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Anal SexAdults-Adults enjoying anal sexAss Play-Finger instertion, toys, and anal playFirst Time Anal-First time anal sex experiencesGreek Sex-The joys of greek sex.Penetration-Anal penetration storiesRimming-There’s nothing like a tounge licking an asshole.Toys-Butt plugs, anal vibrators, & anal beads.Bathroom TalesEnema Stories-The use of enemas for sexual pleasure and dominationGolden Showers-Rivers of gold.

Piss Play-Creativity with Urination.

Scat-Defecation in all of it’s glory.

WaterSports-Fun with bodily fluids.


Authoritarian-You will obey.

FemDom-Your mistress waits

Humiliation-Embarrasment training

S & M-Sadism & masochism


Bi-sexual-This is how I became bi


Affairs-Secret affair fantasies

Caught Doing It-How we were caught

Chance Meetings-Coincidence I think not.

Crushes-I had a thing for them.

Cyber Sex-Sex on the interwebs

Discreet Hook-Ups-We meet in the back of a paper

Escorts-She was worth every penny

Friends with Benefits-The what real friends do.

Home Visitors-What happens when you open the door.

Neighbors-It was more than just a BBQ

Office Tales-Boss and Coworker relations

Public Places-The great outdoors

Romance-He swept me off my feet

Sex In The Park

Sex On The Beach

Sex On The Ranch

Sex On The Road


Sugar Daddies-Rich men taking care of their lady

Ethnic Experiences

Asian Delights-The pleasure of the orient

Black Booty-I see you baby, shaking that ass

Inter-Racial-When black met white

Family Fun







Birthday Gifts-What do you want for your birthday?

Celebrities-Who would you like to do it with?

Historical-If you could go back in time…

Magic and Quests-Fantasy fantasies.

Porn Stars

Science Fiction

Super Heroes-Superman or Wonderwoman, who’s on your list?


Chubbies-Hot tales of Chubby, Plump, and BBW encounters.

Feet-Foot Fetish stories for the heel, sole, and toe worshipper.

Hypnotism-Mind Control-Fantasies involving those under Mind-Control.

Infantilism-Stories focused on the diaper fetish.

Latex-Rubber-Fantasies focusing on the wearing of latex and rubber.

Masturbation-Fantasies based on hot masturbation.

No Physical Sex-Fantasies of sexually charged situations, but no sex.

Pregnant-Fantasies of the most beautiful womanly form, pregnancy.

Weight Gain

Wrestling-Stories focusing on the wrestling fetish.





Mature Men and Women

Orgy-Mass group sex stories.

Sexual Blackmail







Female Masturbation-Female masturbation stories.

Male Masturbation-Male masturbation stories.



True Stories

First Time-Your true first experiences with any and all sexuality.

Real Sex-Real recollections of past events in your sex life.


Chicks With Dicks-Encounters with those who have made sex changes.

Cross Dressers-Stories of men or women who wear the opposite clothing.

Transsexuals-Encounters with those who have made sex changes.

Transvestites-Stories of men or women who wear clothing of the opposite sex.

Wife Tales

Real Wife Stories-real stories about wives

Slut Wives-Women who don’t stop once their married

Wife Sharing-Swapping wives

Wife’s point of view-Erotic stories from the wife’s point of view

Oral Sex

69-Giving and recieving orally.

Blow Jobs-Cocksucking & Fellatio stories

Cocksuckers-Pussy licking, cunnilingus and the taste of pussy.

Deep Throating-Stories about taking it deep

Pussy Eating-Toss my salad and lick my assProfessional Erotica

Characters-Want to get in on the action?

Pro Stories-These are stories by professional erotica writers.

Series-Find series of erotic stories here.

Role Play

Cops-Playing with your favorite local police officers.

Doctor-Fun at the doctor’s office or a seductive housecall.

Doctors and Nurses-Hospital staff need time to realease sexual frustration too!

Men Of The Cloth-Religious figures who believe sexuality can be holy too.

Military-Army, Navy, Air Force, and the Marines.

Nuns and Their Habits-For those who have always wondered what’s under that outfit.


Sex At School

Cheerleaders-Fantasies about your favorite team crowd pleasers.

Class Reunion-Reuniting childhood flames and obsessions.

College-Sexual experiences in higher education.

Fraternity and Sorority Sex-Sexual experiences within Greek college organizations.

High School-18 year old High School love and lust.

Initiation-Rituals for “right of passage” implemented by organizations.

Teachers-Lustful educators who can’t control their urges.

Sex Toys

For Everyone-Fantasies that include sex toys for men and women.

For Men-Tales of sex toys designed for the boys.

For Women-Fantasies with sex toys for women.


Bad Boys and Girls-Spankings delivered as punishment for unruly behavior.

BDSM-Bondage, Discipline, Sadism, and Masochism.

Couples-Couples sharing hot spanking sessions.

Implements and Equipment-Spankings delivered by paddles, crops, and other implements.

OTK-Stands for “over-the-knee spanking.”

Parties-Social spanking experiences.

Role Play-Acting as characters while spanking.

Schoolgirls-Adolescent and Educational spankings.

Sensual Spankings-Erotic spankings that everyone enjoy openly.


Ass Torture-Inflicting pain upon the ass through whipping, fisting,etc..

Branding-Searing a symbol into your partners skin for life.

Cattle Prods-A simply shocking sexual experience.

Cock-Ball Torture-Violence and pain inflicted upon a man’s privates.

Military-Police Torture-Torture inflicted by military or police personnel.

Old West Torture-Torture taking place in the old west.

Prisoner of War Torture-Tales of information extraction in feared P.O.W. camps.

Pussy Torture-Pain and suffering inflicted upon female genitalia.

Tit-Nipple Torture-Clamps, Needles, etc… used to torture the nipples.