Breakfast In Bed-On Your Birthday

It is dawn, and the cool morning air drifts in through the window. Your clothes and mine are strewn all over the floor, an untidy reminder of the urgency with which me made love the night before. You are wrapped in my arms, snug with your back agains

Horny oh so Horny

I sit and ponder what his cock would feel like in my mouth while he is just quietly sitting across from me reading his book. I hate the long wait at the doctor’s office but decide to take the time and fantacize about the hunk of a man in clear view.

Prisoner of Lust

“Did I ever tell you about my prison experiences?” Ella asked Andrea.

Andrea practically gagged on her croissant and started laughing. “You are so funny!” she said as she wiped the crumbs from around her mouth and caught her breath.


Strip Her and Then Rip Her

Gary and his wife Amy seemed more like buddies than lovers, he was getting tired of her rebuffing him whenever he wanted sex. So he started visiting strip clubs,
the more upscale ones where the strippers were knock-outs. He was staying away from h

When I agreed to have sex with another man

When I agreed with my husband to fuck a stranger.

Curled up next to my husband basking in the afterglow of sex I was thinking how wonderful life is. Our two children were off to college and we were beginning a new and exciting phase in our li

Passed Out and In and Out and In

He just eyeher nude sexy body as she laid on her side, her long tan legs lazily dangling half off the bed, her perfect untanned glowing white bare ass angled up with her nice hip jutting out her waist pulled in her back curved out. He just stared at