thought out scheme.
“You would give me the Gargoyle, Ogre and the Witch for my pleasure and in return you will gain the fair Sandra. I will gain a husband and we will use the Giant as bedroom. This seems too much for me and not enough for you, but if you will stand with me in front of Ina and take me as your wife. I will do this for you,” Zebra said as she slipped her fingers into my hair and lifted me head. She peered into my eyes as she said, “Do you still love Sandra?”
“Yes, but it is the only I can have her and you as well. It came to me when I left you that I had fallen for you and wanted you. I think you for being my first. I never made love to anyone before you. That is when I knew, if I claimed Sandra as my wife I would be cheating her of my heart. I love her and you, but it is you that I want to marry,” I said truthfully.
Zebra embraced my mouth and then slid me onto the cold stone to make love to her. I moved her onto her back and began to fuck her, she wasn’t beautiful but she was my first. I knew that if I could gain the orb I could make her as beautiful as she should be too. I offered her my girlish breast and she sweetly and tenderly stroked it with her hands as her tongue thrust into my mouth. My cock was rocking in her pussy and as we made love, she felt me join with her in all ways possible.
When she lifted up off me, she was changed somewhat. Her hair became white as the snow and then the wrinkles dried up almost all of them. Her boobs grew firmer and her pussy began to tighten and shine without the hair around it. I saw her legs grow stronger and the complexion of them as well as her body lightened to a soft shade of green. The face she was meant to have began to replace the one she was cursed with and as it did she became as beautiful as any creature ever could be.
My armor was removed and a tan cloak replaced it. My breast reduced somewhat but not completely and my cock was enlarged two inches as the fifth band adorned my arm. Then in a flash, I stood in the presence of the orb. I picked it up and I was transported to the entrance where Ina and Ariel stood waiting. Zebra was there as well standing cloaked in her shinny new white see through gown. Ina took the orb from my hand and told me, “You have won this match. You have earned your family its freedom. You wil
l be one in our world
now. Yet you must marry the first woman you made love too in order to love both equally. You show great courage and devotion, and you my child will be our new champion. In the games you and your slaves will defend the orb.”
I looked over at Zebra and said, “I want no slaves, I release them to Zebra, my wife.”
She then looked at me and said, “I accept the Ogre and Giant as my lovers, but the Witch Amanda shall be free and the Gargoyle shall be your male lover and the slave girl Sandra, shall be our lover together. I now take you as my husband.”
With that Ina sent us to the waiting world as it is called. The world between the times we prepare and the times we participate in the games. Once we arrived I took my bride to our chambers and summoned our Giant friend; we cast a sleep spell on her and slipped inside her for a full day. Taking her now beautiful naked body into my arms I sucked her nipples as she sucked mine until we were both about to bursts. I found the highest point inside her and made my new wife brace herself as I had done Sandra. Then I made love for her so many times in a row we lost count. When we came out the first thing we did was make love on the soft bed in our home. Zebra and I both seduced Sandra into willingly allowing us to pleasure her and her to pleasure us. I also found the request by Zebra to give the Gargoyle the right to make love me as I make love to her. She is son intently turned on by it’s fucking of my ass as I fuck her pussy. My wife finds time to pleasure the Ogre when she locks me into her giant female’s pussy with Sandra. We have to be careful though, she sometimes spews us off the balcony with her tremendous climax.
This world is where my kin Amanda is now free to live out a normal life away from the games. There, I spend my free days with my lovers and wife. In the labyrinth of trails I must protect the orb with Zebra. The creature selected for us to portray is a male and female Nymph like Zebra was. Ina selected it to defend the orb, but we know we could also be enslaved one day, so each day we live it to fullest.

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